How to Create a Real Estate Agent Website on a Tight Budget

While we list some of the important features below, we can't list every feature as the page would just be way too long. For example, after uploading a head shot in place of the stock photo, choosing a new content arrangement, moving the "Edit Me" button, and updating the text, this template quickly becomes personalized. How would they see the awesome visuals you had created for it? Get creative and stand out from the crowd to attract a horde of new potential clients. This is a secure way to ensure website credibility and high trust rating. Or perhaps a link to your email for them to make an enquiry?

This lets you modify your future campaigns for maximum effectiveness.

They are #1 in domain registrations and a bunch of other stuff, but their systems are complicated and difficult to use. Episode summary:, video files can be quite large in size. The 4 best real estate website builders are: Ucraft offers multilingual support, which eliminates the need to create several websites in those languages you need for effective business promotion. Your customers could not care less about the 5 pages on your website when they have a wealth of information to use on outside websites.

  • Affordability – They want an affordable hosting that even a beginner agent with a limited budget can afford.
  • The system offers an opportunity to use a handy Real Geeks mobile app, which integrates with your local board’s MLS® service to let new leads search property objects on your website and receive instant push notifications about recent updates, using their mobile devices.
  • When the visitors choose to make offline payments, you will have to manually check and publish their listings once the amount is credited into your account.
  • You gain access to several innovative designs and ready-made templates, thanks to the CMSs.
  • Wix and Weebly are super easy to use, providing intuitive drag-and-drop designs letting you customize each page without touching a line of code.
  • A memorable domain name is your first step towards getting your real estate directory set up.
  • If you’re looking for a community of agents across the country to learn marketing tips and share what is working best for lead generation, Showcase IDX has an active group of incredible agents and brokers that you won’t find with any other provider.


These complimentary tools allow you just to move your mouse to click and drag the elements you wish to have in your website into place. Choosing to go with the Combo plan or higher will give you a great bonus of a year of free domain name registration. Finding a reliable host can be an arduous task if you aren’t fully prepared. Not only does Google dislike these but they frequently confuse consumers and can provide a poor experience on mobile. The biggest and best website builders have an app store or marketplace, similar to the one on your smartphone, where you can find all sorts of third party features and functions to help you run your business much more efficiently. One of the major considerations you’ll need to make is whether you opt for the powerful versatility of an all-round website builder or for a highly specialized, but more limited platform that only makes real estate websites? Getting the most for every dollar means weighing the cost of services, understanding the price breaks, and knowing about any contracts. We put our bias aside to show you how it really stacks up against Follow Up Boss.

  • Best of all, getting your own site off the ground is surprisingly simple.
  • They give the flyer somewhere to “live” that allows people to find them and view them.
  • The best part is that with Wix.
  • But how do you know which website builder is best for you?

Best Real Estate Website Hosting Software

What to do once the website is hosted? 2% of all web site traffic was generated from mobile phones*. Before you even think about building a page for your website, you need to set up an account with a web hosting company. If you want more flexibility and control with your website, you can opt for a traditional web hosting plan that includes content management systems such as WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal. Buyers and Sellers have overwhelmingly chosen to use websites like Zillow, Trulia, Redfin, and even Realtor. The basic plan (if your site receives up to 25,000 visitors per month) will cost you $35. There’s a huge missed opportunity to publishing a piece of content or creating a community focused hotsheet and having put little to no thought into search engine optimization (SEO).

  • SiteGround works for both small and large real estate businesses because it has a variety of entry-level and enterprise plans.
  • You can start your page almost instantly with little time and effort involved.
  • Placester is very customer service-friendly for users with chat and 9 a.
  • So we know a thing or two about this subject.

Let Us Design You The Ideal Solution To Boost New Leads.

Having a Profusion360 real estate website you’ll have a peace of mind knowing support and hosting is taken care of for you so you may focus on your business and clients. We factored in all of these things in our ranking. Our PROSITES are branded for your office, with modern design, IDX property searches, integrated blog, and monthly market statistics. WP Engine gives a lot of emphasis on security. Updates from the theme developer will generally overwrite any of your additions. Choose your preferred website design. Most people go to several of the top websites within that category.

