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We have servers in Lenoir-NC (US), Quebec (Canada), Portsmouth (UK) and Roubaix (France). Telenor is one of Norway’s largest listed companies, with a turnover in 2020 of NOK 40. Keeping a sharp eye on the competition so as to have market idea, Oracle will help you in achieving business goals by adapting to changes in market trends. “The solution from Oracle and Telenor enables us to innovate employee benefit management and release our clients from routine tasks in the cumbersome task of updating their HR systems.

Your proprietary Programs may not be installed at the end user’s site. 99% availability of our Critical Services. Contact the ITS Oracle Database Administration Team at [email protected] 6 Use apex-cloud. Our team’s expertise covers a wide range of data projects, including: All our Oracle services are custom designed to meet both your current and future business requirements based on a design consultation with an Oracle trained engineer. But hold on, how can the sales rep sell me a license agreement for a Proprietary Application Hosting, while I do not provide hosting services towards end users?

(SAP, IBM, Oracle, Microsoft) that are running on the Oracle Database or Middleware, then you cannot license such use with a Proprietary Application Hosting agreement.

When an Oracle application such as this is so integrated and crucial to your business’ success, it is imperative to have a Certified Oracle E-Business Hosting Partner like Velocity Technology Solutions working with you to ensure you get the most out of your Oracle E-Business Suite investment. What is the best free web hosting?, you'll also be dealing with someone who has passed a variety of tests and meets our quality standards. Oracle has branded its Platform as a Service as Oracle Cloud Platform (OCP). With constant monitoring and experience in handling several databases globally, our team makes sure that your Oracle database is up and running all the time. Don’t turn these critical assets over to an inexperienced database administrator (DBA). Helpful and knowledgeable support provided 24x7 on all hosting plans. Take advantage of features such as:

Our installation of Oracle utilizes Oracle's Data Guard technology to archive any data changes in real time to our offsite disaster recovery site to insure that you data is available within a moment's notice in the case of a disaster. So, what is the objective of such sales rep? Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) R12 does that for businesses all over the globe. We have customized packages wherein you can check and select services exactly as per your needs and budget. Support for Oracle PaaS and IaaS in the Cloud? ALL OTHER DATABASES – are cloned only upon request. 7 Make beautiful pdf documents using Apache FOP support in ORDS.

Predictably manage costs and resources for Oracle ERP workloads, contribute to the company's digital transformation journey and reduce your hardware and software maintenance burden. Gain agility by shifting the management and maintenance of your Oracle ERP applications to IBM ⏤with the cloud provider of your choice⏤freeing up time and resources to focus more on innovation and new business opportunities. Xenemm is your Oracle private or hybrid cloud. Thus allow programs on Oracle database to scale from single processor to multi-processor cloud servers minus changing line code. This service is used to provide content collaboration and web presence.

Frequent patches and updates must be implemented to ensure end-users have the latest software capabilities and that business units adhere to the most recent compliance standards.

APEX DedicatedDB Hosting

In some organizations, IT teams become full-time caretakers of ERP systems, sacrificing the opportunity to focus on more strategic priorities. These solution providers would not only want to sell their specific application but a total solution towards their end users (including the underlying Oracle Database and/or Middleware software programs). They also provide Bare metal servers and Bare metal GPU servers, without a hypervisor with capability to scale up and down. We can provide hosting of your full E-Business Suite environment, as well as, Disaster Recovery (DR) hosting of your Oracle database. They offer services such as Data Integration Platform Cloud, Data Integrator Cloud Service, GoldenGate Cloud Service, Integration Cloud, Process Cloud Service, API Platform Cloud Service, Apiary Cloud Service, and SOA Cloud Service. As a member of Oracle’s Managed Service Provider (MSP) Program we deliver Oracle PaaS and IaaS combined with Inoapps managed services as a single complete solution to customers. Our experts analyze your business operations and then design and implement Oracle applications and data that support the ways you want to work.

