2020's Best "PHP Hosting" Plans

Our always-connected world demands that business have an online page.

Their hosting options include shared hosting, reseller hosting, and a fully managed VPS. There are four pricing plans i. Secondly, your PHP Cloud Hosting is cost effective. – With sub-par hosting, success is actually your biggest fear. Additional menu, although their infrastructure may not be as advanced as SiteGround. Among the cloud resources that are free for 12 months, you’ll find Linux virtual machines, storage space, databases, and bandwidth. Hostinger’s cheapest plan starts from just $0. KernelCare rebootless kernel updates, brute force defense, a dual firewall and a number of other security features are already in place to help keep your site secure when you choose A2 Hosting.

For any confusion and suggestion feel free to post in the comment section. When it comes to speed, SiteGround has plenty to offer. I think now Probably You got your answer. Here, you can opt-out of such tracking: Since PHP provides extensive database support, and is distributed as freeware, it is implemented in approximately 82 percent of websites worldwide. Dynos make the building blocks of their service. FastComet is one of few companies that offer a free domain name for a lifetime. You simply need access to the command line executable.

6 GB 45 days Starts at $4.

The aforementioned features are valuable to the web hosting experience, but none matches the importance of site uptime. Max RAM Max Storage Bandwidth Server Type Uptime percentage Support type 8 GB Unlimited Unlimited Linux 0. The platform allows administrators to use advanced Web tools to optimize their applications speed and gives them complete control over it. They are the most popular, low-cost hosting option for new websites.

Also, the default PHP version is pretty important too. The first and the most important benefit is the fact that these solution providers handle all the hassles of server management. 19/month with a facility to host two domains.

You get the idea. Web hosting providers offer different hosting types. However, to understand how PHP is implemented over the Cloud, it is better to understand the individual meanings of PHP and PHP Cloud Hosting. Point being, the PHP of today is nowhere near that of the yesteryears — it has horns, wings, shoots lasers with its eyes, and can unroot a tree or two with no problem.

Joomla, WordPress, PrestaShop, as well as with more than 50 other free applications offered by our in-house built 1-Click Web Applications Installer.

Reseller Hosting For Developers

They do have free site migration, recovery backups, and a 45-day money back guarantee. Many companies claim to offer free cloud hosting, yet few offer anything worth using. Otherwise, there are multiple PHP versions and all essentials to set up a website. With its capabilities, Fastcomet tend to outrank many giant companies in this business. Uptime and load time are two of the most important factors when choosing a web host (next to their cost). TMD is among the companies that support the largest range of PHP versions that includes 4.

Other than shared cloud hosting, HostGator offers WordPress, VPS and dedicated hosting plans serving all size organizations from small businesses to enterprise websites. Storage options are not that good. Of course, that means the pricing goes up.

Best Web Hosting Canada 2020

For 6-10TB, the cost will be $0. It has plans for Web Hosting (Starts at $3. )Originally, there were only a handful official registers that kept track of everything, but, along the way, a few enterprising entrepreneurs figured out they could contract with these registers to sell domains, turning it into what is today a thriving industry. It provides the SSD Storage for virtual private servers. As you can imagine, it does really make a difference. It's even possible that another site could take down the shared server altogether, if it crashed hard enough.

If you’re just looking to experiment, or you’re developing projects for your school or for yourself, there’s really no need to pay.

Why do You Need PHP Hosting?

Before we would go any further in narrating the features and benefits of PHP Cloud hosting lets first consider, to whom you would approach if you want a PHP Cloud hosting for your domain. Hostwinds is an excellent web hosting service that has the tools you need for building attractive, functional websites. It provides Enterprise security with SSH keys and firewalls for cloud VPS. We provide all types of web hosting service like Linux web hosting in Nepal, windows web hosting, Tomcat/JAVA web hosting, Reseller Hosting, News Portal Web Hosting, SEO Web Hosting, VPS Hosting and Dedicated Server. Details of all these plans are shown in the below image. So, let’s check them below in detail. Just one Google search and you’ll be drowning in choices. When it comes to speed and performance, Dynamic Hosting provides a variety of features.

