8 Best: Website Builders for Musicians (No. #1 is Just Awesome)

Captivate is a brand new podcast host that is hyper-focused on growing podcast audiences. Bandcamp has been around for a while and for good reason. Despite the focus on ease of use, there are several integrations available to boost marketing. Well with everything else you have to do I have done the hard research work for you. Although it gets pricey quickly, there are a lot of features valuable for performers: Plus, Podomatic has social sharing options, and your podcast can be played directly on Facebook and Twitter feeds. Is the interface outdated or have they kept up with modern design trends? Coming from a single account, it might just be too much data transfer to handle for your host.

As a matter of fact, it is hosting and a whole bunch of other things.

Normally, artists who aren’t signed to a major label (which can directly upload music to Spotify) have to pay a fee to a third-party service like Tunecore to upload their music to Spotify. The bandwidth is also limited to 100GB/m. Reddit is interactive and there’s no distance between you and your customer base. They all offer free platforms, with some adding extra features and expanded storage as part of paid subscriptions. Accept their terms and condition. Building a mobile-friendly site is free, so you needn’t worry about monthly fees. The site includes information on funding available to groups.

It’s not solely for musicians, but more for creatives and artistic people in general—that said, it’s definitely musician-friendly.

How Do I Choose from the Best Podcast Hosting Sites?

But regrettably, that's usually not the case. InMotion is another must-consider hosting provider for WordPress music sites given that they offer one of the most comprehensive hosting services on the market. Now it is time to select a 1, 2 or 3 year duration for your hosting plan. It supports unlimited podcasts and episodes. On the next screen you will need to enter the credentials you created during the WordPress installation process. Once you turn off the alarm, you’ll see an option to "Continue Playing" through the app as you start your day. But we’ve featured each of these seven for a reason, so let’s jump straight in to their individual reviews. You normally pay for this service on a monthly or yearly subscription.

  • We take a look to help you hit the right note.
  • Building a personal website is essentially important for all creatives who want to put their music career on the map.

Best Hosting Sites for Musicians

200 download credits. Should your hosting needs change over time, iPage also has VPS and dedicated hosting plans to meet your growing hosting demands. Every tier has a crowdfunding feature so artists can get support from fans. Pro is for advanced groups. Since single tracks are the standard on Mixcloud as it’s the only way to upload content, an artist could just post individual tracks there. Building your Bandzoogle site is easy: Spotify is the pioneer in the music-streaming space, and it's arguably the best known.

Users can also be allowed to download music right from the widget after previewing it. Overall, Hearthis. In addition to that, instead of just giving your music away for free, your supporters have the option of tipping you. It’s important to have one platform where you control your music, content and brand image—your website. Now, to be able to reach the right audience, you need to upload your podcasts on popular platforms like iTunes, Soundcloud, Google Podcasts, and more. BoldGrid is actually not simply a website building software. One.com, explore features FastHosts is one of the most recommended UK-based hosts. There a number of options available here. 00 a month, 15% of merchandise sales, and standard Paypal credit card processing fees.

Complete 360° Control over your Musicians Hosting Service

Attaining fandom is important and so is managing it in due course of time. What is microsoft frontpage?, these software products run mainly on the Windows operating system. This is especially great for smaller bands. You can find this theme over at ThemeForest. Take the CEO of Foundr, Nathan Chan’s podcast, for example. If you have your music on Bandcamp and a website with Bandzoogle, you can take advantage of the easy integration. You will witness no such thing if you use LiquidWeb.

Squarespace offers unlimited storage and bandwidth so you’re free to load up on images, music and video, and you can blog to your heart’s content, updating fans on news, documenting your time in the studio or diarising your latest tour. Some workflows require encryption of content with DRM and this increases the cost of using the service. It’s a great website to host your music if you’re looking to build a community, and you like the idea of fans and fellow musicians leaving comments on your tracks. On the ecommerce side, the company gives you the choice of six shopping cart programs and PayPal credit card processing. Therefore I have looked at Shared Hosting specifically for your website hosting needs. The principle of the service is to create a personal website based on existing templates. This is an incredible way to bring local artists and fans together; however, due to Hearthis. It’s important before any musician or band chooses a website on which to host their music first to consider their target audience, their goals, and the purpose of having such a website.

