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Once you create your website with Drupal you will generate huge server loads and opening your website with slow Internet connectivity will not be possible.

Moreover, Hostinger uses SSD storage and Cloudflare CDN integration so it's obvious that the performance is rather great. Cheap web hosting: getting what you need, others simply aren’t using efficient hardware, so the response is slow. With solid communities behind them, these systems are backed by high-level expertise and support. Disk space and bandwidth is "Unmetered" which means you are not charged according to the amount of disk space or bandwidth you use. However, its updated version has improved on ease of use and flexibility. Before you decide that you want to create your website with this tool, you need to focus on a few things so you can make a fully informed decision about the right web host for you. The best way to optimize a Drupal website for better performance over what is available on shared hosting plans is to allocate more server resources to the CMS.

Those include - Automated Website Backup, Single SSL certificate, Protection Power Website Security.

It’s less popular than its competitors, so you’ll find it a bit more difficult get help online. However, Drupal’s strength is in its complexity and robust architecture. Having tested them all, I can tell you that those hosts meet the expectations of a good Drupal host. HostGator differentiates between managed and semi-managed VPS hosting. When you're looking for Drupal hosting, it's easy enough to google "Drupal Hosting" and you'll find thousands of results. That's why before picking a Drupal hosting provider, you should consider what kind of support that host offers. After the fundamental system requirements for running Drupal are confirmed on a web hosting plan, site owners can look for the inclusion of platform specific development tools, cloud hosting optimization features, and server extensions that increase the available functionality of the CMS.

But before we dive into the details, there are a few things you should know before choosing the best Drupal hosting provider. However, some shared web hosts run PHP as a CGI process instead of as an Apache module, which can occasionally cause performance issues, module conflicts, or other issues such as lack of customization possibilities. Normally, you don’t have permission to install new packages or extensions in it. Their next VPS configuration, the “premium” has 4 CPU cores, 6GB RAM, 120GB SAN storage, and includes 4TB of traffic.

  • And they’re rated #1 by our readers.
  • The monthly prices are calculated if you subscribe for a 36-month period.
  • Thanks to the built-in user interfaces, Drupal is able to translate everything.
  • Replace the copy with "Almost anything you can think of."

Trusted Drupal Web Hosting That Delivers Performance

The uptime rate of 99. Its professional support team not only will answer your queries but advise you on a further process as well. Not just fast server speeds, but qualities to look in a hosting provider include robust security, one-click Drupal installs, migration assistance, scalable hosting, daily backups, and which come with Drupal utilities pre-installed. We are the perfect choice for affordable Drupal web hosting. Examples of these recommended Drupal web hosting options are: Drupal has over 35,000 modules, which can be used to enhance technical, functional or presentational features. Designers, you no longer have to worry about keeping your software up to date, viruses that may affect your computer, or keeping multiple backups of your data. Pro is the first choice for those who want to host multiple websites on one account.

Install the module directly from your computer. After evaluating hundreds of web hosting solutions carefully, we finally rank InMotion Hosting, BlueHost, and the others as the top 10 Drupal web hosting in 2020. One last disclaimer, we don't endorse or collect any affiliate payments from any the companies below. That means you don't have to worry about install or uploading files. Here are some more in-depth system requirements for Drupal 8, although before making a decision on a Drupal hosting plan, we advise you to check Drupal’s official website first. Bluehost is another popular choice.

BlueHost provides a dedicated support section which contains a knowledge base. No matter what questions customers have about its Drupal hosting service, Inmotion Hosting provides them with 24×7 timely and effectively phone call, live chat and email assistance to help resolving the issues effectively. It was Acquia that assisted with the transition of the whitehouse. 2% of all websites in the World Wide Web. There are many features that make Drupal a great choice for creating and managing a website. Lastly, when choosing a hosting company, you always want to make sure that they have a good track record (google them), have been in business for a good while (read their about us page), and have a decent sized staff (look for a team page or job openings page). Drupal is considered to be very user-friendly and intuitive.

  • PHP memory_limit is set to be 128 MB or higher to keep large websites and complex applications running smoothly.
  • With more CPU resources and bandwidth than other web hosting companies, InMotion provides quality performance at a higher level for Drupal based websites.
  • However, your registered domain name has to meet some requirements.
  • The “standard” VPS has 2 CPU cores, 2GB of RAM, 30GB SAN (Storage Area Network) based storage and 1TB of bandwidth, the current discounted price is $14.


Nov 2020 – 99. I intentionally left out developer focused hosting options and DIY cloud options as I want to present a list of turnkey (or as turnkey as possible) hosting options, so anyone reading this can jump right in. There's also "Premium" and "Business" shared hosting plans that Hostinger offers for optimized Drupal hosting.

