Best Wordpress Hosting With Free SSL Certificates, September 2020

And with let’s encrypt they offer it free for everyone. Kinsta also uses automatic scaling to keep your site live during traffic spikes. It’s worth pointing out that, to get the prices listed above and elsewhere in this guide, you’ll often have to pay for at least 12 months, and sometimes up to 36 months, in advance when signing up (choosing to pay monthly usually results in higher fees).

SiteGround support was very helpful and knowledgeable each time that we spoke with them. It’s a cloud hosting service that loads your website 2 times faster than your normal shared host. Unlike shared hosting and VPS hosting, dedicated hosting is used by a single user.

  • What’s more, the higher tiers provide even more features (as you’d expect), such as free backup restores and caching functionality.
  • 95/mo and their highest plan costs $13.
  • 99 per month, you can get the ultimate WordPress performance with 20 websites, 240GB SSD storage and 1,200,000 monthly views.
  • InMotion’s DNS response time clocked in at a respectable (but not blazing fast) 32ms.
  • Bandwidth and storage Shared hosting starts with unmetered bandwidth and 50 GB of storage.

95 USD per month for a 12-month subscription and 7. And the ability to scale to accommodate traffic spikes when content goes viral. When it comes to the number of WooCommerce-specific features included, this managed WooCommerce host takes the cake. In other words, managed WordPress hosts usually make it really easy to start reselling hosting, which also makes it easier for you to add a new revenue stream to your business.

Bloggers and content creators who want more affordable hosting with the option of monthly billing. According to most load tests, GreenGeeks loads between 0. Everything important is in a conspicuous place with more advanced options available by drilling deeper into menus. If you’re currently on a shared hosting setup, you’re probably wondering…when’s the right time to make the move to managed WordPress hosting? HostGator is yet another big brand in the web hosting industry.

Even more impressive was the tight performance ranges, with an average response time of 524ms and a max response time of 621ms. Are there any free WordPress hosting providers? If you are an individual or business looking to create your own website, you might currently be overwhelmed by all of the options out there and may not understand the difference between a web design tool (or CMS) and a website host.

  • You should check out the 100% uptime guarantee of DreamHost by signing up here.
  • Shared hosting plans with this service provider start as cheap as only $2.
  • Working with a managed host means a hassle-free setup, for both you and your clients.
  • Is malware removal included, or an extra fee?
  • Can be a little technical if you don’t know anything about VPS servers.

Host4Geeks vs The Rest (the big guys)

It’s marked as faster than 99% of other sites tested with the same tool. It includes FlyCache, our custom caching engine that takes into account the most common WordPress themes and plugins for an optimized setup, with absolutely no work on your end. Are your client’s website at a point where it needs more than shared or cloud WordPress hosting? With so many free and low-cost options for Domain Validated (DV) certificates, however, we encourage site owners to go this route. Anchor is a great option if you're looking for hassle-free WordPress hosting for freelancers and web professionals.

Instead, they allow you to use VPS servers offered by Digital Ocean and Vultr for your own websites without the technical knowledge. With shared hosting accounts, a domain has access to just a small fraction of the total resources of a web server that may be simultaneously hosting thousands of other active domains. 59 DreamHost Shared Starter Hosting Plan Includes: 95/month after the first year, and are billed annually with no option for monthly payment. Http header analysis, if you’re a Wordfence customer, and you are doing scans, the default settings for Wordfence do not scan image files for infections. Uptime was a place we saw room for improvement for InMotion last quarter and they came through. In this guide to WordPress VPS optimization, you’ll learn everything you need to about this type of hosting as well as how to get the most out of it.

Thus, because of this, most managed hosting services tend to cost more than what a shared hosting would normally cost. When you choose InfinityFree’s free WordPress web hosting, you’re in for a real treat. While we don’t usually recommend going for low-cost hosting for your business websites, BlueHost is an exception. Although these plans can be a bit costly, it will certainly pay off. Their standard load time clocks in around 0. Prices start at $2. Bluehost offers cPanel, which gives you complete access to host multiple domains, set up email clients, and even customize scripts and CRM, so there is no issue when it comes to having control over your hosting account.

  • Built-in WordPress cache – Get one of the fastest hosting stacks with the built-in Breeze cache plugin for WordPress.
  • This will help your website to be faster as compared to your competitors.
  • 99 USD for a month’s subscription.
  • Do I need a cPanel WordPress hosting?

WordPress Hosting - Need A Different Solution?

WP Engine is fast, reliable, and hassle-free. Hire simon owens, i get the feeling that it’s focused on providing a good experience for its users more than reading a lot of comics. It will make the process much easier for you, and mean you are pretty much ready to start making your website immediately upon purchasing the service. We’ll talk about the features they provide, how intuitive they are to use, and the all-important pricing, so let’s get right to it!

