Best Blog Hosting Sites: Which Web Host Is Better For Blogging?

Today, Growth Marketing Pro is not only one of my greatest sources of happiness but it also generates a good portion of my income! The hosting reviews reflect the top quality services that they offer for all. I used HostGator for years, and I still recommend their affordable Blog hosting plan for all. Readers can tip or pay to read posts using cryptocurrency.

  • That basically allows hosts to offer the same benefits as dedicated hosting (i.)
  • The downside of posting on these free hosting platforms is that they often have restrictions on marketing and selling.
  • Wix is a good platform for the medium-level users who have time and patience to create a website.
  • Shared hosting plans often come with unlimited disk space and bandwidth.

It’s also a great way to connect with like-minded people. Your website will be assigned a customer support squad that isn't just super-knowledgeable in all things WordPress, but one that also ensures that you don't have to ever worry about going into your site's back end to do anything other than create content. The best thing is that you don’t have to know the technicalities of managing a web hosting service. It also has its own analytics dashboard, so you can see where your website’s traffic is coming from, what pages your visitors are looking at, how they’re engaging with your content and so much more. Or start the conversation in our Facebook group for WordPress professionals. Weebly is another site builder with a modular approach and a web-based interface.

Medium’s account backend looks and feels suspiciously similar to LinkedIn’s. FREE plan is all the way at the bottom. Asp host, however, unlike most things coming out of Redmond, ASP. The basic WordPress. How does it work?

They provide 24/7/365 customer support via chat, email and phone.

HostGator Web Hosting

If you want, you can buy and use your own domain. 99/month, while the Dynamo plan is built for more dynamic sites, and it costs $8. In addition, there may be significant limits on your site’s bandwidth and performance.

Wix’s name will be in your URL, and there will be Wix advertising on your site. If you are looking for free blog hosting platforms, you can check out the guide here. See a detailed review: All it takes is a quick Google search. Can you start hosting on aws? It is known to perform great in terms of speed and support. Why do I need to pay for blog hosting? That way, you can play around with all of these different blogging platforms, while at the same time having access to some of their most premium themes, and unlimited stock photos too. All posts are private by default.

  • You can create a simple and basic blog with WordPress.
  • Google can suspend your blog at any time, or even cancel the Blogger service altogether.
  • Creative expression is an important part of what makes us human.
  • It is not search optimized.
  • What I really like about Kinsta is their friendly support and excellent architect to host WordPress website.
  • You have much less freedom and control, but you benefit from WP’s own hosting services.
  • Kinsta is a WordPress-only hosting.

Moreover, the platform comes with built-in analytics and lets you use your own customized domain (for which you need to pay). WordPress gives you the greatest potential to grow as a free blogging site (without forcing you to migrate your site soon after you get started). Each platform comes with search engine marketing credits and built-in tools to optimize your search performance.

On the front-end, you get a Medium vibe, so it’s nice. Unlimited bandwidth and storage, a free domain, SEO tools, mobile responsiveness, free SSL certificates, 1-click script installs and drag-and-drop website builders are just some of the tools blog hosts provide to help you easily create exceptional blogs. 5 million websites around the world, provides Linux and Windows administration services, and develops software for our clients. Why use wcf? As the label implies, self-hosting requires you to write the code necessary to initialize the ServiceHost and manage its lifetime. If you need assistance via phone, you’ll have to purchase the phone support addon separately.

How many words per article should I have? The free version of Weebly includes weebly. The free CDN, affordable pricing and 37-second customer support make it one of the best WordPress hosting if you are ready to stretch your pocket a bit. Squarespace has different pricing plans for websites and online stores. Just remember that, to really make money online as a blogger, you must pay a hosting provider and create a self-hosted WordPress blog. Types of blogs Penzu is more of a personal diary. So there are tiers in hosting. 👉 Best for…people who are more comfortable editing the content directly on the front-end of the site.

  • Includes SEO Tools, Google Analytics support, Unlimited Storage, plus the option to install third-party themes and plugins, and remove the WordPress.
  • You are starting on a completely blank canvas with only a couple of small buttons with extra options.
  • Using their Partner Program you can get paid based on how Medium’s paying members engage with your content.


Unlimited — from $13. Free SSL Certificates: Probably one of the best things about Blogger as a free blog site, is the ability to run AdSense ads on your page. When I say “hundreds of apps,” I am not exaggerating one bit. To put it simply and to show you why this platform called “hosted” let’s focus on the name (domain name) of your blog.

Starting from $8 per month. Set “Automated backups” to “Once a week”. You can post videos, images, audio clips, text, GIFs, and links to your blog, which can be accessed by other Tumblr users and the Internet at large.

IPage ($1.99/month)

Bluehost is officially recommended by WordPress, and they host over 2 million websites worldwide. I sure wasn’t expecting that kind of traffic when I launched my personal blog! While someone might achieve better results by posting a few short posts per day, another blogger might have it better by posting just one or two articles per month. But before you begin writing furiously, you need to choose the best blogging platform to create and host your blog on the internet. Either way, you’ve come to the best resource for best web hosting comparison!

No surprise renewal increases or fees. A home computer is not set up for properly hosting your own website (without some serious modifications and expenses). Sure, there are a few in-built templates, but they look pretty basic and unimpressive. What is vps web hosting?, these services include email hosting, website marketing, email marketing, etc. All you need is a domain, web hosting, and blogging software. 9% - this allows almost 45 minutes of downtime. The app center is constantly growing making it easy to find the extensions for any task. This is when Penzu is useful. Because of Bluehost’s ease of use and its 1-click WordPress installation, we consider it the best web hosting for small business owners and beginners.

Find Your Blog Hosting Service

For $29 per month, you get a blog that can be viewed by up to 100,000 people, 2 staff users (admins), and up to 1,000 members (people who are subscribed to your blog). Making money with your blog, pricing for the hosted version starts at /month for 2 staff users with a 100k page view limit. Drupal is not an easy platform to learn. InMotion Hosting and WPEngine are well-known for their WordPress offerings.

LifeType LifeType is a blogging solution supporting multiple blogs and users within one install.

TypePad is owned by the Endurance International Group (EIG). You can select Mumbai data center. 000WebHost includes no ads, quick loading times, and 10GB of bandwidth with the free hosting plan. WordPress is used by 34. For those looking for a simpler, self-hosted and open-source blogging platform alternative to WordPress. In addition to fast load times, unlimited web space and free migrations, Lyrical never increases their prices. You also need to pay for the external hosting fees. The best blogging platform should be simple to learn and use.

Most blog hosting solutions come with a range of features to help your blog soar. After the optional step of buying a domain, you’ll see your blog dashboard. Launched in 2020, it doesn’t need any introduction except the long list of sites using it today and the fact that it powers around 25% of blogs on the web. Whoops… I did not know that! Now, to make your life easier here are my final recommendations for the best WordPress hosting: The platform provides a wide range of themes to choose from as well as plugins so you can make your blog your own. Whether we are referring to the self-hosted version on WP.

Best Blog Hosting Services of 2020

HostGator has always been a top choice hosting provider for WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and other CMSs. What are the advantages of a free blog host? And then depending on how much you want to build yourself vs spend in rent, you can decide what features come built into the space. HostGator plans are known for their abundance of features and affordable pricing. And this is what it looks like when it’s published. With paid hosting your blog will show up as www. Free to create. For those who want a simple hobby blog, or for those who just want to see if they enjoy blogging, WordPress.