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Many affordable hosting packages are offered by Easy CGI.

Many people prefer to contact customer service via a support ticket, which is essentially the same thing as sending them an email. You've come to the right place, paySafeCard The popular anonymous payment method "PaySafeCard" is of course also offered by ZAP. After testing a plan myself for 30 days, I found that downtime was indeed above 99. Learn more, including about available controls:

  • Along with support for SiteLock, WordPress hosting, site restoring, and alternative website builders, the professional services from EasyCGI look solid.
  • EasyCGI has its own news page where staff post articles, interviews and other news items.
  • But if you need a specific script to work, like ASP or ASP.
  • You will also get free, same-day set up (with no setup fees).
  • Of course, additional information on the Easy-CGI hosting features can be found at easycgi.

We sincerely wish you all the best with your new web hosting provider! Plus, with all the features that come included, I would say it was a bargain. 0GHz Xeon processor and 1GB server memory running on Windows 2020 operating systems. 4th/ Thu, 19-Mar-20 easyCGI, Daily Uptime = 0 % , easyCGI Response Time = 0 s. There is a useful tutorial available for their customers to familiarize themselves with EasyCGI’s control panel. Your services are very affordable and convenient to use. Starting at less than $37 per month, these VPS options use Linux operating systems and provide an excellent contrast to the windows based shared hosting servers.

The CM4All website builder. There are 4 options available: If you need Windows 2020 hosting, the average provider will charge you around $20 or more per month with a setup fee. Easy CGI was founded in 1998 and located in New York. A summary of EasyCGI web hosting features are listed below: You can even create unlimited FTP accounts. Easy CGI VPS allows customers to manage their own servers to deploy community portals and Web applications with technologies such as PHP, MySQL and Perl.

Choose from hundreds of templates in order to create your particular website to be exactly the way you want it to be. Easy CGI offers their clients an excellent infrastructure and great control panel, providing customers with even more for their money. Yes, their packages support audio and video streaming. The most powerful shared hosting plan offered by Easy CGI is only $21.

They said it was caused by "malwares which infect the website files [that] are different," whatever the hell that means.

Review EasyCGI

Doing business online wouldn’t be so complicated with EasyCGI, but that’s if you’re willing to shell out a few extra bucks for add-ons like these eCommerce products. Easycgi offers shared web hosting, reseller hosting, email hosting and they are on Window 2020/Window 2020 platform (Except the new Linux VPS Hosting). Will they backup my site for me? This is out of range for most bloggers but it’s good to have available should you wish to venture into multisite or your single blog grows exponentially. GD creates PNG and JPEG images, among other formats. What are the issues currently faced by the company? I don’t recommend you do business with them. Additional features that EasyCGI includes with each hosting plan is not like other web hosting providers.

To get my site active again, I edited my files and removed the offending content. Unlimited hosting - refers to companies that provide packages with unlimited disk space, bandwidth, number of domains, databases or email accounts, etc. 96/month if you elect to pay yearly. Easy CGI VPS strives to be on the leading edge of the web hosting industry through superior technology, competitive pricing and excellent customer service. They said it was my app.

For these reasons, do not hurry and pay for well-publicized popular applications. I checked my files and didn't notice anything. In fact, from the research I have done it does look like your server will be up 99. EasyCGI is confident that you’ll be satisfied with their services. A script library with support for WordPress, phpBB Forum, and GBook. Overall, EasyCGI is a good choice for most types of websites, but it’s tough to differentiate it from the hoards of other web hosts out there.

  • 96/month and already provides 350GB disk space, 3,500GB bandwidth and unlimited email.
  • This is a premium security service that makes it harder for hackers to hack your server and tamper with your files.
  • • The Linux VPS X10 package is the high end VPS hosting plan available through EasyCGI.
  • However, they have not published any uptime statistics to indicate that they can stick with this guarantee.


After the first term, each of the plans automatically renews at its regular rate. Product sourcing and drop shipping through Doba. A ticket system for customer support is also provided. EasyCGI offers 24/7 technical support, so you can reach someone with your questions, comments, or concerns no matter what time of day it is. Here’s a comparison of EasyCGI’s Linux VPS hosting plans: 99 per month and runs on the same Windows versions as Advanced X and uses the same web server. How would you like a hosting company that allows your website to go down nine times in sixteen days?

