Media Temple Review: Pricey Hosting But Here's Why it Might Pay Off for You

DDoS & intrusion protection.

Easily launch your website with 1-click staging and centralized control panels. Technical specifications, we use affiliate links to earn commissions from the products reviewed and recommended on our pages. Most of them do not even use Media Temple themselves. There is a lot of competition in web hosting, and there are less expensive options than Media Temple. To test this out, I signed up for a different hosting platform (cloudways), one of the few that will give you a free hosting trial period without even giving them a credit card number.

Updates and editor's note: If dedicated hosting is what you need, then Media Temple is definitely a hosting company worth considering. However, as a brand, Media Temple has long been known for quality, and the comprehensive support options will give most users the backing they need to get their site off the ground. If you’re a small business owner like me, you probably also have a few websites. Entice at least some of their customers to use one of these lightweight, efficiently coded premium themes, rather than more server-intensive themes like f. And best of all: Self-managed plans are meant for advanced users and give you up to 64GB of RAM, 500GB of storage, and 8TB of bandwidth. Now that we know what hosting plans Media Temple has I can now evaluate their uptime, performance, and customer service.

There are three shared Grid plans, each with its own variables and similarities. Moreover all servers use SSD storage and best of hardware so your site on the grid loads much faster. If your concern is growth and scalability for the largest, most resource intensive sites, Media Temple offers managed AWS (Amazon Web Services) solutions that can auto-scale. The recently introduced VPS tier adds to an already strong feature set, but like other Media Temple plans, it may prove pricey for small business owners. Hardware, network, and infrastructure is backed by Media Temple’s 99. If you're looking to get into the web hosting business but you don't want to deal with infrastructure matters, reseller hosting is the way to go. I purchased two years of the GoGeek (includes staging, advanced caching, top-notch servers with fewer users, etc.) Because they’re the best.

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(92 Per Month at A2 Hosting) charges for its entry-level plan: This seems unfair when you pay to host your site and there’s an expectation that you’ll get help to set it up. Enjoy reading it – and let me know what you think! The storage and visitor limits seem fair for these type of packages. Unlike other shared hosting services that suspend your account with a small spike in your web traffic, with media temple hosting grid service extra resources from additional servers are used to keep your site functioning when there is a sudden surge in traffic.

Yes, Media Temple offers many services like full migration assistance, security assistance/protection against malware and other types of attacks against websites, and server system administration. Oliver @ WebMatros: One is in El Segundo, CA, and one in Ashton, VA. Horrible support and unstable, slow servers, seems to be the norm, and few people are truly satisfied – let alone happy – with their web hosting. The higher plans also include access to TrueSpeed CDN from SiteLock, which distributes the content of your website across multiple data centers, serving it to customers from closest centers, thereby leading to a huge performance boost to your website. 24/7/365 support. 🤔What About Media Temple WordPress Hosting?

And until you have them create a custom plan, the most your website will be able to handle is 400,000 monthly visits, which is 100,000 less than Media Temple’s Professional plan. So, you need a web hosting service that gives you the flexibility to create attractive, functional websites. In addition, it offers a premium support package called CloudTech, which you can purchase one-off support assistance or pay for assistance by subscription. However, this builder seems stagnant. Their nameservers might not have been approved by DK Hostmaster (the monopoly controlling the. )Next up the ladder from shared hosting is virtual private server hosting. I have one site on Media Temple and it is great but the site I launched in February 2020 is a constant struggle. In fact, you might be surprise to hear they have been in business since 1998.

Meaning for the most part Media Temple does live up to their 99.

Reliability & Uptime

And though I’d recommend the former as the first place to start in selecting a host, quite often I encounter folks who’ve jumped right into the latter, and it’s those people for whom I write this post. Navigate complex setups easily with Media Temple’s helpful Sidekick Walkthroughs for WordPress hosting. (But don’t expect Media Temple to evolve into a ThemeForest competitor;) According to Jon Setzen, Media Temple’s Creative Director, they’d rather create a handful really great themes, than hundreds of sporadic, mediocre ones. Clustered hosting does have a drawback though! I tried to sign up for a personal hosting plan.