But some web hosts on our list, like HostGator and GreenGeeks, offer free web transfers. MODX Cloud support over-delivers on my expectations regularly, which has made it easy to stay loyal to MODX while other platforms at our organization are changing. We, of course, still offer Free Web Hosting which you can use as a sandbox, or to launch your business idea’s website, start your first blog, or learn the ins and outs of the web. AwardSpace is the place Where Ideas Turn Into Websites.


The people to whom we owe everything we are. 10 best wordpress hosting services, on top of that, unnecessary add-ons (e. Though initially intended to be server-side language, PHP has evolved to become much more diverse. As I alluded to earlier, most shared hosts accommodate PHP. 3 or any other latest technology is available. How much disk space am I getting? Why do You Need PHP Hosting?

They have 5 hosting types on offer:

Expensive pricing plans, built-in security, and offers full customization of websites. Instead of cPanel we provide you access to SiteWorx, which is a much better and more intuitive web hosting panel. Hostwinds has a good range of products. Your PHP-NUKE website is in safe hands!

Mission-Critical Sites, Stores, and Apps.

And that’s not it.


All of our hosting reviews are based on each web host’s average speed (load time), uptime and cost. CloudOye has a variety of cloud hosting solutions like a Public Cloud, Hybrid Cloud, Cloud Storage, and Business Cloud Storage, etc. You're billed hourly, with monthly caps, ensuring you only pay for the resources you use. (95) and that comes with features like free domain name, website builder and one-click install for WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal through cPanel. Unfortunately, the $9. Similarly, the platform also has a wide range of CMS options to work with.

Express Transfer

They’re designed to execute code based on a user-specified command, and here there are only six types are available. A high level of performance is seen by customers since they avoid overselling any single’s services. Although their infrastructure may not be as advanced as SiteGround. Where most of the cloud hosting companies lack live chat, CloudWays assist you in real-time and fix any issue you might face which occurs rarely. Cloud technology has offered a great way to host websites in the most effective way. Using the Staging feature, developers can first deploy their Web sites on test domains where they can analyze the applications performance and potential problems.

How do I even begin describing Platform. Despite all this high-end functionality, Cloudways products are generally simple to operate, and prices start at a beginner-friendly $10 ($7. )Solid state drives are used making your website speed faster compared to those who employ traditional mechanical drives. Once you have a domain and are ready to build a website, how do you actually get it online for servers to find and display?

They’re hosting over 2 million domains and is one of the three web hosting companies officially recommended by WordPress. 92 per month), Swift ($4. It offers multiple versions of PHP. 24/7 Premier Support is available to all hosting plans and is done through phone, email, and live chat. GoDaddy, for instance, sells email packages starting at $3. Push to Deploy Deploying code couldn't be any easier. Best hosting billing software options, ability to import/export emails for each user via Imapsync. Are you getting enough storage with your plan?


If you planned to host multiple sites, we suggest considering “Business” package because it allows unlimited domains. Godaddy wordpress hosting review: pros & cons of using godaddy. They have an active live chat available 24/7. A free trial is available for the services. They also offer unlimited disk space on even their most basic plan. You should also familiarize yourself with the many web hosting tiers that are available. While you won’t get the exact same functionality from any one program, many of the features PHP adds to web development can be obtained through other sources. If you want a bargain in PHP hosting, look to the providers that tout longstanding reputations in the industry, a laundry list of PHP-specific features, and credible support staff.

All in all, InMotion is a great affordable solution that not only offers speed, high uptime and tight security like free SSL & DDoS protection but also protects your investment with an enormous refund policy. They also come recommended for WordPress, by WordPress (which is pretty rare! )Integration of 3rd-party services like Redis, SendGrid, and Memcached, Engine Yard provides the core building blocks for secure, scalable and flexible PHP apps. It takes a long time for them to troubleshoot even simple problems. The upside is that the multiple sites share the server cost, so shared web hosting is generally very inexpensive. – As I said before, free cloud hosting does come with limitations. Their average uptime has been hovering around ~99. #6 inmotion hosting, there's great customer support on offer too – you can chat online or over the phone 24/7. Furthermore, a referral system is available, where both you and your friends can receive free hosting credits.

The best part? Despite being the fastest, A2 isn’t as reliable. Due to its necessity for running CMS like WordPress, Magento, etc. The best, however, not only make the language accessible, if not pre-installed but guarantee modern, regularly updated versions. Alternatively, you can opt-in for a 3-year-plan which starts at $2. Of all the companies on this list, none provide a service as streamlined and easy to use as Heroku’s. If you have a resource heavy application or a site with a very high amount of traffic, you have the option of upgrading. But, it’s always good to check whether they support PHP and the required version for your needs.

