Top Web Hosts for Modern Ruby Web App Developers (2020)

Additional libraries supported include ImageMagick, OpenSSL, CURL, and openLDAP.

If you are even a bit concerned about the performance of your RoR apps, Phusion Passenger claims that it is capable of improving Rails’ performance and reducing its memory consumption by 33%. Highly trained and knowledgeable technicians are on staff 24/7/365 to help you with your Ruby on Rails hosting needs. The most popular code hosting service in the world with over 31 million users and 100 million repositories as of 2020. In theory, you can buy a server, put it in the company’s basement and connect to the Internet. Ruby on Rails can be sluggish. Customers will be happy to know that WebHostingBuzz’s carbon footprint is offset by the tree planting campaigns they spearhead in third world countries. More than 5,000 people already have contributed code to Rails. They have gone above and beyond the competitors to make sure you’re your website goes down as little as possible.

Additionally, Site5 is so sure that you will love hosting your application on their servers that they are willing to give 100% of your money back within the first 45 days. For example in the case of configurations and security. GrokCloud takes security seriously. 0 safe harbor where ideas that push the web envelope are embraced. COMLooking for a rails hosting company that has experience with Rails developers? If you’re looking for Cheap Ruby on Rails Web Hosting Providers, check out our top 10 cheap web hosting providers list.

Cloud and VPS hosting solutions each have distinct upsides, but both are perfect for running Ruby on Rails applications.

Also, Rails is admittedly very young as a development platform and you guys have gotten a LOT of attention very early on. Paid plans start at 3,50per month. Finally, a Polish cloud provider Oktawave offers a great way to autoscale your RoR applications. 24 hour on call tech support, this allows users to employ as many resources as they need without having to build and maintain their own computing infrastructure. To stay transparent, I want you to know that this is an affiliate link so if you start using Digital Ocean after clicking on this link, I will receive a small commission.

Once your VM is up and running, you can easily upload your RoR code via SSH or any FTP client and launch it on your Azure’s server. With plans offered specificly for Ruby on Rails applications that are low cost, efficient and reliable. From the Help Center you can find tips on everything from how to get started with Ruby and handling errors to creating MIME types with Ruby extensions and installing your own Gems. Firstly, it can be considered inefficient by critics because: Founded in 2020, offers a wide selection of TV shows, etc. As you look through different Ruby on Rails hosting plans, ask yourself the following questions: COMLooking for a company to host your Ruby on Rails application?

COMSeattle - 98104 - IPs owned by BLUEBOXGRID. Will hosting this program give more success to the developer? Syntax is the wording and way that the language has to be used for it to work. Dreamhost has carried Ruby on Rails since 2020 and has an active knowlegebase and rails community. With multiple Tier 1 networks and redundant bandwidth across multiple servers stored at the GNAX datacenter in atlanta and a commitment to environmental care through there Sunshine Energy Program, its easy to see why Glowhost is one of the top 10 fastest growing webhosts. COLUMBUS - 43228 - IPs owned by ECOMMERCE. They have created their own virtual server panel known as the Linode Platform Manager and combine it with Xen virtualization to give you all the control you're ever going to need of your server. RoseHosting's experienced team of Linux developers team will also help you configure Ruby and optimize your Ruby apps to help everything run smoothly.

Many applications buy cheaper servers that other programs also use.


Before we wrap up, let’s not forget to monitor your application once it’s live. RoR uses commonly-available features, such as MySQL databases, and is supported by many web hosting providers. This means you don’t need to launch different services (hard drives, instances) separately. Readymade solutions, are they continuously investing in technology and innovation? GrokCloud is committed to giving users what they want.

Therefore many websites are hosting it. Codes can be reused. This is useful if you are using multiple languages to create your apps. It didn’t affect the writing of this article and even without it I would still recommend Digital Ocean to anyone! Others will charge for hours of use.

Ruby is a flexible and forgiving language, which helps your developers save a lot of time. Third, 24/7 technical support so that no matter when things go wrong, someone is standing by to help you out. (007 an hour if you choose their hourly pricing), which gives you a droplet with 512 MB RAM, a single core processor, 20 GBs of SSD storage, and one TB of monthly bandwidth. Ruby on Rails uses a very simple productivity based approach to web design which means your developers will have an easy time learning and implementing your site in Ruby on Rails. To start, they offer a whole lot of unlimited stuff including:

Award Winning Ruby on Rails Hosting Provider

When we first started implementing our support for Ruby on Rails, we wanted to do whatever we could to support it. Considering trends, market demands, development of new technologies and other changes in the industry, this article simply deserves to be updated. It provides scaffolding which can quickly construct most of the models and views needed for a basic website. When it comes to hosting your Ruby on Rails application on VPSLink you can count on being catered to as a guru who prefers to have root access and manage your own services. For instance, the Ruby Version Manager – a platform that lets you use and manage multiple versions of Ruby – can often only be installed if you have root access. And if you need to add more, you can contact the support team through a 24/7 live chat service. So, what is the bottom line? Everything in Rails is considered an object.

Other features in Languages and Frameworks

In so doing they pride themselves on constant uptime and very competitive prices. It is important to be mindful of the code you use and not rely only on gems. It can connect to almost any type of database in the world but most commonly is used in conjunction with MySQL. You pay for the devoted infrastructure of a certain kind, and not much more. Adamstown - 21710 - IPs owned by www. Unlike AWS or DO, Heroku provides you a platform as a service.

There are a few reasons that you should consider RealVPS for your Ruby on Rails hosting needs.

Ruby on Rails Components

Does that mean it makes no difference who you sign up with? Such development would eliminate all redundancies present in the communities of Rails and Merb. Another negative mark would be some concerns regarding reliability, as since the EIG takeover they have struggled to maintain a positive up time record (read more in our Arvixe review). It provides an intuitive control panel. Airbnb, Hulu, and SoundCloud are just a few of the household names developed with the software. The only thing left is that now you need to share it with users. Key areas to look out for in blog hosting, this is very important for building up your brand over the years. We’re definitely smitten with FastComet’s service.

Wrapping up, there isn’t and cannot be one solution for all. Monthly prices for VPS plans currently range between $19. InterServer outperforms some of. Leading crowdfunding platform supporting creative efforts. Frequent updates. Perhaps, good advice would be to start with a PaaS provider and move to VPS when your requirements grow and you have DevOps skills. With a proper accelerator, it’s nicely usable but without one it’s painful.

Microsoft Azure

Machine resources are shared among customers, but the way it is accomplished differs. The key prerequisites for launching your RoR application are running a virtual EC2 instance and having S3 disc storage. Boasting cheep prices, top notch service, and 99. One of the most persistent perceptions of Ruby (and by extension, Ruby on Rails) is that apps built using this framework see slow start-up speeds.

Fiverr is a worldwide freelance platform where clients can order a wide range of services like web design, content writing, and programming at affordable prices. The truth is that virtual private server (VPS) hosting is also a shared service. WebFaction offers just one simple plan, but with lots of upgrade options for easy scalability on your Ruby on Rails projects. Whether you’re looking to start a personal family blog, or a growing new business WebHostingBuzz will strive to meet your needs. Recommending technologies that are not widely used or supported by any major web hosting company is putting too much of a burden on your users, the people you want to keep happy! Which is really affordable. Free SSH access, PostgreSQL support, and SSD storage are all included with all plans, while A2’s unmanaged VPS plans starting at $5 a month with full root access might be a perfect option for you. Although the web hosting providers reviewed in our article aren’t specialized solely on providing Ruby on Rails hosting, they have the dedicated server resources and flexibility required by Ruby on Rails.

Even better, it's optimized for Ruby on Rails apps from the get-go. It is a straightforward development framework. Need web hosting?, how does domain registration work? 95 a month and includes goodies such as a free SSL certificate, unlimited SSD storage, and priority support. Hosting for Ruby on Rails: And it’s absolutely rocking.

Those are just some of the big names, but there are literally hundreds of thousands of applications built with the framework since its release in 2020.

Reasons to use a dedicated Ruby on Rails hosting service instead of shared hosting providers

We also use DigitalOcean - http: Personally, I don’t recommend to host your Rails apps on the shared hosting plan. A2 Hosting provides plan features such as: Ruby on Rails seemed to really fit in with our company philosophy and we thought our existing customer base would love it. Data security is another top priority concern. If you want your application running 24/7, you can opt for a “hobby” account priced at $7 per month. Finding the best Ruby on Rails hosting is a bit more challenging than other popular programming languages.

Shared or VPS?

The following web hosts are WHdb-recommended hosts that support the Ruby on Rails framework. You're an experienced developer who wants full control over your environment. And does business with a single philosophy: Meaning, if you want to throw up a few Ruby on Rails applications on one of TrustyHost's web servers and take it down at the end of the month, you're free to do so. You need to use PostgreSQL for your Rails app’s database when deploying on Heroku. They want your needs as a Ruby on Rails developer to be central to everything they do. Additionally, make sure to double check to see if Phusion Passenger and FastCGI are available, as these are the most popular and efficient way of handling your Rails web server.

Ruby on Rails Web Hosting Details

Most often as a user you will get the interface to easily change parameters depending on your actual needs. Ruby on Rails hosting may be niche, but there are definitely a number of Ruby on Rails hosting solutions that address that niche audience with a gusto. You’ve probably already used many of the applications that were built with Ruby on Rails: But first, you need to choose the hosting.

You know that it solves a major problem for some people.

Ruby on Rails' Syntax

4 minutes Alexandra Leslie (HostingAdvice. )Plans start at just under 3 British pounds. Privatly managed servers, check. Coupled with their servers’ great speed and flexibility is their support of many programming languages and full support of Ruby on Rails. You can also try OnLamp's great introduction to "What is Ruby on Rails", or read Sitepoint's ruby and Rails articles. Broomfield - - - IPs owned by LEVEL3.

Getting a VPS gives you much more control on what’s going on in your hosting.

For hosts specializing in Ruby on Rails, pricing is consistent with traditional hosting, with basic hosting starting at $5 a month and “high end” packages coming in at around $20 a month. Next is managed operations, where they help you in infrastructure monitoring and app maintenance. We don’t blame you for being cautious! Second, they offer FastCGI for Ruby on Rails Support and passenger/mod_rails. All VPS plans are powered by state-of-the-art hardware (AMD Opteron 6000, Fault Tolerant RAID Disk Arrays, and DDR3 ECC RAM) and include cPanel and WHM, unlimited MySQL databases, CentOS Linux with Full Root Access, private name servers, Ruby on Rails support, free IP Tables Firewall, free website and domain transfer, multiple security layers, SSH Access, multiple bandwidth providers, fully redundant network, etc. You may also use Rails v.

YAML (or YML) and Your Databases

Provide the best quality service and support to customers at an affordable cost. HostGator allows you to manage your Ruby instances through cPanel which prevents things from getting too confusing. This means that on all of their plans they have multiple security layers, an architectural system that minimizes downtime by healing or fixing itself which all adds up to less downtime for you and your viewers. Conclusion – which is the best church website builder? You aim to make an app or a beautiful shining website. We test all add-ons and discuss if they are worth the money you will spend.

Some gems are ultra simple, but others are extremely powerful. In this context, the applications are income-generating. Codecademy is attractive for its simplicity, interactivity, and gamified learning system. Fiverr is one of the world’s most popular gig websites.

Digital Ocean

COMRailsPlayground is specifically geared toward Ruby on Rail developers. You want to handle all the set-up, security and maintenance of your RoR app in production. This makes it a perfect choice for a business’ future growth. Go to full review » Money Back Guarantee Disk Space Domain Name ASP.

You’re launching a startup. In conjunction will the load balancing, Oktawave will ensure the stable operation of your RoR application at any scale. Be prepared to open your wallet since all other services including email API, object storage, memcache, etc. Plans are starting at as little as $4. And as you know, Heroku’s infra is running on AWS.

Liquid Web

If you’ve read through some articles on the topic before you landed here, you would have come across Heroku. Take a look at the full reviews in the tables below to learn about all the products and services these providers offer. New domain is $11 with 1-month plan ($1. )

Trijit has specialized ruby on rails expert team to solve your any issues related to ruby on rails hosting services problems. The availability of the assistants will also be taken into account. On a roll of growing popularity we listed ten most famous websites built with Ruby on Rails. The best part is that it comes with App health monitoring and with Gitlab integration. Once you hit the limits, Heroku will hit you back with a hard restart (without warning), which is not good for any Web app. Redundant tools and environments What about pricing? When I looked closely, it became clear that this host had taken the time to properly optimize its server setup for Ruby. All plans come with a host of great options including great customer service and the ability to only pay for the resources that you need.

BlueHost offers four VPS plans that include up to 4 CPU cores, 240 GB SAN storage, 8 GB RAM, 4 TB bandwidth, up to 2 IP addresses, and a free domain included with all plans. How to choose a provider, we hope our list of some of the best Magento hosting providers and free Magento hosting did manage to give you some clarity on the topic. Plus, RoseHosting offers free Ruby server migrations. They’re ordered by alphabet and it does not mean one service is better than the others. Ruby on Rails needs to more or less work in ANY environment. You should be prepared to face the challenge of choosing between a plethora of top-notch hosting providers. That’s in layman’s terms, of course!


The use of a particular tech stack makes allowances for web app requirements. A2 Hosting is a great choice when it comes to web hosting in general, and the features we mentioned above also reinforce them as quality hosting for Ruby on Rails. Top 10 best web hosting companies , and, if it's integrated with your hosting service, you're more likely to have a smooth, supported experience. Prices start at 5per month.