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All of this adds up to a great dedicated hosting experience.

AccuWeb has servers located in the US, Canada, Australia, Singapore, the UK, and other areas throughout the globe. With it, the host provides you with the infrastructure (network, security) for a server that you own. More cores provide the CPU with the ability to handle more requests. More costly compared to other hosting options. They offer a control panel for managing but you do not have to administrator the server itself. Recently, we've added more formal uptime monitoring to our review process, and the results show that most Web hosts do an excellent job of keeping sites up and running. In addition, there are plenty of advanced features too, like multi-server management, secure shell (SSH) access, custom-designed database manager and more.

In this article, we’ll go over the best dedicated server hosting reviews that we have here at FinancesOnline.

This makes it ideal for relatively smaller sites that want to transition to a dedicated server. How do I add additional IP addresses? When you choose to work with a dedicated hosting provider, you might be required to take on more responsibility for the security of your website. In the past two months, their uptime was >99. Those under ‘Tier 1’ are considered to have non-redundant power together with comments and an expected uptime of 99. The CPU is the type of processing unit in the computer. Are you ready for a new dedicated server? However, there are commercial products also offered by Linux such as Red Hat Enterprise, available at a monthly licensing fee. LiquidWeb is on my list of the best dedicated game server hosting services because of its speed, reliability and affordability.

100% server management. Self-managed or fully managed. The best cheap web hosting of 2020, see our page about the cheapest web hosting for a year for more. The good news is you can get high-quality but affordable services in the dedicated hosting market. We use enterprise grade server hardware. What is a Dedicated Server?

Many dedicated servers include RAID, which stands for redundant array of independent disks.

Best Dedicated Server Hosting

Just 3 hours of being down for Amazon Web Services meant companies lost around $150 million. 32GB Processor: As such, they are mostly used by companies that require great performance, and have the financial resources to pay for it. All dedicated server plans are not created equally. With that said, Media Temple is not even for everyone who knows they want a dedicated server.

Want to read more reviews by our customers for our other services? Economy (from $89. )With that kind of investment, it's important to make the right choice. About 1and1 hosting:, all you need to do is sign up with them to get a domain name, hosting service and an easy-to-use Website Builder tool to create a nearly customized website. That’s the base price. 50/mo Admin Dashboard:

  • 99 a month and Shared hosting for $3.
  • But with that said, every website has unique needs as well.
  • There are different ways to set up a server depending usually on what game is being played.
  • You can also order a different setup and add WHM and cPanel.
  • Generous discounts.
  • Servers get reboots upon request and diagnosis in case of failure.


With dedicated hosting, your website is the only one on the server. 1&1 uses AMD and Intel hardware components which have undergone maximum load and performance testing. Inmotion web hosting plans: .39/mo, if you decide to leave your website host, either because their service has declined or you’ve outgrown what they offer, that’s when you’ll need to migrate to a different website host. The following configurations are baseline package options and can all be customized to meet your specific needs. Free domain and SSL certificate are also included. Our USA Dedicated Server provides more server space and customization for giving more flexibility than other types of web hosting.

However, their loading speeds fall a bit short of industry averages. The customer support offered by AccuWebHosting is good. So if you’re looking for a host with both solid uptimes as well as speed – you needn’t look any further. Pricing for these hosting plans falls within the same range as SiteGround. This negatively affects the performance of websites hosted on the server.

What is a dedicated server?

You may also rent our Linux dedicated server to run a full fledged web server hosting platform for your clients.


Performance will be poor as there aren't enough resources to go around, and the extra load could mean more server problems and downtime. If you’re still unsure, we like to say there’s a 99. The performance offered by their servers is above average, their pricing is competitive, and they have gathered a knowledgeable customer service team. With a whopping 128 GB of RAM, you’ll be able to run complex tasks on your site. It also has good support, good plans and a good reputation. The client has the freedom to choose the best OS, control panel, applications, security to address the business needs.

They also have great support promises with a 59 second guarantee on live chat or the phone, or half an hour via email or ticket.

Even better, they allow you a unique level of customization over your plan, with an interface that allows you to choose the OS, RAM, RAID, Bandwidth cap, and number of IPs for registration. Get highest level of Performance and Security for your large e-commerce store site with dedicated hosting in USA! Or start the conversation in our Facebook group for WordPress professionals. Some operating systems and applications require more RAM and it is important to base the size according to the recommended specifications. Dedicated server hosting is particularly beneficial for companies which need to deal with secure transactions over FTP or SSL. What i don’t like about bluehost (cons), pagely (who made our top 10 list for high traffic sites) didn’t offer phone support, so we tested their live chat / ticket system instead:. When you choose the best web hosting service for your server hosting needs, you have the freedom to choose the operation system of your choice. Their site, as well as customer support, is not for total beginners – unless you’re willing to spend some time digging into the details and meanings behind the info you find.

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You will be limited by the resources of your dedicated server. With leading web hosting providers, offering add-ons like round the clock monitoring of servers, backup and support, businesses can experience a smooth run and pass on the benefits to their customers. Our USA Dedicated Server is best known to supervise extensive traffic and has superior levels of uptime. The top of the line service comes with free domain registration, unlimited domains and sub-domains, unlimited MySQL databases, unlimited FTP/sFTP user accounts, and free search engine marketing credits. With dedicated servers, you won’t experience any serious downtime that could affect the trust factor with customers. This increase in speed can be directly related to a positive increase in site rankings.

DreamHost: Pros and Cons

Currently the most popular sandbox multiplayer game you can buy. Finally, if you want what premium hosting with white-glove service and your choice of self-, semi-, or fully managed servers, Liquid Web touts premier dedicated hosting — at a surprisingly affordable rate. As the user, you have to make up your mind as to whether to go for the managed or the unmanaged hosting. I think that the standard or enhanced plan will be more than enough for most websites that need a cost-effective dedicated server. The term 'unmetered bandwidth' or 'unmetered dedicated servers' or simply 'unmetered' (as you might have seen in our list of dedicated server); is the term used to describe bandwidth without any restriction. Those servers are secure, able to use Windows or Linux and they actually do offer 100% network and uptime guarantee. Only those who’ve never dealt with the company’s customer or technical service might be surprised by the low scores. Also, we weren’t exactly thrilled to find out that cPanel is not included in their price plans as most people need one to set up their site.

This includes: With shared hosting, you may have other websites taking up bandwidth on the server and even crashing it if something suddenly goes viral on their website. But first, what exactly is dedicated hosting? USA (Newark, Dallas. )The closest any host in this list came to this number was 64 GB. Issues such as bad scripts or spikes in the bandwidth in other servers do not slow down or affect the performance a dedicated server.