5 Best Reseller Web Hosting Companies of 2020

Most reseller plans offer you the ability to add domain reselling to your list of reseller services.

The WHMCS license typically comes at around $15/mo, but GoDaddy saves you the extra costs and throws in the billing system completely free of charge. It is delightfully average. It’s all simple to set up.

If you pay annually, you get a discount. After all, 96% of the world’s servers run on Linux, and these are no exception. If you're thinking of setting up a reselling based company - you'll need to make a few decisions. Brixly doesn’t offer the strongest features in the business, but it still does much better than some of the biggest hosting providers.

Memcached — slow database queries are often a culprit in poor website performance. Reseller hosting plans are a good way for small businesses and independent web professionals like freelancers to get started in the industry, gain valuable experience in data center management, and launch their own websites with all of the main products offered by a major web hosting company. Apart from the entry-level plan, all packages also include a free WHMCS where you can set up the billing and payment methods of your clients. Luckily for InMotion Hosting customers, cPanel comes complimentary with all reseller plans while GreenGeeks charges their clients each month to make use of cPanel. They use the credit system (1 credit = 1 year of hosting) that greatly simplifies pricing. It’s only called shared reseller hosting to differ from the VPS reseller hosting plan of the company.

If you choose to use WHMCS automation, this is going to be the domain it is installed on.

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This makes your expenses more predictable, and your business – easier to manage. Many people who could not afford to pay for a dedicated server though and that is how a more affordable solution for web hosting startups was born. This is because once you acquire a customer, it's fairly easy to keep them for life or several years. InMotionHosting. Overall, A2 Hosting has great servers, awesome features, and fair pricing. First, do some research and find out the affordable and best reseller hosting service provider.

You can block specific IPs or IP ranges from accessing your website. Vendors who have come and gone include some of the biggest players in the industry: Resellers should also have a strong grasp of WordPress since it’s such a powerful platform and many clients what their sites built on it. You can customize your pricing, and the provider won’t charge you any transaction fees. HostGator has helped countless people get online.

Again, GoDaddy uses cPanel/WHM, so you can easily customize the client cPanel.

✅Which is the Best Reseller Hosting Provider?

Reseller hosting lets you sell hosting packages, while affiliate programs drop a few dollars in your pocket whenever someone signs up for a web host via one of your affiliate links. The rare negative reviews about the Canadian provider don’t show any consistent or repetitive issues. Furthermore, it comes with a free SSD, dedicated IP address, WHMCS, and cPanel. Compare the best reseller hosting 2020 plans and features and choose which provider is best and suitable for your reseller business.

Selecting the best reseller hosting service provider is a very difficult task. A bit confusing for first-time hosting users, but if this is not your first rodeo — you can do miracles with Liquid Web. Make sure you get such features as an isolated Control Panel/CPanel WHM for each user you are servicing, to keep the installs isolated from each other. InMotion Hosting offers something called shared reseller hosting. As things stand, though, the deals are pretty darn impressive. Reseller VPS-2020 — from $67.

What Factors to Consider for Reseller Hosting

Becoming a Reseller Web Host gives you the opportunity to instantly tap into the multi-billion dollar industry. If you've seen a few of our reviews, you'll know that we've had more than our fair share of providers, which we had to dump for one reason or another. HostGator’s WordPress Cloud hosting is a little more expensive initially on paper, but the performance is also substantially better. Different reseller plans will let you sell different styles of hosting. Some resellers market shared hosting only, while others resell VPS, cloud, and dedicated packages too. If you decide to investigate other hosting options, it might be a different story. You also have a maximum of 25 accounts with the cheapest plan.

As the market started to grow, more and more people were interested to get their online presence and with that more money has been spent on web hosting services. The first thing you’ll notice about InterServer is its solid offer. In cases such as these, prices will necessarily be higher and the reseller takes more control over some of the day-to-day back-end operations. We're not sure whether that's worth the $82 a month price tag, but it's available if you need it.

This approach is in many ways easier than using WHMCS. #4 ipage – affordable woocommerce hosting, there are also "Plus" and "Pro" plans that differ in the resources provided. Will the web host provide support to my clients? It may not seem like a big deal, but visiting a single website can account for up to 300mg of carbon emissions per second.

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It can help them bring in more money each month and can simplify the process of managing their customers’ websites. Look for statistics about their network, servers, clients satisfaction rating. Brixly's customer service is always great, they always respond quickly and are always helpful. It is worth to pick a web host that offers a huge customer base. As low as $42/credit () 1 credit per activation User-friendly reseller area #2. It will inevitably take a while to sell enough hosting to break even.