Best Web Hosting for Churches (And Which to Avoid)

In three steps, you will have your page ready to rock the internet world. So if you go this route you are in good hands. Truepath offers an incredibly intuitive website editor that allows you to mock up your vision for your church site and make it a reality within a few clicks. I love the support they provide and the ease of use of their WordPress hosting.

You can easily spend thousands of dollars to design and deploy a website. With it, you can create a site in any way you want. Auto-afk system, leave default value here. A2 Hosting is proud of owning 3 datacenters around the world: It offers several attractive templates. Our system gives you the ability to upload your own custom banners. Plus, they’re the only platform with the official Church Marketing University website solution, which integrates all the features that we recommend in our Website Search Engine , and Plan a Visit Courses. However, because Ministry Designs is a proprietary platform, there is no straightforward way to migrate your site to another builder, should you choose to switch. If you mess up, it’s tricky to restore its original settings.

  • If you are sending a lot of mission-critical transactional email, you may want to look into outsourcing your application email to a premium service.
  • These guidelines, though, are are not quite necessary because of the simplicity of the system and its strong church focus.
  • In this case, you will need to take care of purchasing the domain and hosting by yourself.

In fact, it comes with less storage space than Bluehost’s most affordable plan, only 30 GB. Truepath offers web hosting combined with domain purchasing. A2 hosting pricing, a2 Hosting positions themselves as a high performance, speed-focused hosting company with excellent support. Other organizations do cute things like first initial plus last name. In the end, Cloudways has a higher learning curve compared to SiteGround and A2 Hosting.

This is a long list. Beyond that, do you really want to convert your video to different sizes and resolutions so that it works equally well on different screen sizes and with different connection speeds? As you can see, that’s a typical price. We surveyed customers using our church WordPress themes to ask them to rate and provide feedback on different aspects of the web hosting company they use.

Before we get there, though, let’s take a quick look at some hosts you should avoid.


Whether you’ve got seven days, or 40 days and nights, there is an easy church website builder out there for you. There are community interactions as well through blogs and forums. A user can click on a heading to read more about a point while staying on the same page. Check their sites to find which is right for you. All of this is connected directly to internet router, the same way a conventional web server is connected to an ISP. However, we still have great news for you. The service comes with the built-in email+calendar option that lets you share the most important events, news and upcoming sermon schedules with the congregation and even email them with the branded email domain. You and others own property on that city block.

Isn't it about time that you love your web host? The builder has different pricing plans that are targeted for different budgets. The great media galleries to impress the visitors, who have never been to your church with beautiful photos. There is even one that works specifically for accepting donations. Design opportunities and templates of Godaddy website builder It seems like templates were predefined to stay as they are in Godaddy site creator, not being changed by the users much. Advanced site features will cost a lot more.

0 (third place, behind InMotion and SiteGround).


If you do have a domain name, you will need to have the login information for your current domain registrar. We prefer to host Christian run companies and do our best to screen the companies using our hosting services. On top of that, you’ll have an ongoing $20 monthly fee. Even with the best web hosting company and the most straightforward website, there will always be issues of one sort or another. Our portfolio includes e-commerce, church, school, ministry, and other Christian websites. ITX Design’s website design and Christian hosting team have over 10 years of web hosting experience and we were one of the first web hosting companies online, founded in May of 2020.

You can gather all your communications in one place and make things as easy as possible for your congregation.

Domain Name and Email Hosting

In each section above, I identified the most commonly used option in each category: You should also want an editor that allows you to add personal touches to your site. To remove the advertisement from your site, we recommend choosing a $12 plan. Sounds great, right? There are some good folks in this industry. They all run a LAMP stack efficiently.

It also has limitless hosting storage and complete branding freedom. It initially presents you with a set of templates. Stable domino servers you wish you'd had earlier!, our only business is to keep your organization’s Domino always available and running smoothly in your own private Prominic cloud. They can easily reach a hundred dollars in cost annually. Perhaps that has something to do it. Also, how the company actually calculates “uptime” may not be particularly in your favor. Our promises are backed by our actions and our support. The hosting company may or may not own the hardware; they may create their own cloud infrastructure, or consume it as a service from another provider.

