Hosting my own webcomic on GitHub Pages?

I've been an active member of this community for around 8 months now.

You've met the right stick figures. A lot of webcomic fans use Tumblr - it’s well-suited to fandom in particular. 7" Kara updates once a week on Fridays, and follows the big adventures of little Kara as she navigates family struggles, as well as the human world outside her door. "You do, however, often get total freedom to say, "I don't care, I do what I want! "

Special thanks to Kabocha of Linked and Respheal of Galebound for their help!

And when the creators and afford to make great comics it often shines through and as a result there’s a strong community feeling to the site with a healthy forums and social media. I don’t have any experience with using this, but from what I can see, it’s almost as customizable as Comic Genesis, with the user friendliness of Drunk Duck. They are typically free to read, come in shorter installments than issues of print comics, and tend to be updated with varying degrees of regularity. In the year after the debut of Witches and Stitches, Joe Ekaitis began online publishing of his weekly furry comic strip T. A list of projects and tinkering done by elb inc. But I have taught myself quite a bit (A huge THANK YOU to the Comicpress Guru, Phil aka “Frumph“), and having full control over my own website is the main reason I had left drunkduck. If there's even a remote possibility that you'll want to print at some point, you'll need to scan your artwork at 300dpi or more, especially if you plan to do digital colouring.

Except, like, laws. This is how you add advertising to your headers, sidebars, twitter feed codes, whatever you want. Sure, it’s not the same as landing a cartoon in The New Yorker, but Zellman’s still come a long way since he threw together those crudely drawn cartoons of Obama and McCain for his university newspaper. You can post from imgur or other sites if you have flair or use [OC], but this community seems to actively support those posts that link to the comic’s owned website.

General hosting services can have significant flaws, such as: In 2020 The Duck began the transition to management by its own community. Even some of the most popular webcomics run this… now it’s your turn. ” The chance of discovering a new gem from an unknown artist is what got him addicted to r/comics.

I’d say this is the right time to step back.

PaaS Hosting

In 2020, Rowland said that "if a syndicate came to me and offered me a hundred newspapers, I would probably say no. "A network of people who know what it is like, a network of people who have a lot in common with you, a network that will be there for you and will walk alongside with you. It also has “one click” easy installs on things like WORDPRESS, FORUMS, and tons more. You can even download comics to read offline if you want. They don’t offer custom layout control, but the image quality is uncompressed, and they feature a nice fullscreen comic viewer with easy image zooming and fast loading. If you record the activity of your readers on your website you are able to see which content they enjoyed the most, which content they come from and even make plans to advertise. WordPress — the standalone software from WordPress. Tons of artists share their work on Instagram along with other fun tidbits about their lives.

A URL/domain name. Scroll down to find list of the most popular sites targeting the keyword "webcomic", including tapas. In order to be a member you have to have at least one mirror on a custom site they can link to or host directly on their site.

If you have, i’d love to hear about how you like it. ComicPress may not be available. DJ, thanks and you can take it from here…. For the purpose of this tutorial, I’ll be showing you how I set it up through Dreamhost, but it should be similar on other hosts as well.

Unmanaged providers tend to be pretty cheap.

Choosing a WordPress Webcomic Plugin and WordPress Webcomic Theme:

If you're interested in running your comic in The Post, contact the Post Team. Security is a recurring concern in WordPress, but not to worry, you have security plugins for WordPress that can keep you secure. LINE Webtoon Example - Example Webtoons is a free website and app for hosting webcomics.


Now you’ll need to install a “plugin” called COMICPRESS MANAGER, See screenshot: Then you’ll get the pop up install. Bluehost in particular has Wordpress specialized hosting plans can be scammy in the experience of some of our members. Compare domain name registrars, if you want a powerful host on a budget with one of the fastest loading times and an incredible 90% discount, I recommend you get started with Hostinger for Image hosting, you can take a look into here.. They also include editorial cartoons, alt-cartoons, and other goodies like Dear Abby advice columns. If you’re planning to make some comics just for fun you probably wanna hang out on social media and see if other people enjoy it and that is awsome, go for it! UpdraftPlus is a free WordPress Backup plugin that automatically backs up all your website content and code to a safe location of your choice. Recommended reading HostGator - Does permit adult content, so long as it does not contain illegal content. It's possible, but don't count on it!

WordPress has a number of powerful page-builder plugins that lets you customise your web-pages with super simple drag and drop interface. From drama and science fiction to romance and sports, this webcomics platform covers something to appeal to everybody. I haven’t used it. WordFence is a free WordPress security plugin with over 2 million+ active installs making it the most prominent and trusted security plugin. Okay, I have hosting! I haven’t fully taken advantage of these, but they might help other people.

