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82 per month, which isn’t so cheap.

They’re both visually pleasing and fit many different industries. Or you can start from the ground up, piecing together your own infrastructure and owning every bit of the backend of your website, having full control. In order to reach the live chat, we had to fill out three drop-down boxes regarding our issue. This theme is compatible with WooCommerce plugin so that you can sell ebooks quickly. You can also search by topic and see if your question has already been asked and solved.

They won’t spend time filming and uploading video to YouTube (which I need to do more of). WordPress sites account for 90% of all hacked content management system (CMS) sites. Need other hosting services?, however, there are some things that make the better ones stand out from the rest. The advantage of doing it with your registrar or G Suite is that it’s permanent—no matter where you host your author website, now or in the future, your email, and domain name, is set where it is and you don’t have to move it. Danielle steel keeps in touch with her readers through her blogs tagged as “A letter from Danielle”. ❌ The other problem we ran into was that they don’t actually tell you what you’re getting. The intuitive drag and drop interface is loaded with the most advanced editing options allowing you to tweak the various elements of website easily.

Websites are collections of web pages offering a combination text, video, and images to visitors. These services are independently chosen by our editors. It also tells you that visitors are “sticking” – they are not just arriving at your homepage, taking a quick look, and leaving, which is referred to as bouncing and reflected in your bounce rate. (You can always transfer domain names, but it’s an extra step that can be a little complicated.) We know the reality of making your own site can be frustrating at times – even with the absolute best tutorials you’ve ever seen. There is a learning curve, so getting it to work can take a little time. Additionally, SITE123 offers a free SSL-certificate to make sure you won’t experience any unauthorized access.

Comprehensive support knowledgebase. The company wholly owns and manages five data centers. So, it is best for writers who don’t have any experience working with web hosting services before. You get what you pay for, people always say, and while that’s somewhat true for blogs, I think you can go a very long way with a free theme. A page on Facebook or other social media is not a substitute for an author website. Their cheapest plan costs $6.

  • They also offer a 15-day free trial.
  • It’s also happened to me.
  • I always recommend going with a developer who has experience with book and author websites.

Free Options to Create a Writer Website

Quality of plugins and themes varies, so you may have to pay to get the best, and customer service varies. Limited customization of page layouts. Watch below or here on YouTube. Here’s a rundown of the 9 most popular website builders: You’ve got followers. We've reviewed many of those, but they didn't make the cut, either because of outdated site designs, lack of site-building options, or inadequate ease-of-use.

Most of the services here offer some ability to sell items from your site, if only in the form of a PayPal button, but some don't offer that in free accounts.


Let's take a look at what makes GoCentral one of the best website builders for writers: It also gives websites a faster loading time, so your audience doesn’t have to keep waiting for the site to load. Here are a few I recommend.

If you’re committed to using WordPress, this plan has a lot of built-in advantages that don’t require extra setup, like the impressive CDN and cloud hosting. However, on the downside, the platform is not very customizable. Moreover, it helps improve the visibility of your web pages. Someone could very easily take it and then sell it back to you at a higher price! If you’re interested to learn more about self-hosting, see Chelsea Clarke’s useful article about self-hosting at herpaperroute.

Also gives you powerful email subscription tools. E-commerce plans are more expensive, starting at $22. They kept trying to send “how-to” articles, instead.


That can be 24, 36 or even 60 months after signing up. That said, anyone who's looking for more robust off-the-shelf CMS (content management systems) options should consider Joomla and Drupal. In this guide, we take you through five platforms that have helped thousands of bloggers and authors already, and can prove to be a great launching pad for you too. If this is something you want, check into the registrar’s offerings before you use them.

Many people prefer GoDaddy because of its ease of use and simple to understand packages. Our test site made with SITE123. This includes unlimited storage, eCommerce, SSL security and advanced site stats. The problem with hosting your own videos, are your ideal customers more likely to watch a video if it’s pre-recorded so they can watch it whenever they have free time? Second, have an invitation that is something other than “Sign up for updates by email:

You’re in charge of the content and SEO: Topics – List 3–5 topics that you are comfortable speaking on. It’s more contemporary than some of the ones we’ve already reviewed here. Kinsta hosting response time is checked at HostScore.

How To Choose The Best Web Hosting Service

So you only ever have to pay if you want to buy a fancy theme. Free templates – Blogger is a completely free to use service, and that also includes all the templates that come along. You can do it yourself by following these instructions from Google. You have to actually navigate to her Books page to see information on her books. And while I did manage to fight my way through this jungle of new terms, providers, and hosts, I remember feeling so incredibly overwhelmed.

Wix is a fully hosted platform, so you will not have to pay for hosting. You can do both by tracking traffic to your website. If you have a little experience, however, those features and tools -- like product variants and tax rates -- will probably come in handy as you grow or if you're already at scale. Once you've chosen your options, make sure you’ve written your admin name and password in a safe place and click the blue “Install” button.

Obviously, you wouldn’t get a domain name for just one of your books if you have an author website with multiple books.

Hosting Company Reviews

There’s a video as well of this entire process, at the end of this guide. There are around 100+ themes to choose from, and each one is placed in its deserved category. SEO optimization Support: Subsequent dedicated IP address costs $84/year. First, it makes it easy for your fans to buy your new book. Want to choose more than 10 themes/layouts? First, it is vital that your site is easy to read, easy to navigate, and helpful.

After all, the process of writing your main menu and submenus is exactly the same as writing a book or story outline. One great advantage that Squarespace has over other website builders is that it gives the opportunity to switch templates without losing any content. Click on “Change Now” button. There’s flexibility here, as well, because you can opt for cPanel hosting, or ‘cloud web hosting’ via Tsohost’s own cloud architecture and custom web management console, which might appeal more to some. For me, my name is fairly unique, so I was able to use LoriSoard. Your options fall into three broad categories: While we're not small business owners, we do like math, and this variable struck us as particularly important. Or you can just design an advertisement banner and display it on the sidebars, header or footer of your website.

We used BlueHost before but found that it was just too slow, and we had several issues where our site would go down, sometimes for more than 24 hours.

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Best web hosting services 2020 at a glance: Not a lot of access to the nuts and bolts for customization. Crafted for easy website management, the benefits of using managed WordPress hosting services are high-level security, speed, daily website backups, uptime, scalability and the most important is premium support. Obviously you want your author bio and book information. A very nice feature that many other web hosting companies do not offer. You can also get updated about events and author news. If at any point you’ve decided to move forward with a paid plan for Squarespace, click on “Upgrade Now” at the bottom of the screen. You at least want a chance to defend yourself before this type of drastic action is taken. These features may be a necessity for users operating high-traffic WP sites, development/marketing agencies, or mid-size businesses.

However, here are a couple of recent articles that do a good job listing hosting companies for authors, along with their main features: Luckily she had them on her hard drive, but months later, she still hasn’t re-uploaded all of them. ✅which one is better media temple vs godaddy? InMotion has multiple WordPress, WordPress VPS and Dedicated WordPress plans from $4.

Whether you’re a novelist or a children’s book author, you can find at least one template made specifically for you. You cannot install custom plugins or themes unless you upgrade to their business plan. Reliable shoutcast and icecast radio streaming solutions, their customer service is second to none as they care about their product and will do whatever they can to help you find a solution to any issues you might have. Some are more reliable than others while some more flexible than others. So, even though someone unjustly filed a copyright infringement notice against me, it wasn’t Bluehost’s job to decide who was right and who was wrong. Very efficient. To make thing easier, bookmark this and automatically save the username and password in your web browser.