FatCow Web Hosting (Review)

It also offers limited backup options and less choice when it comes to add-ons and extras.

However, if you want to pay on a month-to-month basis, it will cost you USD 5. They promised “unlimited” stuff on almost everything. This can be jolting, especially if you get hosting through us because you get almost 25% off FatCow’s usual introductory price.

Both pleasant and unpleasant.

You’re much better off paying a reasonable price to a more reputable company like InMotion. Want to know if FatCow is right for you? Use the best blogging platform to publish your website. Most popular web hosting companies, hTTPS is itself a ranking factor with search engines, as Google revealed several years ago. For those of you that are looking for a solid solution (all accounts can run MySQL databases, powerful and resource hungry web apps, have the capability for numerous add-ons and reporting software, etc.) It, too, has unlimited monthly data transfers, email, and storage, but adds unlimited subdomains and expert-level support across the board. I was actually surprised at what I found because the number since November 2020 is quite respectable: Go with one of the other hosts managed by the same company. Conclusion, trouble no more. With that, you’ll also receive full support for emailing functions, allowing you to use the domain as an eMail hub without requiring a full Web spread.

Point and Click Site Building Tools : It comes with 2 GB of storage space, 200 GB of bandwidth, $100 worth of marketing credits, along with the apps and integrations you would expect from any other hosting provider. In response, the host gave a plausible yet fantastic answer: Choosing a hosting provider just because it offers some free domain names and Adwords credit, or some other free stuff is definitely the wrong criteria. Because when you decide to change your hosting, you may have issues taking your domain under your control. Dedicated servers also offer root access, as you would expect, and cPanel is included in the monthly fee. Many users prefer the straightforward simplicity of cPanel, indeed it is a favorite with many other hosting providers such as Siteground and Bluehost. Daily backups are also performed as well as multi-gigabyte connections to maintain uptime.

It has a 5 TB bandwidth.

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Although it takes some digging to find, FatCow really does offer the cheapest commercial hosting plan on the market. Although I didn’t actually want to opt out, their 30-day no-questions-asked money-back guarantee is an important consideration since they don’t offer monthly contracts. You can also search for a keyword or phrase that relates to your question rather than filtering through preset categories. The monitoring system shows the site is down if its response time is more than 10 seconds.

They also provide lots of other random bonuses – like free website design icons and a fun, friendly brand tone.

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And the backends of hosting companies can vary widely. Youtube (web, android, ios), you're much more isolated than in the roommate situation mentioned above; it's still possible that a neighboring apartment could causes annoyance for you, but far less likely. Both iPage and FatCow provide feature rich hosting package that will worth all your money. Why is it bad? Looking for a low-cost host with good support and uptime? FatCow has a response time of 3000ms at best, while that’s much lower than the industry average of 360ms, it’s only experienced in its WP starter plan.

  • The WP Starter plan starts at as low as $3.
  • W3 Total Cache and Jetpack by Automatic should help to speed up load times on the site.
  • All credits goes to its fast, highly secured and reliable servers and a dedicated team of professionals.
  • For sites that are breaking the boundaries of shared hosting, FatCow provides a VPS solution for those that need a little more space.
  • Ad credits, toll-free numbers, email marketing tools are presented here.

Features – The Usual Stuff

FatCow utilizes a fairly simple 2-step checkout process. Currently we are hosting and testing several websites at Fat Cow hosting; everything runs fast and we are satisfied with the performance of each. Cancel your package and receive a full refund of all monies paid (less domain name registration fees). 4 HRank, 2nd position in 2020. Web hosting, create a new WordPress page or post. Now I have collected a month-long data on its performance and I bet you’ll be thrilled when you see it. Fatcow offer three type of Dedicated Server hosting plans in the form of Startup, Professional and Enterprise.

All of these features help ensure reliable web hosting and a website that your visitors can always get to. All sites can choose to display their “Green Badge. I’d pick whichever one had better pricing. This plan includes unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth, and unlimited mailboxes.

Do They Care?

FatCow runs on Linux servers powered by Apache. So there you have it! They only refund orders made by Credit Card. How to choose the right web hosting service, add these to the ‘www directory’ to add them to your site. A company with no uptime guarantee is one provider you should steer clear of.

Every thing is done in a different way as compared to the competition. But most people are unaware of this and always sign up with their most important domain (which becomes the primary domain) which they will regret later. While we prefer the inclusive setup of Kinsta (read our Kinsta review), FatCow’s email system isn’t too bad. We’ve heard horror stories of bait-and-switch pricing, laggy performance, less-than immediate customer support, and just downright atrocious behavior toward customers. The company has two data centers around the Boston, Massachusetts area. This is the gateway for accessing your storage disk, creating email accounts, and building the website. If you’re just starting out with web hosting, you probably won’t be too concerned about the control panel brand.

Then, there’s the fact that hosts that are also owned and managed by EIG have plans available for lower prices.

FatCow’s Ecommerce services can help get you up and running in no time.

FatCow’s vDeck4 instead of cPanel, and it was a bad surprise

With all of this in mind, we’d strongly suggest you consider another host like InMotion Hosting or Web Hosting Hub before signing with FatCow. Commitment and consistency is the strategy with a great potential. Fatcow has an extensive knowledgebase, lots of video tutorials, and a user's guide for beginners. FatCow doesn’t even guarantee its servers uptime (at least I could not find it on their website). Now that’s a mighty high price for a simple shared hosting plan and it’s definitely a pricing trick that you shouldn’t put up with.

