Arvixe hosting In Depth Review – What you should know

I had links to Arvixe community forum discussions that were related to the migrations below, but the forum went into “maintenance mode” on October 7th, 2020 and has since been completely taken down (damage/reputation control?) You should know right up front that the same company (EIG) that bought Arvixe also owns Bluehost, but for some reason they keep top notch native English speaking customer service reps and excellent phone service available 24/7 at Bluehost. The web hosting features you need, the most popular directories are Apple Podcasts (formerly iTunes), Spotify, Google Podcasts, Stitcher, and TuneIn. In this part I'll be looking at three things: The last few months I’ve been trying out quite a few and seem to be disappointed by a lot of them. When it comes to your web security, Arvixe provides a spam blocker called SpamAssassin for emails.

88 afterwards. As if dealing with verification wasn’t enough, our account was “pending,” with no explanation as to what that meant. We’ve been diving deeper into the fold lately, bringing you reviews of some of the smaller web hosting providers out there with a growing face and membership list. They offer an entire roster of fully-supported content management systems and blogging tools to get you from a no-name without a website to a full-force blogging powerhouse with one of the largest sites in the game. These plans are for those needing to host client websites or for those who want to start their own web hosting company. Let us know your thoughts or questions in the comment section below! This applies to all plans and is a monthly limit.

NET hosting from as low as $8.

There are two options: Now look, if you are based in the US and all of your site visitors will be too, then sure, Arvixe is a decent option. I am very pleased with Arvixe, overall.

  • You’re going to be paying almost double the original price at $11 each month.
  • Please exercise due diligence and do current research (as I’ve done) if you are considering this web host.
  • Therefore, this is one of their strong points.

Dedicated Web Hosting

If you’re wondering, these plans also come with the same software, language, and unlimited support that we talked so much about earlier. This is relatively easy to use, has a variety of templates and no apparent limits on pages or anything else. Arvixe servers are certified as SAS 70 Type II with secured entrance/exit doors. Then the social media monitor will contact a shift manager, the shift manager will then get a support tech to stop what they are doing and work on a ticket. I can honestly say that this is one of the most professional support teams I’ve ever encountered. The plan includes everything I will ever need to manage and setup my website so I think it’s fair to say that you’ll surely get bang for your buck with Arvixe.

This easy-to-use website building platform gives you the ability to create a website in minutes by choosing through a variety of templates. The rest of the features stay identical. The unlimited hosting is not truly unlimited; it’s only unlimited until you overuse the Arvixe CPU (which is the norm for all unlimited hosting services, learn more). Very responsive support staff (much different from my experience with a competitor) and pretty easy-. Latest commit, you know what else is great about this, my mom got to meet him one time. In addition to POP3 access via Microsoft outlook, you can also verify emails via SquirrelMail and also has an ability to create Catch-All Email Addresses and SPF record. Once again, Arvixe doesn’t stoop to these tricks.

Another black mark for Arvixe. You go through all the pain and suffering to find a new web host right now. Customer service is great, everything is great. Dedicated servers are not covered under this clause. Secure hosting included with every plan, one caveat, however:. It’s normal for Web hosts to hit rough patches at times, so it’s up to you to do the research before giving them a try.

That’s a full two dollars less than most comparable hosting providers, leading us to certify Arvixe as a true bargain.

How I Boosted Conversions by 309% in 30 Days

We have always aimed to be a one stop shop for anyone looking to start their business on the web. Take care, they are really rubbers. You can also make use of the Backup button to capture backup copies of your valuable database from time to time. Here is the dashboard you'll find after accessing your Arvixe account. 9%, i get at least five or six pingdom reports a day.

Each plan can then be customised to suit your individual business needs. EIG has placed very capable individuals to support the migration and we don’t foresee any problems beyond the general issues that have come up in the past due to migrations. On the upside, Arvixe's reseller offerings bless you with a free domain and SSL certificate. Below I’m going to give you my opinion on a few of the most popular questions that keep coming up when comparing Arvixe to other common hosting companies… This is what I’d recommend if I were talking to a friend or relative, or setting up some non mission critical website for myself.