Other services provided by Hostinger include Cloud, Email, WordPress, VPS, Windows VPS hosting.

Higher Security

They’re also an officially recommended hosting provider by WordPress. One thing that I saw from Pressable that was a nice touch is the ability to set MX records for email with one click for popular providers like G Suite. Want to know how managed WordPress hosting differs from other hosting services?

It couldn't be easier to get started using WordPress when you choose A2 Hosting. Of course, the wealth of features here don’t come for free, and we’ll discuss this more in a minute. If traffic levels are high or unwieldy, and you need more control over the server configuration, WordPress VPS hosting should be the next logical step you take. 59 a month for one website, 50GB of storage and unmetered bandwidth.

I have previous experience with the WP Engine interface so I was able to get around easily, and I believe it’d be the same for any new users to the platform as well. And for any developers, you’ll be pleased to know that you can access your favorite tools like SSH, Git, and WP-CLI. Bluehost is another hosting provider that offers both shared and managed hosting for your site. Bluehost is also an official WordPress recommended host. These are the best WordPress hosting service for every kind of WordPress blog and website. Overall, it’s best to use a managed WordPress hosting plan if you have big plans for your website. What do you get?

SSL Support Means Added Security for Your Website & Visitors

There are 4 different WordPress hosting plans, so choosing the right plan can be overwhelming to an average user. A2 Hosting is a well-known hosting company established in 2020. Loading.., however, we offer no warranty for the data provided. Flywheel is indeed the best hosting provider for most people. Should I purchase monthly WordPress hosting plans or commit long-term? One of a kind anytime money back guarantee. I expected much faster load times.

WordPress Hosting: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

In practice, each host brings something unique to the table, which brings us to the next section. Other notable hosting features include free SSL, free CDN, daily backups and even free migrations. They’ve also opened up a green data center in Los Angeles. And that way, you’ll get all the features.

Which managed WordPress hosts handle email?

If you don't have the time or technical experience for all that, you might prefer to buy a managed WordPress hosting plan, and have the hosting company handle all the technical bits for you. Namecheap web hosting benefits, with the right host behind you, it’s time to start growing your site, building your community, and turning your new website into a thriving business. Here is our review process in detail: 8 ★★★★★ See Reviews Hostinger: Another great feature of Bluehost is the fact that their servers are well optimized for running WordPress blogs and thus they allow you to install WordPress within 4-5 minutes.

The free SSL certificates available are from Let’s Encrypt while premium certificates are also offered for single site SSL, wildcard SSL, and advanced SSL. Control panel/administration: no child accounts available, you get really solid and stable performance, a great price, good account safety, HTTP/2, and a free SSL certificate. Downtime is essential to keep as low as possible because every second your hosting is down you may lose essential traffic and revenue from your website. If you’re looking for specialized eCommerce web hosting, then you may want to look at our comparison of the best WooCommerce hosting. The provider is known for having fast load times and free SSD storage, or solid-state drive storage, which is a feature unique to some providers. The entry-level DreamHost shared plan starts at $2. Fast server-level caching in place (no plugins needed) with rules to ensure proper WooCommerce functionality. Due to the fact, free WordPress.

All the hosting services discussed in this post are paid hosting services for WordPress. I know they’re not completely free, but they’re as good as! Unfortunately, a lot of people wait until it’s too late to upgrade to managed WordPress hosting. WordPress site is successfully secured with an SSL certificate on the Cloud server. For more details, see our detailed post on shared vs VPS vs Dedicated vs Managed WordPress Hosting. These plans have many additional features like unlimited everything, malware detection and removal, JetPack site analytics, business review tools and more.


Because we can’t just pick one, we’ll give you our top two. Pay a flat monthly fee based on how many sites you need to host on the plan. 069 seconds while another produced a very long load time of nearly eight seconds. WordPress hosting. It is costlier than shared hosting however it is a good solution for more secure hosting.

You’ll find your new installation comes pre-installed with a free Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate. Easy to understand dashboard to keep track of everything. – Ideal for development and testing new sites and updates before pushing them live. This really is a good way to test out whether this web hosting is a good choice to scale up to. Find top managed WordPress options here. Powered by Google Cloud: So once the promotional price term is over, the price will revert back to the standard rates.

And much more.

They’re more than just a managed WordPress hosting company and equip you with a suite of high- performance solutions for your WordPress site.

Best of the Blog

That’s because web hosting determines the overall health and performance of your blog. 95 per month gives a perfect solution that promotes the growth of your WordPress site. 99% and 405 ms, respectively.

