7 Best Video Hosting Sites

You can see which countries your video is being viewed in, as well as which domains.

Starts at free. The opinions on hosting vs. Paid video platform software is typically priced on a monthly subscription basis. The higher plans range between $7 and $75. Some of these features are privacy controls, ease of updating video content in place, and integrations with caption services like Rev. Free unlimited video hosting. Resources are either unlimited or unmetered, and the company says it’s extremely rare for customers managing a personal or small business website to exceed its usage policies. Of course, you’re ready to send it out into the Internet world and watch it do its magic.

Basic pricing starts at $209 per month. Support, they have more than 500. Why host your videos with SproutVideo? This varies dramatically from provider to provider. This level of customization doesn’t come cheap.

Videos either include subtitles or integrate with third-party subtitling services.

Bonjoro into the list as a new solution for small sales, marketing and CS teams who want to create, send, and track personal videos with a lightweight and agile tool that can plug into any stage in the sales cycle giving brands better conversion rates, an improved activation experience, and fostering relationships that inspire retention and advocacy. Reccomended dimensions: Before you commit to a provider, you need to make sure that your preferred format is supported without any issues. We also appreciate Wistia’s flexibility. Irrespective of hosting or embedding your videos, the user’s perspective of your website serving the video doesn’t change.

The issue with self-hosting is that you’re dealing with equipment and service that’s designed for web content. Additionally, SproutVideo offers incredibly specific security and privacy options. Some free hosting sites will display ads automatically to cover the cost of your plan. Wistia is the most expensive out of all the other video platforms. It is easy to use. However, engagement analytics are still available for those on the first plan. You can fully customize the branding and video player and use it to grow audiences, capture leads, or even hold contests for your viewers. You’ll need a separate application to convert your files into all those formats.

Dacast is also fully white-label, meaning no 3rd party ads or content detracting from your video.

Vimeo (Web, Android, iOS)

If those packages aren’t what you’re looking for, you can contact the company’s sales team for a custom plan and a quote. Because of the value video presents to brands, along with the added computing power needed to correctly host the files, many specialized services have popped up. It includes priority uploads and conversion, unlimited bandwidth, advanced statistics on your videos, and more. Running an online venture, many hosts add to this value by offering free email accounts hosted at your free domain, or offering to transfer your existing domain to your new host’s services free of charge. IP Address Restriction gives you the ability to “allow” specific IP addresses to access your content. Firefox will play Ogg or WebM videos, but not H.

Vimeo’s community isn’t as large as YouTube’s, so your potential audience is a bit smaller, but the platform has a reputation for higher quality, more professional content — a plus for businesses and creative professionals alike. Need a spot to store your video content? You can go over this blog post in which we review this service in detail, so that you can discover if Vimeo is the right choice for you. YouTube, as you might have noticed, plays a lot of ads, and it doesn’t offer custom branding.

  • Panopto gives you 24/7 customer support, connecting you with real engineers who can help you figure out a complex AV setup, consult on the best equipment you’ll need, and assist with just about anything else.
  • If you want to sign up after your free trial, there are three plans to choose from.

How to Choose the Right Video Platform

However the lack of organic reach means you’ll need to use Facebook ads to get it in front of your target audience. 10 reasons why wpx hosting is the best managed wp host in germany:. Does that make them right for you and your company’s video strategy? Well, there are several reasons—for one, you’ll get a more reliable hosting experience with no ads, faster load times, and customizable players, CTAs, and more.

Over the past couple years, Facebook has been steadily increasing its interest in video and some even believe it will overtake YouTube soon. Upgraded plans are available if you need more storage and functionality. Archive, sSD storage is overall much faster in installing and provisioning VPS partitions in DevOps than HDD traditionally. Think of it as Google Docs for video. It seems that all plans are custom-built in a ‘pick ‘n’ mix’ style, allowing you to select the features you want and disregard the ones you don’t–meaning you only pay for what you need. When you are trying to put into action a video-forward content strategy, all of those little quarters will add up over time. But, we need to dive in even deeper. Other paid options like Wistia, Brightcove, and vooPlayer, give you analytics, insights, and the ability to capture leads directly from within the video player. At WPBeginner we use YouTube to upload our WordPress video tutorials.

