13+ Best Podcast Hosting Sites for 2020 (with Top 5 Free)

However, podcasting isn’t as simple as recording some audio and uploading it to iTunes – first; you have to host your audio files with podcast hosting. You also get detailed download analytics, an embeddable podcast player and the ability to export your subscriber data to Dropbox. The quality of the audio will be acceptable, but it will not be the best as the recorders will pick up exterior noises. They offer a popular WordPress podcasting plugin called PowerPress which makes it super-easy to manage a podcast directly from your WordPress website. They also offer podcast hosting free which is a great option for those just starting. Integration with iTunes or other platforms is a useful feature, as is the ability to create a homepage within the hosting site where your latest podcasts can be featured in one place.

Free website included with hosting. Most computers will do just fine. Differentiators: We’ve put together the top podcast hosting platforms, along with some other useful services to take your podcast to the next level! All of the best podcast hosting platforms will help you with these steps, but we also have a podcast directory guide that should help you get started as well. How to choose the best web hosting provider for a small business? Our next task is to see what each podcast hosting site is made of. It will have a team of developers that stay abreast of the latest security practices and implement them to protect you. Some of these shelves offer more features than others.

  • Check to make sure the sound is crisp and clear.
  • It is however a free option – where you can upload up to 3 hours’ worth of content.
  • There are plenty of high quality services that do a fine job.
  • Stitcher – Apply on this page, and once you have joined, add your show.

They have quickly built up a large customer base: Fusebox is a great invention created by famous podcaster Pat Flynn of Smart Passive Income. The interface itself is easy to navigate so you should be up and running pretty quickly. Transistor offers three different plans, all including an unlimited number of podcasts and episodes. Spotify has over 200 million listeners worldwide and the podcast audience has doubled in the last 12 months. Buzzsprout offers free podcast hosting together with paid subscriptions. The equipment: Click submit and wait for the approval.

Buzzsprout is a host that has been in business since 2020 and has no upfront costs or billing. Because the files are massive compared to anything else you upload (a picture might be 300kb, but an MP3 is easily 100x that). As a Podcast Websites member, you also receive digital marketing support to help promote your podcast, ads, and podcasting advice from real, experienced podcasters. Yet what it does, it seems to do well. Best overall web hosting service: hostgator, your hosting server is where your website files are stored. We have researched, tested, and reached out to people at every company to find out which platform is best for your needs. But you don’t have an option to monetize your podcast with the free plan. These include automatic podcast re-publishing to YouTube, as well as the option to host video podcasts.

Their embed code allows you to easily add each episode to your WordPress posts and pages. They make it incredibly easy to simply upload your podcast media and publish it. Making your show available to more people is a cute way to grow your audience. You can seamlessly reach your audience by hosting your podcast on this platform. Easy to use, smooth workflow for campaigns. If you have many listeners in a month, you could pay more than you would for a separately hosted site.

They also have a huge community of podcasters already using Podbean as their podcasting platform.

Podcast Insights

It is a great option for people starting up with podcasting. 6H upload time and full embed controls. With normal hosting, it would be a direct download from your website. Trending up, however, when it comes to its technical features, things get slightly more complex. There are a variety of options each host offers that can either simplify…or complicate the decision making process. You can upload 2 hours of audio per month, but the episodes are only hosted for 90 days. You need not sign up for their Web package to use the SermonCloud, but you can expect them to keep it updated, as it is part of their basic service.

How are they different? He and his peers create a lot of podcasts and know the industry well. Import for free (import tool.) This means that you don’t have to worry about quality any longer.

Powerful play-by-play analytics engine. Provides invaluable recommendations for clients’ campaigns while respecting what the client has envisioned. They come with lots of great features including: BuzzSprout is a popular podcast hosting service for new podcasters. Facebook messenger marketing platform. Half the battle is finding the right time to record your podcasts with your guests.

Embedded players.

How do I Choose the Right Podcast Host for Me?

On average, pricing for podcast hosting ranges from $5/month to $50/month. It provides validated feed to add your podcast to iTunes, Google Play and other directories. Zero to mirrorsync in 60 minutes, this can be lowered on “reserved” availability over a fixed period of time. Take some notes down from HUSTLR’s very own podcast on iTunes or Spotify; in case you might need a clearer direction of content, audio lengths and how to promote your channel. Chapter markers help listeners to navigate the podcast, return to favorite sections or skip forward to get spoiler alerts. First, you must have the capacity to record sermons. The good thing is that you can embed any podcast epidsode from SoundCloud by simply placing the URL anywhere in your WordPress posts and pages. Even sudden traffic spikes are no longer a problem with their infinitely scalable podcast delivery network. To submit your podcast, you need to visit Google Play Music website and click on the Publish buttonn.

They own the Seriously Simple Podcasting WordPress plugin where you can manage your feed and upload new episodes right from WordPress. Blog hosting in 2020 – the contenders for the best service around. Or click here to learn: Episodes are stored indefinitely for all premium options, which also get you analytics, customizable podcast players, a website and 250 GB/month bandwidth. You could purchase the right web hosting plan to store your own audio files, but that would be more expensive than using one of the podcast hosting services. If you’re looking for someone to take the burden of pay-per-click advertising, SEO, and social media marketing off your shoulders, here are some options that may interest you.