They offer WordPress Hosting, Shared Hosting, VPS Hosting, Website Builder, Managed Amazon Cloud, WordPress on AWS, Dedicated Hosting, (mt) One and Managed Services. Offering integrated support, around-the-clock monitoring, and automatic updates, users can enjoy a comprehensive hosting experience. Click on the type of hosting that you wish to purchase. You have to log into the Account Center to send a tech support message. More on those below. Support and uptime, by now, you should have a better understanding of who uses AWS and how. Finally, if you already have a website and need help moving it, you can employ the site mover.

  • What can redeem Media Temple’s pricing?
  • You can choose from month-to-month billing, yearly, 2 year or 3 year contract.
  • Enter the domain name that you wish to add to your hosting account.
  • It also features a dedicated MySQL database container to isolate mission-critical databases, a one-click cart, a clustered architecture for improved uptime, and GIT integration for efficient version control.
  • This has a number of user generated articles which really do show you how to do anything you could possibly want to do with Media Temple.
  • So of course I’ll also say what I find “less likable” about this WordPress hosting offer.

What do the Hosting Plans Available with Media Temple?

After using Media Temple’s hosting for a while, I found that the price meant very high-quality performance and technical specifications. Shared web hosting and WordPress hosting, for example, start at $20 a month. However, their dedicated server plans only offer a seven-day money back guarantee. The infrastructure is well-designed.

Luckily I’ve tested out Media Temple personally. That web hosting type draws resources from multiple servers, which makes it easy to scale power as needed. First up is their shared hosting plans, starting at $20 per month for 20GB of SSD storage, 1,000 email accounts and 1TB in monthly data transfers. This type of corporate responsibility is not something just anyone will offer you.

Oddly, that site has only 2 blog posts, both posted on Oct. Virb has music features, letting you stream individual tracks and albums from SoundCloud and sell products using Bandcamp. However, please keep in mind that hosting companies often change their pricing, as well as equipment, so you should still visit their website to get the most up-to-date information. Enfold or Avada. It has a separate Website Builder plan, which provides the Virb software for drag-and-drop website creation. However, if you have used Media Temple in the past I would love to hear what you have to say about them. Every other option can be found there including CloudTech, Security & CDN which is also a nice plus. Click on the media temple offer code link for product you wish to purchase and copy the promo code for use on their website mediatemple.


– Thanks to Media Temple’s innovative Grid hosting platform, your website will load quickly and can handle traffic spikes without downtime. A comprehensive statement of support provides a clear list of what you can and can’t be helped with. That’s not uncommon for less expensive hosting companies, however, so it’s a good thing Media Temple does well in other ways. For security, you can buy an SSL certificate for $75 per year. For a higher price, they offer managed VPS which comes with a choice of two control panels: If you want to compare hosting plans from MediaTemple with plans from other web hosts, try our simple Hosting Wizard.

For your reference, here are the comparison results I checked using Pingdom Website Speed Test Tool. Best free web hosting:, instead of typing at the command line, you'll click easily identifiable icons. If you sign up for PRO annual, you are entitled to 2 domains and 2 SSL certificates included in your deal. Unfortuntely, shared hosting isn't a very powerful web hosting type.

200GB transfers a month (Plus.

They were a major lifesaver and they’ve always jumped to help any time I needed it. Fog hosting support center 24x7, in response, the client makes a request to the server identified in the link and, in return, receives a document or other object formatted according to HTML. Even though there are hardly any complaints that are being submitted to Media Temple, the web hosting provider still makes their customer support superior. SSL certificates are not cheap, but if you take into consideration the already more than reasonable cost of Media Temple’s hosting options adding on SSL is doable. With media temple, you have the ability to create numerous email accounts in order to best manage communication on your site. No big deal with 99. Is it Worth the Price? If you are interested in cloud-based hosting, Media Temple offers plans where your site is hosted using Amazon Web Services’ infrastructure. These plans include TrueSpeed CDN from SiteLock which makes your sites load faster for people all over the world.

