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Today, many IT providers have begun offering iSeries Cloud Hosting Services but not all iSeries Cloud hosting provides are the same.

Meanwhile, potential risks include: In addition to our AS/400 hosting services, if you are looking to set up a private cloud environment for your business, we have an expansive selection of used and refurbished equipment for all iSeries systems, from legacy to current models. IBM FlashSystem 9100 delivers up to 2. Global data center locations, for development of ColdFusion applications, several tools are available:. Whether you are looking to migrate your SAP® system, your data warehouse, or any other enterprise application you currently run on IBM iSeries, Symmetry brings the right technical expertise and migration experience to optimize your IT strategy.

For companies that are looking to harness the potential of Power Systems Hosting without the upfront cost of a second system, iTech’s tier-three data center grants companies access to redundant power, cooling, and communication feeds. Our iSeries Managed Services allow you to leverage of our highly trained, 24x7x365 technical team to manage select server tasks or to provide end-to-end systems management. Stay up to date on Metro’s COVID-19 Coronavirus response. At the same time, Google is introducing a Premium Support plan to maintain high-availability services, making the GCP more attractive to CIOs averse to down-time. For more information about our IBM AS/400 cloud hosting, contact Abacus Solutions today. I will be using all the names of this platform while referring to this server for common understanding.

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They can’t physically mount tapes, they usually don’t provide offsite storage or disaster recovery services and they can’t leverage as much cost savings. If you’re looking for scalable, virtual hardware that is a compatible host for your IBM i platform, CPS Technology Solutions will develop the perfect cloud-based solution for your business’s IT department. "worst job i ever had", they’re especially formidable when they band together. For those one-off needs, learn more about our AS/400 i Series consulting services and our AS/400 System experience. Thousands of other companies are still running systems built on the old AS/400 architecture, according to all400s. Environment has a strong support roadmap and commitment from IBM Generally, it’s very rare for any OEM for any platform to provide support for more than five years. Once the LPAR is loaded, our networking team works with the client’s network engineer to establish user connectivity to Cloud400. Functioning as an extension of your IT department, our staff is here to work for you.

  • They were succeeded by the iSeries server and later the Power Systems range, while the operating system they ran, OS/400, has been replaced by IBM i.
  • No problems reported from peripherals.

Service Offerings

Software as a Service (SaaS) : They will take care of support functionality such as upgrades, patches and fixes. Since 2020, CoreHive has hosted IBM iSeries environments for customers all across the United States, delivering superior managed services and 24/7 remote monitoring centers located in North America. It is our job to keep that ‘highway’ open and running smoothly, safely, and efficiently. A managed-services team should offer comprehensive remote monitoring to ensure that performance or operational challenges can be proactively identified and the proper course of action can be taken.

When you choose Abacus Solutions for any form of cloud hosting, you can be confident that we will work closely with you to devise the right solution for your business. BDK started with a focus on the IBM i (aka AS400), and has grown to include windows and linux servers. IBM introduced its AS/400 midrange computers in 1988, shipping over half a million units over the next decade. Since then, this platform has evolved in a big way. We address these special requirements as the need presents itself.

We provide friendly, attentive, and expert service. All you need is a working internet connection. AS400 systems need a customized approach that reduce Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), unlock insights from hidden data and increase system agility while delivering consistent business value. Despite its widespread use, the legacy aspects of this compute environment make it a challenge to maintain in-house. In addition First Option can provide programming support, modernization and legacy integration services.

It can save time, money, and the headaches of having to deal with a system that takes a knowledge base that is constantly changing.

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Simplified IT Operations : This type of outsourcing generally leads to the biggest cost savings as a vendor is able to provide the most leverage. As demand and necessity for next-generation operating systems, applications, and integration require a balance between old and new, LightEdge has introduced a suite of IBM i (AS/400/iSeries) and AIX on Power Systems solutions to fill this void.

Beneath the perception lies the reality that this little black box actually runs your business, and its loss, for whatever reason, would have enormous consequences on your ability to do business.

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There are no hardware or maintenance costs. Merger, Acquisition or Consolidation: Ability to scale environments on demand to keep pace with projects and resource intensive business initiatives. To ensure you are getting the best possible access to co-location facilities IMS work with Blue Chip. In fact, you will be assigned your own project manager who will walk you through your transition to the cloud and assist you with tasks like data migration and VPN setup.

Pricing starts at $150,000 per year, plus a percentage of spend on the services supported. Compare to best hosting brands from canada new, very easy signup process. Or, said differently, what hosting resources are required for CPW performance, RAM memory, storage, and backup strategy. Here are some of the benefits for choosing and running a system on IBM cloud hosting solution: By taking advantage of flexibility, scalability and affordability inherent in an iSeries (AS/400) cloud hosting environment, organizations can create a nimbler, more agile IT department, resulting in unparalleled business agility to gain a strong competitive advantage by: IBM Power Systems has been designed to take on a multitude of tasks, all with the goal of enabling optimal business performance. Every company that uses AS400 systems wants to leverage and reap the benefit of the large volume of valuable information stored in it. Working together, we are now able to fully support your iSeries Aurora and IBM Power8 servers (iSeries).

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Want to learn more about what FNTS has to offer, give us a call at 800. Benefit from what leading organizations use as their iSeries application infrastructure to provide permanence and business continuity to mission critical applications but, at the bandwidth and price that best fits your organization. We changed our Privacy Policy for cookies and other similar technologies. You can access your system from anywhere, any device, and at any time. By continuing to use the site, with no change to your browser settings, you agree to the use of cookies.

With the Silver tier, PSGi takes a more active role managing all backups and monitoring performance.