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It is so intuitively done. That being said, other hosting providers that don’t use cPanel and WHM software as their control panel still have quite unfriendly user interface. In 2020, I gave that company to my brothers holding a small interest. Whether you’re looking for an affordable agent website built on WordPress or looking for a custom design for your brokerage office, we’ve got you covered. Secure your own web spot with a branded real estate website that you are about to realize with Yola. It offers not just unique and modern designs for real estate projects, but it also carries with it a CRM lead management platform that you can use on any device. Creating your real estate website with a platform such as WordPress gives you the advantage of adding more functionality that isn’t included in a template site from Wix.

Aside from this article, I recommend you browse through the rest of WHSR to learn more about web hosting, chat bots, social media marketing, email marketing, and more. Try to get the company that can provide a guarantee of 99. Hostinger, for each plan, you can choose 1-month, 3-month, 6-months, 12-months, 24-month or 36-month plan. These are lead generation platforms that have special features designed to generate leads.

Best WordPress Real Estate themes

If you update the parent theme, you could be causing headaches for your site. We cancelled all the subscriptions with all the rest of the server providers that we used to work with for years. As real estate agents, I’m sure that you know of the needs of most people who look for property. These will help you make sure you get the right traffic and if you match those with strong content you’ll be sure to get noticed by the search engines. Powering over 2 million websites worldwide, midphase is not a newbie in the industry, that’s for sure. No longer did real estate agents hold the lock and key for property values.

We can provide you with email hosting as part of the EAC Web Service.

Now for Realtors, nobody is going to look you up on linkedin. This plugin enables your visitors to sort listings by date, price, or location. We have reviewed thousands of WordPress themes and are able to see the themes that work well for tens of thousands of agents and Realtors, as well as those that may cause you a headache. There’s no reason to get notifications and feel you need to update files if your site does not need them, so remove them to reduce stress. Plus, the human brain processes visuals 60,000 times faster than text, which can be extremely helpful if you’re explaining local real estate trends to a potential client. You not only know the real estate industry, you are internet marketing astronauts in your technical, administrative and training systems; providing an amazingly well-oiled machine of highly skilled, responsive, patient, positive, caring, and genuine professionals who exceed every expectation, time and time again, every step of the way.

Now that you have WordPress up and running on your web host, let’s move on to making your website look great and adding IDX so you can get MLS listings on your site.

Agent Evolution

When you site starts getting more than 10,000 visitors per month, you can upgrade to a plan with more bandwidth and storage. Each package requires a yearly contract. JohnSmithTeam.

In addition to these, iNCOM surpasses Real Geeks and Chime with ReCall marketing services starting at $49 per month. Squarespace also helps you focus on marketing your business. To see the published site live that was To see the published site live that was created during this tutorial, click here! The majority of popular real estate website builders allow for Maps integration for each and every property object you upload to the website.

Our dividers offer a click to top option. SSL Connection. SiteGround gives the unique opportunity to start your own real estate site with half the effort and an affordable price. There is also a library of support videos for on-demand answers. When it comes to website hosting, BlueHost is one of the renowned service providers. Just focus on adding the listings you want to display at first. Many themes come with a child theme and a parent theme.

Beautiful Design,drag-and-drop Simplicity.

Most will also offer SEO optimization features, which will help you to tailor your website towards your target market. Early on in your site’s existence, your email marketing list will likely be small and can be managed with a free or cheap service. You can also carry out promotional campaigns to make the local people aware of your website’s services. You’ll eventually need to upgrade to a paid website if you would like to use a custom domain name and access other Premium features (as low as $10/month for an ad-free site), but you can create an account and work on your site for free. Isn’t that an amazing result? You might find that the free plan is more than enough for your services.