Scalability which enables your site to stay online when experiencing a traffic surge.

Media Temple Hosting: A Solid Plan for Every WordPress Blogger

I read the bad reviews, but figured that people were being dramatic. The packages vary in the number of sites you can build, the storage and database allocations, and the maximum bandwidth allocated to your account. GO WITH WPENGINE! The first part is still true in my opinion, but the second part isn’t. Live phone support is available 24/7 via the number on their site. The lowest price on their dedicated server plans starts around $2020 per month. These are “Graphics Processing Units. All data was gone.

There’s both a bite-sized chart and a list that goes into extreme detail. The founder of Media Temple,initially created Intergress Technologies in 1998. Furthermore, those who are looking for bottom-of-the-barrel pricing won't find that here. Pantheon, most of support questions were answered within an hour or two. As usual, you’ll need to take a look at the specifics of what you want, but about any Media Tem,ple product is guaranteed to at least be reliable and secure. Some of those add-ons will be necessary, too, especially if performance and security are at the top of your list. Choose 1 year term for 33% OFF promo price You will see several addon recommendations like, Domain Validated SSL, Google Apps etc. Because of the clever GPU architecture, they’re not overselling, so you are actually allowed to use all that storage and bandwidth. It’s a great alternative, feature-wise, to Media Temple’s shared hosting if you want their quality but not at those price points.

Is Media Temple Web Hosting Right for You?

They’re usually pretty easy to use, but Virb also makes the hosting side painless, which is a nice bonus. Choose from two plans (Personal and Pro) based on the number of sites you need and your traffic level. There are three levels, aimed at the various levels of expertise by the client. Please note that 33% OFF discount is applicable only on Personal or Pro plan. This makes it a good choice for those new to coding and established designers and devs looking for a solid web host for client projects. Their plans function by usingcontrol panel which are the most common in the hosting industry. Dedicated hosting is typically a web host's most powerful tier. Also, because of Media Temple’s hosting power, clients have more room before they need to upgrade to a better hosting package, even though they have already uploaded lots of media files on their various websites that are managed on a single server.

ReviewsCustomer Ratings

I’ve also mentioned quite a few times that Media Temple’s gist is a higher price for better quality. But how is their customer support? Free domain is included. Pay more and the upgrade happened at the push of a button. Sometimes you need the help of another person, guiding your way or considering an issue from a different angle.

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I have been a web developer since the 90s. Self-managed dedicated server will cost you $2020 per month, Managed dedicated server will cost you $2500 per month and fully managed dedicated server will cost you $2,699 per month. 95 per month for that length of time. Give people what they are paying for It shocks me that MediaTemple doesn't feel it necessary to give any fair warning of upcoming bills in the form of 'this is due on this date' invoices you can access in your admin (see the photo I posted here of the past 'invoices' - each of which should have said $50 with a due date. )Recently my credit card issued me a new card and MT cancelled my account after their two emails went to my spam file. They are on their way to becoming one of the biggest Web Host Companies in the world. “You've heard all the buzzwords:

However, a variety of smaller users can still find a good deal in Media Temple.

Their price points are comparable to, if not lower than, other similar providers, too.

Media Temple review

So is Media Temple another hidden gem—less well known, but secretly selling the top-tier hosting packages? Personal ($20 per month) offers 20GB of solid-state storage, 1,000 email accounts, 1TB of monthly data transfers, and the ability to host 100 websites. The host who locked down our account – FTP and phpMyAdmin/database access included (aka: )Why do I say that?

It currently hosts more than 1. For those who enjoy the stability and security of WordPress but prefer to take a hands-off approach, managed plans provide a perfect marriage between design capabilities and speed. That said, Media Temple leans toward being more complicated for the average person. Most services include some type of website builder, so it is a little surprising that Media Temple does not.

