9 Best hosting services for Node.js apps as of 2020

If you have any personal experience with any other free or ultra-affordable Node.

You need to compare all the free Node. A real-time web application is a website that is interactive and updated based on real-time input from one or more users. The most expensive plan costs $49.

A slow provider simply negates this. Other things you enjoy include- unlimited monthly data transfer, cPanel access, 25 email addresses, 5 MySQL databases, 1 domain, 5 subdomains and 25 parked domains. At the same time, it is written in JavaScript, which was initially oriented at client-side scripting. If you own a business that revolves around a rapid environment and wants to be productive, then Node. Moreover, you will be able to eliminate all lock-ins. We prepared a top of services that are hosting by node. The plans for Node.

Databases, queues, caching systems, storage, email services, etc.

We’ve discussed Node. Fill in all the fields on this form. Complete beginners might struggle with doing most of the work themselves, though. It works similar to Heroku where developers build, test or deploy an application to conduct application usefulness.

Hostinger also includes full root access to the server for those wanting to do more by themselves. A2 Hosting is vague about other resource caps, but you usually get enough for hosting Node. Many issues related to development and system administration are eliminated which enables the scaling improvement. Now, this is a gross oversimplification. – A rare option, provided almost exclusively by A2. This is wise for beginners as support will fix anything that breaks, and four slices still get you a bunch of resources for a low price. A content-management application usually manages cacheable web pages, and non-blocking I/O generally isn't important to accomplish that task.

If you don't then you'll get a random name.


Unfortunately, you can’t get MEAN stack hosting, because NameCheap doesn’t support MongoDB. In general, all features are aimed at the improvement of your app rather than fussing about hosting issues. Some of the more common features include software and database monitoring, migrations, SSL, CDN, security, speed optimization tools, and more. Heroku came to light in the year 2020 incorporated in San Francisco, USA. If your web hosting requirements need an upgrade later on, you can always choose a long-term hosting option.

As the name suggests, it’s a lighter version of AWS services, which means it has a simple and clean interface that has all the necessary tools to conveniently launch a project.

Heroku (www.Heroku.com)

We were right in ignoring the user who said that DigitalOcean was a nightmare. To begin with, let me talk about A2 Hosting for Node. Keeps your Node. OpenShift also offers sound support to you for getting the app deployed, hosted and scaled whenever required.

The word that best describes RoseHosting’s platform is “stellar. You can get up to 192 CPUs and 768GB RAM per cluster, which is massive. It’s developer-friendly. Does AWS Support Node JS?

A2 Hosting (www.A2Hosting.com)

These feature frequent data transfer between multiple devices, but there’s little data processing involved. Most complicated issues have to go through email ticketing, but tech support tends to resolve everything swiftly. Boost media discoverability and performance, a VPS is the minimum you should buy for a streaming site. Query the support —Getting support when you need it is one of the main benefits of buying a managed solution.

To get started, three actions are required:

Engineers appreciate the ability to add new modules to the app logic instead of agonizing over the integration of new components into a monolithic structure. If so, here are some great places to study Node. From the blog, /month Check Plans #5 The State-of-the-art technology stack powered by the Google Cloud Platform. While it improves some apps, it can break others.

For example, there are many step-by-step guides for various configurations in the Digital Ocean Node community docs. There are many articles written about this topic. Normally we'd like to be able to have a different database for production and development, so next we'll modify the LocalLibrary website to get the database URI from the OS environment (if it has been defined), and otherwise use our development database. The chat took about less than 30 seconds to start. You can sit back and relax while its team handles most of the server management. A great option if you are looking to host your Nodejs in the Middle East, China, Europe, or North America. You have to discuss the environment with Media Temple’s team, but they can build almost anything for you and will advise you on the best option. Meanwhile, paid support can take care of anything short of auditing your code.

