Best Website Builders for Musicians

All I need if for the server to crash and I lose 2,000 hours of work!

These are examples of website builders that have their own hosting and allow you to use features to build a website. Free email accounts for newsletters and professional image. So, why does a music band spends thousands of bucks to build a professional website? Are you using this feature currently, or did you just set it up and want to show it off? Out of the 6 website builders, uKit has one of the most impressive design features with plenty of customizable elements. However, if you think that the Startup plan that SiteGround provides will be enough, and you don’t want to compromise on site speed, then by all means, go with SiteGround. If you want full access to premium themes, you have to go with the Premium subscription. As far as the former goes, in this article, we cover the best options for your project.

For instance, maybe a friend’s band or another local project. There are couple of web hosting providers specialized in providing tools for making musician websites. Hardly a week goes by when we don't get a pitch from a new one we've never heard of before. 45/month, while the Prime plan costs $6. There are 20 gigabytes of available memory and priority on all features and support services. I went ahead and did sign up at Bandzoogle to know how it is easy to use: From what I can tell, the customer service team is based in the U.

One particularly unique feature of InMotion is the BoldGrid website builder.

And I thought I did, but low and behold, when I added another photo to the website my personal Facebook got a notification “Ari Herstand just added a photo,” with, get this, NOT the photo, but ReverbNation’s logo. But that’s not the pricing approach of Music Glue – it does not charge you monthly but it simply takes from 10% to 15% of all sales that you do. It also comes with unlimited layout and color choices. I have also included a chart to compare some of the basics you want from a good hosting platform like price, bandwidth, uptime and disk space for example. This opens up doors of opportunities, as it’s easy for a person to interact with their clients on a much more personal level. Now that you know you probably do need a website, what’s next? Hosting with Hostinger lets you set up quickly and anyone can do it. Have you read our thorough SiteGround web hosting review yet?

The only problem is, it’s hella hard to build a website on Wordpress. Of course, there aren’t fixed rules on what pages you should include. There are three plans in the Shared hosting option, the cheapest starts with the aptly named Starter plan at $4.

How you want to organize it is a bit personal, some have information about their next gigs, others have videos of past performances, etc. Thanks to a number of website builders that offer easy to use drag and drop editors. My team actually built full websites on EACH platform to understand the intricacies of each builder. What is Shared Hosting?

  • Web hosts even have templates that are specifically created to showcase the talents of musicians, so it makes it very easy for you!
  • While there are other ways to create a music website and there are hosting providers that provide you specific tools to create musician websites, this article will focus on how to build a music site with WordPress, and which are the best hosting companies for musicians if you intend to choose WordPress as your CMS.
  • Of course, you'll also want to add custom content to those pages.
  • Should you come across something you are unsure about there are also plenty of help options available from each of them.
  • Their modern-looking templates, which are also responsive, are an interesting plus for them.
  • The best thing for bands and musicians is that Wix Music allows you to promote and sell music effortlessly, selling gig tickets and merch is possible too.
  • Though it’s not only for real estate, it has a particular focus on real estate.


They “actually offer real” customer support. For musicians, this is an impressive feature to have in the armory - especially with a large number of statistics being drawn from Facebook and Instagram accounts nowadays. You get free backups too and good security. How many visits do you expect? To do this, you can use a musician landing page template, such as Leylo, created with the website builder for musicians.

  • In fact, WordPress.
  • In its Shared hosting it has 3 plans to consider, the cheapest is the Hatchling at a regular per month cost of $6.
  • A great advantage of BlueHost is that they offer a lot of flexibility in upgrading your hosting plan should your hosting needs change.
  • If you have a larger following for your music opt for the upper tiered plan.
  • If you are looking for a website builder to create a page for a composer, pay attention to this amazing template – Albert Maroon.
  • You’ ll obtain plenty of space to inform your story, allotment your music, ensure performances, and also offer swag.