The Latest Arvixe Coupons and Discounts

Some of their replies I get when I have an issueo do not seem professional and are not helpful. Have a backup so you can move? As many of you know, I do not recommend products, services, software, or anything that I do not personally use or see beneficial for the readers here. Let’s call it gut feeling or whatever because I have no solid basis for it, really. When you first get login you might feel intimidated by its appearance but once using it, you will know how easy it is to handle all its features. Yes, although you’ll be expected to adhere to its fair use terms, which means that your website needs to be operating within a normal range.

So on that note: If you would like to run a website powered with ColdFusion, you can do so by paying an additional amount of USD 5 per month. And if you try Arvixe and like them, be sure to submit a review yourself! A free domain for life is included in all their plans. Then EIG and ASO would do poorly constructed commands. And after that I compared them to the Arvixe. Their support team is of the best in the industry - they're fast, knowledgeable and available 24/7 every day of the year.

I recommend them to all beginner bloggers, or anyone that wants to start their first affordable website.

Personal class hosting focuses on individuals looking for a cheap web hosting option. Firstly, Arvixe uses multiple SAS 70 Type II data centers located in Houston and Dallas. Firewall software and hardware also must be updated frequently for protection from external intrusions while still providing access to legitimate resources. The fascinating growth story of Arvixe is laden with several awards from different authorities, such as HostReview and the Inc. It makes a difference! Users can also ask for refund if there is any instance that the site failed to deliver such guarantee. ” Since statistics have shown that web page speed is a critical factor in making conversions from clicks to sales, it behooves prospective customers to evaluate the performance of web hosting vendors before signing any long-term commitment. PersonalClass ASP, PersonalClass ASP Pro, BusinessClass ASP and BusinessClass ASP Pro for Windows hosting.

Was Arvixe not quite right? We recommend

You need not have to contact support to request full trust activation. The shared hosting plans start at $4 per month with the option to add SSL certificates, and dedicated IPs for an extra monthly or yearly fee. Basic (starting at $111 per month) includes an eight-core CPU, 4GB of RAM, 150GB of storage, and unlimited monthly data transfers and email. If you have used Arvixe or if you are currently using them, please post a review to let others know what to expect.

We earn a referral fee for some of the services we recommend on this page.

Dedicated Hosting

Another awesome reason arvixe has always worked for myself, my clients and pals is the fact that arvixe offers new customers a grace period of 2 full months. Ultimately the choice is yours. I asked to talk to the people responsible and the management team, the rep told me you have to email [email protected]

Oh, and if you’re looking for coding support, you’ll find PHP 5, PERL, Python, and CGI all right here.

Is it common for our server to be down for hours? This is important for certain sites such as ecommerce shops where sensitive information is necessary to complete transactions. It offers solid technical and sales support to you, depending on your hosting needs. Do you specifically need. Website speed test, but, if you’re running a blog or website with more than 30,000-40,000 visitors a month, you’ll want additional storage, and the ability to upgrade to VPS when the time is right. I accept the Terms & Conditions Submit Your Review Back Terms and Conditions By submitting a review, you acknowledge that you understand and agree to these terms and conditions: The reliability of Arvixe web hosting is commendable. I’ve has terrible experiences at Ipage.

70 per month plan doesn’t sound too bad on the face of it, until you realize that’s for two years, paid in full upfront.

25GB limit on both bandwidth & disk space.

Cost and Special Offers

Within a two-week period, Arvixe hosting was down for a total of 29 minutes and 41 seconds. Our customers can contact us over Live Chat, Phone support (toll free) as well as email and help desk. At the end of the day, Arvixe is a smaller venue, which means they can likely offer more personal service.