Honestly, it doesn’t get any better than this!

The Best Web Hosting Services in 2020

They do offer a 30-day money-back guarantee if you’re not happy with their services. It's worth spending the time up front to make sure that the host you select with is able to provide the growth you envision for your site, as switching web hosting providers midstream is not a trivial undertaking. Their support is available 24/7/365 and very responsive.

A2 Hosting has a reliable customer support team called “Guru Crew Support.

I can’t wait until infrastructure as a code is really ready for the masses. 24/7 support – Available with none of the free cloud hosting services. Best PHP Cloud Hosting- The Key Players! Methods might include saving it to the database, editing its content, and displaying it on the page. This isn't a solution for small businesses looking to simply host a website, but it's a great place to go if you have additional computing needs as well and you want to bundle everything together into a single place. According to your requirements, you will be able to increase or decrease the capacity quickly. (94%) and adequate speed (648 ms) making it a reliable hosting solution.

Businesses of all sizes and types. Impressive, and our expert thought so too. Hostwinds provides services for Shared Hosting, Business Hosting, VPS for Linux and Windows, and Dedicated Servers. – Available with none of the free cloud hosting services.

Reseller Hosting

You are given your dedicated share from the pool of resources. Jump back to our top 10 list. Sergio anderson, these servers take that much just for the install folder. 3 to the latest one.

Let’s examine some of them: Most customers stated that representatives were very polite and helpful. Their telephone support doesn’t have waiting periods that’ll make you cringe. Cloud hosting has gained huge popularity, because of these top features.

Are You Looking For A More Powerful Solution For Your Business?

However, due to their cheap pricing (starts $1. )You’ll be able to run WordPress and similar platforms on a PHP environment, but you’ll find Heroku’s cloud instance to be slightly weaker than its competitors. Besides, they take free nightly backups where you can restore one in a calendar month for free and for every additional restoration you have to pay $25. 1&1 IONOS, CloudOye, A2 Hosting, Hostwinds, and Liquid Web offers the services for Windows as well as Linux servers. GoDaddy includes a free business email for the 1st year with their basic plan. Does it come with cPanel? All the pricing plans are shown in the below image along with their details. As you can see, the plans are lovely, but that’s no marketing schtick — A2 Hosting delivers.

Free SSL Certificates Forge integrates with LetsEncrypt, allowing you to obtain free SSL certificates for your Forge powered applications. Dispute with snap technologies[edit], wix offers an incredible 500+ different templates for your website. It offers a free SSL certificate. That’s a bit of an exaggeration, but you should know that a monumental shift in the nature of websites is underway, and the factors that hosts use to reel in unsuspecting rookies aren’t the ones that really matter. PHP 5 can be used on all major operating systems, including Windows, Linux/Unix, and Mac OS. It is a code editor that our customers can use to review and edit their code through their browser. – Cloudways offers plans based on cloud services by DigitalOcean, Linode, Vultr, AWS, and GCE. Let's learn more on ASP.

Either way, the services here have you covered. This way, all the development worked will be backed up and at the same time the developer will have complete control over the development environment. It provides DDoS protection. Developers can also utilize other tools such as MariaDB, NGINX, MySQL, and Apache which are pre-made features and available for all users. 99/mo for a 3-year plan and renews $4. Unlike many other web hosting providers who chase the lowest prices while cutting corners on service, Clook instead invest in some of the best support in the business. The platform is geared toward rapid development (not as much as Heroku, but much more than AWS, GCE, and Azure), and can ably run almost any test project or school app you can conjure.


Smart automatic vertical scaling: The server size needs to be determined, server has to be setup and then the appropriate application/platform is installed. Additionally if you have additional support queries Clook are fast to respond, and rather than script-reading frontline support you're actually talking directly with people who have direct system administration experience of their server network. Wordpress hosting summary:, approximate time you have? If you're looking to move your business hosting into the cloud, one of the first places to consider is one of the big cloud computing platforms, such as Microsoft Azure. Find top VPS options here. Cloud hosting is the most affordable type of hosting when compared to dedicated server or shared hosting because it provides great user flexibility and benefits over traditional hosting options.