00 per month or $299. To get started with filming and publishing videos on social media, here’s a deeper look into the most popular platforms. If you do have a dedicated server, you are still going to have to deal with bandwidth, which may require purchasing more than you planned. You can opt for a package geared toward marketers, which starts at $199 per month, or one put together for teams, which starts at $499 per month. I mean, there are so many choices. Outstanding customer service, they've stepped forward even greater so under their new CEO, and the new route they set out in July of 2020. Videos as a whole will soon account for 82% of all internet traffic and the average business’s video library is swelling.

Maybe you have videos to share, but have specific needs for uploading and viewing.


Add in a step-by-step process to follow for a successful live video and the list gets even shorter. These days, hosting is a commodity. Our $25 per month paid plan offers users customizable branding, three automations, and one message template. Free account holders have their videos stamped with the Wistia logo. So far, Vimeo has kept us pretty nimble as course content creation has developed over the years. While free hosting solutions like Vimeo, Facebook, and YouTube take care of quality issues and give you a reliable storage solution, businesses investing heavily in video content should shell out for a paid solution. However, paid plans start at only $25 per month, and they scale easily if your needs increase over time. Our friends at TubeBuddy have created several.

Plans & Pricing

Vimeo’s Pro plans give you the same unlimited bandwidth and video length as the free plans, plus the ability to upload up to 20GB of video/week (to a total of 1000GB per year.) VideoPress is a lightweight video player, designed specifically for WordPress. Point is, when a popular service is easy and can be commonly used then it is wise to host your videos on that website.

Video Hosting on Wistia

Many video hosting sites cater to the needs of specific audiences, and Vimeo is no exception. (You should probably subscribe to their blog as they give good advice on recording videos.) Their business model is simply different. Self-hosting your videos is the best way to generate rich snippets for your own domain, build backlinks to your domain through embeds, and have total control over your player and the content surrounding it. It’s also important to note that as a standalone video player and host, all of your videos will be played completely free of ads, even with the free version. All you need is to follow some easy steps to upload your video(s). 95 per month, or $59.

Mobile Viewing

Fortunately, the premium plans from Vidyard ensure that you only pay for what you use. Potential copyright issues when following fair use rules. That’s where video hosting sites come in. Hostgator review: do i recommend it?, here’s what we found:. Why is it loved by millions of users? There’s no definitive answer to “What’s the best video hosting platform? In short, it’s the easier and secure way to deliver your awesome video.

Videos have dominated the web for ages, and now video marketing is becoming a necessity for any business. And hopefully now you have a better view of the video hosting site you want to use. For videos to be noticed, viewed and judged, they have to be hosted on a platform accessible by everybody. Too many requests for a single large file will quickly exceed the limits of the web server on which your site is hosted, and bring your site—and any other sites that also “live” on the same server—to its knees. Most video hosting services: Capture leads with lead capture gates. It works especially well for content that’s gated behind a form fill or paywall.

  • However, if I was creating a list of video hosts that also have live video functionality, the list would be much shorter.
  • 30 million monthly visitors, upload videos and autosuggestions will help get thousands of viewers.
  • Video is going through a bit of a renaissance.
  • However, it’s not recommended.
  • But the good thing with Vimeo is that ads never play between a video.
  • Free services like YouTube aren’t aimed at the same market.


If you host it yourself, you will need to pay more for hosting and bandwidth. Monetization is great for businesses with a larger audience. You’ve come to the right place. It’s still in its infancy, but Instagram Live will continue to grow with new features and updates. The analytics are relatively basic and you can’t include CTAs, collect leads, or edit the video. The only thing that may confuse you is the uncertainty about prices. With free video hosting sites, you are never 100% sure how secure your content is.