A2 Hosting Review by Our WordPress Experts (2020)

We found most of our answers in the FAQ though their support lines were able to solve our more complex questions. This plan starts at $7. For example, with the exception of a few hosts, most budget hosts don’t give you PHP 7. Call of duty: warzone first impressions – fun, but needs solo play asap. It has been on this market for over 17 years now and is still growing in popularity. It is a cPanel plug-in that speeds up your site by providing pre-configured caching.

With dedicated hosting, you get a complete server for your website, which gives you much more control over the server and the operating environment. In the previous two sections, I’ve shown you that A2 Hosting has stellar performance and a solid feature list (though it’s not managed WordPress hosting). Support is offered via a toll-free phone line for US customers, as well as tickets, and live chat. Currently A2 Hosting have ‘Ticket Support’ system.

I never seen A2 hosting customer support executive hurry in closing a ticket either via ticket or chat. Site visitors tend to trust country-specific TLDs, especially when it comes to making online purchases. A2 delivers strong uptime rates and great customer service. Legal, examples of such companies are Kinsta and Amazon Web Services (AWS). October 2020 average uptime: These backups allow you to restore a single file or your entire website at any time.

  • Despite its small size, A2 has a robust pricing system.
  • CloudFlare CDN is provided on all plans for free.

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I do appreciate that A2 Hosting does not pre-select any of these additional cost items—like some other web hosts do. VPS (virtual private server) plans are typically the next step up if you’ve outgrown a shared hosting plan. While there were months that had an uptime of 99. Not only that, you have access to more resources with less server strain, improved performance over Apache servers, fewer users per server despite being a shared hosting plan, free Railgun Optimizer for up to 143% faster HTML load times, and free SSDs.

From there you can invest in the VPS hosting, and even move on to a dedicated hosting plan if need be. They even followed up with me to make sure everything was fine. 2020 is the year where SSD drives becoming quite popular and costs 5x than the traditional drives. A2 Hosting offers free site migration.

Server Performance

With that in mind, you may want to check out some of our past hosting reviews in case you want to shop around a bit before settling down: 99 premium prioritized support, for $4. The cost of your A2 Hosting plan depends on the type of web hosting you choose. Welcome to web design company in lahore, the scope of web hosting services varies greatly. Read some A2 Hosting Hosting Services reviews and look into each of the other systems in your shortlist in detail. A2 Hosting does have a solid feature set that can get the job done for most people. While there are lots of factors in website speed (like TTFB), the physical location of your server matters a lot.

A2 Hosting

You will be on the hook for paying the next renewal plan, which will renew automatically, and you’re not eligible to receive any refund. Their A2 Optimized Software feature and 1-Click Set Up is such a time saver, allowing busy business owners a way to conveniently set up their site with the most optimized settings possible. – offers better performance than physical drives. (39 per month) it seems that A2 Hosting has the better deal.

You’ve come to the right place! So prepaying for three years will knock a couple of dollars off the monthly price, which can add up over the course of 36 months. Not only that, with a mere 40M memory limit, many resource-intensive plugins won't work from the beginning, making you regret choosing A2 Hosting unless you have the ability to figure out that they've reduced that memory limit by default in their 'optimized' version of WordPress, and know how to increase it back. Assistance and Support Support is offered 24/7 via phone, chat or email (ticket system). A2 implements this policy as well. Second, A2 Hosting’s reps are very “hands-on” – they offer custom installs and plenty of solutions where your rep will go in and fix the issue rather than talking you through the process.

WP Engine vs WPX Hosting: A Comparison With Speed Tests

For that, you get 18. They are independently owned meaning they are in complete control of all of their servers, which is a huge plus in the monopoly of hosting providers out there. Now you can also opt for the managed WordPress hosting as well which is what I prefer. This is especially important when you consider its mediocre customer support. So wherever you fall in terms of experience, you should find A2 very accessible. If you only want to pay annually – their renewal pricing is much higher. A2 Hosting boasts a commitment to 99. You will be able to use PHP 7 and PHP 5.

Ready to try out A2 Hosting? Having been with a couple other hosting companies in the past I feel confident saying that you absolutely won't find this kind of service and quality anywhere else, especially for the price. There’s just one catch. Relatively expensive. For advanced WordPress users this might not be an issue as they know how to increase the memory limit back, but beginners will have a harder time figuring it out. Swift and Turbo are for sites with heavier traffic or more than one sites.

That means you’ll have to use a third-party secure shopping cart API.

