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The mainframe utilizes direct-attached storage, which enhances accessibility of features and products utilized for processing.

Manage purchase order requisitions and coordinate with hardware and software vendors for delivery of equipment. We configured our mainframe environment to be as flexible as possible. This growth is due to several factors, including the mainframe’s unmatched reliability, performance, and security. Mainframe computers have been around for a long time – IBM launched its first mainframe, the System/360, in 1964. CCS understands that there is no silver bullet to address modernization concerns and your needs can be varied.

On average our migration projects do not last longer than three months. Db2 Db2 for zLinux Provides database management system (DBMS) technologies on the zLinux platform. We modernize legacy applications to enable them to participate in an agile, flexible and business aligned IT environment. DTS will operate and set policy for both data centers. Our fast digital comm lines provide fast connectivity, so your applications have real snap.

We fine-tune our support to address challenges related to scalability, maintainability, time-to-market, operational expenses (MIPS) and TCO, and we also contribute on larger transformation initiatives with modernization and migration—reducing mainframe footprints.

On the back end, you’ll operate at maximum efficiency, with reduced or no maintenance required. LISTSERV LISTSERV Provides email list management software supporting all types of electronic lists including email newsletters, announcement lists, and discussion groups. You can rely on our large and state-of-the-art mainframe environment equipped with the latest technologies and spare capacities to: The service is engineered to meet industry-standard requirements for security, performance, and availability. This allows your business to handle new requirements such as cloud computing, mobility and virtualization. Sirius also provides mainframe services for the IBM software stack, storage subsystems, physical and virtual tape solutions, and tape operations.

It gives you a way to leverage the benefits of a modern mainframe, improving performance and security, while avoiding challenges such as accessing talent and meeting compliance requirements. Dedicated server benefits for your business, some operating systems and applications require more RAM and it is important to base the size according to the recommended specifications. These services are, in general, the processing and storage of data and include use of data management and transaction processing software, as well as required technical and operational support. Contact us to learn how to optimize mainframe workloads and achieve your business goals. Since the license was in abeyance, there would be no back maintenance due. Your local terminals, which these days might include not only PCs (or Macs) but also tablets and smartphones. We utilize GDPS/XRC to perform data mirroring at our Western Data Center (WDC). One way to improve application performance on a mainframe is to evaluate your capacity needs and optimize your software.

  • PSR offers a complete selection of mainframe services, including IaaS and DRaaS for the mainframe as well as services and consulting.
  • Our knowledge and experience deliver new levels of system performance and availability.
  • Platform migration.
  • Rely on us for a full range of options while you plan to either just offload your mainframe environment or also are in process of migrating to a new platform.
  • Each of these rates is based on consumption.
  • DB2 includes a range of application development and management tools.
  • We offer end-to-end services for mission critical applications running on TPF, zTPF and ALCS.

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DTS systems programmers will configure mainframe systems so that that one agency cannot inadvertently access the applications or data of another agency. Price drivers: DISC utilizes the USDA Universal Telecommunication Network (UTN) for Wide Area Network services.

A hosted mainframe solution gives you access to the latest in mainframe technology. Since 1994, our goal is simple: Responsiveness. Optional service features include site migration, transformation, non-base software support and flexible pricing based on used or installed MIPS metric. Go-Online Provides Customers with an efficient and secure alternative to view and manage output via a web browser on their desktop, mobile devices, etc. This configuration responds to the highest requirements of DRP.

DTS will coordinate the monthly mainframe downtime. With a strong partner ecosystem, Infosys makes this decision easier for clients. WAS provides customers a flexible, reliable Java runtime environment that is able to run on various platforms (Windows, AIX, Linux, Solaris and z/OS). This full-featured Structured Query Language (SQL), database management system (DBMS), is known for its industrial strength and reliability. PSR offers a disaster recovery and data replication service bundle. If you use OSAs, they will be all yours.

  • State agencies access DB2 data using Structured Query Language (SQL) via standard Interfaces such as CICS, QMF, or call attach.
  • WAS is currently supported in two formats by Otech, WAS Base, a single application server and WAS ND, a clustered installation of multiple application servers.
  • ​This feature is the basis for a total print serving solution for the z/OS environment.
  • 3 million has been earmarked for this strategy, which will be financed from efficiency [.

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Catering to the core components of your infrastructure and applications operations, we provide rapid access to world-class expertise, tools, automation and industry-best methodologies to support your business growth and enhance your workforce experience. These backups are secondary and a supplement to the GDPS/XRC process. Colocate your mainframe processor at the PSR Data Center using our modern storage. An address cleansing tool used mainly in batch processing. On the other hand, we'll help you safely and economically share some resources, too. Our storage offerings also come with standard reporting capabilities that provide utilization, performance and trending information. We offer dedicated and shared multi-tenant mainframe environments. This server is key to the processing of access control, authentication, and authorization requests.

Agencies will pay for software that serves only one agency. However, many companies continue to rely on mainframes for customer-facing applications and other crucial workloads because of their unmatched performance and security. Our cooling system can cope with the hottest summer days, no sweat.

