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Providing many quality tools for personal as well as business requirements, high reliability, unique features, solid support and a 60 day money-back guarantee, that is a hosting company you can’t go wrong with. Eleven2 offers a competitive range of web hosting services that have a broad appeal. CPanel is very simple to use, and it makes it very easy to transfer your website from a hosting company to the other. Eleven2 In 2020:

Also, they offer hosting packages at a discount if you want to buy, be it for a year, two or three in advance. They also provide a number of cloud hosting plans that are structured similarly. Or are they ripping them to shreds over problems and issues? Now with more than 60,000 web sites behind us and years of experience, eleven2 has become a world-class hosting provider that is here to stay. However, Eleven2 has been said to go downhill gradually and has a disputed issue in network uptime. The S-300 package is a step up from the S-200 with 500 GB disk space and 40,000 GB bandwidth. They offer email and live chat support 24/7/365, which seem to be functioning pretty satisfactory. Do.make things happen, if you want to register a . Rated B+ by the Better Business Bureau, Eleven2’s shared web hosting plans are backed by a 99.

47 for reseller holding alternative, the judgment is: This web hosting company provided me quality hosting and surely I agree that it is a wonderful hosting company. Eleven2 web hosting offers quite a few features in order to give their customers a lot of versatility when it comes to building as well as managing their particular website. Within each of these categories they have quite a few different options, which helps to ensure that you will be able to find a good fit for you no matter the type of site you run. Resellers, dedicated server and cloud server hosting customers also receive WHM alongside cPanel to administer their sites. Extra security and tools are available in the form of a universal server firewall that instantly blocks threats, hotlink protection via the control panel, and custom cron jobs to handle updates and automated tasks. The reseller account gives you much more functionalities and features than any other such as unlimited bandwidth, MySQL databases etc. Therefore, you are just waiting on Eleven2 to reply to you through a support ticket.

However, I have not been so blown away by Eleven2 that I would recommend them without any reservations to someone who needed a hosting service.

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They want their user to be happy, satisfied and stay with them for a longer term. Read our Eleven2 Hosting review to see why we consistently recommend Eleven2 for there affordable and user-friendly approach in our top five hosting lists. We had to inspire change. The uptime is guaranteed and the servers are always monitored so any problem can be fixed in a matter of minutes.

We are pleased to report that Eleven2 maintained a perfect 100% reliability during our uptime testing.

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And plenty of companies want to paint themselves in this light, so how can you know it’s true? That being said, shared hosting plans seem to be a little on the lean side and you don't even get a free SSL certificate with this host. So, Eleven2 does state they have excellent hardware and their performance is great. Hexa-Core Xeon e5-2620. The SSD server plans are the SSD-100, SSD-200, and SSD-300. Does each store price match? This is what should be but recent reviews online show that there is a problem with their uptimes especially in their London servers. It can be activated by cPanel in a couple of clicks.

00/month, $384. They are freakin' awesome. The intelligent thing to do would be to list the various vital factors that need consideration such as required features, budget, skill levels of staff members, company size etc.

They offer quick and fast reply to your ticket and make certain that the customers are satisfied with services. Shane ★★★★★ My past hosting experiences have been. Meaning that if you need to get ahold of them at anytime you should be able to do so. Overall, Eleven2 is great for blogs of all sizes, and any shops you may run alongside them.


Although their main market is North America, they have data centers in the U. 5+ Stars from me. Your websites static content will be cached on servers all around the world! No, just read the terms.

You can choose from the super popular WHMCS, or ClientEXEC. Users should adhere to applicable internet laws and operate within the regulations of the terms of service. I have seen very few things in the hosting world that have surprised me or that I haven’t seen before (I was a server admin for a while). This company has the #1 Support in the industry, and I've been with SMALL company's, and LARGE company's, and in-between company's, none of them have provided the level of service, and support that E2 has provided me. VPS hosting plans are ideal if you have multiple websites to host or have a large amount of traffic. Shared plans include support for PHP, MySQL, Perl, Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Python, and Curl.

A lot of these problems can be traced back to their customer support. Application hosting with citrix, chromebook users must use the HTML5 Citrix Receiver. Does each store have a valid privacy policy? One thing I liked was their custom branding for cpanel (which I love cpanel, very easy to use) while this is not revolutionary in itself, it looked really nice and was a lot better than just using the regular old default cheap cpanel look.

The latter three plans are starting at $10, $20, $40 originally, coming with unlimited domains, free instant setup.

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Performance varies from host to host. Are they ranting and raving about their top of the line infrastructure? Not once have we had any major issues with Eleven2, they are a class of their own. Additionally, customers can save 40% discount for the 1 year plan while 55% discount for the 2 and 3 years plan. It is one of the few hosting sites that seem to have a challenge when it comes to answering support issues with their clients. Note that we focus on some important hosting aspects like price, control panel, features, performance and support, etc. Eleven2 offers web hosting on cloud servers with a choice of Linux-based operating systems.

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If a client doesn't already have a hosting account, I get them signed up with Eleven2. Details¶, there seems to be a mismatch in balance here and I am sure that I have not caught everything. Cyrus ★★★★★ I signed up because they accept unverified PayPal and I am a student without a credit card. Moreover, they are one of the few companies that have designed mobile apps through which you can access all the needed statistics related to your hosting account.