Enterprise applications like Oracle are essential for driving business growth – but with ever-tightening budgets, it can be difficult to find a solution that delivers top-notch technology at an affordable price.

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We heard quite often from many end users that they have been approached by Oracle sales representatives to do a new deal to reduce their annual support fees. Our experts can design and deploy the most appropriate, high-availability solution based upon any technical and business requirements running on Windows or Linux HP servers. 9% up-time guarantee and 24 hour live technical support, it's no wonder why Revion. If this sounds like you then you will still require a technology based support solution, just as you did when running your on-premises solution. The platform is used to improve IT stability, prevent application outages, improve DevOps, and harden security. In addition to the standard ITC maintenance windows, site-specific and service-specific changes may be coordinated with customers at non-standard times. Our server offers you a great number of benefits besides dedicated hosting from data centers found in numerous regions globally.

  • In other words, companies that enter a Proprietary Application Hosting agreement are usually solution providers that develop an application which they would like to offer as a hosted service towards multiple end users.
  • Providing secured solutions which match your business expectations is our prime motto.

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3 Your data and applications are save. Engineered for high availability and flexibility, this multi-tenant cloud solution provides access to best-in-class virtualized and converged infrastructure resources—including compute, storage, backup and network resources—and a 99. Bisecthosting review conclusion:, this action cannot be reversed so please make sure that you have a backup of all your server files and that you understand what you're about to do before proceeding to prevent any loss of server data. (Net on Microsoft software programs). 4 on both AIX and the Sun Solaris operating system.

For more than a decade, the Ntirety division of HOSTING has provided industry-leading database administration services to industry-leading organizations and Fortune 500 companies. So, if you want to know which are the top 10 hosting companies in India, then head here, right away! To reduce your everlasting increasing support costs. The cloud platform offers load balancing capability to automatically route traffic across Availability Domains for high availability and fault-tolerance for hosted applications. This platform also uses machine learning and big data on the operational data set.

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The company allows these services to be provisioned on demand over the Internet. For application development, the company’s cloud offers an open, standards-based application development platform to build, deploy, and manage API-first, mobile-first cloud applications. Whether you're running dev/test or in production, Oracle software on Windows and Linux is supported on Azure.

Applications that require an enterprise level database can utilize ITS' Oracle implementation to host databases. Many hosting providers simply provide clients with the infrastructure, forcing them to manage the database infrastructure configuration, installation and support. The only UK-based OracleVM-powered public Cloud outside of Oracle themselves, Claremont Cloud combines our years of expertise in hosting and infrastructure, with our extensive knowledge of running and managing Oracle applications.

Thanks, MaxApex, for providing this valuable service at a cost I can afford.

Services provided with the standard database support package include: The target SLA is to provide clients with a 99. We provide you the accessibility, performance, and resilience you seek from your Oracle database. We will take care of managing hosting while keeping the highest levels of Security, Performance and Availability.

Velocity is a Certified Platinum Oracle Partner with more than 15 years of experience in Oracle hosting and Oracle Managed Services.

Oracle Enterprise Edition Hosting

However, these applications exist only on paper. While receiving the award Telenor Business Solutions announced a new customer as part of their initiative to deliver e-business applications online as a managed hosted service. We not only support the 10g, 11g and 12c versions of Oracle but also offer full remote access to manage them via RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) allowing you to benefit from continuous monitoring and proactive alerts from experienced professionals. 4 You can consume or publish webservices using APEX Shared Components. “Outsourcing is a faster, better and cheaper way for organisations to implement and maintain their enterprise software, and Oracle is one hundred per cent committed to making this model available to its customers in Europe,” said Eric Duffaut, vice president of sales channels, Oracle Europe, Middle East and Africa. HostJinni India's #1 web hosting company, offers best web hosting services with unlimited hosting space, cPanel, VPS, various Linux & reseller hosting plan. Customers in Europe have the opportunity of accessing the Oracle9i technology platform and Oracle E-Business Suite of applications directly from Oracle Outsourcing or through a managed service with Telenor Business Solutions.

It’s a truly virtualised platform, optimised for Oracle systems and compliant with Oracle licensing, on which you can run any and all of your Oracle business applications.

We have a high security standard (ISO 27001) and Dutch Law is applicable which means your data is save from the USA Patriot Act. Oracle defines a proprietary application hosting company as a company that provides commercially available applications or services that include access to Oracle programs to end users or that processes customer data using Oracle. Improve performance of Oracle applications through regular application updates, vendor-release patches and service packs. Oracle hosting services with a team of application experts. Operational management and technical support is provided entirely by Claremont’s UK-based specialist team backed by our unrivalled SLAs for availability and Incident response and resolution.

This is caused by Oracle’s annual support indexation of 3-4% year over year.

Oracle services will remain available during the maintenance window. 0 install process can now be downloaded. Oracle, with the cooperation of its employees, customers, contractors and suppliers, is committed to environmental management through: You purchase the number of licenses you need through an order form which refers to the Oracle Master Agreement (OMA). Everything you need to build and deploy your Oracle web applications. HostingClues - a one-stop-source where you can compare different Indian web hosting companies and pick the best. Hosting components include account management, storage space, and backup/restore (limited to 10 days for schema restores) to enable departments to develop and maintain their own Oracle databases. When you partner with Sungard AS for your Oracle deployments, you benefit from:

Oracle Apex Hosting

Dedicated servers are always a good choice when security, performance are the major concerns. Experience improved Oracle database management with Verito’s experts. Support for Apache Sentry authorization rules and support for CDH 6. Examples that we have seen for Health Insurance companies are the “Health Insurance Information System”; or for Healthcare companies the “HealthCare Information Systems” and all the functions that you could possibly think of (e. )

Our services are also fully managed and monitored 24 hours a day providing you complete piece of mind and allowing you to concentrate on your core business.

Policies, Contracts, and FAQ

The platform provides Block Volumes, Object Storage, and Archive Storage with capability to enable database, analytics, content, and other applications across common protocols and APIs. Integration with. In addition to Oracle hosting services, Navisite offers Microsoft hosted Exchange services and services for other mission-critical enterprise applications. Data centers with 24x7x365 support and exclusive cloud hosting service experts to your organization are availed by our clients.

We have a complimentary strategy which supports the needs of many European customers like MultiBrand, who currently need more assurance in the delivery of the online model,” said Morten Lundal, CEO of Telenor Business Solutions. Deploy your Oracle-based enterprise applications on Azure. The table at left shows the included resources and features. We have the knowledge and expertise to help your organisation maximise the benefits of a flexible, elastic Cloud or hybrid environment, without compromising on security, visibility, reliability or functionality. What is the catch? With round the clock 24/7 support. Verify experience!

The correct licensing and distribution of such solution remains, in this scenario, with you as the solution provider. Choose flexible hosting options, including physical environments or a blend of the two. #7: awardspace, high speed and reliability. This platform also provides a DevOps platform for CI/CD, diagnostics for Java applications, and integration with SaaS and on-prem applications. These generally consist of both security fixes and priority fixes.

Additional Information

For more details contact fastwebhost sales team. Your choice of Oracle 11g or 12c Standard Edition and everything you need to put your Oracle applications online; mod_plsql support, PL/PDF, email hosting, domain hosting, unlimited MySQL 5, and PostgreSQL databases, and more. This tool comes integrated with Oracle on-premise and SaaS services. This award represents our recognition of Telenor Business Solutions as an outstanding hosting services partner.

Together we are ensuring that European companies have access to the best software for their business, delivered by the foremost experts in hosted service provision.

You save big on the cost of in-house manpower with the use of Go4hosting & Oracle. But when is an IT company or solution provider then considered to be a “Proprietary Application Hosting Company”? Your core business is providing a high number of low traffic domains, but isn’t providing the ancillary, but necessary, infrastructure services such as DNS.

Learn more about what this strategic merger means for our customers and the industry. And how can the sales rep sell me a license agreement for a Proprietary Application, while I do not develop my own applications and only make use of other applications that make use of the Oracle Database and/or Middleware software under it? If you need support or work done on a non-production database, please open a Request in Pegasus. We offer varieties for you to choose from and they encompass Standard Edition1 to Enterprise. I have used MaxApex for over ten years now and found them to be both practical and extremely reliable. As an APEX developer, having full control of an entire Oracle XE instance gives me lots of options and because it is professionally supported by MaxApex I never have to worry about Oracle upgrades or new versions.


Do you only want to develop your application on Oracle’s Database and/or Middleware software (which you are entitled to do as an Oracle partner), your end users to deploy and use the software out of their own datacenters and you to not take any responsibility from a license compliance perspective? Use the sliders at right to select Oracle version, hosting location, and to scale up any resources. With 7 days money back guarantee along with the lowest price with 99% uptime OracleApexServices is the best choice for beginners as well as professionals. The company provides Virtual Machine Instances to provide different shapes (VM sizes) catering to different types of workloads and performance characteristics. This cloud platform provides network with fully configurable IP addresses, subnets, routing, and firewalls to support new or existing private networks with End-to-End Security. Secure-24′s goal is simple:

Our servers have a capacity of not only supporting 10g and 11g versions Oracle but also provide full access of managing the programs through remote desktop protocol.

Our engineers have been working with the Oracle database for decades, so we know Oracle and the licensing issues that come from running your Oracle systems on today’s servers. MicroHost providing best offers for hosting service in India. Web hosting, in addition, all plans are e-commerce ready and come with free shopping cart software. 9%/month uptime. For this kind of situations, Oracle invented a while back the so called “Proprietary Application Hosting License” to be sold to solution providers that develop their applications on Oracle Database and/or Middleware software and that want to offer their solution as a “hosted” solution towards end users. If accepted, Oracle will notify you and this notice will include a copy of your agreement. And as a result of this, your total costs (and annual support cost) will – typically over the period of 5 years as presented in the business case – go down.


Enterprises running Oracle ERP systems can take advantage of cloud-based infrastructure built for rapid deployment and disaster recovery on Oracle Private Cloud Appliance. So we can develop your tenant surrounding with your choice of server whether it is managed dedicated server or private cloud. 5TB RAM, 32 processor cores per server, hardware firewall, monitoring backups and even expert help. Financial and strategic:

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Qualified and well-managed teams maintain the data centre, enabling the hosting, development and support talent at MaxApex to deliver their best work for the clients and their projects. 0 is now available. Dyn’s Managed DNS for Hosting offers the stability your customers expect and the scalability your hosting business needs. Our service can provide the you with the following to enable you to manage your Cloud Platforms: These services are used to monitor the path between users and resources to adapt to changes and outages using secure DNS infrastructure. Hioxindia provides the most secure, reliable and affordable Oracle 9i, 10g & 11g Database Server Hosting to run 24/7 business-critical applications and web/ecommerce environments.

Oracle has branded its Infrastructure as a Service as Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI). VUIT provides a managed Oracle database platform service for departments, faculty, and staff within the Vanderbilt community. So, what is the proposal? Information about planned maintenance schedules can be found here: Oracle technology is changing and we strive to update our BC Oracle support information. Increase resilience with built-in disaster recovery and business continuity, thanks to a state-of-the-art operations center and a highly-resilient service delivery infrastructure spanning multiple data center locations. Databases are hosted in individual systems, each sized according to the application and customer's needs.

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The private cloud is important in maximizing resource utilization and TCO. Established in 2020, MaxApex is an Oracle APEX hosting company providing diverse and customized hosting solutions for its clients. We have servers in USA, Canada, Germany, Autralia , Japan, Netherlands, France. Thus our clients have the advantage of continuous monitoring and proactive alerts from highly qualified experts.

Enterprise systems are becoming more and more complex.

Go4hosting brings you the eminent technical service in Relational Database Management System (RDBMS) for managing business applications: Oracle.

Anyone considering using the services of an Oracle support expert should independently investigate their credentials and experience, and not rely on advertisements and self-proclaimed expertise. The customer will need to request backup if needed. 6 billion and 21,000 employees. But how can Oracle sell these PAH licenses to end users? Irrespective of whether you are running a heavy traffic site, a legacy program or even a huge business premise we can work together to ensure performance and also meet your business demands. Navisite’s team of client-focused client managers and technical client managers deliver world-class service and support for Oracle hosting services clients. Services offered include Application Performance Monitoring, Infrastructure Monitoring, Log Analytics, Orchestration, IT Analytics, Configuration and Compliance, Security Monitoring, and Analytics. Let HOSTING’s experts help you realize the full potential of your Oracle database assets.

Oracle has an internal IT team that proposes a detailed and comprehensive solution to your business problems by providing guidance as per your business requisites. Especially since many organizations see their support fees increasing year over year, without them actually using more of Oracle’s software programs. 1 You can access your database with additional tools like TOAD or Oracle SQL Developer through a VPN Client connection.

Is there a catch?

The first MSP Partner in Europe to underpin a customer’s E-Business Suite solution with Oracle IaaS. We operate from our PCI compliant data centre complex, hosting and managing customer applications and databases in an efficient, secure and environmentally-friendly manner. This ensures our high security standards. Managing an Oracle Cloud solution can be complicated. If you are an IT company or solution provider and you do develop your own applications on the Oracle Database and/or Middleware software programs, you should determine if you want to deliver the solution as a hosted service or if you want to deliver the solution as a total solution at the customer’s own infrastructure/datacenter. We have successfully completed over 1,000 cloud migrations, using modern replication tools to accomplish cut over in hours, not days. The services offered include Identity Cloud Service and CASB Cloud Service. Use our Web Presence Builder to create your own.

Requesting New Databases

Learn more about Oracle hosting services from Navisite, as well as other managed hosting enterprise services and Navisite mobile enterprise solutions. Every journey to the cloud is unique. We often need to apply these every quarter, unless the vulnerability stated in the security fixes is either very limited or does not affect our products.

Oracle database is widely known as one of the most robust database platforms however there can also be significant complexity in configuring and managing it.

We are well placed to assist Oracle in their vision of delivering software as a service. Oracle’s database products are some of the most powerful database technologies in the world, but they are rather complex. Our in-house experts will make sure that your database operates at peak efficiency. Oracle has awarded Telenor Business Solutions as “The hosting service provider of the year for Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA). A rather attractive option. Oracle hosting services from Navisite. Navisite manages all aspects of the service delivery infrastructure, including networks, servers, operating systems, databases and interfaces to complementary applications.

2 Our network and infrastructure is redundant and monitored 24*7. The only advise you can give your end users is to obtain the appropriate amount of Full Use license from Oracle or from one of its authorized re-sellers. Telenor is Norway’s leading enterprise in the distribution of voice, information, knowledge and entertainment and, in addition to its operations in the domestic market, is engaged in extensive and fast growing business operations in a number of countries in Europe and South-East Asia. In case a Proprietary Application Hosting deal is presented to you, first thing to think about is if you are an end user or an IT company or solution provider developing its own applications.

  • These applications may be built on the underlying Oracle Middleware and/or Database software programs.
  • You can access highly effective while meeting strict control and compliance issues using our dedicated servers that are hosted custom made.
  • Many times, verbally referred to as the “Full Use – Plus” agreement.

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And what is your objective? All legitimate Oracle experts publish their Oracle qualifications. It even lets you put Oracle Cloud in your own data center. Free migration service for new customers who require assistance with database imports and applications (up to 5 applications). Accelerate your IT journey from being a reactive cost center to a proactive and agile enabler that serves as a business partner for your company’s digital strategy. We provide our clients with the freedom of choice on the Oracle server hosting options we have. Built from the same expertise as Dyn's best-in-class Managed DNS solution, Hosting providers get the same fast, reliable and secure service, priced to fit the economic needs of your business.

This cloud platform offers a data management platform for database workloads as well as hyper-scale Big Data and Streaming workloads including OLTP, Warehousing, Machine Learning, Text Search, Image Analytics and Deep-Learning. These sales representatives are responsible for selling new licenses and/or cloud. We provide the infrastructure for you to run your Oracle software without having to worry about the hardware and the system administration that goes along with it.

This form is required to be completed by the IT company/solution provider, including the specific functions of the proprietary application running on the Oracle Database and/or Middleware software. Our experts are always available when advice is required in deciding you preferred method. Contact us today.

I also appreciate the fact that it is physically located in a data center with fast Internet access both in and out.

By reassigning application management to a service provider companies can refocus internal IT resources on more profitable corporate goals.

Why Consider Oracle Management and Application Hosting Services

Enhanced query processing, such as pushing aggregations to the Hadoop cluster nodes. We aim to help in scaling up your business to new heights. Velocity’s Oracle EBS Hosting Service provides clients with both the hardware and infrastructure necessary to ensure a stable, scalable, and secure environment for optimal performance of your Oracle E-Business Suite Modules. You can choose the one that suits you but one thing is sure that our database is secure and fits your expert needs and cost. If you find an error or have a suggestion for improving our content, we would appreciate your feedback. Oracle’s primary environmental impacts relate to: The platform allows Oracle databases to be deployed on demand in cloud environment with Real Application Clusters, data security, and granular controls.

These solutions are built for customers who want take advantage of highly available and geographically-dispersed Oracle Private Cloud Appliance environments. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us, we are happy to help. Content and Experience:

However, if the end user that wants to make use of the application would need to buy its own Full Use licenses for the underlying Oracle Database and/or Middleware software programs, the total solution may become too expensive.

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If you are an end user that is making use of applications of other third-party suppliers (e. )Enciva offers high performance Oracle cloud hosting at affordable prices. Enciva LLC provides Oracle hosting services to clients in over 35 countries worldwide. In other words, if you use the software to support your own business operations you are allowed to use these licenses.

It come features such as 1. If you use the software to support the business operations of a third party (e. )Easy interfaces into Oracle include SQL*Plus and SQL Developer. Oracle is committed to meeting the needs of our customers, including helping our customers use information technology to meet environmental challenges.


If you want to deliver the solution at the customer’s own infrastructure/datacenter, you may consider to enter into an Application Specific Full Use or Embedded Software License Agreement with Oracle, in which you have the right to distribute the solution towards your end users with these restricted use rights included. Secure-24 Cloud Advantage for Oracle is the first to leverage the Oracle Private Cloud Appliance in two data centers, purpose-built for disaster recovery. Our servers run the latest generation Intel Xeon processors backed by all SSD storage. You may have a very simple SaaS or PaaS set up, with very little integration and therefore most of your technical requirement will sit with Oracle but this will still require some form of managememt. Get contact with our experts. Starting from January 2020, In addition to Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services and IBM Cloud, your projects can now be hosted in Oracle Cloud. MultiBrand ASA is a leader within employee benefit management in the Norwegian market.

This is something a small company like mine cannot easily do on our own. Services include Database, Database Backup, Big Data, Big Data Cloud, Event Hub, MySQL, NoSQL Database, Data Hub, Autonomous Data Warehouse Cloud, and Autonomous Transaction Processing. This way, you can minimize the costs related to hiring, preparation and then training of internal teams, which will reduce a lot of the time taken by your business to recoup investments.

Our specialists at Go4hosting, in collaboration with Oracle, are highly trained to manage the essentials of your business by emphasizing on Oracle Managed Services. “We are pleased to be one of the preferred partners of Oracle in Europe. It is ideal for large enterprise class databases with a large or medium number of concurrent users.