3 minutes Laura Bernheim (HostingAdvice. )We recommend that you uncheck everything in the order process and only purchase what you really need: A good hosting service will know how to limit the number of sites on one server so that you should not experience any negative consequences for using a shared server. Bandwidth and storage 10 GB of bandwidth; 1 GB storage. Stable and strong uptime of up to 99.

Generally speaking, most managed hosting providers don’t offer these features; you’ll have to work with another company for those. To ensure this, look for services that promise frequent software updates and who may even offer 24/7 security monitoring. Customers interested in unmetered bandwidth and storage should check out Bluehost, HostGator, SiteGround, and GreenGeeks.

20 more per month, you can get their most popular plan, known as the Baby Plan, which includes unlimited domains.


Their storage space on their basic plan is actually quite surprisingly 50 GB. If your site loads too slow, you generally lose your audience and they will have a negative experience to your website. Includes everything offered in Plus with an addition of auto site backups and domain privacy. As of today, they host over 8 million websites and they’re a very popular WordPress hosting brand. Free SSL and CDN: InMotion offers automatic updates for both WordPress system and plugins. An 80ms variance on either side of the average is fantastic. 39 Launch plan from InMotion Hosting means you can still get a great deal without upgrading to a more expensive plan, as is the case with some of the other hosts in this guide.

SiteGround Pros and Cons

In one of our tests, the SiteGround StartUp plan outperformed comparable plans from Bluehost and GoDaddy when it came to website loading times, performance under stress and uptime. Suppose as an example- Amazon loses 1% customer for their slow page load time(100ms), Google’s traffic dropped by 20% for their. Get started by picking your hosting provider so you can begin creating your dream website today.

Free SSL certificate – DreamPress sites come pre-installed with a free SSL certificate from Let’s Encrypt.

Shared WordPress Hosting vs Managed WordPress Hosting

They have a community of nearly 1 million users, so if you ever encounter any issues, you know where to go. EasyWP claims a 99. Their secure platform is the one that stands out best and makes a place for themselves on our list right here! The best thing with those certificates are, they are not just limited to a single domain. Flexible and multi-site ready. 138 seconds depending on your location in the world. Pxhere:, it is important to bear this in mind, along with other factors. Considering the fact that our sample website wasn’t using any caching plugins or speed optimization tips, the loading speed is amazing.

Bandwidth and storage You don’t pay for bandwidth and storage.

There are different ways to define an SSL certificate, all which are a bit technical and implicate some unnecessary jargon that is often quite challenging to beginners. Next, server geographical location is very important for two reasons: The company offers plans dedicated to WordPress users, and of course, separate options if you’re running a WooCommerce store.

Unlike others, DreamHost gives out 97-days money-back guarantee.

Getting started with Bluehost Optimized Blogger

1 website, 10 GB SSD storage, 25k monthly visitors, SFTP Access, free domain with annual plan. It offers a developer-friendly web hosting platform with higher flexibility and advanced features. And they’re still shared hosting. Shared hosting customers, whose website is on the same server as hundreds or thousands of other customers, have a variety of certificates to choose from. Get started with Bluehost today!

I pay close to $400/month for hosting ShoutMeLoud on Kinsta and it’s a complete value for money. WP Engine is a web host that is trusted by both professional bloggers and big brands like Microsoft and Gartner. About me, there are a variety of resources, from standard virtual machines to high performance computing and GPUs available on the Pouta clouds. Kinsta has a beginner-friendly dashboard for managing all your websites in one place. Each review was based on our test site’s speed, uptime, and cost. Combine those features, and it all adds up to a well-rounded WooCommerce plan. Go to full review » Money Back Guarantee Disk Space Domain Name WordPress Hosting Plans 30 days 50 GB SSD - Unlimited FREE (1 year) www.

This is the plan we usually recommend because it offers so much more than the Lite plan while it is still very affordable. No list of web hosts is complete without HostGator and their wide variety of offerings for businesses of all shapes and sizes. However, if they’re not provided by the cheapest web host you’re interested in, they are things you can take care of and implement yourself relatively easily with the right tools. The company has a generous 97-day refund policy. They are to be congratulated!

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Unlimited everything including disk space, bandwidth, and email accounts. And if you own multiple domains, then that’s enough to drill a hole in your pocket. 9% uptime guarantee and a 30-day money back guarantee, but make sure to take a look at their terms and conditions because some users have complained about hidden refund fees. The startup plan of WPEngine starts at $35 per month. Considering these plans have fast storage, unlimited bandwidth, daily automatic backups and other useful features, this claim sounds accurate.