20 Best Dedicated Server Hosting Solutions of 2020

You’ll get a 1TB of disk space, an unlimited bandwidth (in reality, it’s 10TB – we asked), 8GB of RAM and a really fast multi-core processor.

Their plans start at just $79. In charted impressive growth during that decade and by 2020 was ranked #426 in Inc500. If you are the type who goes for extreme power and performance, and the price doesn’t make you twitch, go for GoDaddy. In this article, we’ll go over the best dedicated server hosting reviews that we have here at FinancesOnline. Their servers are built to order with your choice of either Linux or Windows (on the higher-level plans).

You can also run Windows Server if you need it for certain types of applications (. )You can soft or hard reboot your server on the fly without the need to contact the company’s support team. What is unique about ServerHub? 99% net uptime is made possible with BGP multi-honing and redundant switching network to ensure highest network speed. Performance, they become even more expensive when the basic add-ons (backups and SSL certificates) are purchased. Give it a try!

What is unique about FatCow?

There are basically three main reasons: Customers are completely hands-off. JustHost boasts of providing and maintaining a reliable service, so much so that they offer a 30-day money back guarantee if you decide to cancel your account. These service providers generally offer three types of hosting plans: The best thing about SiteGround is their customer service. For 100 bucks a month, A2 really offers seemingly the best features. Technology is an enabler, but it "doesn’t solve humanity’s problems". Some services may exist as on-demand features and automated features. Vultr only offers automated file system backups, but they do store them on a separate server.

Self-managed – Includes regular monitoring and some maintenance. We would recommend SiteGround’s support for beginners as well as advanced users. Most good dedicated web hosts nowadays offer fast, reliable servers. The provider owns the hardware, and it is leased to the client. Support service is available all the time to get things done for you quickly. Some companies offer managed hosting as an add-on to their existing cloud, VPS, or dedicated packages, while others include managed services in each rate or even make their system administration teams available at hourly rates. Hopefully, the differences between managed and unmanaged hosting are now a lot clearer and you’ve also gained a basic understanding of the various specific services managed hosting entails.

This is similar to a median measurement, which can be thought of as a 50th percentile measurement (with 50% of measurements above, and 50% of measurements below), whereas this sets the cutoff at 95th percentile, with 5% of measurements above the value, and 95% of measurements below the value. Many dedicated servers include RAID, which stands for redundant array of independent disks. If you plan to create a personal blog or a business website that does little more than list your location and hours of operation, shared hosting, managed WordPress hosting, or VPS hosting are sufficient—and more wallet-friendly—options. There are many thousands of hosting companies. There are some much quicker hosts on this list. Security features, here you will find answers to some of the most common questions asked. We need a dedicated hosting service to give you all the best possible experience – a site that loads fast, with no error messages.

  • Consider signing up with this provider if you’re looking for a managed dedicated server that offers a streamlined transition from your cloud or VPS environment.
  • A server is where the elements of your website – audio, video, documents, files and other data – are stored and delivered to Internet users when they visit your website.
  • With an average page loading speed of 1,200ms, your visitors are not going to be very happy.
  • There’s no-one to compete with for page load speed There’s no-one to compete with for uptime You get to choose your operating system You get to install whatever applications are required All the fire and disaster protection is already set up Your server is protected by physical security at the datacenter There’s a speedy network connection to the outside world.

Dedicated Server Benefits for your Business

They are 100 percent secure and, unlike many cloud hosting companies, we give you personalized management options. It’s managed dedicated servers are offered under its DEDICATEDCLASS platform, giving you maximum control of your data and web hosting environment backed by high level performance, reliability, security, and technical support. However, don’t let the simplicity fool you — with numerous SSD and HDD storage configurations, A2 Hosting offers tons of room to house your growing project. At the very least, the datacenter should be on the same continent as your target audience. HostGator is an excellent web hosting service that's simple to use and offers an array of useful plans for consumers and small businesses. These include CentOS, Fedora Core, Debian, and many other Linux distributions or BSD systems FreeBSD, NetBSD, OpenBSD.


SiteGround – Best for very large sites. Availability, price and employee familiarity often determines which operating systems are offered on dedicated servers. We need to monitor them for a little longer to understand if it was just a one-time mishap or if this a recurring issue. Top line speed in unmetered bandwidth is the total Mbit/s allocated to the server and configured on the switch level.

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With this type of plan, the hosting company will handle the hardware while you focus on your software. This one is very important, since no one likes their data disappearing in the blink of an eye. Overall, Bluehost offers great value for money.

