Top 5 Best Web Hosting Service Provider In India (2020)

So I’ve pulled together three outstanding web hosts. It is similar to dedicated hosting and it is the type of hosting where small organisations and small business companies can run their own hosted websites server at an affordable cost. For those who just want a good-looking without any extras—a brochure-ware site, for example—you can skip traditional web hosting and check out website builder services such as Wix and DudaOne. As, in India, the GST is non-refundable on cancellation. In a Shared hosting service, one user shares a server with other sites and web hosting accounts.

Until you know what features you need and how quickly you plan to grow, don't commit to annual plans. Although A2 plays second fiddle to Hostinger in this list, we’ve gotta say that they came super close to ranking number 2, and here’s why: 9998 24/7 phone and chat support. Our cutoff for inclusion in this table is that a provider must charge no more than $7 per month or $84 per year. A2 Hosting is also known for providing faster speed and performance. Moving to another website consists of transferring the website’s files and databases, configuring your site with the new host, and directing your domain’s DNS to the new host. Most other online speed tools measure the total website load time. You can always move up to a virtual private network (or VPS) if needed.

With award winning technical support and 99.

The features and performance you get from the plan stay the same, but you’ll have to pay more. 24/7 support through phone, chat, or email. Average uptime – only 99. This is a perfectly alright hardware allocation for a text-based website, but to load videos on the RAM and display it on user's machine requires much more.

It acquires popular hosts and gradually replaces the staff and technology with its own, basically creating an army of clones. Millions of websites are Hosted with Hostgator worldwide. BlueHost has a help center with helpful articles and guides for their customers. User interface and user experience Web hosts are complicated, but their UI doesn’t need to be.

Similarly to SiteGround, they also don’t own their server park, instead they are partnered with Amazon and rent servers from AWS. It offers options to transfer or new domain registration, Unlimited email accounts with Anti-virus and anti-spam protection, constant server monitoring, Data protection and recovery, and of course, a high level of security. Monitoring the growth or decline of an online business is vital in order to compete and success. Looking to improve your web visibility and generate more revenue from a wider, global audience? But then again, SiteGround has a really good uptime record – chances are slim that they’ll ever fall below their 99. However, they obviously have their Swift and Turbo hosting plans for more reliable performance.

  • GoDaddy powers the world's largest cloud platform dedicated to small, independent ventures.
  • This helps us to keep our reviews up-to-date.
  • 169/month), ADVANCED (Rs.
  • For instance, if the hosting sign-up price is somewhere around $1 to $4, depending on the package you choose, the renewal cost, in most cases, would be double of the sign-up price.
  • Among managed cloud hosting providers, their services are without equal.
  • Their support is very patient, helpful and knowledgeable but the waiting que time could be long.
  • There’s lots to like here considering the minimal impact on your wallet, with pricing as low as $2.

Which Best Represents You?

Just how trustworthy is the provider? Their vision for the company was to provide data services at affordable prices while still maintaining a level of service and support. However, with numerous web hosting companies in India, making the right choice can become a difficult chore, to say the least. We particularly liked their affordable plans for its offering of SSD performance, free SSL, dedicated IP, and backups for some plans. Here’s what we like best about A2 Hosting – their Anytime money-back guarantee. Having an excellent knowledge base as well, Hostinger is the go-to host in India for first-time website owners. 95/mo, but renew at a higher rate (similarly to many hosting providers). This doesn’t mean the data transfer speed of something like Hostgator is bad, but if a lot of data transfer is involved, especially in big chunks, SSD should be a priority.

So yeah, if you are looking for 24/7 support assistance via chat, phone, email, and tickets — you’ll get that with GoDaddy. Their team has in-depth knowledge and is available to solve your issues 24×7 instantly. They have many different plans including shared, VPS, and cloud hosting.

If you don’t like their UI, you can still get everything important done via their cpanel login. Needless to say, you’ll get more features, power, and speed as you upgrade your plan. Technical details You’ll be pleased find that all of A2’s web hosting plans come with SSDs for that lightning quick performance.