6 The Duck Webcomics A user friendly webcomics hosting site. You could also use social media sites such as Tumbler, Twitter, Instagram or Google+ to create buzz for your comic. Users can watch ads for “tapas coins”, which they can “tip” towards their favorite artists! For an example Grawlix comic site, please check out Alakotila's Spidersilk Themes allow you to customize your chosen CMS or service to suit your comic.

Line Webtoon

You can also(like) to your webcomics, giving you everything you would ever want, even as a professional webcomic-creator! Keep in mind that the detail you can see is more than the detail you can draw - so it's better to draw bigger and shrink to fit than to show a comic bigger than you actually drew it! 5 ComicFury A free (and ad-free) webcomics hosting site.

Rabbit and Friends; however, economic success was elusive.

NET framework. Best photo sharing site for photographers who want to turn pro: unsplash. Give us some real women! It's the juxtaposition of the dark and frequently absurd voiceover of the "characters" in the scene, though, that will have you wondering just what's up in the author's head, and why you'd laugh at such a thing. Your webhost will most likely NOT maintain or update your website for you.

The site owner is on it and fixes stuff and you can ask questions and for help.

Additionally, you can also boost your advertising with banners in strategic locations.


It's purposefully crudely composed, with recurring characters that mock anything they can, including Two Cops (the cop who went through the academy twice), Lazy Cat (a Garfield knock-off with homicidal tendencies), Straub himself, and of course, the eponymous chainsawsuit. What’s a CMS you ask? Superheroes overwhelm comic books, but that's not the case with webcomics. Read whatever you want! Overall, though, it gets the job done and is a solid piece of software. You’re not a cook (yet), but everyone around you told you that your cake is amazing, and that you should sell it online so everyone could taste it and recognize your talent. All registration companies have a place where you can go in and edit your DNS records so be sure to scope out your account and get a feel for the domain settings and where things are.

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Readers can follow, share and discover webcomics through the user features and even have the ability to purchase comics through the premium store, which helps the writers and artists continue to make great comics. Once your comic is ready to go, you need to figure out where to upload it, and under which name. This site makes it easy for anyone to upload comics, but selective disabling of the various automatically generated bits of code means that more advanced users can design their site as they like. Don't just do a closeup of your main character's eyes, as over 50% of comics banners seem to do that, especially the mangas. Hosting plans and prices, it will be needed for logging in to the instance. Most paid web hosting offer things such as the following in their packages: Once upon a time, your local paper's comics page—especially the Sunday edition—was a treasure trove of entertainment. “I was exposed to a lot of single panel gag comics,” he said. If you don't plan on making your comic entirely digitally, you'll also need a scanner - photographing your drawings just won't work.

While they’re improving their website, the real focus is on their app so you’ll need to pick up your phone for this one. Congratulations! There’s a section specifically for comics, so you’ll find some folks more interested in the art form. Disqus (Insertable commenting platform. #3. squarespace, probably one of the best things about Blogger as a free blog site, is the ability to run AdSense ads on your page. )To keep all your webcomic website related data safe, it’s a good practice to keep your website/data backed up. About the only rules are 1- Don't be a flaming bag of dicks to people.

Featured posts here can get upwards of 35,000 upvotes, which means thousands of views. Webcomicsnation: On the other way around, to have full control on your content means to be on your own: Pages can be bookmarked to make it easier to continue reading later. You suddenly discover that as long as there was only one cake to make from time to time everything was fine, but a cake every week? If you’re already on Tumblr you might’ve seen some of the creative webcomics on there.

You’re probably gonna have to promote your comic a lot.

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And that's all before the higher powers in management begin to really mess with him. If you’re just testing the waters and not sure if this will be an ongoing project for you, a free service may be a more economical option. If so, is there a way to trick WordPress or Webcomic into seeing a duplicate of a theme as a ‘unique’ theme for each collection?

One example is the successful webcomic Slightly Damned, in which the author/artist will allow purchase of space at the bottom of the page for $1. I BELIEVE you can push it to your own site, but I haven’t used it enough to find out. It’s true that WordPress was once used primarily as a blogging tool, but over the last decade and a half, it has grown incredibly fast in terms of its abilities, ecosystem and community. There are different levels of hosting that we will be discussing today. They manage things such as documents, movies, pictures, phone numbers, and scientific data. Once you start getting subscriptions it starts figuring out what other comics get similar readership.

For what is worth, LINE Webtoon has gained a reputation as being much friendlier to the webcomic creator in terms of revenue sharing, syndication offers and copyright protections. In addition to free hosting, The Duck also provides in-depth art, writing, and technical tutorials written by members of the The Duck community, a robust forums section to interact with one another, a user-generated merchandise store for creators to sell their work to their fans, and many other wonderful free features. Due to the security breaches in 2020, accounts with over 100k followers are also more tediously scrutinized. These sites are specially designed for webcomics, and make it easy to upload and show off your comic, even if you don't know much about programming websites.