Even though they had a 19-minute outage in January 2020, their overall uptime throughout 2020 was an incredible 99. To get the same management features at Media Temple, you would need to get the $249/month fully managed solution (which also includes on-demand services and is why it’s considerably more expensive) and over at A Small Orange you would be paying at least $135. Bare metal servers. Web hosting services take care of these, for a fee. To date, no industry standards have been set to clearly define the management role of dedicated server providers. The agent seemed personal and interested in our needs.

GigeNET is a cloud hosting company with a difference.

Protection & Management

The hosting service has many budget-friendly offerings for website, VPS and dedicated hosting. The cheapest web hosting services will lease you space on the web for well under $10 per month. You get 500GB of disk space, and a bandwidth cap that is so large (5TB) you are unlikely to ever notice it. If this is not possible, a CDN can mitigate any performance problems. You will be limited by the resources of your dedicated server. A quad-core processor has 4 cores. Basically, you could call this paid customer support. Best travel compact cameras 2020, not only that, you can use these as an inspiration that will help you guide you with your own webpage. It sounds more technical and complicated, but don’t worry:

Managed vs Unmanaged Dedicated Hosting

If your company had previously used a public cloud or other shared server space, but needs its own hardware, managed hosting makes sense. The basic plan offers 1TB of disk space, a bandwidth cap of 10TB, a fast 2-core 3. 59/mo Admin Dashboard: It utilizes the latest Juniper backbone and multiple single 40GB interface connectivity with their datacenter to provide the fastest connections without the need to port channel. Solutions by industry, nginx, Apache, Memcached, MySQL/MariaDB, Varnish Cache, PHP 7, PHP-FM and Redis. As such, it provides customized solutions, strict controls and standards compliance, transparency in customer dealings, and round the clock support.

  • It eliminates costly system reboots and maintenance downtime.
  • Ready to see how they stack up?
  • This allows data to be stored on multiple hard disks on the server.
  • You can even keep adjusting solutions as your volume grows and changes.

Website Builder

Hackers are trying to gain access to your server. What is unique about Hostwinds? Dedicated servers for various hosting needs. Considering the features that you’ll be getting, it’s a real bargain.

The CPU speed (4-core 3.


Managed services. There's in-depth support for running Redis, memory caching systems like Memcached or PHP optimizations such as opcode caching. Other features in server administration, there is a 20-day free trial version that you can use before upgrading. What is unique about HostGator? If the business outgrows its dedicated server, it can have the server upgraded or rent a second one. Keeping this in mind, Ricoh offers end to end managed server hosting services to a wide range of customers. “Extreme power, flexibility and control” and “world-class support. In essence, managed hosting simply refers to a hosting plan that comes with a number of additional benefits or services. Many customizable options.

50/month for single processor servers with 4 to 16 GB RAM and 128GB to 1TB storage space. CPUs can contain multiple cores, which are individual processing units. Any business that relies on hosting ecommerce, websites, or public access to data and information should consider a single tenant structure. For dedicated server hosting services, it is important that you get to know not only the price but also understand vital features such as guaranteed uptime, bandwidth, storage capacity/disk space, CPU, RAM, domains/sub-domains, the “unlimited” offerings, freebies (if any), and others. That's great, but don't relax just yet; there's plenty more to do. One of the most common uses of SSH is for installing additional software such as version control, developer tools, scripts and other useful add-ons.

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(2 a month annually) comes with a free migration of a blog or simple business website, for instance. A web server is usually a rented service. Still want to keep an eye on things? But make no mistake — unmanaged public cloud hosting is DIY hosting. 500GB SSD – 16TB Bandwidth: You've designed a great website, found the best web hosting package and got your creation online. Depending on the dedicated server plan that you select, setup can take from 30 to 90 minutes.

Fully Managed Service

4- 16GB Processors: It operates Type II Certified data centers in Chicago, Dallas and New Jersey that offers 99. It's a symbol of trust. Shortcuts, calculatorClient client = new localhost . Servers are specialized computers owned, operated or leased by hosting services or companies. With 683ms, SiteGround falls about in the middle of these nine hosts, speed-wise. A dedicated server is a physical machine. It’s also fully managed which means that they will help you with anything – setting up your site, adding additional features for security, caching, etc as well as automated backups. Advanced management.

Since its inception in 2020, New Jersey-based company AccuWebHosting has offered impeccable hosting services to thousands of users with its advanced technology alongside responsive support, round-the-clock surveillance, and a 99% uptime guarantee. The list of things you can do with a dedicated server can include anything from a game server or virtual private network to data syncing or communications. Here are the differences when it comes to managed hosting levels.