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You don’t want your customers to understand you are a reseller.

Add to that an anytime money back guarantee, 24/7/365 support, and free site migrations… They’re the best, period! We contacted Scala both before and after signing up for their service. Some top of the line web hosting companies will provide free SSDs, free cPanel, and free eNom license for reselling popular TLDs, gTLDs and SSL certificates. Billing automation is not part of the deal, though, but Scala Hosting lets you pick a branded or non-branded WHMCS upon signup. Then come all the possible add-ons — SSL certificates, daily backups , dedicated IPs.

Reseller hosting allows individuals to rent out the bandwidth and hard drive space that they’re getting from a hosting provider to other individuals or companies. As the name suggests, NameCheap offers a cheap web hosting reseller opportunity. I’m confident you’ll find what you’re looking for on my list. Are you a developer?, with a little help of Twitch, the RP communities gained a huge exposure, leading to an excessive amount of players trying to get onboard. Talking about value, HostGator is exceptional. And what is better than to start your own hosting company that will ensure your carbon footprint is the smallest. 99 per month Website: Whether you’re interested in web hosting, want to add a complementary service to your web design and development company, or just want to find another way to make money, these reseller programs will give you a (hopefully profitable) peek into running your own web hosting business.

  • If they lose their password, or can’t locate a feature in cPanel, your host will normally expect you to deal with this.
  • What’s more impressive was how they performed in times where we seemed stressed and frustrated.
  • Finding the best reseller web hosting to suit your needs is the crucial foundation for success.

Even the cheapest plan gets you 80Gb of storage and 800Gb of bandwidth. Of course, InMotion Hosting offers WHMCS. Web hosting: paid or free?, 95 per month, we particularly like the company's GoGeek plan, which is chock full of useful features, including access to a staging server and one-click Git repo creation. Want to read more reviews by our customers for our other services?

I think you must aware about what are top reseller hosting services and their features. HostPapa reseller packages are fully white label and offer cPanel for the clients as well as private name servers for building your own brand and recognition. There are others whose businesses are relying on you. ASPnix offers a few different plans to suit your needs. Overview[edit], webhosting UK will make every attempt to restart services which have failed. This can be problematic when billing clients or setting up a web hosting sales site, because it will not make sense to customers to pay more for the same service offered cheaper by more respected companies elsewhere. So which reseller hosting plan is the best? 00% Uptime with 20x faster LiteSpeed Technology: It’s all simple to set up.

Their plans start at $30/mo for 20gb of space. To reduce support queries, having proper documentation is worth its weight in gold. SiteGround reseller hosting can be fully white labeled. The first step towards building a blazing fast website is to choose a web hosting account that doesn’t slow down your clients’ sites.

  • The setup and UI is different and has a bit of steeper learning curve compared to your usual hosting providers, but if you’re willing to learn, it’s worth it!
  • Choosing the right reseller hosting is the most critical part of your hosting business.

Unlimited Cpanel Reseller plans

Many resellers create their own company names, brand logos, and billing systems. 95/month with 200GB web space and 2020 GB bandwidth. Do not take us wrong: With the Basic plan, you only get a 20% discount — which limits your profit margins. Hands-down if you're wanting the power of WHMCS automation, you won't find a better deal than this.

You choose the account limits, space, and price you want to offer your clients – in other words, you're in control! They offer Cloudflare CDN, backups, Raid-10 redundancy, and solid security features (some of the latter are cost extra). Consequently, companies that provide the integrated use of cPanel and WHMCS (currently starts at an additional $15. )About the Author Author:

99 a month initially ($29. )You can also choose a server location - Europe, the United States, and Canada are all available to get as close to your target audience as possible. Reseller hosting plans offered by HostGator include the following three plans: A site owner of admin can easily manage the website in a highly effective manner.

But if you can simultaneously manage their hosting service, then you’ll continue to get recurring income long after the development is complete.

Looking For Something Other Than Reseller Hosting?

Your cPanels are completely brandable, so you can give them a fresh look with your logo and new colors. In short, SiteGround is an absolute no-brainer if you are looking for WordPress reseller hosting. Elon musk wins over “pedo guy” defamation case, anybody who follows Elon Musk on Twitter knows what I’m talking about. That’s particularly useful if most of your clients have really small and low-demanding websites. You will need to market it, deal with admin, write policies, set up advertising, create user accounts and compete for business against some of the best-known brands on the planet.

One-click installer.

