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Reasonable and comparatively lower renewal fees.

Like other sites, Bluehost also uses the cPanel interface. What we mean by that is simple: 1999 was the year when IXWebHosting got visibility in the hosting world. Terrible and I caution everyone to steer clear of this web-hosting service. Number of email account not shown on most packages due to a very skimpy quantity that’s given to the users. You’ll be able to access video tutorials, email accounts, your mailing lists, add-on domains, web statistics, and more. In this review, we will discuss IX Web Hosting features, pricing, reliability, speed, support and usability.

See the screenshot up above. The company offers an automatic backup system that can help clients if any accidental data loss occurs. We are truly sorry for any difficulties this situation may present, and we will try to help you as best we can. With either platform you can choose from two levels at tiered price points, offering guaranteed RAM of either 768 MB or 2048 MB, and either 1500 GB or 2020 GB data transfer rates. Interesting, we thought. IX Web Hosting offers multiple plans based on shared servers and virtual private servers.

Free website transfers and fast e-commerce installs.

Let’s face it if your website is always down then it’s pretty much like tossing money into the waste basket. Nonetheless, if you’re looking for the most stable uptime and fastest page loading times – you might want to shop around for better alternatives. But they did have some neat features.

What’s the uptime guarantee?

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After a very long period, things calmed down and remained that way until November. We have had zero complaints from our customers. IX’s emphasis on search engine optimization (SEO) was also seen as a plus.

IX Web Hosting’s two VPS/VDS plans (the X4 Linux and X8 Linux) include a maximum of 2020GB of data transfer and 2048MB of guaranteed RAM. IX Web Hosting has a lot of the necessary ingredients, so to speak, needed in the recipe for an excellent web host. There are few things more important to a website owner than how often the site is up and available to visitors (as well as being available for you to make updates/changes).

Visit IX Web Hosting Now! At the time of writing this, I believe they have made the web access to the email accounts over https, but still, my experience with them was ghastly. Support is available 24/7 by phone, email and chat. For newbies, this could be a bit confusing. I felt like I had to beg to get IX to help resolve the problems that they created. We've seen hosts get swallowed up by EIG brands before, so this comes as not much of a surprise.

  • In 2020 I had almost 40,000 daily page views in my 200 or 300 pages, and my site had 5% in quality and variety relating to the same site today, with its almost 5,000 pages.
  • Circumstances beyond Site5’s control that cause downtime also don’t count, like DDoS attacks, hardware failure, third-party software failure, or maxing out your resource container.


Need a dedicated IP address – but only have a small budget to host your website? IX Web Hosting offers support by Phone, online live chat, and e-mail. Depending on whether or not you need Windows or Linux each type of plan is offer with both operating systems. This package costs $54.

If you do, you might save a fair chunk of cash simply because you won’t need to pay top-up fees for your IP addresses, and the SEO advantages of having those IPs will appeal to some people with specialized needs.

Note: IX Hosting has Closed – and no longer taking new customers.

While I was waiting I renewed the expired domain and the site generated back on line. Yet, in the past we have seen some very negative reviews regarding IX customer and technical support. About IXWebHosting. Knowledgebase, FAQs, featured articles and video library are just what people could benefit a lot. It also has UPS backup power supply as well as 24/7 live system monitoring. People starting a new blog need solid support to help them get started. You may find better deals and offers in oursection.

While adding a dedicated IP isn’t necessarily cost-prohibitive, it’s still a nice bonus to avoid having to shell out extra cash for it. One thing you should know about this company is they state that they have exceptional support. The support for. Interserver, here are the important factors to consider. English-speaking customer service reps located onsite – Great feature especially for US customers. However, there are a few especially nice perks that certain customers will enjoy. This is a very important feature especially if you're a customer, as you know that you are not left blind with the progress of your situation. • Help resources available on the website include video tutorials to assist clients with the most frequently requested demonstrations, FAQs to address the most frequently asked questions, the hosting manual for users, and a customer center where users can interact, share experience and ideas, and answer one another’s questions.