Instant Sites

Two, in my last request as to why my site had been experiencing discrepancies in page loading time (sometimes taking just a few seconds and other times taking nearly 15 to 20 seconds), all I was told was that it was my files. If you have only a few products, then the Basic plan will work fine. ” I bet you THINK it looks great, but the number of Wix sites I’ve seen that look, uh, not great, is astounding. Wordpress web hosting, this package is perfect if you plan to host just one website and grow it rapidly with plenty of features not found at this price. Most of the site builders here can register a unique domain for you, and all can give you a web address using the provider's domain, for example, yourname.

They are a smaller company but seem to be quickly on the rise.

Create a Band Website - Take A Step Towards Popularity

“Platinum” pack for $9. It comes with portfolio custom post type, a beautiful homepage layout, beautiful media display, custom headers and backgrounds. Great customer support, I’m actually very happy with how fast they answer your questions and fix anything that needs fixing. Modern designs. Not a huge selection of musician-specific templates. For what you get, it's the best price on the net! Rock web has hosting plans starting at $10/month and offers pretty much the same options as other sites for the money, but their templates are somewhat limited for a band or musician.

Okay for some, but not everyone: In an interface of a website builder, it is possible to work without any technical skills but all those tools mentioned below will still give you such a professional result as if you have hired some coder and web designer who make your website on a professional level. If you’re thinking of selling your music on your website and you need to process credit card transactions, a VPS hosting plan is your best choice. And don't hesitate to chime in below in the comments section to report your experience with a site builder or praise one that's not included. Hernan is a sleek WordPress theme for musicians, bands, DJs, etc. This is possible thanks to newsletter subscription forms, social media widgets and social share buttons that support such popular social networks as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. No preview and little customization for mobile sites.

Sansar theme is perfect for creating sites for musicians that have power and confidence behind them. There are plenty of online building services available for quickly creating a functional website, but not all are geared up for the specific needs of music makers. Once you have your server, you only need to create applications (WordPress Sites in this case), which are completely unlimited. It's very important to submit and verify your site to the search engines, unless you don't want anyone to find it! However, you can always contact friendly support if you need any guidance. Accomplishing this will definitely boost your website’ s velocity and also performance while still enabling you to capitalize on the field hookups you can create by means of music sharing websites. I found myself on a great-looking HostBaby site the other day, the home of the Dirk Quinn Band.

The Best Website Builders For Musicians Right Now

HostBaby (www. )95/ month($7. )You do not need to have any other website development experience and with that tool you can build an expert site and have a good time doing it. 95 per month, you can easily afford to have all the important features right from the beginning of your hosting purchase. Photos taken by a band member from the stage can sometimes work, but you’re taking the risk of an awkward onstage moment and capturing a photo that only represents your perspective, which, while good for your personal files, doesn’t usually make for a great photo to share. Low on security and other essential features such as backup:

“Gold” pack for $9. So you don’t need to worry about that. Shopify is the most powerful ecommerce platform around, so is ideal if you plan to sell a lot of merch. If you read through the entire post then I assume that you already have a pretty good idea of what you need, however here’s a quick summary: The one feature that caught my eye above anything else was the HD audio and video. Blogging is a great way to keep fans updated on your latest activity, and there’s the option of adding an email sign-up widget so you can share a regular newsletter with fans.

This takes a little bit more time to set up (although it’s not much more difficult) and costs slightly more than the average premium theme, but it’s fully customizable to make the exact website you want.

Musicians can host easily and securely with InMotion. Average email open rates are around 24%. I mean, their whole program is dedicated to WP and nothing else. This company was EXCELLENT but EXPENSIVE! It’s not solely for musicians, but more for creatives and artistic people in general—that said, it’s definitely musician-friendly. Their smallest hosting plan costs only $2.

If you do not expose yourself, especially if you are on a budget, no one will know you even exist.