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Reseller hosting is also very useful if you’re looking to create new income streams in an existing business. Reseller hosting providers also include access to a billing software to help you better manage accounts and clients. The support rep just took a step back and re-assessed the situation, calmly explaining the best possible scenario for our specific problem. Both companies are owned by EIG, and they’ve partnered up to create the ultimate reseller hosting platform. At the same time, it's a good and very much affordable start for your own web hosting business. Reseller hosting allows you to re-package and re-sell server resources as if they were your own.

This is still a great benefit and makes getting started as a web hosting reseller less risky and cheaper than other entrepreneurial opportunities. 95/mo - 160GB disk space, 1TB bandwidth, 40 cPanel accounts. It’s understandable — there are so many platforms to choose from and things to consider. Having a green reseller hosting provider is all fine, but you might appreciate their awesome features more. Hosts generally give resellers a bulk discount, because they are essentially bringing new customers into the fold. You’ll definitely want to research what facets will resonate and be most effective for the hosting company you envision overseeing.

What Is Reseller Hosting

That’s a significant upgrade, given that most websites rarely take more than a couple of gigabytes of web space. Do you want to learn to programme with it? Now you might be wondering, why should I sell reseller hosting rather than referring my clients to a hosting provider as an affiliate? You can then decide if you would allocate partitions of your space to your clients, or you would be getting separate machines for their websites. DomainRacer has worldwide DC servers – India, UK, USA, Germany, Canada and Singapore etc. The reseller program includes a ton of features both for the reseller and their clients. And because it’s cloud hosting, the scalability is the core strength here.

Overall, A2 Hosting has great servers, awesome features, and fair pricing. The response time over chat was immediate, and the operator looked well-versed with the reseller hosting platform. What does coredo do?, we take care of the hardware side of things – so the security of the physical server and the data center. Reseller hosting is a good option for freelance developers who need to host multiple client sites, owners who want to launch multiple projects, or the aspiring entrepreneurs who want to start their web hosting business. (95) includes 10 cPanel accounts. Our most popular Reseller hosting package by far is our Platinum package.

Acting as a reseller may distract you from your other work. How feature-rich is it? Still, at the end of the day reseller hosting is a subset of shared hosting, and any problems that plague shared hosting can crop up with reseller hosting as well. Resellers buy a hosting plan, divide the resources to create their own packages, and then sell those packages to customers.

DomainRacer is the only affordable reseller hosting company that presents all these features at very low-cost.

InMotion Web Hosting

However, you can reach out to your hosting provider’s customer service if you need any assistance. The account limits on provided storage drives vs. Otherwise, you get good security features, decent performance, and a one-year Microsoft Office 365 license—that last one is unusual, but they do list it as an important feature. One disclaimer—it pays off to be careful with younger hosting providers.

You buy the service from a larger hosting company, and then resell that service to your clients.


Please see our TOS or contact us with any questions. You can steadily grow your own business and instantly accommodate new clients on a first-class hosting platform. The checkout process gives you a breakdown of your chosen plan, possible extras, and how much it all costs. That’s why HW’s high scores across all review platforms are anything but surprising. Silver for $24. Our affiliate program, on the other hand, allows you to refer clients directly to HostGator in exchange for a commission of up to $125 per signup. We’ve selected four of them that guarantee truly the best reseller hosting for you and your soon-to-be customers. 64/mo provides 4GB RAM, 75GB disk space, 4TB bandwidth, and 3 IPs.

What happens if I exceed usage? That way you don’t have to waste your time on Live Chat when seeking assistance. Yes, all our reseller hosting service is 100% white label. Anything beyond the most basic questions is a nightmare with HostGator. Go above and beyond when helping your clients and they recommend your hosting services to their friends. Conversely, with affiliate marketing, you earn a one-time referral fee by recommending people choose a third-party hosting service.

You can easily white label your reseller business with InMotion hosting. HostGator covers both CRM and billing with WHMCS. Understand the preferences of your customers and create unique packages that you think will win their business. It’s not enough that your hosting provider gives you custom cPanels for each of your clients. In general, we would typically recommend that you start with a VPS, but as you grow, you can opt for dedicated hosting servers, or if you're happy to make a significant upfront investment. Like most cloud computing providers, Kamatera has a pay-as-you-go pricing model. Studies show that they’ll abandon a site if it takes more than 3 seconds to load. Its price starts at $19.

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When it comes to performance, security, features, and competitive pricing, InterServer is often among the leaders. For example social media, Google ads etc. The hosting provider will divide up the costs and the amount of space that they allow resellers to use in a way that makes the most financial sense for them. First and foremost, Cpanel control panel allows you to manage the accounts that you, as a server lessor, created.