Many online reviews warn customers to be careful when buying long-term plans from them, however, we have a fairly positive impression of the provider’s general performance. They are almost the same with many similar features. In fact, FatCow doesn’t oversell their dedicated hosting plans, which is a good thing as it means they cannot overpromise! All sign-ups come with 24/7 phone, chat, and email support, a free domain registration, and an anytime money-back guarantee. FatCow team is monitoring their servers day and night, and is able to solve any issues regarding up-time in very fast. Popular resources, that means all of their effort goes straight into creating the best managed experience possible. This is taken automatically, so you can’t create the restore point before you start work on your site (for example). It's very simple layout that anyone can navigate but provides both beginner and advanced options. The price and a free domain make it an attractive offer.

Once you move to Google Analytics you will never look back. Again, although malware scans are essential, many hosts don’t offer top-rated security services at a low price; especially blacklisting prevention! FatCow doesn’t publish their statistics, but we still managed to get our own data after a trial test. Redirect directories or pages to any URL you choose. GoDaddy, for example, has 9 datacenter locations located all around the world. If you are looking for more information about what self-service is, check out this article by clicking https: This is FatCow's central offering and it packs plenty of punch, albeit little choice if you want a less-full service. By the way, you can get some of those features cheaper, better or even free of charge somewhere else.

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It costs only $0. Tools include: While comparing FatCow vs. Both site builders are free to use (at least for the base plans) and feature drag-and-drop editors. 24/7 expert support, just a few years ago WordPress on Windows was not even a remote possibility. Read our full GoDaddy review here.

One of the features which set Fat Cow hosting apart from competitors is the use of the vDeck hosting control panel instead of the commonly used cPanel. SEO and analytics tools are available, while a FatCow online store is useful for users getting going with Ecommerce. As with most unlimited hosting provider, FatCow advertises “unlimited hosting,” but it comes with a ton of limitations. However, it does not take well to scaling. Essentially, it saves you a few clicks by installing WordPress and a few basic plugins.

In cPanel, the domain that you use to sign up for your account will become the primary domain. Should you desire to become a hosting reseller, FatCow also promises deep discounts to those that have already created a domain parking account with them. All plans include an around-the-clock support team known as the ‘Moo Crew’, a personalised email, free domain registration and additional marketing bonuses, such as $100 Google AdWords and Bing search credits, and a free yellowpages. The best answers for technical questions you can receive by phone and emails. The control panel features a built-in file manager as well to help you upload files if you don’t have FTP access because of your ISP or if you don’t have a client handy. If you are looking to build a true blog or publication-style website, I don’t recommend either of these website builders. Users & groups, this FTP client aims to offer advanced level file management for power users. How does initial pricing differ from renewal rates?


The data center is located in Boston, USA, giving place to 800 servers. While that’s not ideal, when you consider what you pay for their service, it is within reason. Ready to get started? Know that unless you request something different, all of your products and services will be automatically renewed for the same term length as well as using the same payment method you used when initially signing up for your web hosting account.

Interested in opening an online store? You don’t have to think about fitting X file into your hosting account every now and then. Hosted directly from your github repository. just edit, push, and your changes are live. All in all, if your website needs a creative management solution, FatCow has the answer ready made and priced. Many people compare this plan directly against hosting plans like Steady Cloud Basic, A2 Hosting Lite, Bluehost Basic, HostGator Hatchling and SiteGround StartUp.

You get the pretty mainstream and the baseline amount of unlimited services – unlimited space, bandwidth, add-on users, email accounts, etc – but are also able to do that with a very, very friendly price tag. FatCow Speed Test Results Chart. In addition to domains with the more common extensions, such as. Wild root alternatives, bGE I work with small to mid-size businesses to help them market their wares and services thru traditional print. Pagesothercommunityelab lisboa, [1] And while ASC eventually ceased to exist in 2020,[10] LabLynx, Inc. Website building tools and applications: Looking to create a WordPress blog?

Newbies may think that the guy is a kind of expert with such a big client base and his hosting choice must be good.

User Friendly

This is handy if you want full control over how and when a backup is created. FatCow has a lot of features that are useful for retail sites. FatCow makes this experience even simpler by including several packages aimed at targeted groups. But we know that most Endurance International companies use data centers that are also in the USA. FatCow also offers a vast array of add-on scripts that are very simple to integrate into your site.

FatCow’s reseller plan, the WholesalePlus Program is another straight-forward hosting solution which caters towards web hosting wannabes.

This translates to roughly 45 minutes where your site can be offline during any given month. FatCow's hosting plans are a little bit different than those offered by most other major hosts. Moodle features, if you are not hosting your Moodle instance in-house, choosing a fast, reliable and secure hosting provider is one the most important topics to have in mind when implementing an eLearning platform in your organization; this will not only it will save you time and resources but also it could save your company’s investment. Their allocated memory is consistently lower than the competition. They performed well in the most important categories of a hosting check, except one. They are a bit more attractive. I've ended up thinking that this cow is trying to turn me into its own cash cow. Always check out all options before making a commitment because they only offer a 30-day money-back guarantee if you’re not happy. FatCow did something very progressive by powering all of their data centers and offices with wind energy.

FatCow Uptime and Response Time

12-month term: The second weakness is that primary domain will sit as the "root" of the file structure. Their services are way too slow. Fast wordpress hosting rich with features!, if you’re not an experienced developer yourself or don’t have access to an IT/development team, I would not recommend this. You can select from: The advertised price is the actual price you’re going to pay for a specific hosting service, without having to sign up for longer periods than you’re comfortable with.

Overall, there’s nothing good or bad that sets Fat Cow apart from other hosts in the cheap shared hosting market. This is pretty solid for an almost free hosting service. You can also point any domain to another domain in the domain pointing manager, even a domain name that is not hosted in the same account. And if you ever experience any problems with the platform, just use your FatCow sign-in to submit a trouble ticket. Namecheap review in a nutshell, periodically updated with new recommendations. You would also need to look elsewhere for hosting if you’re a medium or large business or need higher bandwidth.