How to Create an Image Gallery on WordPress

After customizing your plan, click Continue to Payment. You set the price of your CD/Cassette and keep 100% of the sales, however, they keep the money from the sale of the first 4 CD's or Cassettes as part of the deal. Nice features: Radio stations can be streamed for free based on your mood or favorite music. So unless you’re up there in popularity with the likes of Adele, or Rihanna, and know your music will go viral on its own, you should undoubtedly be using one of these sites to distribute your music and strategically grow your fan-base. It is extremely easy to build a website with a music-oriented WP theme and have it hosted by Bluehost.

What does a Content Management System (CMS) do? New to it is the helpful 1&1 WP Assistant which is a guide through the installation process. What is DistroKid? Sign in to iTunes Connect. They offer an easy-to-use analytics dashboard with an algorithm that estimates how many listeners each episode receives within the first 90 days. Deezer4Artists allows you to push audio content to your fans, from track previews to exclusive mixes. The package price is $18 + an additional commission fee of 3 percent of the sale. Pick up the embed code by right-clicking on any track, album, artist, or playlist.

Start typing what you're looking for—artist, song title, or album—and Filter will find it in your current playlist.

Right now it will look very basic indeed. So, if you want to take full control over the content you publish, avoid distracting your listeners with related music, take advantage of borderless audio player customization, and create a unique design, you should consider having your own music website as the best SoundCloud alternative. If that’s not your thing then you can connect with advertisers through Advertisecast. With the huge new music catalog available to them, SoundCloud intends to do battle with Apple, Spotify, and Co. You will also be asked to create login details for the ThemeForest website. What is the best podcast equipment?


Set a date, time and charge your fans for your live online musical performances! What makes NoiseTrade so great is that there are NO, I repeat, N-O download limits which are common with most music hosting platforms of this caliber. Send an e-mail mailto: Basic starts with only $0. To get more insight on BeatStars, I highly recommend you read this interview with BeatStars’ founder, Abe Batshon, which was recently featured in Forbes. Like with every other program, free SSL certificate is included. Originally published:

In terms of website building, WordPress has the advantage of being a free to use platform that gives you a lot of leeway in choosing the design and functionality you would like to add to your website. The features you get with the $9. The support is responsive and knowledgeable and there’s a detailed knowledge base. When should you draw it back to your set of selected questions? You do your research. Blogging is a great way to keep fans updated on your latest activity, and there’s the option of adding an email sign-up widget so you can share a regular newsletter with fans. Musically inclined purists who care deeply about sound quality and discovering new, up-and-coming artists. All plans come with an unlimited number of podcasts, unlimited team members, a new podcast player, advanced analytics, and marketing tools.

Allows you to follow artists and to be alerted when they release new music or announce an upcoming show.

Free Video Format Support

SoundCloud is the world’s largest music and audio hosting site and introduced its hosting platform in 2020. A very sophisticated product with a set of plans to cover all levels of your sites. TuenIn empower fans to spread the word via social. If you want it to be easily found then a descriptive name could be a good choice. Their podcast marketing tool allows you to automatically generate links to places like Overcast and Pocket Casts, which helps new subscribers find your show easily. Easy to use premade tools that let you create newsletters, blogs, photo galleries, and have a music player on-site without having to go out of your way. Check what the usual monthly prices are before signing up, a lot of sites offer very attractive low start up prices but you could get a shock with the regular cost when the deal ends.

This is where you need to get creative and market your podcast to reach your target audience. For creatives to experience real growth with their personal website, it’s important for a person to consistently update their site with fresh valuable content at all times. The platform prides itself on offering high-quality audio/video for its users, and with a large group of superstar artists co-signing the services, many fans are jumping on the wave. Ampslam doesn’t take any ownership rights or cuts into band’s profits and offers a monthly contest where winners are featured on the homepage. You can view charts sorted by the most popular beats, the most popular beats with a chorus, song reference tracks, and more. Make sure you aren't violating a copyright if you're uploading someone else's recordings. It starts with the option to host live podcast episodes right from its app known as Spreaker Studio. Opentape is an open-source package that you can use to stream audio files uploaded on your website.

Owning a website is a fantastic way for creatives to drive potential people to their websites. However, you can always contact friendly support if you need any guidance. You’ll love it! My recommendation for new podcasters is to get started with Buzzsprout and get a free $20 gift card. YouTube is a competitor site of Vimeo. Then, when you activate turn-by-turn directions, there will be an option to play music from Spotify at the bottom of the screen. And finally, if you like what you found here please Share it with friends.

Rated number one hosting solution by HostAdvice community

Music website hosting is simply web hosting for your band’s website. This cuts down on latency, doesn’t get affected by a large number of people downloading at once, and there are built-in redundancies. This is a universal builder with whom you can create a website of any orientation, including a delightful website for musicians. It has the features you’d expect like unlimited storage, unlimited podcasts, and unlimited bandwidth. Their site building platform is a powerful tool that will also help you on social media and email newsletters. Video heat maps show how user engagement rate changes through the viewing process in order to measure audience interaction[1] and to create compelling video content.

The “scrobbling” feature checks what users are listening to most then streams songs based on the findings.

You risk getting kicked off your hosting or having to upgrade to a higher plan. What is the right amount of storage? With the higher tier plans, you can republish to YouTube and get full podcast video hosting. You will need to upgrade to one of the three plans ($5. )You can upload your songs, create a blog, and join the forum to connect with other musicians and your fans. The new upload feature won’t work like SoundCloud, where songs can be instantly available. One of the benefits of using it is the ability to get discovered organically on the Soundcloud website. Look into server reliability, bandwidth options, and uptime guarantees.

Shopify is the most powerful ecommerce platform around, so is ideal if you plan to sell a lot of merch.

You also get 2 months free when you pay annually. Impressive numbers! You can plug your song once or a few times so your following gets an update. You can introduce yourself, share your website so people can listen to your tracks and interact with your potential user base. You set the price per item (in Euros) and collect 100% of the sell price (Motagator Premium and Extended (subscription) account holders) or you set the price per item (in Euros) and collect 85% of the sell price (Motagator Promotional and Standard (free) account holders). This platform is designed for entrepreneurs who are starting their journey, and therefore is perfect for musicians who are just starting their careers. To keep the hype going, unlimited disk space, unlimited domains and scalable bandwidth are three more fantastic features.

Honest, Objective Reviews

Starting out, you probably will not have that many traffic to your site so go for it and later upgrade accordingly. References[edit], while on the network, accessing domain names is available only through a Domain Name Service (or DNS as it is widely known). Several years ago, independent music existed only on the periphery of the internet. It pays to get this stuff right, but that doesn’t mean you have to spend a fortune in the process. There are 20 gigabytes of available memory and priority on all features and support services. However, what they excel at are an outstanding support and premium services. If you see a song available for free download in iTunes, this is because the iTunes editorial team made that decision. Always free, bands can sell their songs — please, no covers — in this independent music sharing community.

There are no contracts to sign and you retain all rights to your works. You’re able to upload up to 2 hours of audio every month. These added features make Vimeo a perfect place where creatives can add behind-the-scenes footage, interesting documentaries, and host music that attracts millions of fans worldwide. For the purposes of this tutorial I have typed in “ThisIsMyExample. Whether you create this functionality from the launch of your new music site, or add it later as your audience and musical content develops and grows is up to you. Doing so will increase your site’s speed and performance while still allowing you to take advantage of the industry connections you can make through music sharing sites.

Cloud Computing Vs. CDN: What’s the Difference and Why You Should Prefer CDN

Moreover, your page is search engine optimized and integrates with Google Analytics smoothly. The design editor is a bit limited in how much it lets you change about a template—underlying page/site structure is harder to control. In the song banner, all of the song information is included and is linked out to other pages on Audiomack.

  • When you store your podcast files in your personal account, the users need to download the files directly from there, which necessitates the expenditure of data for every download.
  • Hover over your username (you will find this in the top right corner of the screen) and click downloads.
  • Bandzoogle gives artists full control and allows them to keep 100% of track sales, after choosing the platform for both their music and website hosting.
  • Though the money back promise is just the regular 30 days they have nightly backups and you can transfer a site to them for free.

Other Considerations For Podcast Hosting

How much of my sales does DistroKid keep? When you upload your podcast, it will work to get it listed in the major directories. This means that users can upload shows or mix sets with songs from any catalogue and we pay royalties to these societies, who in turn distribute them to artists, labels and publishers.

Their plan is a good one though and should meet most needs from bloggers, shop owners to musicians.

  • It is easy to use and no time at all to get set up.
  • Audius is music streaming and free hosting service aiming for perfection.
  • If you want to sell merch and tickets, then you can pay to add that on your main site, with a one-time $9.
  • With normal hosting, it would be a direct download from your website.
  • The end result is that you can rest assured knowing your hard work will get into the hands of people that care.

How are we different from SoundCloud?

Second, you can dynamically add your own sponsored ad campaigns into your new episodes to monetize faster. This is orchestrated by an algorithm that searches SoundCloud for similar music based on genres and tagging. Then use natural language to tell your Alexa to play anything in Spotify. HostGator is a WordPress-friendly hosting provider that is known for its affordable plans and endless list of features included with its plans, so all your hosting needs will be met. If you want to make your music available for free to the general public, you might try Bandcamp. The number of newsletters increased to 1000 people. In fact, this also gives creatives an opportunity to play around with their website’s colors, logos, and fonts as they see fit.

Are you dreaming of launching the next hugely successful podcast and sharing your audio content with the world?

Additionally, there are “Active Opportunities” where bigger artists who are looking for beats open up submissions. What is web hosting? It’s the most affordable hosting option available as your server space is shared by other websites. Some website themes also allow its users to make updates from their phones via Android Apps and iOS. They are partnered with Weebly to help you create a website and have a free podcast app for iOS and Android.

One of those are plans optimized for WordPress.


In other words, when it comes to big projects, in our case, big bands and artists, high-end hosting is needed. Its audio quality is among the lowest available, even on the Premium subscription (192Kbps). More importantly, a creative’s work also gains massive exposure from thousands of fans around the world. Fans can listen to these songs for free and get listening recommendations as well. Simplest file access for your users, if you’re looking for an affordable, dedicated VPS solution at a fraction of the cost, AccuWeb Hosting is a solid choice for your business. This makes Spotify a king in the world of mainstream music streaming. You can always upgrade as your numbers increase and you need more from the host. With it being a free service, there’s really no downside to using it. The webcam that I use and recommend is the Logitech C920S.

Import the Widgets data

They either take a cut of your revenue or do some funny thing with your audio and RSS feed that makes it difficult to move to another platform. If you’re getting into podcasting, you need a good webcam. Excluded from this list would be sites such as Itunes, Google play store, Tune Core, CD Baby, Soundcloud, HNHH, Datpiff and PureVolume.

This hybrid service seamlessly integrates your personal collection with the streaming catalog. These insights allow you to compare multiple episodes, get customizable download charts, view an interactive location map, listening locations, device type, and more. When you create a new playlist, the Spotify app will analyze the words you input as the playlist name to give you song recommendations.


To get the music going, connect your Spotify account in the Alexa app (Settings > Music > Link New Service). If you want control and flexibility, Weblium probably isn’t for you. 99, N/A; Non-Prime members: There is a popularity engine that works in real-time. It's a great way to discover new music, but you can shut it off. This means of advertising can be expensive for a person, and it can take a very long time before someone sees real results.

Some may even be queued indefinitely. It’s where all of your music and content lives. This is where you will discover all of your music on Fanburst. You can also use the service to make and sell your merchandise; Difymusic can manufacture everything from t-shirts and CDs, to vinyl and stickers.

Musik is designed out of the box to be compatible with a plugin called Easy Digital Downloads (EDD) (which is included free of charge within the theme pack). We lift the lid off website platforms and why you need to use a CMS (content management system) Step 2. When someone comes and listens to your podcast episode that’s been uploaded through your web host, there’s not much of a problem. This comes at no extra cost to you. They offer a 14-day trial and straightforward pricing starting at $15/month.