Account Setup

In her spare time, she likes to swim, knit, and do the New York Times Crossword Puzzle. Does A2 Hosting allow customers to pay monthly? They have a sleek website. If you want that optional root access, you can go with the Core Flex Server.

And rightfully so.

Reseller Web Hosting

Here’s the average Uptime: It does this by having a group of servers that are geographically distributed and used to cache content. A2 Hosting is one of the companies that go for sustainable growth over flashy marketing. Why easy blog networks? This is a real treat for those of us who like pub food but follow a meatless diet. 76% Uptime (106 minutes of downtime) Hit with several large-scale distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks. The other aspects of a site can also be managed by using cPanel, i.

Our test site loaded in under 1. Dreamhost, response times for our Bluehost test site were exceptionally great in the United States loading under a fraction of a second. The A2 Hosting reseller offers cPanel or WHM control panel, with outstanding speed and stable uptime performance. You have the option of using servers which are up to 20x faster if you choose a “Turbo” plan. Developers can make a good use of WP-CLI as well.

Main Features

9% uptime commitment, but serious projects should look at higher uptime rates. They are essential for e-commerce and are now considered by Google to be a best practice for all websites. 99 Price Currency: You can cancel any and all A2 Hosting services using the customer portal. This review of A2 Hosting is based on actual testing done on their servers”. This is an optimized site accelerator which they claim to load pages up to 20x faster than other web hosts out there.

Now there's no need on your end to spend time installing and uninstalling plugins to determine the very best configuration.

Every hosting account is also eligible for a free site transfer by the friendly A2 Hosting support team. Though A2 Hosting don't have a variety of data centers like FastComet, they offer service from three locations covering three continent US,Europe and Asia. Turbo (starting at $9. )Our experience with them was quite a pleasant one, our tickets was resolved rather quickly and the Guru I spoke to in Live chat was friendly, knowledgeable and helpful. As always, nothing on this list matters if A2 Hosting doesn’t load fast. As a power-user I’m not totally sure how I feel about that, but I can definitely see what A2 is trying to accomplish here, and it’s probably a good scenario for most users on their platform. A variety of domain names and features are also available to first-time users, and come with a surprisingly affordable price tag.

WPEngine Coupon

Find answers, share tips, and get help from other WordPress experts. It's 100% hassle-free! BlueHost is the baby of Matt Heaton and Danny Ashworth who founded the company early in 2020. To get the same package on Windows is the same, but brings 10 databases (5 MySQL and 5 MSSQL).

It’s really suitable for literally one website with no additional use cases.

A2 Hosting Performance – Real Testing Data

We purchased A2's Lite plan, put a simple static website online, and used Uptime. Four plans to create a site, fatCow was designed from the start to be a different alternative in Web hosting. While signing up for A2 hosting I have used Sub domain and later I added a. Their servers are protected by “HackScan,” a 24/7-monitoring service that scans for malware and other attacks day-in, day-out.

The more backups you have, the safer your data is. We put our site through several ByteCheck tests and it consistently responded in ~90 ms: One of the definitions of ‘uptime’ according to Wikipedia, is the direct opposite of downtime. What happens if you miss this 15-day window? The default location is set to the USA (central). The drop-in Apache web server replacement uses less CPU and memory, in addition to the more efficient handling of connections and requests. In a glance, here are the “speed features” A2 covered in their shared hosting plans. If your site has been hacked, their support team will fix your site for you.

Google also has confirmed that Page loading time is one of the ranking factor and as per Google's recommendation, it should be under 3 Seconds.

Email Accounts

They can't read your content. Sadly, it doesn’t come with the ability to restore the backups that A2 Hosting keeps for you. A2's packages are good, but DreamHost (2. )Their TTFB was much better than some of their big brand competitors like Bluehost or GoDaddy and competitive with other companies that focus on speed. So anything below 180 ms is ranked A+; 181 ms – 210 ms is ranked A; 211 ms – 220 ms is ranked B+; 221 ms – 240 ms is ranked B and so on and so forth. This plan starts at $4. The chart below breaks down the different shared hosting solutions A2 Hosting offers by feature. Do you have any questions about our hosting solutions?

They exclusively own all of their web servers. – pretty much standard nowadays, but still good to have. Faster loading sites lower your bounce rates and keep users happy, so they’re definitely a good thing. Asia or Europe. And if you run into issues at any time while being a customer, you can ask for a refund on the prorated balance of unused time. I have not done any optimization. FTP Accounts and Secure FTP FTP (and FTPS, secure) accounts aren’t limited either.