Multiple shared hosting plans; virtual/dedicated hosting; server co-location; email only hosting; 24/7 phone support. Easycgi is a web hosting provider specializes in shared Windows web hosting. This means more uptime for your website and less lost business.

Some are great for online shops, and others create a helpful environment for startups. Founded in 1996, EasyCGI provides web hosting services to various business sectors, with particular relevance to e-commerce businesses. However, further research reveals that it is only $7. You may not be incredibly familiar with EasyCGI, but it claims to be 'consistently ranked among the top ten web hosting providers worldwide'. This means if your uptime is less than 99. But what do other customers have to say? 96 for the first month.

Designing images and logos.

Bottom line on EasyCGI

It then reverts to the full price of $12. EasyCGI also chooses to use Windows 2020/2020 for the following 3 web hosting plans because they believe that it offers the most advanced hosting server platform and accordingly uses it for their shared hosting plans. In terms of pricing, their VPS plans are relatively more expensive than the competition. If you need a windows hosting plan to support ASP or ASP. This is a 30-day money-back guarantee on hosting costs only, which is fairly standard at this price point. On the top of this chart are their prices, which read as follows: Take a look at the video tutorials which walk users through every aspect of setting up and managing a site.

In short, small-ish and decent-sized websites will fit in quite nicely here. per month, to top it off, there is no email or live chat customer support to assist you in the (all but certain) event you encounter a problem with their service. In this role — one of a host that strives to make everyone happy — it does so exceptionally. The company has been offering Windows shared hosting and Linux VPS hosting plans for a number of years.

The Personalized Expert Consultation

EasyCGI has received lots of awards for their web hosting services, which shows that they truly know what they're doing when it comes to hosting websites. I launched my website November 1st. I am not saying EasyCGI is bad, or doing bad stuff to their customers. 71% , weekly uptime is 0% and average response time is 0. EasyCGI offers 7 different hosting plans.

EasyCGI is a well known hosting provider consistently ranking high in many reviews. I believe it highly likely that there is a corrupt inside man at EasyCGI who is helping to infect sites and attempted to extract money from me. This straight-up pissed me off. Easy CGI does have live chat, telephone, and a support ticket incase you need to get ahold of tech to troubleshoot any technical problems. NET, then go withGoDaddy, $4. If you feel that your storage and bandwidth needs might be a little larger, feel free to move up to either the X2 or the X4 shared plans.

A nice thing is that Easy CGI supports lots of databases (MySQL, MsSQL, ODBC). Most web hosting companies have Linux as their default system. 24x7 Support Starting at $7. Each plan is based around Windows and offers a choice of Windows 2020 or Windows 2020 hosting environments. If you choose any VPS plan, you can effectively try before you buy, by paying month-to-month until you’re ready to commit to a year or more. We are here to answer your question and we are going to give you the real evidences. But beyond these complaints, it provides a service that ends up a great fit for a majority of small businesses. Here, you can easily access the WordPress tools you use the most.

Shared hosting with EasyCGI

• The Advanced X2 package permits for 500 GB disk space, 5,000 GB monthly data transfer, 1,000 of POP3 email accounts and 100 MySQL databases. Do your homework, check out each short-listed application in detail, read a few EasyCGI Hosting Services reviews, speak to the seller for clarifications, and finally select the product that presents what you require. 42 ms, which is pretty damn good! 500 GB in the most expensive package. Reseller hosting, email-only hosting and domain registration services are also available.

EasyCGI Customer Service/Tech Support rating: EasyCGI is a company that provides web hosting services. For example, EasyCGI offers:

You will also find out that their hosting environment runs mostly under Windows, which is a big disappointment for LINUX or MAC users. VPS servers get only SSL, G Suite, and SEO tools. The image to the left is just one example of many claiming that the only support quickly available is provided by agents without great technical know-how. 96 a month if you commit to an annual or multi-year term.