First and foremost, getting your own website is the first step in getting your podcast hosted, but not all website hosting services are good hosts for podcasts and other forms of multimedia. The whole point of a podcast is to grow your audience and the only way to do it right is to make sure that as many people as possible listen to it. A podcast host is where you upload your audio files. There’s a 30-day money-back guarantee too. Allows for syncing across all platforms so your files are accessible at any time of the day, from anywhere. The support is responsive and knowledgeable and there’s a detailed knowledge base.

Website Hosting

Every podcaster I’ve met via Skype or Zoom had a microphone with a boom arm, crystal clear video, and a nicely-designed background in their room or office. Support 24/7 by e-mail, video or phone, as well as in-depth notes available from Blubrry site. Normal or specialized game hosting?, but here’s the gist of it:. Depending on your web hosting services, you probably don’t have the bandwidth to handle heavy traffic.

That’s a nice bonus.

After all, it is a more personal and, therefore, a more effective method of reaching out to new potential customers. With 100 million+ podcast listeners in the U. 4- Embeddable Media Player you already have a website and want your visitors to listen to your podcasts, you’ll have to embed a media player to give it that functionality. Add your podcast’s RSS feed and click submit.

Not only that but the website optimizes the file based on if it’s more spoken word, or a show that also incorporates a lot of music. In order to grow your podcast as fast and efficiently as possible, you need to know everything you can about your audience. Resource heavy and can cause the processor to run at a snail’s pace. They’re both affordable and efficient, making them ideal for small business owners. It’s relatively inexpensive (just over $100), durable, and has great sound quality. Be sure to only download music that you’ve already purchased or that’s freely available online. They just updated the look of their entire platform and brand, along with tons of new features. Buzzsprout is my number one recommendation for any podcaster that is just getting started.

3 hours of audio per month.

Best Podcast Hosting Sites (Paid)

Check out Spreaker: If you want to use it then you may have to subscribe to any one of the 4 premium plans. 24/7 support and security is also a great feature. A sleek and embeddable podcast player. You will also need intro music to your podcast – I would recommend potentially using Create by Vidello or iMovie. Reminders automatically increase the chance of customers showing up. Simplecast provides all the necessary features to start and grow your audio podcasts.

  • Check it out here.
  • SoundCloud or PodBean are great options.
  • And because the links survive the app install process, even new users can pick up where they left off on your mobile site without missing a beat.
  • The go-to option for those who prefer a quick website-building solution without the need to code.

Apps to listen to Music Offline

SoundCloud is one of the best for music, but it is not a podcast-first service. Basic statistics cost $2 extra per month. Zenoss itmanagement, compatibility with app servers is far from being perfect. We’ll start with the top 6 recommended podcast hosting platforms, beginning with #1: This hosting service has six bespoke plans starting at $5 for a 50MB plan, going all the way to $150 for 3000MB. They are a great option – and offer amazing-looking, and email integrated, players for your WordPress site.

It helps you understand where your listeners are from and which parts of your show they share the most. I try my best to keep thingsand review only. We like what BuzzSprout and PodBean are doing. Homestead review conclusion, if you add a guest book element, visitors can sign into your site and leave comments. When you get started with the platform, you get 1-month free unlimited podcast hosting with all the features that the platform offers.


One cool thing they just added was a great looking and easy-to-generate podcast sponsorship kit PDF that lets you highlight recent episodes and shows key download numbers: Most of the best free podcasting hosting services are limited in one way or another. Don’t worry, I am going to list only the 10 best podcast hosting services to consider in 2020. Go beyond just booking with this software targeting salon owners, spas, barbers, massage therapists, and nail techs. Are you wondering what’s the best paid and free podcast hosting platform to host your podcast shows? First, determine which package suits you best. What is the best podcast equipment? They also recently included their Academy membership to help you learn with their video library.

Recording Your Podcast

You first need to host your audio files on a podcast hosting and submitting website. On top of that, there is the need for an RSS feed. While these are great bonuses, you can certainly still survive with the cheapest plan. It is quite limited because it provides 100GB of bandwidth per month, and storage space of only 5 hours in total.

They also offer features like the ability to monitor your audience and insights, helping with getting more traffic to your podcast, social interaction and more. If several users start downloading at the same time, then most shared hosting services will simply block the processes that are taking up server resources. YouTube may count its users by the billion but it doesn’t have all the tools a podcast might need such as RSS.

Seriously Simple Podcasting

Ideal content-creation tool for those who may not be so graphically inclined. Audio podcast hosting. It isn’t as generous with its offering as PodBean and the interface isn’t as intuitive but it is reliable and straightforward enough. The majority of basic and pro pricing plans can be purchased for less than $20, but if you would like to utilize all the features a podcast hosting platform has to offer, then your monthly subscription can cost much more than a hundred dollars. Open source and still in the works, ImageMagick is not for those who aren’t looking to do some serious tech work to get this up and running. Offers distinct customization, personalization, and data on the campaign’s effectiveness. The best podcast hosting platform for beginners at podcasting, looking for a quick & easy solution is Buzzsprout.

