Best Photo Portfolio Websites Compared (11 Amazing Picks)

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If you don’t want them publicly available, use private registration service. Before selecting website hosting, ask yourself how many portfolio galleries you will need. InMotion hosting Business Power or Pro plans include unlimited storage and bandwidth along with more server resources. If you are mainly dependent on WordPress hosting services, your main concerns are probably loading times and the speed of the site.

  • You cannot have a free site, though.
  • PHOTO is short, versatile and perfect for any photography website.
  • Are you going to need eCommerce functionality (selling products or services directly from your site)?
  • Take a look at our comparison of WordPress vs Ghost for more details on the topic.

Chose from pre-designed layouts, modify the template that works best for you and showcase your pictures like never before. InMotion is among the largest web hosting companies, and it has remained independent since its inception in 2020. Backing up your Tumblr blog or importing it to other platforms is difficult (see our guide on how to move from Tumblr to WordPress). Web ftp & client, i like/love apex hosting because if I send a support ticket right away I got a response. And in this comprehensive and very informative video, Joe Edelman will give you many useful tips for choosing a domain name and website hosting. To have your own email hosting, you can create email accounts such as [email protected]

  • As with all hosting services, HostGator’s prices rise after the introductory period has expired, but if you don’t mind committing for the long haul, you can sign up for three years at just $2.
  • There are many template sites like Squarespace.

Final Tips

This domain speaks for itself! Implement a CDN. Wix comes with its app market where it displays its plugins and that of third-party applications. For only $6 a month under the ‘Basic’ plan, you get a full-featured website with up to 50 pages, 100 images, and 100 videos.

SiteGround is a smaller website hosting company with servers located around the world and excellent customer service.

Expert Tips for Photography Websites

These 3rd party applications include blogging platforms like WordPress, PHP frameworks like Ruby on Rails and Cake, and much more. Whichever you choose, you’ll need to look for a hosting service that provides enough space for all your photos and video, and ideally one with unlimited bandwidth as well. Zenfolio is again dedicated to photographers.

So, what goes into selecting these? It has a fair amount of add-ons, website templates and tools, and the universal style editor and strong photo editing are helpful. Keep is as short as possible – don’t add” photography” to your domain name, unless there’s a person with the name same as yours who is well known for something else. You cannot run your own ads to make money. Continue reading to see better (both cheap and premium) hosting options for your WordPress photography site. How fast your site loads is also considered a very important ‘ranking factor’ for Search Engine Optimization. How much storage space does my photography website need?

They don’t need to know your life story, but a bit of background about where your interest in photography first developed is always a nice touch. What is web hosting?, i am a firm believer that you will always get what you pay for. For those unaware, there is also Adobe Portfolio, which is a website builder for photographers, artists and other creatives willing to place their works in front of the masses. Before I do that, I want to give you a word of warning, and a disclaimer. You’ll also get a 30-day money-back guarantee when you sign up, just in case. You can simply go ahead and test the platform yourself. At $22, you can add up to four editors for your site (instead of only one with Basic), access advanced analytics, and begin using Duda as a white-label/custom-branded builder, another one of Duda's selling points.

  • Apple iOS recently released a feature update called Screen Time, where statistics on the user’s time on screen are reported to the user daily.
  • Picking the right host for your website is a decision that can impact your business’s bottom line, so don’t take it lightly, but hopefully you can feel some comfort knowing that the recommendations here have been vetted and will be updated in the future if anything changes drastically.
  • The problem with displaying your work on social media is that you don’t own the space.
  • This has customization which allows you to add CSS or HTML code.
  • It’s not a mystery that shared hosting isn’t ideal for high-traffic, complex websites.
  • Their plans start at $15 a month for one site.

Wix – The Complete Website Package

It starts with their themes or what they call “templates. Some photographers, however, want the creative freedom to craft their sites and opt for popular sites like WordPress. Uptime, uptime, uptime!, dreamhost offers website security through SSL. We will discuss how to build a photography websites using the auto-installers in Bluehost control panel below. Turnkey photography sites are commonly a fully managed system that's simple to get started on, and simple to make changes to.

As for enabling HTTPS on your WordPress site, there are additional steps that you’ll need to take. Need more advice about building a website, see our sister site’s article, building a website. If your photography looks good enough for your tough standards, then it will pass the critique of prospective clients as well. While the photo storage is unlimited, they aren’t designed for viewing on 4K monitors (Zenfolio thinks it’s overkill, but that might change in the future). These are all very easy to use and take no technical skill to setup. Started in 2020 with a goal to bring WordPress experience to a larger audience, WordPress. To be really honest, there isn’t anything specific that I can categorize as a drawback in Zenfolio. Here you can upload up to 100 images, if you want to upload unlimited products with Format that will cost you $25.

Free/included and easy to install SSL certificate. The best of all, Pixpa is very easy to use. Besides how can you not like a company that has an office dog named Snapple? Most website builders are flexible and allow users to simply drag and drop to provide customizations. Softaculous comes with every SiteGround plan and gives you access to over 400 web hosting scripts that you can use to improve your photography site.

  • And there’s one more thing.
  • To be clear, good SEO requires more than just on-site optimization.
  • Included with Creative Cloud subscription, which starts at $10 a month.
  • Can’t use the same photo in galleries unless you reload it.
  • The support staff is noticeably more knowledgable than typical shared hosting support staff.

Best For Bigger Stores

Format is a coding-free page editor that is effortless to use. Now in my case, it just so happens that there are a few other Joe Edelmans who are also photographers. Your privacy is safe. With all of the images you might want to upload and include on your website, you definitely don’t want any limits on web space or bandwidth. Average themes are ideal for standard business models like charities and hobbies. Are you a photographer? Easy to use website builder.