  • It covers life, the universe, and everything—but with stick figures.
  • I get a "standard" layout can be convenient for readers but still.
  • A new episode every week and live broadcast on Ustream on Sunday.
  • Later that same year, Scott Kurtz started a multi-part storyline in his webcomic PvP featuring Magic the Gathering-creators Wizards of the Coast, as a form of product placement.
  • You can also apply to tapas premium to make a comic or novel that’s unlocked per episode with coins.

Change your Permalinks!!:

Much like xkcd, it's a strip for the true geek, with gags about science, math, religion, and philosophy. Here’s Bluehost’s WordPress set up in 7 steps. Choose SIMPLE INSTALL and then enter the URL where you want the WordPress installed. That's not sketches in your sketchbook, it isn't things you're nearly done with, it isn't scanned pages 2020 pixels wide - it's finished comics that won't need changes made to them before they go up.

Tag your post accordingly. This will help the speed and loading times in your browser and also won’t kill your host’s CPU or fry their servers. Whatever is on the other side will show through, and is a pain to edit out later. Where to buy hosting:

Even before publishing your comics, but especially after, make sure to find your comic ‘home’. A thousand times Yes. You'd likely be responsible for the configuration and maintenance of such a system. If you also have a webcomic and aren’t sure where to share it, hopefully this post will give you some ideas. Smackjeeves - I don’t know much about this website, just that it’s another comic hosting website.

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Lastly, colouring can vastly improve a comic, but it might detract from what you're trying to say. As it’s owned by Facebook, there’s a major overlap in terms of audience, but the greater focus on visuals makes this one a winner. Most webcomics host their comic on a website with WordPress installed (and using a Comicpress theme and plugins, that allows you to post a comic with your commentary). You can get a free (yes, FREE!) If you’re into beautifully drawn, longer reading experiences then this is the site for you.

Free Webcomics Hosting Sites

It’s paranormal – there’s a ghost – and mostly takes place in an abandoned mall that was the site of an infamous murder, but it’s more reflective than scary. There are a lot of differences that make webcomics unique from traditional comics (even digitized traditional comics like ones found on Overdrive/Libby). And…well, if you want to make a Myspace for it, I suppose whatever gets the job done, right? A lot of comic artists still work that way, but it doesn't mean you have to. After all, our goal should be to connect people with materials they love, not just materials the library owns. Most of these packages come in two flavors:

One of the advantages that the platform has over others is that many of the comics are offered in multiple languages through fan translations, making it a global platform.

While there are still a few gems left to be found from the syndicates, there are even more innovative strips out there—strips you'll rarely see in print. The danger is that if your comic gets to the topic of a popular subreddit, the traffic influx can crash your site. ” or “Oh noes someone beat me to it! Web content includes text and embedded graphics maps , and program code (e. Flexible filemaker server licensing, but then comes the question, how and where to host? )

While it doesn’t hurt to branch outside of your genre, co-sponsoring someone in your same genre can help build your own reader traffic because your friend’s readers, looking for a webcomic of similar material to what they are reading, will be drawn to your comic.

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As a result, there’s a diverse range of voices, genres and styles just waiting to be discovered. If you’re JUST starting out today, you might even consider just using a Facebook Page or free Blogspot for your comic to build your audience up a little before taking the leap to self hosting. Someone was selling them without even mentioning me or my work partner. Bluehost and Siteground have special setup features to install WordPress for you. Use your graphic editor's 'save for web' feature, and save as a GIF for files with large expanses of flat colour, JPEG for comics with gradients and shading. I post all my comics to this subreddit using Imgur. Bluehost in particular has different tiers of hosting for Wordpress specifically , and limits the amount of pageviews you can get, which is something to keep in mind if you are extremely popular. In fact, many users consider it inappropriate that a creator would want them to, God forbid, leave 9Gag.

Webcomics have been used by some cartoonists as a path towards syndication in newspapers, but few are chosen each year. Posts tend to break 100 at the top, and they tend not to be comics. How to promote your self-hosted comic: This way the moment that a problem appear on one side, you can easily transfer your assets without losing precious hours of work. It was later removed after sitewide backlash and mass comic removal. Milholland (Something Positive) was working in Medicaid billing for an ambulance company.

For the purposes of this article I will take screenshots of my Godaddy account screens, etc. Anybody can upload a comic to Webtoon if it meets their parameters. I’m not going to cover all the “how to’s” of COMICPRESS, but there is a great community of users at comicpress. Here are some webcomic solutions for WordPress that are still being updated and maintained: Having lost their stigma as a diversion for children and the feeble-minded, comics are gaining acceptance and popularity, and being read by a worldwide audience.

A better idea, if you like someone's comic, is to draw fan art for them.