InMotion will provide you with a great variety of features that will come in handy when you build your website. Your hosting service should be able to deliver all the support you need when installing and running Drupal while capably and quickly resolving even the most obscure issues. Plus you can install anything you want and configure it any way you want. InMotion Hosting offers more than just shared Drupal Hosting. After installation, your site is ready to be configured and used. Whether you are looking to publish vast amounts of content or sell products on a digital store, Drupal can be a sensible choice as a Content Management System (CMS).

99/mo, instead of its regular price $7. It has code which has been optimized for high level of performance. How to pick a web host, once you're reassured they offer a reliable service, you can switch to the cheaper annual payments, or switch hosts quickly if they don't meet your expectations. This can be scheduled at regular intervals. Although many hosting services come with built-in security tools, open source software has its own complexities to consider.

Essentials for Drupal Website Hosting

Will the site require the uploading of third-party modules and themes to the “/sites” folder? It is quick to respond and resolve problems. All content types are on an equal footing. CDNs optimize load times – which is important for pleasant visitor experience and SEO as well. What happens if I exceed usage? You can add shopping cart, blog platform, customer account and other database-driven applications.

Joomla also has extensions but not as many as WordPress or Drupal. Look no further! The most typical solutions are online stores and business card sites. Normally, this term could be found in their Q&A page but you won’t see it from their product features description. You can overcome this by choosing a different solution, one that offers more than just a single domain. Featured with high security level, Drupal is often the best choice for governments and enterprise level businesses.

Snappy 2020, 4000, and 8000. It is owned by the Drupal Association, which is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting Drupal. There is a special group dedicated to installation and issues related to Windows.

Pick your Drupal hosting plan

Drupal has been described as a content management framework, meaning that it can perform all the basic functions of a content management system and more. For example, a dev. For an instance, the latest MySQL 5. Anyhow, if you want a detailed breakdown of module installation, here you are! Drupal makes creating a blog or website and managing it very easy. Moving a website from one hosting provider to another is not a problem for a novice to solve.

Drupal is considered to be incredibly flexible. High powered hosting to meet your needs, it offers 20 times faster speed for your Drupal website at four affordable plans for shared, reseller, VPS and dedicated server hosting. That said, if you aren’t used to the complex nature of this platform and do not have the right skills, working on a Drupal web hosting solution may not be a walk in the clouds. Generally, the Drupal installation process requires uploading a zip file or tarball of the Drupal core files to the domain folder on the server, unpacking the files, then creating a database through cPanel with the user name and password.

You can avail 24/7 support.

  • It has a professional support team, performs well, and offers feature-rich plans.
  • That's not a very cheap option, however, it's great for bigger eCommerce stores or high traffic websites.
  • It has a number of built-in or readily available content types for a wide range of applications.
  • There has been an increase in the demand for open source content management system nowadays.

Fastest Drupal Hosting

The three key things to remember is that you can host only one website, for which you are given 50 GB of SSD Storage and unmetered bandwidth. Drupal was first released in 2020 and has since become leading CMS in many different industries. To know more about Inmotion Hosting web hosting for Drupal, please visit Inmotionhosting. However, if you’re a beginner, or simply don’t have experience with PHP or Linux, constructing everything you need can be complicated and take too long.

Why is Drupal so Popular?

If you are already a Drupal user or are seriously considering purchasing Drupal hosting from one of the above hosts, here are a few useful guides. While these are included in the higher end plans, this can be availed at separate pricing in the Basic plan. Bisend offer one of the fastest hosting for Drupal. To be 100% that you get all of these and a full-time assistance from specialists on top, go with a managed Drupal hosting plan. Jan 2020 – 99. The first step in working with Drupal is installing it and there is no way around it if you want to enjoy all of its advantages. Those looking for a high-performance system that can handle dense amounts of information and display it in meaningful, user-friendly ways will appreciate a self-hosted Drupal environment.

Whether it's a small business website or a large enterprise, this platform can be a base for a variety of websites. As a stack of systems that work in concert with each other, the LAMP stack is optimal for developing dynamic websites. You need a stable and responsive web hosting service for your Drupal CMS site. They offer a base shared hosting plan at $2. So I wanted to find out - is this hosting provider worth my time and money? You can sign up for a free demo account before committing to its paid plans.

It’s great for building websites & blogs, but is resource intensive. However, once a Drupal site has been completely built, non-technical users can learn to add and update content without too much trouble. Another one is the performance of your MySQL server. Last but not least, Hostinger has a professional support team that works 24/7 and is available via chat, and email.