We actually stumbled across this news whilst in the process of making a review of IX Web Hosting. All of these systems combine to guarantee an uptime of at least 99. 36 Month Prepay:

IX Web Hosting no longer exists

I’m also not a fan of “unlimited hosting” that has limits based on resource usage. Most people taking to sales don’t have an account. Comparing the two hosts leads to more questions than answers, in all honesty. Migrations are a pain.

Users can request one day of credit for every 45 minutes of true downtime they experience. Spam is like its brother. For the length of time that IX has been in business, I consider this rating to be unfair. If you are looking for something pretty similar (but better), I'd look into HostGator. 24/7 customer support through phone, email and live chat. This not only covers our costs, but ensures that you won't lose your domain name.

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Security has become an issue for the company according to the recent customer reviews. IX Web Hosting Windows VPS Pricing: There are no obvious freebies on the Cloud or VPS hosting plans. All this time I was receiving mail fine. If you’re in need of more quality, then a VPS IX Web Hosting server is the solution you’re looking for. Take a guided tour, another unique service that iWeb offers is a dedicated block storage package. IX Web Hosting's 10 year track record and fully-owned data center are also points of distinction.

While cloud hosting from IX Web Hosting is a bit pricier, it also packs a high degree of quality, so you can rest assured that your website will run at all times.

Although the rumor cannot be proven at this point, it would hardly be surprising (UPDATE: )It’s a stripped-down graphical interface, with only a handful of graphic icons to choose from, that’s overall a bit clunkier and harder to navigate. Unless you’re starting a technology company that will record slews of data, basic level of storage should be just fine. Help & support, hiring off brand support or support in the US would help greatly to say at least. 50 domain managed support is $19/mo, 200 domains is $35/mo, and unlimited domains is $85/mo on top of the fees I have above.

This company has over 750 servers and currently hosts around 200,000 domains.

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Cloud hosting available. They know full well that they have the lowest customer service ratings on almost every rating site. Less long outages, but now, all day long, everyday, an outages festival of constant short outages (Hundreds, generally of 2 to 4 minutes). Most plans come with at least one free domain.

Originally priced at $12. The first thing that shows up on Google is a review from whoishostingthis. Possibly not, but it might be enough of a sweetener to make IX Web Hosting the right choice for your brand. Uptimes and page loading times have to be on top of your list of features to consider since they affect your conversions directly. Web hosts have huge data centers and things do go wrong on rare occasions. Like many other website hosting companies, IX provides support to their customers via a variety of options: That lasted for about 12 months and I no longer hold an account with IX Web Hosting now. This provides an extra data backup source.

IX Web Hosting offers VPS (virtual private server) hosting now

The problem is, the old customer base slowly dwindles, and without exciting new features new customers stop coming. 95 a month, the X4 Windows $69. The only shortage is that IXWebhosting uses a very old version of SpamAssassin. IXWebhosting highlighted cloud features: 95 a month, this lowest pricing scheme earns you one heck of a lot of virtual private server power. • Site statistics tools to monitor site traffic and referring sources.

Since then, it’s grown to hosting almost from its 11,000-square-foot data center in Columbus, Ohio. 95/mo and the same promotional price at $7. Being housed in their own datacenter, IX is able to control the environment, the network and the hardware (all of which are located in the same building as the company’s administration, sales and marketing departments). For your easy references, here’s a quick list of the pros and cons. Expert, Business Plus, and Unlimited Pro.

This plan provides the benefits of dedicated server hosting but at a price that’s generally more budget-friendly than dedicated hosting plans or owning and maintaining your own physical servers.

Expert, Business Plus and Unlimited Pro. Pros of using one.com hosting, its customer base count is a little over 1 million. IX Web Hosting was founded in 1999 and currently hosts over 500,000 websites according to their website. They assure their customers that their hosted sites are secured and not hacked easily by offering three kinds of services:

Currently, their headquarters and data center are located in Columbus, OH.

IX Web Hosting Plan Reviews:

I am disappointed with IX. But what if shared personal hosting just isn’t cutting it for you? The scripts in them cannot be changed or upgraded. What is Web Hosting? 95 a month USD! Every new web hosting account receives a free domain for life while you are an IX customer. So how are customers taking this? 95 a month, which may seem low—that’s because it is!

This very much sucks to waste my entire day waiting for customer service.

IX Web Hosting plans

A pair of industrial class diesel-run generators can power the entire facility for a full twenty-four hours in case of any grid power failure, guaranteeing that client websites experience no interruption even if the data center’s usual operations are interrupted. Onedrive api, five minutes between classes here, twenty minutes after class there, here an office hour, there an office hour, everywhere a . They NEVER return calls and almost never update tickets except to close it and say that it was your fault. In addition, you receive a selection of shopping carts to install and e-commerce tutorials to get you set up. Firstly, IXWebhosting works to offer one of the most personable tech-support teams in the game.

No cPanel, which makes navigation quite difficult. Domain security scanning and 24/7 network and service monitoring are also offered. Site5’s three plans for shared web hosting are more expensive than IX’s and even with the discount for an annual subscription purchase, range from $8. Well, with Site5. Of course, now that they are being subsumed by Site5, service will probably improve (but then, why not just host with Site5?) By following this special IXWebHosting 71% off promotion link, people could receive additional 71% off the already low price of $1. In keeping with its reputation as a professional web hosting company, IX Web Hosting offers a variety of different packages on Windows and Linux platforms. This means there’s plenty of plugins for you to add and play around with.

Their scripts are written in PHP 5, Perl, JavaScript, and Ruby on Rails. The control panel is not user-friendly and the speed is relatively slow. 29 are all supported. And three, the web host supports both Windows and Linux hosting- hence your database can be either MySQL or MsSQL.

IX Web Hosting Alternatives

It’s really one of the best cheap hosting available in the industry. That is nice to see. Cloudways hosting customer support review, however, in comparison to the usual range of features offered by hosting services, we could say that what Cloudways offers is of higher quality than in the case of others. Long story, several calls to tech support, they can not get the FT issues resolved; moved up to admin. In yet another lesson of "You get what you paid for. "Here at Web Hosting Geeks, one of the things we enjoy most about web hosting is cloud-based technology. Within the Expert Plan, however, you’ll be earning quite a few other features, as well.

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But I never use FTP. And finally, IX offers VPS hosting. Website transfer and migration: All include unlimited disk space, bandwidth and domains with the option of Linux or Windows hosting. Hey, @site5, fuck you and your botched attempt at migrating IX clients.

Instead, they lease servers and services from a third party. I had spent dozens of hours writing or chatting them, their responses are almost all useless, automatic, redundant. Frequently asked questions, it’s web hosting plans are called grids, that can handle a large amount of traffic with out slow down or go down the site. The regular package prices begin at seven dollars per month for the Expert Plan, ten dollars for the Business Plus Plan, and thirteen dollars for the Unlimited Pro Plan. IX Web Hosting is headquartered in Columbus, Ohio in the United States. The company provides quality US based technical support through email, phone and live chat. Sharing is caring!

IXWebHosting H-Sphere Control Panel

We have a pro business account and they allowed her access to customers account info, OMG what a night mare! It is safe to assume that many of you have never heard of IX Web Hosting. More than that, redundant network and routing work for IX Web Hosting shared hosting. The shared Linux hosting plan! But we highly recommend people to buy Unlimited Pro that has more features than Business Plus. Site5 is your guy. • Use of the intuitive “Click to Create” tool for site building.

The great news is that there aren’t any conditions with these refunds. I have tried to avoid all of them but it turn out I didn't un-click one of the "Site Builder" which charge $15 per quater. 95 a month, but with the special promo, it is available for $3. Use the speedtest on the right to test the ping time of IX Web Hosting service. Unlimited bandwidth and disk space are available on all IX Web Hosting plans. The H-Sphere is easy to use primarily because the interface is all icon-based and also offers rich features such as: Security is also a high priority as it’s estimated ​one websites is hacked every year, and IX uses SiteLock to protect its sites.

Given these numbers, HostGator’s shared web hosting server speeds are average in the US and are impressive abroad. To begin with, the bottom tier of their personal Linux hosting plans is the Expert Plan. These plans are called Expert Plan, Unlimited Pro and Business Plus. I wasn't aware that auto-renew was even an option? Dedicated IPs help high traffic sites maintain a smooth, efficient operation, and they’re required for SSL-certified e-commerce transactions. Known as a leader in customer support. 00 set-up fee and $10. But its true, if you throw peanuts, you’ll get monkeys.