As is our practice, we selected the cheapest available plan, the S-100, for purposes of testing and review and proceeded to checkout.

This makes them one of the top contenders when choosing a web hosting provider that can live up to the anticipated expectations that people have when looking for a web hosting company that can fit their particular web hosting needs. I really, just see those two major issues to be enough to pick another host. Eleven2 is a small hosting company that simply isn’t a match for big brands like. Its exclusive reseller web hosting plan is priced at $13. Important links, you have such a variety of alternatives with regards to making your site. In addition to shared hosting, Eleven2 offers four reseller hosting plans, three VPS (virtual private server) plans, and four dedicated server plans. Eleven2 also offers managed VPS servers for those big blogs that have long outgrown shared hosting. Good support staff, friendly, helpful and fast. Eleven2 have a giant network of data centers across the various important points on the globe like London, California, Chicago, Singapore etc.

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  • A lot of other hosting companies you don’t learn this until you are almost ready to check out.
  • The four Eleven2 data centres are found in Texas and North Carolina, London and Singapore, and are monitored round the clock.

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All of us at Eleven2 are a lot like you, making it easier for us to understand and deliver exactly what it is that you need. Quick, professional, and easy to use sums up this host. We started out on the $6/mo. This web host also uses Facebook and Twitter for customer interaction. The basis is strong and reliable using a 4 level totally managed data unit having multi gigabit internet backbone connections, redundant power systems, network level packet filtering, network attack protection and managed automated back-up copies. Let's put Eleven2 to the test. When I do this activity by means of the Reseller Hosting choice, it’s nearly the very same speed. 00 per month depending on the package selected.

As we only require the hosting account for testing and reviewing, we selected the monthly billing cycle and proceeded to step 4. Wordpress hosting summary:, you can expect strong server performance and solid customer service from them, along with a myriad of hosting services such as shared, VPS, dedicated, and reseller hosting. Does each store support coupon stacking? Klarna financing : Read some Eleven2 Hosting Services reviews and investigate each of the other solutions in your shortlist in detail. Just having that extra little security blanket is something that really goes a long way.

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USER RATING OUTSTANDING Features Support Performance Pricing I've been using eleven2. Screenshot of Eleven2 Billing Cycle selection page. However, the so-called friendly “phone call” support is not toll-free and only opens from 2 a. For those who are more visual, watch one of the many tutorials that take you step-by-step through the variety of web hosting services Eleven2 offers.

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The increase in visitors many times takes longer than expected and you shouldn’t pay a lot of money until the need arises. Just like any other Web hosting company, Eleven2 focus on all the types of hosting such as VPS hosting, shared hosting, cloud hosting and dedicated servers. Their support is second to none, in my 3 years I have had 100% uptime and been treated as an individual, valued customer from the support team. They are doing there thing, and I love it.

While there is no explicit hosting plans dedicated to WordPress, Joomla, Drupal or other CMSs, Eleven2 fully supports WordPress websites.

This version of a control panel always uses the latest version of the very popular and user-friendly cPanel, and includes even more features. Ruby on Rails. I have a fantastic package which includes UNLIMITED server space and bandwidth and pretty much UNLIMITED features. Eleven2 does have an active Twitter account which is great for quick questions, but some customers are directed back to the helpdesk for further support. USER RATING OUTSTANDING Features Support Performance Pricing They are great – I wish their IPs were cheaper – but the uptime is awesome and the support is fast – I can always get ahold of them on live chat or phone call.

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A few people that I know and trust had told me about them, so I decided to give it a try.

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Eleven2 does not provide a guaranteed server uptime for VPS, cloud, and dedicated servers, but its packages do guarantee 99. They definitely do not seem to aim things at people who are not pretty technically savvy to start with. Even when it's almost 10: There are no obvious news stories surrounding Eleven2 in the usual tech blogs and high-profile news sites. Eleven2 has the resources to meet any and all hosting needs. All shared hosting accounts come with cPanel access as standard. The only times I've ever had a problems with my site, their support has been quick to respond and tell me (politely) that the issue was on my end. This VPS hosting also is scalable, so you’ll never run out of resources.

Moosambie ★★★★★ With a solid reputation since quite a time now, I have been using the hosting services from Eleven2 since its very establishment. We can’t afford to monitor our sites through Pingdom tools and every second our website is down we are loosing money or dealing with our clients that demand answers to why their website is down. USER RATING OUTSTANDING Features Support Performance Pricing I'm using eleven2 for 2 years 6 months or may be more.

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Eleven2 hosting has had a history of fairly unpredictable server uptime. I have had extremely positive experience with their customer support and that`s really important to me as I am not a professional. 48 SSD R-300 Unlimited 150GB 3TB USA $24. Media >>>, if your organization wants to keep the Exchange server infrastructure on-premises, we also offer managed services for on-premise solutions. In addition the help services, Eleven2 provides a host of self help tools including a knowledge base, video tutorials, FAQs and a community forum. If you cancel after 60 days there will be no refund, even if you prepaid for a longer amount of time. NET and the second being.