Best Cheap Web Hosting Services • Detailed comparison • March 2020

When we turned on the CDN the first time, it was ‘on’ in our control panel but seemed to make no difference to our page speed.

If you start with them, you’ll never need to switch to someone else. Hostgator is fully equipped with a drag and drop page builder which requires no coding whatsoever. To save you time, we’ve signed up with all the most popular hosting solutions on the market and conducted a few tests on them.

We recommend these 2 hosts if you’re trying to get your hosting costs as low as possible: You do not even need an app! If you want to host multiple websites, or if you expect to serve thousands of daily visitors, pick InterServer. When leveraging VPS hosting, one server acts like a series of separate servers.

95 per month and gives you unlimited domain options so you can run as many websites as you want.

– also known as “load time” Uptime – needs to be at least 99. With this WordPress plan, you receive up to 20,000 monthly visitors, 40GB of solid-state storage, one website, and unlimited emails. Total cost of purchase is $71. The following tools will allow you to create low-cost websites.

  • Usually, it’s the smartest course of action to start with a cheap shared hosting plan and upgrade your site once you require a more powerful hosting plan.
  • Want multiple (non-WordPress) databases?
  • A2 Hosting’s uptime isn’t very impressive, though.

The Best WordPress Hosting

It is measured per unit of time, and storage, which is how many files you can actually store on your server. #1, google has cut back on allowing Pre-paids due to fraud concerns. Fatcow guarantees, like most EIG hosting sites, its going down hill since acquired. However, your host should assist you if you require help to transfer from another company or domain, or with installing software such as WordPress - take a look at this review of eHost from Julie: For example, some have data transfer allotment and storage caps that are worth investigating. Still, some considerations you’ll want to think about include the level of server resources you require, along with the level of control you want over your server. WP Neuron places high value on website security.

Is a strong support team important to you?

Package Overview

Reseller hosting is ideal for users who are interested in using his or her allotted hard drive space and bandwidth to host websites on behalf of third-parties. Free hosting is worth considering for low priority websites, but you may experience availability problems, a lack of support, or intrusive ads on your website content. Hostinger is the cheapest web hosting company we’ve reviewed to date. As long as I’ve set a goal to build that traffic over time, I’ll choose a managed WordPress host from the beginning.

It offers an exclusive coupon that nets you a huge discount for all plans, offering a $2.

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Like the Tyro plan, this plan also allows you to host a single website. These features are nice to have but they are like “bonus”. Looking for cheap hosting with great performance?

As expected, you get a free domain name and oodles of storage (100GB) along with unlimited bandwidth, plus free Microsoft Office 365 Business Email for a year (a freebie worth $73 ($55)). Powered by enterprise ssd storage & 24x7 support, you can run Windows applications such as IIS, SQL, Microsoft Exchange or any software like Docking, Forex trading, Crypto Trading etc… or anything which you wish for. No option to pay monthly. Many popular web hosting companies use industry-standard pricing strategies, which usually attract new customers with their low introductory prices. For the lowest dollar amount with the highest quality, choose iPage. That’s why here we talk about WordPress. It's the best, most cost-efficient method to launch complex, new websites on a tight budget. It is obvious to do so.


If you’re looking for a bargain deal in web hosting, you’ll want to seek out the providers that offer the most resources — whether it be domains, RAM, email accounts, or support options — for the lowest cost. A fully managed WordPress host is noticeably more expensive than shared hosting providers. While no uptime guarantee is given, the provider has a money-back guarantee.


It features easy-to-use drag-and-drop tools alongside pre-made templates, allowing you to turn your ideas into a reality without any coding know-hows. We don’t have any issue related to the Uptime whenever we test it, the results are satisfactory. Crowdcast, it allows you to plan, launch, and promote webinars using audio or visual presentations. That’s an amazing deal. Also, they offer free WordPress site transfers, include a free CDN (for caching) and image optimizations which all combined should make your WP website faster than before.

Every computer is given a unique IP address to distinguish it from all the other computers in the world that are connected to the internet network. Let’s now compare hosting plans that support unlimited websites. $-0.00, obviously, there are countless different mods you can use to enhance the Minecraft experience. Businesses using iPage can rest assured that their websites are safe from malicious attacks, thanks to its security suite and round-the-clock network monitoring. Take advantage of our free WordPress blog setup service.

There is no need to have a background in coding or design when working with Strikingly. For game server hosting, users gain access to a control panel designed to ensure a smooth gaming experience, complete with automatic game updates, automatic restart capability for crashes, and much more. Their hosting packages come pre-installed with WordPress by default. Combining the front end functionality of WordPress with the backend power of an e-commerce platform is an excellent option for scaling growth. Plenty of PHP versions. With that said, WP Engine, is the ultimate choice for any business running on WordPress.