– If you’re looking for integrations in your workflow, Format is the best choice for you because of its client proofing feature, Lightroom plugin, and Capture One Plugin. Do not be too big of a perfectionist and move things forward. Pro is $20 and offers all of the features you’ll need to run a professional Photography business. To remove these limitations you’ll need to upgrade to a premium plan. If you’re doing any research about WordPress, you’ll probably find an article by Kinsta. To decrease loading times, some web hosting companies such as Kinsta and SiteGround are including content delivery networks with their premium hosting plans. Another negative to consider is that once your site goes live, you can’t change the template. 4images is a powerful web-based image gallery management system.

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95/month plan includes just 10GB of SSD storage, and the most expensive $11. Shared hosting is a popular choice for photographers because it is cheap and easy to set up for beginners. Two of the more popular CDN providers are Cloudflare and MaxCDN, but if you were to use a fully managed service like Wix you wouldn’t have to worry about this as they already configure everything for optimal performance. They require a lot of space to store and much bandwidth to browse, download or transfer.

Working From Home for Photographers: Making the Most of It

A bit limited and would love to see the ability to publish during this period. The service is pack full of excellent themes and styles that provide more customizability than you could ever want. To start, you can opt for a basic package and scale up as you get more seasoned in the business., here are my picks for the best web hosting for small businesses. If you have 10 websites, you can host them all through a single Bluehost. In addition, you can either choose to use a free theme or a paid theme, which may add to the cost. Wix is simple to use and inexpensive. Pixpa makes it easy to manage your inventory, track orders, and set international shipping and tax rates.

Find the Best Website Builder for Your New Photography Website

You can also use one using the SmugMug name which will be www. Vps resources:, the VPS hosting market is a competitive space, so finding the best solution for your website can be a painful process. A simple drag and drop editor with lots of themes and easy to use interface. This plan accommodates 25,000 visits per month and offers 5GB of disk space.

Within this panel, you can control everything related to WordPress website and its content. Zenfolio customers can sell prints and photo gifts directly through PhotoBox. Was not quite right? we recommend, it may come as a surprise, then, to learn that one of the fastest growing, most respected and most reliable web host is also one of the oldest, and that is:. No matter which of these website builders you go with, the finished product will be a stunning photography site that will help you stand out online and grow your brand. Optimized images also improve visitor engagement with websites.

Best Website Hosts For Photography Websites

GALLERY website, your photography has the potential to hang in a physical art gallery someday! This goes hand-in-hand with time investment, since the more control you have, the more choices you have to make. And it’s great that you can change and update it from time to time and also to correct any mistakes. As you can expect, one of the best perks of managed hosting is top-notch support from the most experienced WordPress developers and engineers. Clients aren’t very tolerant of waiting and may simply go to more snappy resources.


You will need a provider with enough storage for all your client galleries and portfolio photos. Since there are many types of cameras, you can use this domain for any type of photography from film to digital. It was first launched in 1999 by Pyra Labs. Once you have a client, it’s not a problem if the proofing and buying portion of their experience looks a little different then your portfolio. COM that offers free hosting and a free wordpress. If you want to upgrade to get some more space, host unlimited websites and snag a free domain, you can do so for just $3. SmugMug’s template editor is based on ‘content blocks’ that you can move and remove, but not resize. What does this closing mean for me?, that means you get a free domain name + 60% off on web hosting. Pro users, meanwhile, get unlimited storage.

Most often, photographers are simply choosing the cheapest web hosting providers, perhaps overwhelmed at the options available, or maybe since they are unable to see the benefit of a more expensive managed WordPress hosting solution. – The Perfect Stage to Share Your Story

Think of managed hosting as a valet service. If that didn’t make sense, just remember that a CDN uses multiple servers across a region to serve your content to your website visitors, resulting in faster page load times. The photo-sharing service SmugMug is quite popular with professional photographers. However, each of these is suitable for specific website development. Unlimited client galleries: A photography website can start of small and grow together with your craft. Similarly, for your photography online store, you would get a good set of features.

32 second support.

We’ve used Bluehost for years, and they’re our #1 recommended web host to-date. Most of the photography templates come with at least one of these pages already built and ready to be customized with your own text and branding. Next up are advanced hosts, and the ones we are sharing are managed WordPress hosting providers.

Starting at $29 a month. While the complete PhotoShelter offering is out of this world, what we are truly here for is the page editor. Its pricing is fairly cheap, starting off at $5 per month to remove WordPress ads and giving you 6GB of storage. There are many themes available for Tumblr, but they can’t offer additional features. Weebly (FREE) BEST FOR – Complete beginners Another great web builder that has massive appeal to Photographers is Weebly. Thanks to strong infrastructure, you can easily manage big medial files.

5% to 1% -- strikes us as a major deal-maker depending on your size, so if you're a bigger operation, take advantage of the 15-day trial and give BigCommerce a shot.

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” Make sure you are properly and specifically informed, as the last thing you would want is to build a portfolio website, only to have the web host take it down for violating their terms. Bluehost’s speed can also be compared to Dreamhost’s (below) as they both have shared hosting. During this process, you’ll need to fill in your WP administrative user credentials, which you can later to use to access the dashboard.

They allow potential clients to get a feel for your photographic style with one glance instead of having to scroll through galleries. You can opt for cloud hosting at $9. The simplified user interface means options are very limited. Other approaches are Wix Editor and Wix Code.