  • If you do not act by July 30th, your account - including any websites, email, and other services associated with it - will be taken offline when the old platform is dismantled, and the data will ultimately be deleted.
  • Regardless of the hosting type needed, this company is able to provide adequate support.
  • His entire tone suggested that he had worked a tripple shift and was tired and grumpy or he simply couldn’t be bothered.
  • 95, the plan is featured at $7.
  • You can also enlist the company to design your website for you at a modest fee using their design services (request free consultation).

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To be fair to this lowest of plans, the amount of power offered is much higher than we’re used to seeing with other cloud hosting companies. You can also view our site’s detailed performance statistics like uptime & speed (click ‘History’ to dig in deeper). However, their hosting plans are fairly bare-bones, offering little in terms of included security and features. IX WebHosting is a web hosting in which customers find most of their features very appealing, below are some of the key features in IXWebHosting shared hosting package: When the things bettered a few months ago, they announced the server's migration, in last November. Before anything else, we have got to look around and see if the online consensus concurs with Yelp regarding IX Web Hosting.

What if you need a little more oomph in the tank to get by, and a shared plan of any sort just won’t meet the needs of your personal site or your business venue?

The problem with this configuration is that if one of those website owners does something to get banned from a search engine, your site could be blacklisted, as well. Meanwhile I embarasingly have to tell my customer that I am in the process of moving my mail services which after this I definitely will. Ask how long is this gonna take, We don't know. Write all the information in your review! This was the same pattern that plagued us after the Data Center move last year.

Just recently, IXWebHosting. Starting with the most basic brick in the wall: We love to hear your experiences with this hosting company. They can basically have as many OS images on hand as they want to make available to users. After a general background check into other customer opinions, it seemed that one thing most Site5 customers can agree on is that they offer good support (no doubt bolstered by EIG’s greater resources and scale).

You see, IX Web Hosting is doing really bad on Yelp.

With IX's lack of effort, a resolution to a problem can drag on for days and weeks.

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Do you find this review helpful? ” To that end, each customer is assigned a personal rep when they sign up for IXWebHosting services. Please click here and leave a review below! Site5 offers a cPanel where you can manage every aspect of your website from one central location. Also, people will save setup fee, domain registration fee and domain privacy fee if they choose IXWebHosting WordPress. Primary sidebar, in addition, it provides professional WordPress support to its users. Waiting 12-24 hours for each new response to a ticket is totally unacceptable.

What’s surprising are the speed tests done from servers located at different parts of the globe. Make that now 4 hours! 9% Online network service. Of course, you do have to provide a credit card number to get your account started, but it won’t be charged until the eighth day and you can cancel any time before then. I hosted following sites in that check the loading speed http: Some young fellow with excellent English (how rare is that these days?)

Sincerely, The IX Web Hosting Team" Pretty shitty of them to give me 3 days to get out.

9% uptime guarantee backed by a service credit for downtime beyond that figure. You then click the “sale channel” and then “proceed”. Well, let's take a look and find out! I will be reporting them to the better business bureau. Access, share files from your computer., some enterprise cloud storage platforms monitor user activity and storage and offer reporting capabilities for platform administrators. The company’s datacenter is based out of Columbus, Ohio. This rumor is confirmed with the announcement of EIG's 2020 Q4 financial results. The ability to get a dedicated IP address for your site can be invaluable to you as your site grows but it isn’t always necessary for everyone’s website needs. In addition to these, they employ a team of designers to offer help and suggestions whenever you want.

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Site transfer is free the first 3 times! Alternatively, take a look at our list of web hosting providers and expert reviews. Deceiving prices where your promotional price is only available when you sign up for three years. IX Web Hosting offers its customers with H-Sphere, an icon-based control panel, with which its customers could easily manage their domains, emailboxes, files and much more. No dedicated solution available.

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However, shared hosting customers are provided with Psoft H-Sphere, a more basic tool than Cpanel. It's that simple. Besides unlimited features in the Expert plan, the Unlimited Pro plan still contains unlimited email accounts and databases.