It helps keep your information safe and sound while you browse around. I started using their services a while ago (maybe 5 years ago) they were amazing, but recently they have gotten terrible. We don’t often like to quote directly from the web hosting provider, but in this case, we fell like Arvixe states a pretty bold claim. Then, select a few apps that fit your requirements. Lingering customer service issues, as well as newly observed page-loading problems, prevent it from joining DreamHost, HostGator, and Hostwinds as overall top choices among web hosting services, despite offering specs that sound impressive on paper. Dreamhost web hosting, mac computers are highly durable, very-well designed, and definitely worth every penny. Arvixe gets a top score from me in regards to performance and reliability.

I had a web site up for 10+ years and the hosting company was bought by them. Dedicated class hosting plan offers the following: Arvixe also doesn’t nickel and dime new customers after their initial plan expires, either.

Hosting Plans

One of the great things about Arvixe is its hosting versatility; it has personal, business, reseller, VPS, and dedicated hosting, and all of these have options for Linux or Windows-based servers. The support team is one of the best I’ve ever encountered and in my opinion Arvixe is an overall quality hosting provider that I’d easily recommend to anyone who’s on the hunt for great web hosting. 95 a month over the first three years, for instance, $9. While they may have been a great host years ago, they now closely resemble other EIG brands we’ve come across that rely on their reputation and household names (while their performance continues to get worse over time). Well, errors happen right?

In addition, you’ll also get 99. “Arvixe has a wonderful hosting platform with lots of options resources, programs, plans, cpanel access to all of our sites, making life easier and managing our sites easier. Ease of Signup : FTP, File Manager, SSH and more.


Arvixe stands up well when compared to most other web hosting companies. There are times when live chat isn’t working and email may be the only way to communicate. Arvixe didn't go down once during a two-week timespan. Email is a necessity for most website owners and Arvixe gives you an unmetered number of mailboxes. So without further ado, may we present to you now the Big Daddy, in-depth review of one of the Web’s newest up-and-coming web hosting providers, Arvixe. From a WebHostingTalk thread titled, Goodbye old Arvixe. Now they’re nothing but a sh**ty host with frequent downtimes and horrible support.

While many people will say that Linux is a better operating system, more robust and is open source, many more people are familiar with Windows-based servers then Linux-based servers.

  • Software – database software, operating systems, security software, and business applications require continuous updates to improve functionality and maintain support requirements.
  • Now let me tell you why I recommend them for hosting your website, blog or client websites.
  • NET Framework easily since the hosting packages provide support for all major technologies, databases.
  • 70 Type II certification.
  • If it fails to meet that figure, it’ll provide a credit for one month’s hosting fees.
  • I've had tickets which were never replied to, just ignored and closed.
  • It took a good amount of probing to get the information!

On average, Arvixe is not recommended by users on our web site.

The difference between Personal Class & Business Class hosting is that there are less Business Class accounts per server than there are Personal Class accounts per server. You are free to make use of your hosting space as long as you follow the terms and conditions. Their pricing, compared to what you get, was very attractive and seemed like the best value for beginner shared hosting. You just need to upload your script to view your site.

It supports five websites and unmetered monthly data transfer. A company that provides all types of hosting and has all unlimited plans seems like a serious deal. Here at Web Hosting Geeks we consider it sort of our sworn duty to keep you informed about all of the bigger hosting companies running around. The 29 minutes and 41 seconds was spread out sporadically – a few seconds here in a few seconds there. In summary, Arvixe hosting had been doing okay so far.

Priority support is offered for each product and they all come with a premium price tag.

Gained From

As seen in the picture below, the cheapest plan only costs $7 if you pay for 24 months upfront. I would update that screenshot but that page is no longer updated, and it just stands at number 0. I actually like Digital Ocean’s hosting plans, but they’ll be too much of a pain in the ass for a beginner to set up. They provide you three options to contact them for support: However, it’s still steep, especially considering the performance issues we discussed above. Free domain registration Like most web hosting services, Arvixe provides tiered service levels to accommodate the various needs of individuals and businesses. Arvixe hosting also doesn’t care about how many different email addresses you want to register with your domain. The main Priority Support person was laid off.