Hostwinds – Cheap and Highly Customizable VPS Solutions

Despite it consists of different products, each component of Google Cloud Platform has a web interface, a REST API, and a CLI tool. When it comes to pricing A2 Hosting doesn't offer any free Node. This is the simplest example. In fact, DO is one of the most reliable and trusted services to host your app. Well, while the free services have several advantages, the downside is a lack of customer support and the complexity of getting started. JS on your server. Starting from $9 per month, you get 1GB RAM, 20GB SDD storage and 5TB network traffic. Judging by the technology’s wide deployment, startups as well as established businesses highly evaluate options Node.

Dedicated Server

It cooperates with competitors and benefits from such cooperation. But it’s a key advantage to incorporating Node in your stack. If for some reason you feel your Node. Plus, these solutions are insanely scalable, ensuring you don’t waste resources, which is what Node.

One issue is that you only get 200GB bandwidth with the smallest plan, and the largest plan gets you just 700GB. You can also use various monitoring features that cover a range of metrics. As a result, you’ll be able to get a simple server to host your Node. It even provides support across multiple regions and gives you access to its in-built private databases.

Cloud-2GB: Choose Your Billing Period

You'll then be logged in and taken to the Heroku dashboard: Because the file system is ephemeral you can't directly install services required by your application. Additionally, it’s all based on the open web stack (HTML, CSS and JS) running over the standard port 80. Level of support for scaling horizontally (adding more machines) and vertically (upgrading to more powerful machines) and the costs of doing so. Heroku - Secure and Free Node. Bear in mind that you don't have to use Heroku — there are other hosting services available. And that’s a huge help. You also get the option of Single Sign on (SSO) access on Azure, Office 365 and several other popular Software as a Service (SaaS) applications, such as Google Apps, Salesforce and DocuSign.


The license is more expensive than usual. It’s also super-easy to scale your Node. Keep reading to find out which companies will make the best home for your Node apps. Joyent is very well suited for large enterprises; it works with many Fortune 100 firms. With utilization of a non-blocking approach to serving requests, Node. You don’t have to provide credit card info before you know it’s the right Node. HostGator (Powerful VPS Node. )

A thing to understand about Node is that it’s meant to help in cases where heavy I/O is bottlenecking the CPU. Some services are locked behind paid support tiers. 95/mo See Bisend Hosting’s full Node. Anyway, A2 Hosting as well as FastComet is a suitable choice for Node. 10, FTP and SSL. Heroku provides better portability and safety as it allows you to manage environment-specific configurations separately from the source code of your app. The specifics will vary from user to user, so it is best to take stock of what you need and then find a host that meets your requirements.

Major Features of Node.js

Scheduled snapshots – The built-in snapshot feature can save copies of your server, so if you ever want to roll back after making changes, just use the one-click restore option. Well, if you don’t want to get into system administration, then managed platform would be a better choice. There are situations where it’s better to use another language.

JS is a flourishing technology in today’s market.

By the name, you can say it supports only Node. If you share it, you get an additional credit of 30 days. That way you can avoid having to program routine tasks and can instead focus on the core logic behind your application. None of the customers have complained about downtime, but a Node PaaS provider should offer more. Your goal is to set your priorities straight and take a look at your budget and only then choose a service that best meets your needs. Security features – A Node. Indeed, according to a Medium post by RisingStack, “When PayPal started using Node. With this, you can access raw log files, Webalizer Visitor statistics, and AWStats.

You should plan for an upgrade to Node.

Great Places to Study Node.js

It offers managed SQL and NoSQL data services, along with built-in support, that enables you to get insights from your data. Well, we think the following are important: We are backed by sound expertise of more than a decade and present an impressive suite of hosting solutions by stringently observing SLAs to meet our clients’ expectations.

Using Git

What this means is a lightweight fast environment with improved stability, density and security isolating accounts from others on the server. Depending on the size of the project, the deployment process can be slow. We’ve evaluated the web’s leading NodeJS hosting providers to give you the best options for free and almost-free hosting. It is possible to break down the statistics through individual routes.

Joyent’s container-native infrastructure also means that as much as 50% less compute capacity is needed. The supported language range has increased (JS, Java,. )Tell us about it in the comments below. Three types of cloud computing (Public Cloud, Private Cloud, and Dedicated Servers) are available.