Bandzoogle: Commission-Free Store & FREE Domain

On the ecommerce side, the company gives you the choice of six shopping cart programs and PayPal credit card processing. Finally, who knows - perhaps you’ve been thinking about establishing a band (or a musical brand) of your own, and all that was preventing you was the fact that exposure is so difficult to acquire these days? The cool thing about A Small Orange is that you can find a plan which is specifically tailored for your needs.

Most sites offer custom templates as a starting point or a simple drag and drop system enabling you to place page furniture and features where you need them on the page. How to Choose Web Hosting for Musician or Music Bands Website? Give your site visitors a holiday gift – This could be a limited-time free download of your latest single, a special price on your back catalog, or even a personal holiday greeting via a video message, wishing everyone the best. 99, then there is the Nitro plan and then the Dynamo plan for a regular monthly price of $16.

Even for creatives who are cash strapped, iTunes consumers that are impressed with another artist’s work can choose to support them financially and help them conquer their big dreams. It would be a good idea for creatives to host music on such a platform, as well as tap into the many growth opportunities the service presents. This is the best hosting for speed and e-commerce stores. Brooklyn is easy to setup and can also be used as a blogging theme for entertainment and music related blogs. However, don’t let this influence your decision too much because it’s not very expensive to buy a domain name (typically $15/yr with the first year being as low as $0. )To help receive the word out, iPage programs include internet searchengine marketing credits. I’ve been obsessed with drums and percussion (especially all the gear) since day one of playing. At the end of the day, Format is really a portfolio builder above all.

I’ve really wanted them to turn things around for years and they never have.

The Type of Hosting Plan You Need

They also offer specifically targeted templates based on your site's purpose, such as for promoting a bakery's sales, getting gigs for a musician, or keeping wedding guests informed. No need to go all in even if you are already running a highly successful website for your band. People LOVE curated playlists, and they’re especially useful during these months when more gatherings take place than ever. The simplest way to create a musician page with the website builder for musicians is to choose an appropriate template that will correspond to your needs and requirements. Also, there’s an option where fans can leave a tip for the songs they like. They offer three different Shared Hosting plans; Lite, Swift, and Turbo. With starting plans of $2.

If you’re serious about running your website for music, I bet you can afford this. All plans have unlimited storage and bandwidth. It's as much an opening ante in the business world as having a business card for your company. With own online store, you are often deprived of huge commissions, which are otherwise will be taken from you by any large website-intermediary (SoundCloud, Facebook, Amazon, and others). Remember how big Myspace was? You do not have to be a programmer or developer, putting up a website and managing it is an easy thing nowadays. A dedicated site with your own, personalized URL?

These are actually the currently discounted prices; regular rates are actually a little greater.

I found that HostBaby lacked a certain amount of flexibility. Paid advertising – through Google, for instance. North america, we believe that this move is the best as SupportSuite is a far superior product to SmarterTools and will allow us to provide an unprecedented new level of service to all clients. But, iPage uses an uncommon backend (called vDeck) whereas most other hosting companies use a backend called cPanel. We’ve got answers!

You choose a domain name (the name of your website), purchase hosting and install WordPress.

Huge Squarespace Deal

If you don’t have something that fits, don’t use that section. With all these services, you build everything yourself, starting with a template you choose from a (hopefully) wide, well-categorized selection. Exclusive – a risk-free cloud hosting vps option. Accomplishing this will definitely enhance your web site’ s velocity and also functionality while still enabling you to benefit from the market connections you can easily create throughmusic sharing web sites. All of the site builders included here let you put Facebook Like and Twitter Follow buttons on your pages, and some even let you display feeds from the social networks.

There is always some possibility that can go wrong. What do the hosting plans available with media temple?, if I was a member of one of these more major companies, and I needed support, I would expect support much faster than that. Singers and DJs who are in the business for a while can go straight to the more expensive packages. HostGator have good support options for when you need to reach them and there is also the added benefit of video tutorials to help you with setting your site up. In this article, I will help you find the very best music hosting company for your rock band, musician website or online recording studio. Up there with one of the easiest to use.

WordPress opens a planet of styles and plugins created exclusively for artists. But if you’re focused more on sharing your music and attracting bookers, the Personal plan should be fine for your needs. With it, you can create a stunning website for your music without going an extra mile, as the theme’s ultra-light design perfectly does its job. A great thing about the plans offered by SiteGround is that they are constructed in a way to meet hosting needs depending on the size and nature of the website you wish to host with them.

Free Domain Name

That includes, of course, the ability to upload your own tracks and let visitors stream them from your website. There are a few things that aren’t exclusive to this Bandzoogle review, and that every builder should have to be able to provide the above-mentioned service. In past years, users might have been looking for an “experience” when they came to your site – I remember (not fondly) sitting through so many overlong Flash intros just so I could see tour dates – but today, they’re not hoping to be wowed: Just select the widgets you’d like to have rotate through (you’re not limited to the ones mentioned here) and watch ’em add even more depth to your site.

If you use Bandzoogle for your website and music hosting, you also keep 100% of your music sales. What I like about Bandzoogle: No free band website use. Bandzoogle – Best music-specific website builder. Each one of its impressive themes is mobile-optimized, giving you the option to edit your design whilst on the move.

As a musician, probably you already know that the music industry is a very competitive market. Even if it’s a first tier, a musician’s site should get more space. Nevertheless, that far better to trust your music website to than the provider developed throughentertainers for entertainers? Still — the truth remains that most artists can stand to improve their image without sacrificing their uniqueness. Music hosting/sharing web sites are services that hold your audio or even video clip documents and permit listeners to access all of them. However you are limited to Linux servers, BlueHost do not have Windows servers. Most of the sites in this website builder guide include a free trial so you can experiment with creating a site before committing to a subscription plan. Secure ftp hosting features, since hosted sftp service has a built-in encryption system, it is sometimes preferred to ftp. ” Dave seems to be the kind of fellow who enjoys supporting bands via buying their music (artists love guys like Dave!)

  • There are many options to build a musician website, but in this tutorial I will show you one.
  • I started using Rackspace hosting in 2020.

Best Website Builders for Musicians: Head-to-Head Comparison

Different industries choose HostGator for hosting their small to large websites. If you have a tight budget, iPage hosting for musicians might be the perfect one for you. Along with the unintentional side effect of immediately making this video (which was actually a really cool, DIY effort, especially for the time) seem painfully dated, it also shined a huge spotlight on the problems that come with putting all your eggs in a basket you’re not allowed to hold, let alone keep. There are a lot of page elements and widgets as well. Many times, you can get an excellent one for free, but you should also consider the paid themes.

If just starting out, I recommend purchasing the Small plan, because this offers enough disk space (5GB storage) and bandwidth (50GB monthly) and allows multiple domain hosting. That means in-depth statistics showing which music is trending and is played the most within a day, week, or month is readily available. For example, Weebly can not only show you page views and unique visitors for each day of the month, but also search terms used to get to the site, referring sites, and top-visited pages. Their 24/7 assistance devices will exist to assist your website increase. Wix doesn’t take a commission on any sale, letting you keep every cent of your catalog. Using this service to create a band website will be a simple task.

If you are after ease of use, I would say that Weebly or Wix are the best choices.

Songs and albums : What’s your favorite website for hosting music? Squarespace is known for offering beautiful, mobile-responsive templates that make your website stand out.

The website builder transformed from "blogging-oriented" to "sell-online" in a matter of a few months.


Recordex theme boasts of a vibrant neon color palette and razor-sharp Retina-ready imagery. Holiday-ify your site – switching up colors on your HostBaby site is easy, so you can get in there and add some red and green touches, or whatever gets you in the mood. With the right website you can keep visitors coming back and turn them into real fans! This is my short list: