GreenGeeks Review

They are all supportive, patient and informative with complete control on their profession.

By patty blake of phoebeengineering. The other is a lack of yearly discounted plans for higher tier service. View the full web hosting guide, they’re putting back 300% of the energy they use back onto the grid. Hostinger, the company has joined Microsoft SPLA Program and becomes one of Microsoft golden hosting providers. Pick a payment method (card and PayPal are supported), part with your cash, and wait to have your account activated. Like many other companies, GreenGeeks Web Hosting bills itself as fast, cost-effective and scalable, but it also offers a few distinguishing features that make it a definite standout.

GreenGeeks can get you setup on a server in the United States, Europe or in Canada. So, what are you waiting for? 9% uptime guarantee and a 30-day money-back guarantee, which makes trying their service low risk. Things were seeming slow over the prior months. I have never experienced such amazing Customer service! Best suited for large enterprises this package provides 100 GB storage and 2500 GB bandwidth. Linux shared hosting comparison, from so many features one of the top reason being Linux is open source and free, and it is major factor when it comes to web hosting. Greengeeks support agents are live 27×7 for solving technical issues. GreenGeeks has data centers in Chicago and Phoenix in the United States.

Service was also polite and professional.

GreenGeeks team are the best. Best free online college courses with certificates from top universities | 2020. This company also supports its customers via phone, which is only available from 9AM to 12AM EST on Weekdays and 9 AM to 8 PM EST on Weekends. GreenGeeks provides unlimited SSD storage, data transfer, MySQL databases, and unlimited subdomains and parked domains. I operate a website of personal interest, am not very competent electronically, but have learned to rely on quick and pleasant assistance when trouble does arise, from any member of Green Geeks that I contact. What a great and helpful guy! Access to Softaculous enables quick installation of WordPress, MediaWiki, Joomla, Drupal and hundreds of other popular apps. Best web hosting for wordpress blogs – recap, – No need to worry about keeping your site and plugins up to date. 30-day money-back guarantee.

And with account isolation, you’ll have the peace of mind knowing that your site is in good hands as it’s isolated from other customers on the server. About our platform, you have more SEO settings to play with, without the need to install plugins or extensions (although WordPress is no slouch in this aspect either). Any outgoing email messages is handled by Sendmail or SMTP. Every web hosting server produces 1390 pounds of CO2 per year. Content delivery networks help your sites perform better by caching as much as possible and serving the requested assets from a proxy server located close to the browser that requested the asset. It advertises unlimited SSD disk space, bandwidth and email accounts for its shared hosting users, plus solid security options like enhanced spam protection and nightly data backups. If you are not satisfied for any reason within the first 30 days of your contract, cancel and get a full refund of your hosting fees. Charles has been building and promoting websites and services in New Zealand, Australia, the United States and China for nearly 20 years. Website hosting faq, if you don’t plan on buying any more domains then you can save money by registering with Bluehost. Full root access allows you the flexibility and control to manage your server.

But be aware of the fine print: If like us, you browsed GreenGeeks’ shared hosting solutions; then you may have stumbled across the fact that there are not many shared hosting plans – not even a couple in fact. What if I told you that you can actually help the environment in your hosting and that you can do this without much extra cost OR loss of convenience? However, there are some limits to GreenGeeks’ hosting plans. They are WordPress optimized.

In this review, we’ll be focusing on its shared hosting plans as they will likely appeal to a broader range of users.

What’s the Support Like?

As an added bonus, GreenGeeks VPS users get a free eNom domain reseller account, so that the company is providing all of the tools except for ClientExec that they normally include with their popular Reseller plans for shared hosting. Now, usually, my experiences with GreenGeeks’ reps via live chat are…not too different. Some powerful features to help your website grow, they draw from a pool of processing power, memory and storage depending on your requirements. Defunct photo-sharing websites, you can organize your photos in albums and add tags to track images. Not only do you have all sorts of outlets for customer support, but the GreenGeeks support team members are highly-trained, compassionate, and understanding of your problems. 9% mark, which is reassuring for anyone who is thinking of moving away from a mainstream web hosting provider to a greener solution.

A view of the GreenGeeks cPanel dashboard. GreenGeeks In-Depth Review: Easy signup process. Most of the outages were very brief — just one or two minutes. In addition to this, we weirdly like their one-plan shared and WordPress hosting solution, as with their discounts, this plan is an exceptionally good and by far our most favoured deal! They purchase wind energy credits to compensate for the energy their servers use from the power grid. Account dashboards and website control panels, with the free WordPress. Was very fast and accommodating.

What’s their customer support like?


Greengeeks hosting is optimized for WordPress websites with cPanel interface and includes convenient features such as 1-click WordPress installation and automatic updating. Would like to see some tech. If you need a web host that can easily work with both Linux and Windows, consider checking out iPage. The better news: For monthly billing, the user requires to pay the actual cost, that is $9. 95/month (remember, only if you pay for three years in advance). They back up data on your VPS nightly, and once your order has been verified, your VPS will be ready to use in less than 60 seconds. Inohost, you’ll also find layouts for the about, contact, and testimonials pages, giving you a quick way to add this essential content to your site. (95 afterwards.)

I mean, at least GreenGeeks will tell you about this: That’s why having nightly automated backups is such an awesome feature, especially for the basic shared hosting plans. Free advertising credits to launch your first Google AdWords PPC campaign. Complete the project and deploy, indeed, the support system at EngineYard is what sets this Platform as a Service company apart. Logicservers, it is also concerning that some of the advertised features (such as a server in the UK) are currently not available. And there’s a problem that makes me hesitant to give GreenGeeks two thumbs up for the dedicated plans: It’s not the end of the world. The shared hosting package also comes with one free domain.