Support - we offer a full range of 24/7/365 incident support services, Helpdesk and remote resources. Mainframe services include security, infrastructure, data center space, operational support and technical input on architecting the correct solution for the selected application. More recently, mainframes must also integrate into an increasingly complex environment, presenting challenges with:

Architectural and Engineering Services are available to perform a needs assessment based on initial scope determined by the Hosting Services Implementation group.

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SalesForce Salesforce VHSS A subscription-based service for all aspects of businesses, including Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Sales, Enterprise Resource Planning, Customer Service, Marketing Automation, Business Analytics, Mobile Application building, and much more. A scheduled courier service is provided for delivering the printer output to various customer locations within the capital area. This service replicates to our secondary site. Run your production workloads at PSR just as you do today in your own data center. The midrange practice runs dedicated Product Competency Centers as virtual extensions for a number of world class ERP companies, significantly reducing their costs and Time-to-Market. All services are designed and built to extremely high security standards by default, with security woven into the design, with pre-determined standards for consistent management and support. With vast expertise and experience of our consultants, we will be able to offer end-to-end cost-effective solutions on following Mainframe technologies. Our IBM mainframe systems specialists are there for you when you need them.

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Our complete list of supported technologies now includes: You will have your own collection of DASD volumes. ITS provides the hardware and base operating system to host customer application software.

IBM Tivoli Directory Server (LDAP) LDAP IBM’s directory service using Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) as it’s client-server protocol.

  • Our disks are all RAID, naturally.
  • While mainframes still support many critical workloads and applications, for some organizations, mainframes can seem expensive and troublesome to maintain.
  • The FRS connects a Downtown Fiber Ring with both CDT Data Centers.
  • CDT manages the network infrastructure supporting the FRS.


Whatever be the drivers for your migration to or out of the System i, CCS has solutions for every component and phase. Each agency will decide what data has to be backed up and how often. DTS will monitor the mainframe to anticipate and identify problems with mainframe hardware, software, resources, or configuration. Using a self-service portal, CalCloud – IaaS customers have on-demand access to a shared pool of computing resources that can be rapidly provisioned and released as virtual machines on a pay-per-use basis. • Mainframe Modernization Services: Each agency will communicate their Sunday processing requirements during weekly change meetings. Our base and optional services accommodate requirements ranging from dedicated installations to highly leveraged, shared environments. Are you planning your next software migration?

IBM Mainframe Platform

At i2t2, we have a dedicated Mainframe & Midrange Center of Excellence (MMCoE) focusing on robust training programs and consulting-led service offerings. Redundancy is built in and configured to ensure the compute infrastructure stays up and running. Based on a thorough analysis, the back-office systems were adapted and a [.

An elegant solution to these pressures is a hosted IaaS mainframe solution. We know the DBMS technology and middleware for these environments. It also communicates with other systems both inside and outside the State of Utah. We modernized the environment and delivered a critical mainframe environment without introducing massive changes or risks. To register for Communications Hub emails, click on “Notifications” on the upper left of the Communications Hub screen, then click on “Notification Subscriptions. ​Language Environment: Customers will realize the following benefits:

The latest mainframes support business agility. PSR manages all the details of relocating your workload as is. IBM Tivoli Access Manager WebSEAL Server WebSEAL IBM Tivoli Access Manager WebSEAL is a high performance, multi-threaded Web server that applies fine-grained security policy to the Tivoli Access Manager protected Web object space. Proactive management and maintenance of a mainframe site, however, still poses a significant challenge that all organizations need to overcome to achieve better business results. OTech Security CDT's security program. Are most popular web hostings so reliable? Their hosting services come with a lot of desirable features, including SSD storage, unlimited bandwidth, and a free domain. You would still own the license however the hosting vendor is now providing that license and paying the ISV directly. We offer a wide variety of storage capabilities utilizing tape and disk.

There will be a periodic review of the currently prescribed services in use.

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Peer-to-peer file-based integration middle-ware optimized for assured delivery, high-volume, and secure data exchange within and between enterprises. Our specialized equipment and virtualization methods enable us to realize faultless migrations of DASD and tapes while limiting the impact on your business, the total cost and the time required. To obtain our services:

Unlike traditional outsourcing, we have embraced a customer-centric, Infrastructure as a Service model.

Datasets written to virtual tape at the EDC are replicated to the WDC. But why settle for conjecture? Prepare server configurations to meet business requirements and provide cost estimates. IBM Security Identity Manager ISIM IBM Security Identity Manager (ISIM, formerly Tivoli Identity Manager) is an IBM middleware solution to centralize the management of user credentials within an organization. As recent business automation studies by Forrester and Gartner report, it is commonly used by companies of all sizes - no matter the industry or their country of origin. DTS will select, install, maintain, and pay for all mainframe hardware.

Performance - your workloads run on top tier architectures, which many organizations cannot afford to purchase as standalone systems, realizing top performance.