  • Look at the name of their pricing plans and you’ll notice that there’s one common theme – speed (Lite, Swift, Turbo).
  • As of March 2020, GoDaddy has approximately 18.
  • ZNet Live is a solid choice for local businesses that want to expand their influence in India.
  • It’s actually included in their terms of service – that their customers will be compensated should they fail to deliver on this promise.
  • This comes packaged with an access to a dedicated team of professionals who offer high-level support at any time.

How I Thought To Share BlueGeek Hosting Review ?

The single website plan starts at 209 INR (about $2. Siteground comparisons, thanks to many business partnerships, every plan on HostGator. )MilesWeb stands on 3 pillars: Every business—from small sole-proprietorships to sprawling, multimillion-dollar enterprises—needs a website.

As per the reviews available online, InMotion offers low pricing rate only if you subscribed for 2 years. About the author, it’s well worth a look for Linux newbies or anyone who feels they need more hosting experience before handing over the big money. Just don’t expect anything more than basic help and links to the knowledge base. You can host a single website on the Starter package for just 89 INR per month, which is a little over a dollar. After that, it usually renews yearly somewhere between $10 – $20/year.

It has a Drag-and-drop website builder. So it’s super accurate. It provides services that are best for individuals as well as business owners. HostPapa provides web hosting services for small businesses. Click here to visit A2 Hosting/Click here to visit Interserver. Remember, the ideal page load time is 1 second or less. There are even possibilities to get a lesser price for hosting services from other companies, as it will be hosted in the US or outside India. Therefore, the best thing to do is choose a custom dedicated server that will tailor the hosting service according to the requirements.

  • Their last 12-month average load time is 369 ms and uptime >99.
  • If one doesn’t offer free CDN and the other does, go with the latter.

Day Money-back Guarantee

Shared, Reseller, VPS Cloud, WordPress Managed, and Dedicated. You will get unlimited web hosting, free domain name, website builder, and WordPress Hosting. This means you can sign up for $4. This, however is changing. This is where it actually gets a bit tricky and one may need to do some good research to find the most suitable plan for running one’s website. Best for New websites, blogs, or moderate to high traffic websites. For this price, you can host a primary domain name with up to 25 subdomains. We already discussed them while giving the providers’ overviews.

We are hosted on their Chicago datacenter and you can see how quickly this website responds to your requests.


The company has 14 facilities around the globe and is recognized as one of the largest domain registrars. So why should it bother having humans serving them? (99/mo at Renewal) $5. It provides a control panel which is easy to use. Kudos for that. Bluehost throws in some automatic backups as well, but those get overwritten every week, so it’s best you download a separate copy offline. Hostinger is worth a check if you want as many hosting features as possible without needing to blow out your budget.

Installing a free SSL, for example, is super easy on their platform. If you’re a developer and need specific development environments to deploy and test scripts of applications, then you’ll need to focus closely. Website owners interested in hosting providers that offer free SSL should consider using Bluehost, DreamHost, HostGator, SiteGround or iPage. GoGeek – If you want the best of SiteGround, they’re offering their top-tiered plan for an introductory price of $11.

From a website hosting India perspective, at a certain time, the amount of incoming and outgoing web data transferable between a server, website, and the internet is called bandwidth. Latest blog entries, brinkster is very good for a free host. Hostinger’s cheapest plan starts from just $0. If your website doesn’t get much traffic, this is the best place to start. Servers are protected with enhanced security features, firewalls, and intrusion detection. What is the factor that is considered to choose a Best web hosting for India?

They’re hosting over 2 million domains and is one of the three web hosting companies officially recommended by WordPress.

10 Best Hosting Services for New Websites

8/5 Small, growing or enterprise businesses 0. Granted, we mostly discussed entry-level web hosting plans, i. Looking at what hosting sites in India can offer, we can easily be swayed by the bold promises and amazingly low prices. If you have any questions at all, please feel free to drop us a message. This is hardly a cause of alarm when the next plan in line costs only a fraction more and even it will hardly leave a dent in your hosting budget. They do have a standard 30-day money-back guarantee but they also have the Anytime money-back guarantee for those who subscribe to their longer plans.

