10 "Best" Free Web Hosting Sites in 2020 (+ Pros & Cons)

00 (70% off) with their promo code 10YEARSGREEN.

Most hosts will charge extra for cleaning up compromised websites – but Interserver includes Inter-Insurance for free. PHP, Perl Database Support: Each of our free hosting plans includes a free domain name of your choice. 9% uptime guarantee, and all free accounts are supported by a knowledge base and FAQ. It offers the least control among the three types. Their platform is very easy to use. HostGator has excellent performance for a cheaper host, with 99. ”000WebHost provides free users 5GB of storage with 10GB of bandwidth every month with a clean and user-friendly experience and no ads.

You get ample storage space for your website.

Honestly, Wix doesn’t offer much in terms of free features, but what they lack in that department, they more than make up for in terms of their usability. Their hatchling plan starts from $2. Your website will not be public unless you subscribe to a paid plan. Apart from free plans they also offer paid hosting plans which are starting from $5 per month. Another familiar name in website building, Wix offers free hosting services to those looking to publish a quick, easy, and beautiful site. I’m guessing part of the plan is to price their starter paying plans cheaply to slowly hook customers and reel them in.

You can also add up to three subdomains, essentially giving you four websites to host. The latter are two other free web hosting providers that share an identical set of features with FreeHostingNoAds, and may well be part of the same family. But be warned, your legit emails may be flagged as spam. To get these discounts, make sure to use promo code ADAMENFROY at checkout. Their pricing structures are tiered based on the number of features you need, and you can scale up or down as needed.

If you are considering a green hosting company, Awardspace is the answer. Free 000Webhost platform users will have to put up with an enforced one hour of “sleep” time every day. Taking all these into consideration, you can go for a paid cheap web hosting plan for a reliable hosting with better customer support. They have agreed to offer WPBeginner users a free domain name, free SSL certificate, and 63% discount on web hosting.

Many free web hosts forbid the use of advertisements and affiliate links.

↓ 03 – AwardSpace | Own Domain Available

The poor performance and inability to log back in proved to be too much of a burden for me, so I’d be careful when signing up for an account with them. A2 Hosting is perfect if you need fast and reliable web hosting that doesn’t limit your storage space and bandwidth. It is also difficult to move GoDaddy Website Builder to WordPress or any other website platform. However, they also have a managed option which reduces the technical work you need to do. FWA proved shocking right from the get-go. At some point along the way, your website may grow and require some scaling and at this point you will again have many options to choose from. You get what you pay for with free services, which often means additional fees, storage and bandwidth limitations, and pesky ads. The knowledge base of HyperPHP leads straight to the Byet.

You can also get an add-on to improve your site. WordPress is the most popular content management system (CMS) used with Cloudways (not surprising), followed by Drupal, and Magento. There is no mention at all about either an uptime guarantee or technical support.

Websites are just a bunch of files – HTML files, CSS files, images, and photos, etc. That said, it does include a free self-signed SSL certificate, a site builder with free templates, and the promise of a response to help tickets in under one hour — pretty much unheard of. Included within their terms of service, you’ll find guidelines on what types of content they deem acceptable.

Keep in mind though that when you host with Freehosting, it’s best not to break their TOS as they’re notorious for deleting sites without warning.

Free Web Hosting Alternatives for Subdomain Sites

There are basically 2 main options to create a free website in your account's control panel without programming coding knowledge. With average load times of only 355ms (the second-best we’ve ever recorded), they’re also one of the fastest. 5 million websites and this service is very popular among Russian-speaking users. Most doesn’t allow your own domain, you are forced to use their sub-domain. Free plans are very limited in what they can offer.

To learn more about Bluehost, see our complete Bluehost review where we evaluated their hosting performance, features, and services. Combined with the already great features, this hosting also provides space provisions and excellent sub-domain options. After all, nobody likes to pay for things, even more so when you don’t even know if your website is going to be profitable or not, so free’s the way to go, right? If money is not an issue, always subscribe to a shared hosting. They sell services in three different tiers, which are the EasyWP Starter, EasyWP Turbo, and EasyWP Supersonic.

10GB for a single site — talk about overkill! This lets you to Create a free website, build your blog - anything you wish can be done completely free of charge. When it comes to traffic, FreeHostia gives you 6 GB of bandwidth each month for free. The lack of Terms of Service is also alarming, so you can be sure there is no point in disputes even if you feel you’ve been misled. You can freely experiment, try every feature and become the ultimate webmaster without taking any risks. The only downside to 000Webhost.

  • Forum and knowledge base support sound fine if done right.
  • Moreover, BlueHost is officially recommended by WordPress.
  • You can select from and download hundreds of free web templates.

Discard Corner

When I tried checking it out, an “insecure connection” error slapped me in the face. However, they have decent uptime, which makes it an ideal package for free users. The expense of setting up and maintaining a website can add up quickly, so picking the best free web hosting provider for your needs can help cut costs. Ok, sounds decent enough. However, you shouldn’t notice much of an improvement decline as a new site. Not all hosting providers were made equal, which is why we pulled our socks up, put our gloves on, and got our magnifying glasses out to find the best providers.

With that plan, you get one website, 20 GB SSD storage, 5 TB of bandwidth, a free staging environment, and backups every 30 days. If this is an important feature for your website, you may want to consider investing in a cheap web hosting plan. Also, WordPress powers more than 34% of all websites. However, all free web hosting services allow you to upgrade to their paid plan- which will move your websites out of the free server box and eliminate most risks. Bright and contrasting colors, a bunch of links and text, 90s design, donation pleas…I didn’t even bother to scroll to the end of it. So how on earth do some companies manage to provide these services for free? The cost to set up and maintain a website can add up quickly.

Free hosting is your best option to create learn and grow.