We leverage the latest technologies to deliver optimum performance. KeyInfo’s iSeries and AIX hosting has received recognition from IBM and leading technology publications, for its innovation and best-in-class 99. Why is the IBM i platform the most eligible server to be available as a service on the cloud model?

The problem is that you may not have the necessary resources, which means your staff may be stretched too thin or not accomplishing what it needs to do. With iTech Solutions Power System Hosting, businesses can optimize their IT resources and increase the flexibility of their organization’s infrastructure. Give me a call at 714-593-0387 or email me at [email protected]

There are many reasons for doing this such as money saved on IBM software subscription and hardware upgrade charges.

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The engagement might start out as a facilities or remote management engagement in the early years and move toward an outsourcing model in the later years. We also have users that test their applications and software on Cloud400. The nature of co-location hosting is such that every customer’s requirements are different. Considering moving your infrastructure to the cloud? Initially, the conversation usually begins when a company wants to take another look and re-evaluate their investment in their platform and the long term management of that platform. In short, we need to do this upfront analysis to prepare an implementation plan to on-board a new Cloud400 client. Dedicated ip address, with multilingual staff on hand 24 hours a day, FXVM can help you install expert advisors, third-party tools or troubleshoot any issues. Many companies with an AS400 server OS are dealing with a skill shortage now, or one they will be facing one very soon.

Makes IT Easy, allows you to focus on your business operations. 5 times faster than Power 8 processors allowing you to lower your costs by using less cores than your current Power 7 or Power 8 servers. Extended to Tuesday January 14, 2020 at 4:

Managed Hosting Services for Your IBMi

However, limitations such as the monolithic nature of the code base, 5250-based ‘Green Screens’, tightly coupled Business Logic along with high cost of Server/OS upgrades, create greater challenges to the modernization of AS400 systems. Frees up your IT staff to concentrate on more strategic initiatives. With offices in Boston and Phoenix, First Option serves customers across a broad range of industries including software, financial, telecommunications, nonprofit, asset management, textile, retail and legal. Web hosting canada (whc):, it has a lifetime price-lock guarantee. From fully managed applications to customer-managed infrastructure deployed on shared or dedicated infrastructure, you define the options, pricing and service model for each application.

With three different service models, three different deployment models, and a whole lot of context to take into consideration, the path to IBM iSeries cloud implementation isn’t so clear. Discounted rates are provided for project, long term contracts and prepaid blocks of hours. With IBM Power Systems and IBM i operating systems, organizations can reap the benefits of: All hardware is integrated, configured and thoroughly tested prior to shipment.

We need to understand what licensed software they will run, including IBM as well as software from independent providers. This will be useful to an IT decision-maker in any organization looking to modernize their existing AS400 system. You may not care if you have your own dedicated system, as long as you have the resources to run your business. Our network hosting and systems colocation services can help if you don’t have the internal technical resources you need for 24/7 support. Give us a call Toll Free 888-682-5335 or use our Live Chat for assistance. Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) :

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In most cases, Cloud400 hosting is for clients that want to move their business applications from an on premise server to a hosted environment.

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But in case of IBM i (AS/400) and iSeries, IBM has shown its commitment toward this AS/400 system and clearly charted out a roadmap of this platform for the next 10 years. Connectria offers a range of IBM i Disaster Recovery options, with multiple price points, to address various Recovery Time Objective (RTO) and Recovery Point Objective (RPO) requirements. Even so, over the years we have encountered unique situations that require different approaches for operations that run 24 x 7 or businesses that must interface to the U. In addition, Symmetry brings the platform and application expertise essential to architect and manage an enterprise level cloud tailored to meet the requirements of a complex IT environment beyond ERP. Our specialist teams can manage your legacy systems, so that your business can continue to grow and innovate, safe in the knowledge that your mission critical applications are being carefully and securely maintained. Typical events that drive companies to hire CoreHive include: Our servers are hosted in a tier III data center with 4 fiber loops to the internet.

This post is intended as a centralized shared list of all the companies that offer Power system IBM i hosting solutions.


If you run any model AS/400- iSeries, Synergistic can offer cloud services for your system at one of our data centers for a very affordable price. Mysql 5.7 and php 7.2, by purchasing their Hatchling Plan, you get one website, unmetered bandwidth and disk space, technical support, and a 0 Google/Bing Ads credit. If you have an older model AS/400 that is just used for Archival purposes, Synergistic can offer you a plan on that as well (click here for more on Archival Services). We are an IBM Premier Managed Service Provider and POWER Specialty Business Partner.

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This is a quick-activation service that offers high value for you, especially if you need support outside of the traditional 9-5 business hours, for 2nd- and 3rd-shift coverage, or even 24 hours a day. Our SSAE 16 data center provides a secure environment as well as a 24/7 support structure. Could you produce invoices? If you don't have the internal resources you need for around-the-clock support for your IBM i infrastructure, mindSHIFT can help. To sum it up, Cloud400 setup is not like AWS, Azure or most other hosting solutions because of the IBM i operating system. Free you time and save your budget. Its announcement follows a similar one from Microsoft in September. See the Case Study.

Leveraging our partnership with MindSHIFT, First Option offers cloud based IBMi disaster recovery. That hosting company prices, plans & features - 2020, one-click install for WordPress, https (SSL), free domain for 1 year Website:. The key benefits of the IBM cloud hosting solution includes: So, let me explain how Cloud400 for IBM i applications works. Need A Better Service Provider: If you have any questions or would like some additional information please email [email protected] Also, please let me know if you have any additions to these sites and I’ll attempt to post updates as I get the changes. AS400 system modernization is complex and requires different approaches depending on the requirements, workload and risk profiles.