IX Web Hosting Review: Not Long For This World?

The firm has been around the block and knows what it takes to be successful in the highly competitive hosting sector.

There are infrastructure services, software-as-service applications, and more. It is also worth clarifying that you have to pay for a term of 24 months to enjoy the advertised prices. Launch your apps with one-click installer, do I need WP Engine? I don’t like sharing old reviews because they may depict a company that has since changed their policies. What ISP did you end up switching to? We get an apology from IX each time this happens, but they don't seem to be doing anything to permanently correct it. Another great deal they offer is the 7-day free trial. I have received nothing from them in my email.

These days, customers consistently complain about poor support and service from IX.

The answer is, as always, both yes and no. Storage is available at either 50 GB or 100 GB levels. Minim 100 characters! Information on the website can be misleading as it is only for certain datacenters. If you’re in e-commerce, they can set you up with an SSL Certificate. Site links, though, you can access both hosting control panel and billing account through it. Sharing is caring!

The pricing on this one is much higher ($89. )It is worse than a piece of garbage. One of the strongest points of IXWebHosting.

Bandwidth is scalable even with the basic shared hosting packages. I thought I would include the above screenshot to reference my review of their current pricing and the way their web hosting plans work at the time of this review (and has been my issue with this provider for years now). We publish all of our algorithms, benchmark our ratings against industry measurements and perform the most respected benchmarks in the WordPress community. How-to, gPU hosts have been excluded, as it is not possible to determine the number within a dedicated host, and, unless unavailable, the location used is London. I had no real complaints. In terms of price these plans are a little high compared to other web hosting companies. Very fast page load times. For the length of time that IX has been in business, I consider this rating to be unfair.

THIS time she has the audacity to tell me 'you don't have an account'.

Hosting Plans

Shared hosting plans only offer H-Sphere control panel, rather than the more popular and beloved cPanel. Its customer service team is quick to respond to customer complaints, and provides solutions right away. The best you can do is chat and then it is with some Indian national whose support skills are lacking. I'm so glad IX Webhosting finally went under.

Domain name registration with GoDaddy start as low as 99 cents! This web host service provider has been in the business since 1999, and while it prefers to lay low in the market, it knows how to get the right clients to purchase its packages, thus throughout the years it has been capable of bringing the best quality service to its customers. Summary: if we went back two months, would we still migrate our sites to wp engine? Find a different host people!

ALL my questions and then some.

Top 3 Hosts From Our Search

Typically, hosting companies will have your sites data on two servers. 999% uptime guarantee, which is impressive. According to one reviewer, things are so bad at IX that they might actually be shutting down and moving all of their customers to Site5 soon. We STRONGLY recommend that you backup your website files, including all content, now to a local machine (i. )

Established in 1999, IX Web Hosting is one of the most well known providers of professional web hosting services. She lives with her husband and son in the United Kingdom. The great news is that there aren’t any conditions with these refunds. Have you found what you’re looking for in IXWebhosting? Does IX Web Hosting offer support over the phone? In short, IXWebHosting is a very reasonable priced hosting service that comes with exceptional customer service, solid hosting servers, and comprehensive hosting features – not to mention that the number of free dedicated IP in Unlimited Pro (which is a huge bargain). With this option, you get to choose a dual core server with your choice of disk space, RAM and bandwidth. As far as security goes, IXWebHosting uses network software that performs constant monitoring, malware discovery and recovery services.

IX Web Hosting was acquired by Endurance Internation Group (EIG) back in 2020, and all customers were migrated over to Site5, an alternative brand. 0 million, of which $23. You're different. so are we. let's be different together. ” then I recommend you take a closer look.

Security add-ons area available for free.


Quite affordable basic packages. Are one-click installers included? It used to be a great host and I recommended it to everyone I could. Windows based servers are not there. Just free service for a week. 99% uptime is real. IX web hosting is my 5th host but the only one which accommodate all my needs.

Even though they say you have 500GB of disk space if you try and use they may cut you off. If I could give NO stars I would, unfortunately I have to give 1. Questions? we’re with you! It is available through different channels. The company that managed IX Web Hosting, Ecommerce LLC, was acquired by Site5 – an EIG hosting company, in 2020.