Can You Start Hosting on AWS?

Advanced versions of MySQL and PHP. You may also want to checkout our guide on how to create a free business email address in 5 minutes. They also offer a free domain name, but there is a catch to it! With any free host customer support is going to be limited, slow to respond, and not all that helpful. Mobile app builder Specifications Disk Space:

The more space and bandwidth means you can store more and have more visitors.

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10GB Bandwidth: The image on the right shows In Hostinger uptime in June 2020. It is comparatively cheap due to shared costs.

Still, I couldn’t leave without trying, so I sent a few questions. However in saying that, there have been several reports of user having to way hours or even days for the installation to go through. As technology advances, the costs of adding more storage space or bandwidth goes down. Honestly, they’re pretty damn good at what they do.

WordPress Hosting.

NET components. How to create a Free hosted website? This is the most intuitive free website builder with tons of WYSIWYG features and AI engine. Still wondering about free website address?

Popular service providers like Bluehost, GreenGeeks, Hostinger, InMotion Hosting, Interserver, and TMD Hosting allow you to get a 2-year shared hosting for less than $100. If you know how to open web browser, you'll know how to create a free website like a PRO! For those who are looking for the best domain hosting, please visit this page for Jerry's best 10 picks – the use-case comparison tables are especially useful for serious buyers. The most glaring issue that comes with using a free web hosting model is the terrible server performances. You get 400 MB storage with the free plan. Add on domains enable one to include one more website to their hosting account. I believe you shouldn’t use free options and go with a reputable paid host like Hostinger, especially when their services are only $0.

It’s interesting to note that Byet Host offers 24/7 support even to free accounts. Before you sign up with a free wordpress hosting, remember to read this article and understand the pro and cons. It supports PHP, MySQL, and much more technologies. And unlike with WordPress. With the cloud computing market set to hit $258 billion in 2020, Google is heavily investing in the future of its cloud hosting, spending $30 billion to date. Another awesome thing about this hosting company is that they provide 99. Free tacos, free beer, or even a free T-shirt we know we’ll never wear.

What Are the Different Types of Web Hosting?

Technical support is included, but is restricted to immediate issues relating to the hosting service. 99/month for 36 months. This works out in everyone’s favour, since users of the free hosting services also have the option to scale up their sites by becoming paid customers at any time they wish. The 30k inode limit suggests you can’t build more than a few websites before you reach your cap. E-commerce hosting in 2020 – the contenders for the best service around. The web hosting service offers a quick and simple web builder with drag-and-drop features to get you started. However, once your website grows you may find GoDaddy Website Builder to be quite limited in features.

’ – if you don’t rip your hair out first.

You could be testing out your business or looking for an easy and hassle-free way to own a website. Over the past few years, free web hosting has become increasingly popular, and I for sure can see why. Page loading times are important; even more so for the mobile version of your site. Not only does this help to protect your website from possible security issues, but it can also keep other hosted sites on the server performing well. If you’re not on a paying plan, it will plaster Wix ads on your site with alacrity. 99 a month, don’t you think? If you need any help, login to the helpful community on their website to get assistance.

The machines are powered by SingleHop, one of the big players in the data center industry.

You would really enjoy their free WordPress hosting the reason to stay tuned with them is that they are gifting a lot of space and bandwidth. Given the size of images, videos, and web software these days, you’ll run out faster than you think—especially if you’re publishing a blog with frequent new content. They also have a hassle-free 90-day money-back guarantee.

It’s easier than you’d think, especially nowadays with all the awesome services and platforms out there—not to mention all the free web hosts you can pick from.

Typical Minimum Requirements for PHP Applications

FreeWebhostingArea proudly mark 2020 as their year of founding, but I am sure even back then this website looked out-of-date. It offers high control. They do not, however, let you store links for download. Furthermore, the company has the experience of almost 11 years that shows they know how to win the trust customers. You can also upgrade to their premium version if you wish to have more freedom and increased support anytime you wish. Free web hosting is the best option for family websites or personal websites, sharing photographs and family events and other stuff among friends and family. We setup a test site at Hostinger and starter tracking its performance since May 2020.

Even with the tight restrictions on bandwidth, storage, and basic features like email accounts and website installations. We have a great collection of short free domains to choose from. There are many reasons for not choosing free web hosting services. Plus, the company’s in-depth analytics dashboard will help you gauge your success. Ok, but why is this important? Ad-free and spam free hosting platform. 24/7 helpful customer support.


So that, the users can better experience and understand the hosting. They also offer various paid tiers. Free web hosts aren’t always what they market themselves to be. A small orange web hosting, there are several questions you need to ask your hosting company to make sure they can give you the features you need to sell web hosting. I confirmed with Strikingly support that if you want a custom domain, you’ll be paying for a subscription. SiteGround is also an officially recommended WordPress hosting provider. And as you broaden your audience, it is also really easy to upgrade!

Best For Modern And Polished Websites

They are offering WPBeginner users 60% discount on hosting. DreamHost is a leading web hosting service that has grown and maintained a successful hosting business for the last 18 years. Multiple sub domain with. Squarespace is a popular website builder platform that requires no technical skills. But, if you can stay within their terms of service, InfinityFree is a good option for reliable and speedy web hosting — especially for free.

They also hit a 99. It has hundreds of templates that can be modified with just a few clicks. An email that’s attached to your website and domain name is great to have for one-off correspondences (plus looks pro on a business card), and a free web host provider’s email hosting is perfect for that. At the free level, these 3 are pretty comparable. The load-balanced server cluster platform is up to 15 times faster than more traditional shared hosting setups. I’ve rambled on enough, so let’s dive into the point of this entire article. For three years: It is quite expensive but is cheaper than a dedicated web hosting service.