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So you need to protect yourself. All your information will be kept throughout the whole period of server use. The most popular creation tool for websites is WordPress, but there are many others that deserve to be taken into account for their features and qualities. This comes with a 30-day money back guarantee. I have monitored uptime for A2 hosting and this is what I found. If you are someone looking to move beyond WordPress or even Joomla, looking at the best Drupal hosting you can find is probably on your list of to-dos. Thus, you overpay for 30 GB of disks space, which you are unlikely to use. Easy start and pain-free transfer, along with excellent support, your online store will be hosted on the best servers in the industry. Modular core —the modular core means that administrators can modify or override the default features without disrupting the core.

Hatchling Plan

A2 Hosting matches our other two Drupal hosting winners when it comes to price. 5 percent of all websites. It has a great platform for managing content and a solid framework for development. It's another case where they have their crap together and everything just works.

Drupal is best for sites that are expected to grow or experience high volumes of traffic.

It’s also known for being highly flexible, so companies can easily run a diverse range of scripts from one Drupal install. Starting from a choice of datacenter's location (to reduce latency) to Cloudflare CDN integration and optimized servers. The top 10 Drupal web hosting listed in below are the winners in 2020 that surpass hundreds of competitors on Drupal compatibility, price, features, speed, uptime and technical support. However, there is not the same ability to customize these settings on Pantheon as there is for fine tuning a custom production environment on a VPS or dedicated server plan. Some contributed modules will run with PHP 5. Below, we’ll get into more detail on all the factors to consider for hosting Drupal. GreenGeeks has 5 types of VPS packages, all of them ship with SSD RAID-10 Storage, 4 CPU cores, a proprietary VPS management interface, nightly backups and cPanel/WHM pre-installed.

To add on, there is also a one-click restoration manager.

Today, it is on its Version 8 release and powers 2. These plans are filled with features that empower this Content Management System (CMS). Why is Drupal so Popular? Their shared hosting plan is affordable and ideal for Drupal users on a budget. Most web hosts provide it as a free one-click installer. It's fast, results in a great performance, and is beginner-friendly.

HostGator – Spare Every Effort to Narrow Your Budget as Much as Possible

The company utilizes industry-leading data centers with secured entrance/exit, redundant carriers, DDoS attack detection and auto response. An easy to use Control Panel will save you a lot of time on managing your Drupal site from installation, configuration, maintenance to traffic analysis. What i like about bluehost (pros), average uptime – only 99. A lot of them are now using high speed RAIDS or SSD drives which vastly increases website speed.

We have been in business since 2020.

A2 Hosting:

If one server goes down, you won’t even know about it. Is the script installing the latest security version of Drupal core? It offers various services to host Drupal 8 in a distributed environment. You will need PHP skills (or hired helpers) for anything complex. Choosing a hosting provider could be difficulty for Drupal users, but is not impossible. The plans are supported with CodeGuard which provides a backup solution for the complete website.

Let's take a look at those features.


Typical shared hosting is affordable, but comes with frequent downtime. A trustable name in the hosting industry, it is not only secure and compliant, but also is improved to be able to support Drupal 8 sites. It is always a good idea for you to take the time to research more about this because the more knowledge you have about Drupal web hosting, the more informed decision you can make when choosing the right hosting company for your needs. 5% and above is enough to ensure that the site runs smoothly.

Hosting Type

Drupal has a great choice of templates for creating web applications. Who you buy godaddy hosting? Regular price from:. The other approach to Drupal performance optimization involves reducing the load on server resources so that less code processing is required by the hardware on every page load. We've best Drupal Web hosting services in India recommendation who offered with top quality Best Drupal hosting plans along with 1-click Drupal installation, unlimited resources, Free domain and, other freebies, 30 days risk-free money back guarantee & lot more, so you can run and host your Drupal websites smoothly without any risk.

Price Value

While the learning curve of Drupal is steeper compared to the learning curve of other CMSs, choosing a VPS hosting for a Drupal portal is certainly easier than to master it. HostPapa's support works 24/7 and is available via phone, chat, and email. Professional support should help you out to reach the best results while using Drupal. It’s very, very important. Drupal is an open-source software package that allows users to easily manage, organize, and publish content on their website. If you are migrating from a competitor, they provide a free migration service, which can come in pretty handy considering that afterwards you can control your databases, emails, websites, etc. All these proclaimed features aren't too expensive as well.

It goes as follows: The latest version is Drupal 8, which was released in 2020. This PHP version requirement actually causes big problem for Drupal 7, as most of web hosts don’t support PHP 5.

Some cheap shared hosting package might only allow 20MB for each MySQL instance. This way, you can be sure that you have all that you need if you decide along the way that you need a blog platform, a shopping cart or any other app that is database-driven. How does a CMS manage website content?

Best Drupal Books

You can see latest uptime here. Outside the development community, Drupal is normally referred to as a CMS. Drupal’s biggest benefit is the large library of tools (both proprietary and third-party) that accompany open source tools.

Most web hosts support Drupal, but performance is often the primary issue because it requires higher server resources than other CMS platforms. SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer and it represents site security. While it can be run on almost any hosting, it can also benefit from a properly set up VPS. ASO’s cloud VPS servers are a good match for your Drupal website especially if you want to have the option to seamlessly scale your hosting resources whenever your needs change. If you have unique security needs, we can help. If you just want to learn Drupal, shared hosting will work fine.

Your tools come ready to use: The servers can be located far from each other, for example, on different continents. There are 3 of them and the cheapest one "Hatchling" plan starts as low as $2. For example, NGINX is a complete server solution that allows for the simultaneous connection of over 10,000 users at a time using load balancing and a HTTP cache. HostGator is an affordable and powerful hosting provider. A point to note is that the plans renew at higher pricing as compared to the first-time pricing. To be eligible, you need to purchase BlueHost hosting by clicking the button below: The advanced plan, which provides Virtual Private Server hosting, starts at $29.

  • It’s free and distributed under the GNU General Public License.
  • Although the setup might be easy, the Drupal framework is quite capable of hosting large websites.
  • It is more complicated for users to add these to their website since they’ll have to install them manually.
  • Security concerns—A large hack in October 2020 due to an SQL injection bug affected thousands of Drupal sites and created a backdoor that could not be eliminated or fixed.
  • It is built in PHP and is used to build customized content management systems (CMS).

We know Drupal

They include a one-click installer and integrated Git for developer collaboration. Bluehost can offer you a great range of Web hosting solutions, as well as a great range of prices. A2 hosting speed, a hefty WordPress site wasn’t loading very well on my DowntownHost plan and after reading some recommendations about A2 Hosting’s performance and speed, I opted for their Prime+SDD shared hosting account (which is now called Swift). It comes with cPanel and a 1-click install of Drupal via Softaculous.

Drupal hosting is optimized for speed and scale: Usually if you purchase a Drupal hosting plan for a year, you get a domain name for free. However, there are still many server extensions for Drupal development that cannot be installed on Bluehost’s shared or cloud hosting plans. Also supports Drupal hosting with a series of Drupal-specific features. Drupal does require some initial learning to master it. In below, we will guide you how. Drupal also offers an extensive community of users who are extremely passionate and active.


Web hosting with Drupal of the latest versions is an opportunity to use the most popular Drupal 8 hosting system. A CMS is a software application that organizes content storage, organization, and presentation by making it easy to manage lots of content and control how that content is presented. All the aforementioned CMS applications are open-source, more importantly free. They can provide better hosting support because they will understand the ins-and-outs of Drupal.

They provision VPSs in the United States, so if your target audience is based in the USA, they are a good choice. So, before you make an order, you should make sure the modules and server configurations required by Drupal are in place, which include: So you need to get a Drupal host that guarantees not to oversell. All of these methods can be combined in a multi-layered approach to fine tune a Drupal installation to return the fastest page load speeds possible under a given hardware configuration. BlueHost provides redundant services with server backup and sufficient server configuration for each plan. It’s best to ask your host about this, depending on your options. By this way, they could restrict the consumption of disk space or the other so called unlimited resource.

Domain Registration made easy

Moreover, this hosting provider claims to have solutions with great scalability and feature-rich plans for its Drupal users. A good Drupal hosting provider should have a great support team, fast and stable performance, and offer options to scale. Although the code vulnerability that allowed the hack to happen was identified and the system strengthened to prevent it from happening again, some administrators are still wary of the CMS because of the incident. But before we get into their comparisons, here’s a list of everything they have in common: If you're looking for a beginner-friendly and resourceful Drupal hosting - Bluehost has something to offer. WP uses only MySQL as its database, while any hosting for Drupal will provide you with a set of popular databases (MS-SQL, Oracle, SQLite, PostgreSQL).

This will be best in order to not only save money but also manage your entire domain from one place. Read on to learn more about finding the top Drupal web hosting providers: GreenGeeks one of the eco-friendly hosting platforms also has support for Drupal. Assisted site migration and onboarding are included in Rochen’s web hosting package for Drupal. You can run Drupal on both Windows and Linux based servers, but Linux generally is the most utilized option, plus it's usually cheaper and easier to get your site up and running. Here’s a list of its amazing features: At the same time, shared plans are very affordable and satisfy the basic requirements for simple sites with low and medium traffic. Custom module and theme development with Drupal is common on the most advanced websites.