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Emergency clean-up of malware and removing your name from blacklists (a monthly fee). Cost – $60/month. Then, I cancelled it, but still had to call customer service for a refund. Luckily, if web security is not your forte, you can buy CloudTech’s “security pack” for peace of mind. For those looking for premium quality, Media Temple is certainly worth considering. As a currently unhappy customer in the process of moving my hosting to a competitor, I can't help but wonder how many of these issues stem from MediaTemple being acquired by GoDaddy. 1 TB per month. Good, cheap web hosting, sSL Certificate will give you more time to focus on product sales. There are a couple of complaints that show when GoDaddy acquired them there were some issues with uptime.

Managed dedicated hosting service includes regular updates and patches, automatic system backups and malware scan and removal service. Starting at $20. Best of the blog, top ICANN-Accredited Domain Registrar. Because of Media Temple’s hosting power, big websites that have a lot of media files and tons of visitors monthly still have a fast page load, making them the best designer web hosting. Contributing writer: Typically, I like to see a response time under 20 ms. Hello admin-ajax.

As I do not, nor have ever used Media Temple to host my websites with, I am basing this review on what other people who do are saying about it, and I will try to give you the good with the bad, so that you can make a more informed decision.

Overview of Media Temple Hosting Plans

VA-IDC4 has 300000 gross square feet and 171300 raised square feet (critical load is of 36. )Allocating each (gs) customer a fixed amount (2. )In my Media Temple review, I have written about their various hosting plans and features of Media Temple which I like. This plan costs $20 a month, and features: If site performance and reliability matter to you, look no further than Media Temple's Grid hosting service. SSL certificates give you a minor Google ranking boost as well. If for some reason, you’d like to have your WordPress hosting on a VPS (virtual server) then I highly recommend:

But when my site got featured on a couple of web design and photography portals:

However, like I said the feedback in regards to uptime seems to be pretty decent. When it comes to dedicated servers Media Temple’s plans are bit expensive. It’s essential you also do your own backups. “Never had any problem with them. I’ve been happy ever since. The company maintained its brand name even after the acquisition and still operates as an independent company.

Cloud hosting (managed, and via Amazon Web Services) does not have preset prices—you’ll need to contact for that.

Currently, they are managing more than 130,000 customers and providing web hosting, business application, virtual servers, and cloud-based services to 1.

Pricing and Payment Methods

Personal – for just $20 you get to host two sites. I recall it being due to a practical matter, rather than a technical matter. Shared hosting is the cheapest form of web hosting.

An odd signal to send!

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(10/GB over 10TB). Back in April, I joined Media Temple’s WordPress hosting service and paid for a full year. The company also puts out detailed self-help materials in case you need assistance setting up your hosting, building your website, and so on. On the Shopping Cart page, you will find “Any other info you want to give us? Mediatemple shared hosting, popularly known as Media Temple Grid, is not any standard shared hosting that limits the customers to the resources of a single server. Knowledgeable customer service reps.

Media Temple Coupons:

These plans include one-click installs of applications like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, and options for e-commerce. ✅Which one is better Media Temple vs GoDaddy? What one-click installers are provided?

I moved over to Amazon Lightsail. If you feel this Media Temple review has helped you please feel free to share it on any social media sites you use. Ready to get started with Media Temple? They can move any site that's compatible with their hosting products. The company delivers service to its customers 24/7/365, and assistance is available via chat, Twitter, phone, or support request.

I want your feedback too! There are 6 layers of plans from Level 1 through Level 6, just like DV developer. Personal ($20 per month) and Pro ($60 per month). Remember though: Server space reselling is not only known to MediaTemple but is advocated by them.

Media Temple SSL

Their community page is certainly one of the better community pages. Additionally, plans include Git version control, as well as SSH and SFTP access for encrypted transmissions. WordPress sites are right at home here, with full management services available in 4 scalable plans. Furthermore, when comparing the real costs, Media Temple gives its users more for their money. Moving around from host to host over the course of my 10+ years online, I’ve found Media Temple to provide affordable, awesome hosting and excellent customer service. Their solutions like mediatemple grid service are known world over for being the best in offering reliability and performance. Free one-click script installer solely for Drupal, WordPress and Zen Cart.