In 2020 they announced they were adding a minor boost in their algorithm to favor sites with an SSL.

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I wasn't running any applications. They have three levels of shared web hosting plans which can satisfy the needs of a diverse range of end users. Be sure to check each plan's options thoroughly before signing up to ensure the plan will accommodate your site's needs.

Instead they are provided with an in house customized control panel to manage their information and data. The new facility boasts a 15,000 square foot data center with 500 KW generator and 125KVa UPS. Active server pages (ASP)- Easy-Cgi supports Chilisoft ASP. The company provides even more selection in its Linux VPS choices, from the basic but strong VPS-X to the powerhouse VPS-X10. There are also several upgrade options available. Linux-based VPS web hosting is also available through EasyCGI. In fact, they have some of the fastest servers I’ve tested so far.

Here’s our edtior’s comment about EasyCGI based on our recent studies. It’s not so simple to get across such level of professional integrity as EasyCGI features. They also offer plenty of flexibility to their web hosting plans. This time, I knew what to look for, and sure enough, my files had been edited. This gives 2 GB RAM (burstable up to 4 GB), 100 GB disk space and 2020 GB bandwidth per month. For instance, you can easily get a shared hosting plan from HostNine or SiteGround for much less.

They offer Coldfusion, ASP, and even the new ASP.

Backed by a Powerful Hosting Platform.

Pricing is about average for a budget host, The company’s Terms of Use is pretty standard, and there doesn’t appear to be any hidden or crazy things they get you to agree to or buy. With their vast years of experience in the industry, all of their service professionals have sufficient knowledge in the products they sell. Are they just as good? A one-size-fits-all service for a pretty standard website. Other than that, their other service is actually pretty decent. One can add/remove services, upgrade plans/features, view invoices, etc. In addition, EasyCGI basic plan offers not only common hosting features such as CGI-BIN, php, SSI but also many windows features such as ASP, ASP. But if you take out a calculator, you�ll figure out that this is not the case with EasyCGI.

You don’t have to be a Windows lover to benefit from EasyCGI hosting as your plan also comes with many popular open-source tools. 9% up time guarantee. EasyCGI Review: Simply put, their hosting plan isn’t cut out for bigger websites that require more robust features.

This is a good resource to refer to if you want to get a feel for it before you dive in. A2 hosting, the company operates 18 data centers worldwide. We do work hard to provide you most valuable, reliable, best and correct information about all of the products and services we review. 96 per month and has a monthly data transfer of 2,000 gigabytes. Along with a nice set of options, customers should know that Easy CGI owns its own data center, so you can rest well knowing you are not dealing with a reseller.

Easy EGI Summary

Here is a breakdown so you understand the performance and resource differences side-by-side: All of the above plans come with: The hosting company will even walk you through the restoration process if something bad happens to your blog. You get all the features you expect from a web hosting control panel, and the only difference is that things are configured and set up slightly differently. With an ability to overcome fierce industry competition as a start up company, Easy CGI has demonstrated that it has the ability to provide the kind of reliable hosting services that our customers demand. Why companies are implementing digital twins into iot business plans. I hope they lose all of their captive x-webstrike customers and the deal goes so bad that they have to sack all of the staff that made such a mess of it all. Customer support is superb, as I discovered by receiving a prompt and helpful response via live chat. Doba is the ultimate dropshipping marketplace, where you have access to over a million products that you can sell right on your eCommerce site.

Because they were unable to transfer the SSL certificate across from webstrike (not sure they actually know how this works), they actually ordered a new certificate for me from RapidSSL knowing full well I already owned one when it was being hosted at webstrike.

GD - is an ANSI library dynamic creation of images. It doesn’t come cheap in any way, but even so, this is some pretty solid VPS hosting if you’re looking for a slightly more self-reliant program. EasyCGI lets you choose between Positive SSL Certificate and Extended Validation SSL Certificate. Even so, just the claim is interesting, considering most hosts lock you into a single OS or a choice between just a few. There are four Linux based VPS plans are available and every plan comes with a dedicated IP address, private name servers and allows clients to host an unlimited number of websites. It’s nice to deal with a web host knowing they aren’t trying to rip you off. PayPal is one of the most trusted names on the Web so rest assured that processing payments and transactions with your clients are always safe! Box 2998 Ann Arbor, MI 48106.