These services are, in general, the processing and storage of data and may include use of data management and transaction processing software, as well as required technical and operational support. And they offer the highest levels of performance and security. These global services can be delivered remotely to your site or used at a DXCleveraged data center. LDAP is recognized as an industry standard for directory information. Users of this service must have their place of work connected via the WAN service.

] configuration mainframe de Thomas Cook et les services Web de Rail 1.

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Workloads run on the latest and fastest mainframe processors, enterprise disk, and virtual tape systems. The mainframe data processing environment is a mature, stable, secure, and cost-effective way of processing large amounts of data in batch with very high reliability. Over the past few years, public opinion has been that the mainframe is destined to be a dusty relic. At the same time, this platform has certain unique needs and specialized skills requirements. ARPA domains, as delegated by the American Registry of Internet Numbers (ARIN). On-Line Mainframe On-Line computing services consist of the hosting and maintenance of customer applications on mainframe servers at the GDC or SDC.

We operate many versions of z/OS, zVM, and zVSE in both supported and unsupported versions.

In a WAS environment, IHS is the first tier in a three-tier architecture which manages client connections to WAS.


• “System i” Migration Services: With a complete, native batch processing environment, batch investments are also migrated without excessive code change or complex integration requirements. Upgrades and patches are put through a test, development, and production sequence to ensure that all changes are implemented in a controlled, error-free manner. If your issue impacts patient care, Desktop Engineering provides 24/7 after-hours desktop support for emergencies. RSM Partners Cloud Services offer inbuilt redundancy that most organizations invariably find cost-prohibitive. Depending on the level of services requested, a purpose-built hosted mainframe solution could relieve your organization from the pressures of capacity management, performance tuning, workload balancing, software and hardware updates, and maintenance.

​DB2 Administration Tool: 0, solutions de services Web pour mainframe, [. 1 million over 6 years. • “System i” Modernization Services: The link to the DIT Communications Hub is https: Your company, like many others, is likely to face increased pressure to provide high-quality customer experience and simultaneously hold down operating expenses. Use of the State Data Centers by state agencies and other government entities improves the efficiency, security, and resiliency of the government systems hosted within the facilities.

Your company relies on its mainframe for key workloads because of its reliability and security. To manage and extend the value of your investments in Mainframe & Midrange, whether you seek managed services to run business as usual (BAU) or plan to migrate, upgrade or modernize your mainframe systems, please send in your queries to [email protected] Thought leadership. DTS will develop the architecture for mainframe components and for the connection between the mainframe and other computer systems. Call the Help Desk at 615-343-HELP (3-4357).

No agency is responsible for the stability of the mainframe.

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Both data centers have redundant power, climate control, card key access doors, video monitoring, and full time staffing. Choosing the right services: Learn even more by visiting the Sirius Managed Services page. • iSeries Integrated Operations and Application Support: Mainframe is still considered the top platform for supporting complex, data-driven IT systems, and latency-sensitive applications. Fast provisioning resulted in a savings of $1.

US domains, administering and maintaining the DNS for state and local government entities (e. )We have an excellent plant staffed by first rate engineers, technicians and operators. If you would like assistance, please contact the DTS Service Desk. This is IBM’s end-to-end single sign-on policy-based security solution for e-business. CAPMO CA PMO Provides centralized project management services and assists customers in managing Information Technology (IT) projects.

Monitoring and Management

We also help performing periodic testing to make sure your records fully comply with the requirements of various laws. 9% available but has historically delivered over 99. Support all operating system levels: A separate authorization server also provides access to the authorization service for third-party applications that use the Tivoli Access Manager authorization API in remote cache mode.


Request a proposal for mainframe shared hosting services: A suite of software tools are utilized to define a set of acceptable system performance parameters and provide automatic updates based on those defined triggers. NRB counts amongst its customers numerous major mainframe users in Belgium. In this article, we’ll take a look at 4 of the most important benefits:

LightEdge supports all Z Cloud services through our ISO 20200-1 certified, purpose-built data centers across the US, guaranteeing the best in security for the systems that run your business. IBM® Content Manager®: Infrastructure as a Service IaaS Provides customers with a private cloud located at the CDT data centers. The virtualized system services include: ITIL-based service management ensures that you meet operational industry standards and stringent security policies. Manage project plans, help mitigate risks and provide escalation when required. Customers will be notified in advance if the backups are discontinued.

Bring in your IT systems onto our environment, you can rely on Maintec for co managed service for mainframe support of your infrastructure and applications without worrying about power, connectivity or security. Here are some ways a hosted mainframe solution can save you overhead expenses while delivering the performance you need. Basically, if you run a mainframe shop, we do what you do, with the same focus. ITS can assist customer agencies in selecting the level of server hosting support that best meets their business requirement needs. We are familiar with the best and most popular offerings of ISVs. IBM WebSphere MQ MQ IBM MQ is a network software product. Many mainframe hosting vendors have partnered with Independent Software Vendors (“ISV”) so that they can provide these products to you at a reduced rate. The following components are included in the service: