Dropbox Alternatives For File Hosting

As a result, the tool itself has a very basic design.

Data that passes through Nordic Backup is secured with redundant servers and end-to-end encryption. Let's examine what you're seeing: For detailed information about this fascinating tool, you can refer to this tutorial. However, keep in mind that there are no security features. It’s especially important to be aware of security features when you’re dealing with a free file hosting service since those companies typically require less personal information from a user on sign-up. While we trust Google’s reliability, privacy may be a concern. And particularly sensitive data simply shouldn’t be uploaded to the computer cloud in the first place. This is largely the same process as WAMP but on a Linux computer.

SmartFile is a file sharing platform that treats secure file sharing like a feature, not an entire service.

Security becomes even more tantamount, as well as accepted file types and upload or download restrictions. Egnyte offers administrators a wide range of reporting tools through the web interface to provide complete visibility of their account. Most of the options on our list of the best file hosting services include some sort of a free option. Cloud computing services that include Web hosting are usually multi-tenant. What is the Difference Between File Hosting and File Sharing?

With a paid plan, your files never expire and you can use Files.

Enterprise Plans

Box for business offers features such as secure file sharing, enterprise-level security, file sync, cross platforms, IT and admin controls, reporting and dedicated technical support. Tyk - Fast and scalable open source API Gateway. You'll quickly become accustomed to Casebox's easy drag and drop functionality. While encryption is generally regarded as best practice in cloud storage[18] how the encryption is implemented is very important.

Instead, file hosting companies secure your data with passwords and custom links. Securely access backed up data via a browser from anywhere on the Web. The latter come with 30 days trash history and unlimited remote upload traffic (you only need the URL of the file); you are - as expected - limited on the download link traffic:

Not many services offer this level of encryption for storage, however. To keep large amounts of data secure and accessible, cloud storage is an increasingly popular and cost effective option. FREE up to 15GB, or plans starting at $1. Also, teams can make use out of Dropbox spaces, which transforms folders into collaborative workspaces. Enterprises can save a lot of money and reduce administrative overheads by using FileCloud to replace their existing file servers. As of 2020 the case has not yet been heard. Read our best cloud storage for sharing piece to learn more. Which works best for your business largely depends on your needs and your capabilities:

  • Will the act of uploading change the ownership?
  • You're given 10GB of free space initially, but you can boost this by an extra 40GB through activities like referring friends and following MediaFire's social media accounts.
  • You don't have to download an additional app – it's there to use out of the box, which is obviously very convenient for those who have made the jump to Microsoft’s newest operating system.
  • Custom pricing for specific needs is available.
  • If your domain name is already pointed to your web host, enter the domain name into your browser and see if it directs you to your website.


The “Local Site” is your where your computer files are located. Customizable download links, optional client-side encryption, selective offline access, built-in video and audio players, 30-day file versioning, and unlimited file size limits Cost: (80) per user per month which includes unlimited storage, 5GB file upload and no maximum number of users. With on-premise storage, you get complete ownership of your data. If all this sounds highly technical, that’s because it is.

Subscription File Hosting Services

In order to take advantage of their ‘Enterprise tier’, which includes over 100 employees, 25GB max file size and unlimited storage, you will need to contact Egnyte directly. File hosts differ in the amount of storage they offer, the level of security they provide, and much more. For instance, companies like BestBuy, Lenovo, and SanDisk trust SugarSync with cloud storage and file syncing services. The business plans start at 1TB per user for $5 per month, and come with a free trial. Then there are those that offer advanced capabilities, such as sharing to social networks, remote URL uploads, encrypted channels, public catalogs and more. You can still get started on a free trial to see how the services fit your needs, but the companies we’ll discuss soon represent industry leaders that rely on modern hardware and technology innovations to deliver a well-rounded and impressive slate of features. The basic plan for individuals is free, offers 2GB of storage and comes with Microsoft 365 integration, allowing one to edit files directly through Dropbox.

Fill in the SFTP server your host provided in the Host: Easy to get started: By the same token, it’s also important to make sure you’re comparing features on a similar or equivalent basis. Boasting 50 million registered users, the file hosting and cloud storage experts provide one of the best deals around. You can manage existing folder structure syncing, access unlimited version recovery and restore deleted files. It allows users to upload files that could be accessed over the internet after a user name and password or other authentication is provided. You'd need to get such details from your hosting provider.

Cloud Hosting

Barracuda offers you multiple layers of protection with multiple points of real-time backup and emergency recovery options. This covers 5-25 employees, 5TB of storage and 10GB max file size. With more than 840 million people using MediaFire to store, send, and receive files each month, the cloud storage service may be the most popular cloud storage platform you’ve probably never heard about. The ‘Business Plus’ package is $25 ($19. )

With no limit on file sizes, and simple sharing options, pCloud is a great way to send large files to friends and colleagues – it's even possible to share with people who aren't using the service themselves. The primary downside to SugarSync is that it is somewhat costly. If you’re not technically minded and want to focus on making a great website, give this approach a wide berth. How you upload your files will depend on your preference and your accessibility to the server. As one tech pundit put it: Whether you’re looking for a place to safeguard all the images and videos that illustrate your favorite memories or perhaps somewhere to store the business documents that show how your hard work translated to major accomplishments and success, you’ll want to find a trusted hosting provider that won’t accidentally lose, destroy, or otherwise expose your information. CaseBox - Manage all your organization's information in one system. The biggest pro is ownership.

Although this concept dates back to the 1960s, it has gained popularity in the last few years due to improved Internet infrastructure allowing faster access to remotely-hosted data. Feature rundown, and, if you ever want to move to a different web host, there’s a chance it’s going to be a major hassle. Filecloud also supports a hybrid cloud storage setup that works great as a cloud solution and can also sync between Cloud File Server and on Premise. Encryption at Rest Industry-standard cryptographic ciphers encrypt your data before writing it to persistent storage. There are no built-in sharing features to send file links to people. As of late March, Autodesk AutoCAD has been integrated with OneDrive which is good news for anyone using the software's drafting tools.

BackupVault protects the majority of file types and is also designed to be used as a backup for schools.

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Most file hosting servers are located partly or entirely in the USA, where data protection laws are notably more relaxed than in most countries in the EU. Adobe portfolio, smugMug is a solid platform for selling prints online — if you don’t mind some SmugMug branding that can’t be removed. You can also share files with other users easily through links. These services originally targeted files such as PDFs, word processor documents, and spreadsheets.