As an Affiliate and Amazon Associate, I earn money form purchases made through my links, sponsored posts, and ads. It is highly desirable that a website builder you will work with should comes with a built-in set of lead generation and marketing tools. See popular ways of using this integration with Follow Up Boss. You want to make sure that if you have any questions or need anything that their support team will be there to answer your questions. For example, IDX actually taxes the loading time on your real estate website very highly.

Although, many companies offer website hosting free but quality and scalability are other major factors to consider. For the most part, once you have your pages built you shouldn’t have to change them very often. Whichever tool you choose to build your site with, remember that ultimately, your site must be mobile friendly. For example, they are likely to want properties in specific areas, between certain price ranges or even with a certain number of bathrooms. I’m using this as a model for creating Buyer and Seller pages on new real estate agent websites I create for Realtors. Whatever form you wish to integrate into your website pages to enhance project performance, the advanced Online Form Builder will help you do that with ease.

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I decided to do this solely on my own to shed light on this quite confusing topic because, we as a company, have gone through the same struggle ourselves. Exceptional flexibility. You can just change it all.

This was our baseline. He brings a unique combination of storytelling and innovation to the team, having led marketing for many brands. With this easy functionality, Real Geeks allows real estate agents to create landing pages for each ad, property, or target audience. Many of the updates from Apple, Microsoft, Android devices, and individual applications we use on our laptops and phones are to fix a combination of bug fixes and security weaknesses. This will be invaluable in your future marketing endeavours, especially with your website and I’ll show you how next. We offer tons of beginner’s guides, how-tos, tutorials, and videos (all of them are totally free). If you are a solo realtor, a team lead, a brokerage owner or an investor who is searching for a reliable and affordable web hosting for your real estate website, I strongly recommend you to sign up for Cloudways’s free trial.

Here are several points that you should consider while choosing the domain name for your real estate business websites.

Your Home Online? WordPress Hosting

Anyhow, to get more serious, Webflow is a powerful software perfect for nearly any type of website. Bluehost is also great for must have features like back up, security, customer support, bandwidth, speed, and much much more. I am a real estate agent in Las Vegas, NV serving Las Vegas, North Las Vegas, and Henderson. So, the next time you say hi to your friend, you can just ask him/her to check out your website! Slow page loads mean potential customers bouncing, never to return which will have a major effect on your bottom line. Either way, you can imagine that a company had to have a significant budget to be able to utilize this top-of-the-line technology solutions. Integrate social media sharing, so that visitors can share your pages.

Below are the steps to install WordPress at your host.

The platform developers pay special attention to the load time of websites hosted with it. I can’t stress enough how efficient this user access control module is. Which cheap wordpress web host you should use? It’s a tricky one, isn’t it? Thankfully it’s not as complicated to understand as many people would have you believe.

Best way to capture your leads and provide an excellent service to your clients. Change and release management, while its managed WordPress hosting is a little more pricey than basic shared hosting, the company has both specific WordPress and WooCommerce hosting plans available (along with management support). It has a custom widget for real estate websites. Make sure they can find what they’re looking for! As you grow, there are also numerous pro options you can choose from.


Just like your residential address, your website too needs a unique name/address of its own, right? You also have full access to your HTML code for simple copy and paste to other locations. Many hosting companies even offer it free of cost. You may accessed customer service after hours by submitting an online ticket. 95 per month extra—seem customized because of their non-standard real estate website design. Too many iFrames on your site may even hurt your rankings.

Core Real Estate

It’s powerful and generates results. 99/mo – that’s quite an impressive discount! Considerations for the best real estate website builders on our list above focused on price, features, and ease of use. Anderson zurmuehlen technology services, we asked about starting a new site and we received sufficient answers. Does even thinking about hosting make your head hurt? This is important, when it comes to withstanding niche competition and this also matters a lot, when it comes to lead generation. There is a simple procedure for servicing offline payments. The home is 2. Once all the details are filled up, you can publish your property or you can save it as a draft for publishing it later.