It means that you will share a physical server as well as some software applications. Hostgator provides Shared, Reseller and VPS hosting solutions, select any one of them as per your requirement. Indian providers don’t usually go overboard when it comes to packing their accounts. You won't get any SSL certificate which is a sine qua non condition to run a proper business website. It can provide services from one website to unlimited websites. SiteGround is the second best Web hosting providers in India.

In the US, it’s under 50 ms. LiquidWeb is excellent in many aspects but they might not be for everyone, especially given the relatively high entry price of their managed WordPress plans. They offer a great 1-click installation for WordPress and is fully optimized for the platform. Free SSL certificate, auto daily backup, white-labeled cache plugin, multi-user environment, multisite support. 99% 183 ms -- Basic (Rs. )

Even the cheapest deal will cost you about 502 INR, which is $6.


While most of the web hosting provider India offers lucrative unlimited disk space, this is not an actual term though. So how does hosting fall into all of this? Unlike other, more popular hosting services, WestHost only offers a standard shared hosting provider. You do the math.

And if you want to talk to someone, you can do so via e-mail, phone, and live chat. But of course, it can host other Content Management Systems (CMS) as well. Our goal is clear- to provide the best server and infrastructure service available anywhere in the world. The drag-and-drop site builder comes with a premium plan only. For the base plan, you get only 5 databases, 500 MBs of RAM, and one 2. This is why brands like Microsoft, Facebook, Twitter, Vonage, and thousands of other trust them. Before choosing any web hosting company, you should consider the following features of the hosting provider. SSL certificate is not included with the cheapest plans.

(99/mo) comes with 1 website, 25 email accounts, a domain name for 1 year, free Cloudflare CDN and unlimited bandwidth/disk space. 99999 Phone, chat, email, and ticket. 99/mo once it’s time to renew. The more popular the website is, the more resources it’s likely to need to function effectively.

User Reviews

It performs 24/7 monitoring and can take automatic backups. Other than shared cloud hosting, HostGator offers WordPress, VPS and dedicated hosting plans serving all size organizations from small businesses to enterprise websites. I imagine you go to this huge office building, sit in your cubicle, open a doc with templated responses, and start your 8-hour shift that sometimes seems endless. 9% and we can tell you that they have a record of staying within this percentage. Remember this: For further information, you will be able to contact our support team members. Hosting is powered by cPanel and Softaculous platforms, which act as its seals of quality. Why latency matters?


Want to create an eCommerce store & other Dynamic Content Management Websites? CloudFlare is a ‘content delivery network’ (CDN) which stores your website data on servers all over the world. He began to look all starry eyed at words more than five years prior. But all the servers are hosted in India for better performance and to boost the SEO. Another web hosting coupon codes, some of the other hosts we’ve reviewed, like SiteGround, performed well in our tests. SiteGround provides a website hosting platform which makes website management easy. 95 per month, their renewal fees are higher at $9.

The technical details SiteGround uses an SSD (solid state drive) on all servers to give it 1000x increase in performance output. It is a must-have feature and as such, ensure that it is a part of your hosting package when selecting a web hosting service provider. You can often pay to get your own domain, and that generally removes the branding as well.

We not only aim to overreach your expectations but also help you to go beyond your customer's expectations. Web Hosting

Disk space and bandwidth is "Unmetered" which means you are not charged according to the amount of disk space or bandwidth you use. (249 per month). Hostinger usually offers either a free domain name or an SSL certificate. 90 per month, their Swift plan offers 2 times the resources on their cheapest plan. Also, the web hosting plan should not be used for file storage or sharing. BigRock is known for their cheap shared hosting plans, which can be a good fit for hobbyists and small businesses. Uptime ( out of Web Hosts) Plans Start at $3.

Priority tech. In short — the economy is booming! Phone support is unavailable. Then you need a website (or web site, the jury is still out). Best web hosting for small business: conclusion, originally, there were only a handful official registers that kept track of everything, but, along the way, a few enterprising entrepreneurs figured out they could contract with these registers to sell domains, turning it into what is today a thriving industry. As with other EIG hosts, Bluehost utilizes a colossal 50,000 square feet facility in Provo, Utah. One for a single website and another for unlimited website hosting. Average uptime.