Top 10 Web Hosting Providers in Canada/Toronto: March 2020

Especially as your traffic volume goes.

It’s not ideal. We are committed to providing exceptional web hosting solution to our clients. In turn, you will be losing a lot more than you think. 53/mo Key Features 300% green!

50 GB SSD Storage.

Is it just a resource for customer information? Canada has also recently introduced HST in most places throughout the country, which means that if a Canadian business uses Canadian hosting providers, they won't have to pay taxes on it. Excellent for anyone who just wants to make the whole process a bit easier, and a popular choice for small businesses that need to get a website up fast. 90/mo, which is quite reasonable considering all the added goods.

Obviously this purchase method is much longer commitment, however it can generally translate into $1-2CAD for shared hosting plans and $4-5CAD for VPS hosting plans saved per month. I get annoyed with the FastComet team sometimes. They’re also independently owned, which makes them one of the few website hosts that isn’t owned by the dreaded Endurance International Group (EIG). You have to do the manual tweaking yourself to get your website to load faster.

Backbone communication services work to meet the intense needs of your business.

CLOUDWAYS – Best Managed WordPress Host For Canadian Users – (Around $13 CAD per month)

Exactly how many depends on the hosting provider, but it’s not uncommon to share a server with dozens of other sites, possibly even hundreds. Subscribing to web-hosting will eliminate that problem. Automatic backups. This can be a huge turn off for the people, and in the end you will lose more clients than gaining them.

CWH offers a number of tiered shared plans with your choice of Windows or Linux operating systems. The web hosting business model isn’t about straight sales, it’s about subscription. 49/mo with current 50% OFF promo sale. Please let me know in the comments below. 80/mo (for a 2 year commitment) Hostinger is consistently one of the cheapest hosts on the market. We hope you enjoyed this article on the best Canadian hosting.

Your website gets served from the node geographically closest to the website visitors, resulting in optimal site loading speeds. Some hosts may consider it a terms of service violation just because you put an "upload" button on the site to let users upload photos themselves. They are trusted by thousands of businesses around the world. CWH users can access technical support from the company’s professional staff by email. If you are budgeting out for the year, you may be able to navigate “moving” the money around in the budget to acquire more features or additional services while maintaining a more strict overall budget.

Maybe you’re jumping on-board with a WordPress or Shopify store.


No traditional cPanel control panel. The table only goes down to 92%, so if your site is down more than that (which hopefully it won’t be!) Hurray for SiteGround! This is why you will never be able to relay your company’s essence to the target market. You won't know until you read the reviews. Live helper chat host - need a different solution? NET site here at your own risk. On the other hand, Canada is incredibly strict when it comes to accessing personal data and information, making you and your client’s information a lot more private. Online tutorials and a community-based Q&A is available as well. Pretty cool stuff!

You’ll be able to enjoy their starter plan for the fair introductory price of CAD 9. Hostgator comparisons, similar to some of the other companies mentioned in this list, they offer managed wordpress hosting, along with shared hosting. After searching for the best web hosting in Canada and researching all of my options to a point of exhaustion, I decided to give GreenGeeks a try. Dreamhost offers exceptionally great web hosting services for just about every need.

If you’re in Canada, you will benefit from their data centers located in Halifax and Calgary.