Like websites, many email marketing tools today offer easy-to-use drag and drop interfaces so that you can build your newsletters quickly. The tool comes with a variety of custom form layouts and design elements you can pick and customize with regard to your real estate web building needs. You will need to enter your activation key. If you’ve got a frown on your face from that disparity in numbers – be worried, as it will only get worse. Take for example if you have a glut of beachfront properties to promote.

For a fascinating website builder, go with Wix. Not having IDX listings on your site would be like going to a bakery only to discover they don’t stock bread! One additional thing I love about Bluehost is that they let you have unlimited domains on your account. They are generating so many leads from these websites. In the same way that your flyers need a place to live… your website also needs a place to live. The layout instantly adjusts to the screen of choice due to its universal grid structure. Why is IDX Important for Real Estate Websites?

Drag and Drop Editor

So these are some of the considerations you should make when choosing a host for your real estate website. We tested over 20 website builders to bring you only the ones that offer everything a small to medium real estate agency needs. Your content is your content. Check out WHSR’s article on Email marketing for new bloggers for a quick guide on the topic. Whatever option you will go for, you’ll get a bonus domain (or an opportunity to connect the one of your own), extensive marketing customer interaction options, corporate email related to your own domain like [email protected] On the other hand, a small 100px by 200px will suck up 124 Kb of space. In this guide we’ll cover the basics of IDX websites, including terminology, strategy, and step-by-step instructions to building your own IDX real estate site in an afternoon.

Pages are the main pages of your site that don’t change very often. Again, this is something that you may or may not like to do but let me put it this way – If your prospective buyers aren’t listening to you, you can be sure they’re listening to someone else. Estatik includes many important key features, such as saveable searches and property wish lists. Generally speaking, third party IDX providers update their MLS listings every 15 minutes. And it does not cost you a dime, which is, of course, pretty remarkable.

As a real estate agent who has closed as many as 101 transactions in 1 year from the internet, I am passionate about my websites and how they perform.

WPEngine And Siteground are Managed Hosting Providers

So I just wanted to say 'thank you' for making us look like rock stars here in Oklahoma City. Advance is a great choice for an office seeking a real estate website solution for more than 10 agents—likely a franchise-based brokerage with multiple offices. Within seconds, a website will be designed for your real estate business. Available in Wix App Market, this free application makes it possible for visitors to view the available real estate listings reflected on a well-structured and organized web page. An expert real-estate writer, she has also contributed to AchieveRealEstateSolutions.

This one is actually less important than many people think.

You can call it all sorts of different things, but one of the best real estate website builders is what we will call it today. Another option that makes Weebly stand out is the ability to customize the CSS and HTML of your website. You can see the results below in the picture. Bring in more clients to your properties and offer visitors an efficient way to find their home thanks to IDX. Google is constantly updating their ranking algorithm, and while there are thousands of factors that they consider, there are a few that have a large impact.

A web hosting company will provide a home for your website online and ensure it always loads quickly and reliably from any device. It is particularly suited to agents are on a budget, just starting out in the realty industry, or unsure how to begin building an online presence. Kurt’s a regular conference speaker and workshop leader around modern marketing tactics that actually drive sales. What is web hosting?, it comes with unlimited websites, 30GB storage space, and 100,000 visitors monthly. The domain name is nothing but a unique address/name for your website. There are definitely many legitimate sites that publish genuine reviews based on their own experience (not based on how much each company pays in commissions). Before we start, you need to understand the difference between Pages and Posts. The price ranges are a bit all over the place, and it can be a bit confusing to navigate your way through the decision process on their website. If you are seeking a robust real estate agent website builder with integrated advertising opportunities, then Real Geeks or Zillow are probably better choices.

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Last but not least, all website builders follow the latest web trends and tech regulations, meaning your real estate pages will perform smoothly on all devices and platforms and stand the test of time. For real estate business, I recommend the Unlimited plan, as it offers 10GB of storage, unlimited bandwidth, one hour of video, a free domain, and $300 in ad vouchers. The web host is a company responsible for storing all of the files and content for your website. A buyer wants to shop for houses and a seller wants to compare houses that are on the market or have sold with their own.