Keep up the great work. Finally, they suspended my account, so I did a complete check of my files. (52 a year), advanced X2 package for $15. This plan allows 500 POP3 E-mail Accounts and 50 MySQL databases. I found various comments, but EasyCGI reviews regarding support seemed consistent.

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• The Linux VPS X4 plan permits 1 GB RAM (burstable memory 2 GB), 50 GB web space and 2020 GB monthly data transfer. 95) ADVANCED X2 ($15. What was happening was every few days my database was getting overwritten with someone else's data. 30-day money back guarantee is also a plus. The company gears its solutions towards small to medium sized businesses with shared and VPS hosting packages available at competitive prices. My site is just a bunch of HTML and CSS. Send an email any time through the form located on the site. Linux VPS X2 VPS hosting plan.

EasyCGI VPS gets kudos across the board for its Windows VPS hosting options, which many web hosts do not provide.

  • I highly recommend them as a hosting company.
  • I'm not an expert on that but that's why I count on hosting and tech support to be there.

VPS Web Hosting for Additional Power

What is EasyCGI? 95 per month ($95. )All in all, Easy CGI is a viable web hosting provider. One feature of note in Network Solutions’ gamut of offerings is its “We Build It For You” option, which is great for someone who wants to outsource all of the tasks related to getting a website up and running. The price ranges from $7. While it’s undoubtedly worthwhile to pay for an annual or multi-year term, it’s always a good idea to test their service for at least a month before deciding to make a long-term commitment. Freehosting, for example, you may get the . WP Starter $3.

The more packages the larger discount you get. It comes with 3 GB of space and 50 GB of traffic. 56 per month ($258. )Check out our Frequently Asked Questions section and for those web hosting terms that you don't understand see our Glossary.

While most web hosts only allow you to run a single domain under one account, EasyCGI lets you run unlimited domains, as well as subdomains and parked domains.

Read the Full Review Add Your Review! EasyCGI is a business web hosting provider so you will see things like ecommerce scripts and resources that are geared towards adding features that will support business needs. I am doing the same right back at them. It has 50 gigabytes of disk space and can hold 1 gigabyte of memory as well as 2 gigabytes of burstable memory. Note that the eXtreme guarantee is only available where the customer has paid for their account with a credit card.

Starting from low as $7.

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EasyCGI offers a 99. New to web hosting and need some questions anwered? 9% of the time, no policies and data about this is found on their website. 9% uptime, but this does not appear to be backed up by a guarantee. It was links and whatnot for counterfeit Chanel and Burberry. Do you want this treatment?

Their network boasts a redundant Gigabit Ethernet fiber optic uplink to geographically diverse providers using Cisco routers and Dell Dual Xeon servers with 12 GB of physical RAM and RAID storage. My password was a 256-bit random alphanumeric string that had been changed multiple times. Does easyCGI offer an uptime guarantee? The company supports a number of features designed for ecommerce websites, including shopping cart software, PayPal processing, and SSL certificates. Yes, their plans are generous enough for hosting images or galleries provided you stay within the limits of your hosting package.

The fine-tuned administration it provides far exceeds any other windows control panel in the industry today. 96 a month and has a monthly data transfer of 2,000 gigabytes. They also have social media accounts, though they don’t seem to be very active in these platforms.

The data center and network operations center is located in Peal River, New York.

  • But since the correspondence for this complaint was done with my Gmail, I don't think this was the case.
  • Their network architecture uses a “pooled server environment” which means that the first machine available is the one that serves your web pages to a visitor.
  • This rock-solid infrastructure results in an incredible 99.
  • 2975 s, Since Sun, 14-Jun-09().

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E-commerce store building is sold as a separate package. I pass their comments to EasyCGI and. She lives with her husband and son in the United Kingdom. While the prices for their shared hosting solutions do seem to be on the high end, they also offer the equivalent value for the money. Broke both of my websites during the migration from Webstrike (they were great). Advanced X, Advanced X2 and Advanced X4. They used an automated process to migrate my websites and the process actually CHANGED my code in parts to suit their servers.