“You guys are still AWESOME and did an outstanding job with my website and I truly thank God for you…”

You’ll be better equipped to choose the right option for yourself if you understand a little bit about how it all works. The plan doesn’t, unfortunately, include a domain and email, making it suitable only for very small churches that are willing to rely on free email services like Gmail. When you’re looking for a top Christian owned hosting company, you don’t need to look any further than ITX Design. There are parallel claims that buying some hosting feature will improve SEO.

Primary Person of Contact

First and foremost, there is no need for you to have any coding and design knowledge. A Secure Sockets Layer, commonly known as SSL, is vital since it protects you and your website visitors. It has industry-tailored website designs and features. But it doesn’t have the most extensive design options on our list. There’s no easier way to build mobile-friendly websites. Secure payment, check what existing customers have to say about this. And, thankfully, Wix is popular enough that it’s easy to find tutorials. They still provide an affordable solution with a few limitations, including the limited storage space and slow website migrations.


But overall, all 5 of these options are going to be great. Another good thing about Wix is its overall simplicity. SiteGround includes advanced security features while A2 Hosting provides faster speeds. It also has one for e-commerce. You do not need to wait around for solutions to any technical issues that you experience.

Reaching out has never been this easy, thanks to the internet.

A simple plan will cost you $12 per month.


For many platforms, all you have to do is drag and drop page elements to create a layout you want. I specifically loved its long free trial, during which I was able to estimate every single feature I was interested in (taking into account my high busyness during the day). You can start a pretty decent e-store, run monetization campaign. The shared hosting plans discussed above are some of the most cost-efficient and feature packed hosting plans on the market offering not only core features, but also several other benefits in the form of freebies or premium features. With 5 plans in total, it is a wonderful solution for the money. 9% or something like that. WebHostFace supports over three hundred free open source scripts.

Web Hosting Tips

Description of a Simple Website Builder Site123 Site123 is a free website builder. Using a sub-domain rather than a proper domain will make your church site look noticeably less professional, but you can always add a domain registered with another service to your free 000webhost plan. This is on purpose, since they state on their website that FaithConnector is designed to be handed down from generation to generation of volunteers. You don’t have time and capacity to learn the intricacies of UX and backend coding, so you need an intuitive site builder.

You will find using the tool for your ministry, nonprofit organization or charity, a breeze.

Choosing a perfect template might be tricky since not all of them contain donation options.

Best for professional designs: Squarespace

95 as it may seem at first? What is website builder software? Plans will automatically renew until cancelled. There’s a limit to what you can do with templates. FaithConnector has an exhaustive list of features , many of which are uniquely church-specific, such as their free site graphics, announcement integrations, and ecards. Every church is different, and it’s important for you, as a church leader, to be a good steward of resources. Some website builders are easier to learn than others.

This is steeper than some of the prices in the other website builders we’ve covered, but FaithConnector is notable from the perspective that they take no cuts out of your online giving.

Don’t skimp on service. Even when it comes to church pages, they sure need to be fully flexible! Otherwise, give InMotion Hosting a look. Nucleus – is a website builder, which comes with a complete and rich portfolio of tools you can pick and use to start and manage business or personal websites, including projects for churches and other non-profit organizations. And it won’t charge you a dime for their services. Wix’s church templates are found in the religion and non-profit section of their library, and what a great selection that is. They are trustworthy and reliable.

A church website is also the place to make donations in the convenient and easy way.

Speed and security in Godaddy website builder

Not to mention, they aren’t as costly in terms of development and maintenance. It’s a web builder that can be tailored for anyone and any sector, with a library of very sleekly designed templates that automatically give your site a professional look. Compare web hosting services, a2 Hosting (www. That comes down to how proficient your volunteers are with website creation - do you need a premade template or can you design it yourself?

This suggests that the company provides, for example, website templates with Christian themes, avoids hosting websites that Christian’s would find offensive, etc.