The live chat was almost immediate and the customer support representative provided answers to every query. Get started on A2 Hosting now. Use it to monitor spikes and optimize your code to be more efficient. That makes it suitable for manipulating data-heavy objects in your Node. Hence, frontend developers are always fond of working in Node. Typical examples include: One can easily take backup and restore from here. A2 is one of the few hosts with an anytime money-back guarantee.

There are different features of Node.

Production-grade Node.js runtime based on containers

The company will make sure your requested resources are provided and available, but everything else is up to you. Once your code is live, don’t forget to scan your Node. Check the official website for additional features and further information.

Have a look - these are the best affordable and free Node. A2 emphasizes the developer experience, so you are likely to find that they support whatever it is you need to use for your application. The best web hosting sites: summed up, enterprise cloud hosting starting at 9. This might seem like a marketing gimmick—which, in part, it is—but the low price makes it an affordable way to handle unpredictable traffic.


SiteGround enables tickets, calls, chats, and emails to reach their customer support. It can help you with things like marketing campaigns and optimize your environment to handle the expected traffic. Just to reiterate :

RedHat OpenShift offers a great free option for Node. Known as Modulus until January 2020, Xervo is a highly secure and cost-effective PaaS hosting environment, favoured by many. Other capabilities include the real-time stream and data processing, as well as building powerful web apps if used with other Amazon services. The debug variable is declared with the name 'author', and the prefix "author" will be automatically displayed for all logs from this object. Back in 2020, when this service was launched, it was a leader in the cloud hosting market. Awesome managed vps servers, that’s something nobody likes. Right now you can save up to 50% on A2 plans.

  • The support can also assist you in installing any Node.
  • If the services are not what you need you can always get your money back.
  • MySql cache optimization, MySql Query optimization and much more.
  • It ensures regular security updates and patches are applied.
  • Yet another great free Node.
  • Next, let’s look at Rackspace — a managed cloud service provider with more than 20 years experience.


Also, building an entire application is a single language is undeniably attractive. Any time a customer comes in, a waiter takes their order, waits for the barista to make the coffee, then takes it to the customer. Since they provide an empty Linux machine on which you can work, there is no specific tutorial for these. You can choose an instance with specific resources and pay on demand, at an hourly price. After all, easy scaling and unmatched flexibility are any developer’s dream.

JS, I/O operations do not block other I/O operations, allowing multiple connections to be made simultaneously without disruption. For instance, in order to run on a machine, an application will need access to the directories and files on the machine, hardware resources such as RAM and CPU, and software resources such as system utilities and software libraries. When it comes to pricing, Google takes the “pay per use” concept to the extreme, for, rather than hours, it bills in minute-level increments. To its credit, it delivers, and many users have taken notice. Often complex projects require using several different languages like C, Assembly, and PHP. Seven years ago, Red Hat introduced a cloud-based hosting for software deployment and management.


This free package includes 2GB of memory, but storage is also limited to 2GB. The minecraft hosting, the important investment can pay dividends when you find hosting providers that bring the most value to their dedicated server packages. Instead of having multiple threads waiting for the API, all CPU and RAM are fully available to a single tread. It offers a good and supportive free tier pack, with a few limitations and restraints.

Most hosts offer 30 days, so this is a bit short. If you want to target audiences in Europe, Asia, or Australia, you should look into more geographically diverse providers like MilesWeb. Sequelize, TypeORM, and Bookshelf have gone a long way towards becoming mature ORM solutions. Even if you are a novice, you will learn very fast.

It has a quadruple redundant network with a balanced number of accounts in each server. 30/mo is the plan that A2 Hosting recommends using for work with Node. So any fears about a free hosting service collapsing if or when your app starts gaining traction should disappear completely. If your introduction to the said JavaScript-based runtime environment has just begun, you might want to take a look at the best Node. 5% uptime guarantee with standard plans, which is silly. Limitations/The Catch: It gives you full freedom and usually lots of power while staying affordable.