It starts slow and builds into a crescendo. Blubrry is also ideal for iTunes and Google Play podcasting. If you can record even more then go for it. If you use WordPress, you can install one of their fantastic plugins to turn your site into a complete podcasting solution. Here’s a more in depth review of the best podcasting hosting services that we use and recommend to our clients. Their open plan gives you some basic stats, but you need to upgrade to their $9/month plan to get more detailed analytics. Here’s how to get your podcast uploaded:

Add and manage team members (producers, editors, etc.)

Buzzsprout – The Best Podcast Hosting Service For Beginners

Buzzsprout allows you to embed a podcast player right on your website – and you can feature just one episode or a whole playlist of episodes: Niche or authority: Anchor is a platform that provides a place to create and distribute an unlimited number of episodes, as well as delivers tools to help turn a profit. Special offer: For instance, you could publish to Apple Podcasts on Monday at 10AM and Spotify on Friday at 6PM. Get sweet and attractive podcast cover art designed for your show. This can fill up quickly though if you do weekly podcasts. HTML5 players.

You can also upload to platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and SoundCloud. This hosting service was created to fulfill the personal podcasting needs of a famous podcaster. Initially the hosting platform can be used for free and users can upload up to 5 hours of content every month within 100GB of bandwidth. They make distribution to multiple channels (YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc.) And there’s no extra to pay for the full-featured version. With this amount of bandwidth, you can have approximately 20,000 to 40,000 episodes plays every month.

Though the analytics for a podcast are basic at the free level, they can still help deliver important information and where and how your generating an audience as well as build upon that audience. Clean up your audio without having to spend a fortune on mixing and mastering in post-production. Also offers customizable and responsive podcast pages. The better the score, the higher its position on this list. In short, they’re doing their best to help podcasters make the leap from hobbyist to professional by getting them paid. For instance, there are no upload limits at this price point, with only a cap on downloads at 10,000 per month. It comes with detailed analytics to show you the major stats about your podcast and recommendations about how you can improve viewership and engagement. Monthly payments and the freedom to export/import at no charge give you flexibility to place your podcast with a hosting service that will help grow your audience.

Their free podcast hosting plan is a great option for those just getting started, but only allows you to upload two hours’ worth of content and hold your files for 90 days (so not if you are serious about podcasting!)

What Are Some Best Practices For Starting A Podcast?

Grow your podcast audience with a listing in Apple Podcasts and podcast hosting that publishes directly to Spotify, Google Podcasts, Pandora, and many more of your audience’s favorite platforms. Buzzsprout is our #2 podcast hosting site for 2020. Customer service is very helpful. Simple plugin installation and configuration. Podcasters who are serious about growing their audience should consider the premium services for podcast hosting. Get what’s known as “closed-back” headphones for recording audio.

Podcasts are no different. Good creator tools to use. They have three different podcast hosting plans:


Easy to use and beginner-friendly podcast hosting platform. That’s not to say there aren’t drawbacks to Smart Podcast Player all the same. Then check if the hosting service is what you were looking for. I don’t believe they should give everything away on the free plan because they have to stay in business. To join a strong podcast community. Here is a table the compares the five different podcast hosting services based on the free version of the platform:

I’ll say again though, I don’t know if people listen to full podcasts on Twitter. The competition means that it is possible to shop around to find the perfect podcast hosting provider to suit your podcast needs. Websites designed by companies that cater to churches usually offer some sermon-hosting options, although they may charge an extra fee.

So whether you are just starting on your first gig or looking for ways to grow an existing one, the decision to select a host will be critical to your success. Unlike many podcast hosting services, they will host video content as well. Nobody likes waiting for minutes to just listen to a podcast, nor do web hosts – so it’s important you have a podcast hosting provider. Whether you’re storing your audio for later use, collaboration, or looking for a service to host and distribute your podcast, here are some of the most popular choices being used by podcasters. Your cover art is used as the visual for the video. Podcasters can also customize the player and publish their podcast to multiple directories at once. Commenters who make their first comment can be redirected to any page you choose. They try to make everything as simple as possible.


When recording try to give your podcast some form of order – like this: Our second recommendation Would be BuzzSprout. These plans are quite affordable and start at $7/month. Like a lot of podcast hosts, they also offer two months free if you pay yearly. Hosting is free – with the goal to help podcasters monetize their shows and share in their revenue. Wetransfer, Google Drive, PCloud, Megacloud and Dropbox are other popular providers. One-click import for existing content.

Unfortunately, Audioboom does not have a free plan. You get a free 14-day trial. A cloud service that allows you to save a lot of time to boot up and obtain server instances to scale data capacity. Overall, I would recommend their Unlimited Plan which comes at one of the best prices around, and you can quickly begin growing your audience.

You would be able to create better content and more efficiently. Therefore, you do not have to search for specific files. I did a lot of research before choosing my first podcast host (many years ago) and Blubrry came out on top, even though more “big” names recommended or used other podcast hosts. Growth is the premium at $85 per month. Just like other podcast hosting platforms, Transistor also provides an embeddable player.