This plan does support monthly transfers of 7,500 gigabytes and the disk space is 750 gigabytes. Along with this was frequent problems with their dashboards, tools that wouldn't work, and statistics that were way off. Here are some of the e-commerce essentials provided should you wish to ever add a store to your blog: EasyCgi's most popular hosting plan offers 500 email accounts. The physical server will be up but your applications could have problems from time to time which really doesn’t mean your website is up 99. 9% uptime guarantee is also provided. Refunds do not include setup fees, domain registration fees and other additional services that have been purchased on top of a hosting plan.

Only objected when they came for me. To help personalise content, tailor and measure ads and provide a safer experience, we use cookies. If there any problems at the data center, the staff at Easy CGI can work towards a solution quickly and effectively.

WP Starter and WP Essential. I would recommend that you check out my InMotion review (for VPS and dedicated) or my WebHostingHub review (shared hosting) if you’re looking for a dependable, cheap, and great company to host your websites on. Thorough answers; Detailed resources; Quick responses; Its customers know they can depend on EasyCGI Web Hosting services.

EasyCGI Summary

EasyCGI offers 3 different web hosting plans in order to give their customers a few different options when it comes to hosting a website. What’s more, you’ll get unlimited email accounts, FTP accounts, and MySQL databases. The hosting offered by Easy CGI is undoubtedly aimed at a niche. The company is owned by the Endurance International Group, a large organisation which also owns over 50 different hosting brands including Globat, PureHost, BlueHost and SuperGreen Hosting.

That said, keep reading to find out what this host offers and how it can help you launch your next blog. However, from the research I have done there could be issues whenever you need to get in contact with them. If you’re not familiar with VPS (virtual private server) hosting, it’s a step up from shared hosting, with a virtual website hosting environment on a shared server. 99) ADVANCED X4 ($21. It currently provides hosting service to over 50,000 clients ranging from individual webmasters to small and medium sized internet businesses.

It's possible that the hackers were monitoring my e-mails, realized I was likely going to cancel my EasyCGI account and wanted to try out one last thing. There are even a few features many other providers don’t have. They then have the gall to suggest that if there's a problem I need to fix the scripts myself because the agreement states that they are not liable for any issues! This is especially true if you are specifically looking for a host which offers a windows server environment. Best hosting reviews, underestimating the importance of speed and uptime. Tech support is available instantly.

Uptime & Reliability of EasyCGI

If want more tools and services for building a full-blown eCommerce site, you might want to consider these add-on features offered by the web host: EasyCGI promise to provide a flexible and secure hosting solution with their Linux VPS plans. I wish I'd done due diligence like I usually do and found this review site first. It’s navigable, easy to get the information you need, and comes with all of the things you’d expect from a web hosting provider. EasyCgi stays up to date with the latest GD version. Questions? we’re with you! If considering ASPHostPortal for more than just Moodle, because you can host unlimited web sites with just the one package, other popular “1-click” install apps include:. Through various partnerships of leading companies in the software and due to hard and professional work EasyCGI has evolved as a central source for solutions in the hosting field. Linux VPS X, Linux VPS X2, Linux VPS X4, and Linux VPS X10. We are a professional review website receive compensation from the companies whose products we review.

There’s definitely a learning curve if you’re used to the other major control panels (mainly because of layout, different wording, etc.) They provide a drag-and-drop website builder along with goMobi (a mobile website builder) so you can create responsive mobile-friendly websites in minutes. Complete blockage in attempts to extort more money for more space that I do not need.

By that, we mean that you’ll be able to find everything you need in one spot without any confusion. All of these plans are based on the Windows platform, and provides you with all the necessary tools and features for building a simple yet fully functional website. EasyCGI provides a 99. What are its standout features? All of these are optional but some, like backup and security, are lucrative if you’re willing to pay the extra little bit. 24/7 phone support via an 800 number, email support, help desk support, and an online knowledge base.