Arvixe VS A Small Orange Hosting

Arvixe will transfer your website for no additional cost when you sign up. The unlimited disk space and bandwidth are available in all shared/VPS packages that Arvixe provides. Arvixe grew from a one-man operations into a company making multi-millions today.

Honestly you can’t find such good price anywhere else.

Do We Recommend Arvixe Hosting?

If you are not into the coding then this script library will help you out with the creation of a website as per your preference without any major hitches. Arvixe also lets you apply your own branding to the servers you rent, and it provides 24/7 tech support. For the cheapest Linux plan, you also get nightly security updates, brute force detection, and firewall. What you see is what you will pay for hosting.

Magento gives Arvixe more flexibility than 1&1's Online Store in terms of colors and design options, but with that flexibility comes an extra layer of complexity that will demand more of your time.

Nobody likes automated response that neither provides clue nor solve their problems, this is one area arvixe has impressed me beyond measure. No matter which option I selected, I got this error. It is a super easy website management platform that allows users to build and manage websites, track hosting usage, install scripts, and more. The entire reason people need a hosting service is so that they can build a website. Thats what happened. So, is Arvixe a good web host? When looking for a good hosting provider, you want unlimited service with reliable performance.

Select Products To Compare

The file manager included with WebsitePanel provides ability to Zip and Unzip folders very easily. » Limited installs for WordPress applies to smaller plans and the reason is to save resources. Their options and free features may be important factors for you in signing up for their services. And the bandwidth bubble explains how that 'unmetered' doesn't mean 'infinite' and according to the Terms of Service it should be "consistent with the normal operation of a website". They begin to automatically charge my credit card via paypal for invoices 2 weeks in advance, despite the fact that i never authorised them to do so. Started by Arvand Sebatian, Arvixe has received several awards (Inc Magazine award the most notable one) and is one of the fastest growing hosting companies in the world. » 60-day money-back guarantee with no questions asked. For example, entering WordPress returned only five mostly useless articles on the release of WordPress 5.

They offer many ready to use quick installers in their hosting control panel, such as WordPress, ExpressionEngine, Movable Type, Joomla, Drupal, Concrete5, nopCommerce, Magento, ClipBucket, PHPMotion, vBulletin, MyBB, phpBB, SocialEngine, Elgg Hosting, SkaDate, etc. June 2020 average uptime: Both of those prices are far below what we’re typically seeing for Windows hosting, which is a tremendous surprise (but a real lucky strike) for the businessman in need of Windows hosting. Arvixe’s reseller hosting options are aimed at web designers and entrepreneurs looking to launch their own web hosting business accounts yet do not have server administration knowledge. It supports one website and unlimited monthly data transfer. After saving my selections, I clicked the Edit icon to begin shaping my site. At this point, I paused and said to myself, hey why not give these guys a try.

They will even allow you to use up to six domain names.


Windows plans are provisioned on Server 2020 R2. Click a category like 'cPanel/WHM/Linux', for instance, and articles are presented in alphabetical order than sorted by relevance, or the number of views. And better still, the company actively promotes itself as a developer friendly company. Well, the bottom line is that Arvixe was fantastic Web Hosting Provider. PersonalClass ASP PRO: Their number one priority for their PersonalClass Linux web hosting plans is to provide the quality service that their customers expect, at the most competitive prices possible, all while meeting the needs of every customer regardless of their expertise.

Moreover the technical support of Arvixe is said to be the best in the industry.

Advanced Plan Features

When signing up, you can optionally pay to upgrade to Priority Support, which offers the best expertise and fastest response times. Greengeeks’ key features, on the plus side, you can now get their hosting for only . PersonalClass is for you! This proves our point that “Unmetered” or “Unlimited” doesn’t actually equate to its real meaning.