Best "Magento Hosting" Providers in 2020 (+ Pros & Cons)

Of course, you have to pay for the extra resources.

If you rake in tens of thousands of monthly visitors, you’ll likely need to upgrade to cloud hosting (actually, it is what SiteGround calls its VPS plans), though. The results are stunning. So much in fact, it seems unreal, but even the best Magento hosting providers get a negative reaction here and there. Connectivity between the two regions is a point of failure. Sadly, no subdomains are available, so you’ll have to pay for your domain. SiteGround’s super-fast customer support system is their biggest pull factor. And for more advanced features you will probably have to pay.

Read on to find out three of the best VPS hosting providers for Magento.

This keeps the pricing low but without switching to VPS or dedicated servers, you won't be able to have a big and popular store. – 1 GB of storage space and 10 GB of bandwidth are not a bad place to start your Magento experiment. If their uptime drops to 99% to 99. MCC comes with a generous set of developer tools. Magento offers two versions, a free open-source version, and a paid enterprise version. It begins at $10/month and is a dependable choice in case you’re simply beginning with Magento. Cloudways has data centers all around the world that offers a great balance between affordability and sustainability to the customers and users.

Optimized hosting lets you create the best possible conditions for your store. The free hosting providers do not provide backups, meaning you’re always at risk of losing your website. You’ll get access to great support, which can answer any questions and solve your problems. It additionally provides a virtual server service and a Magento dedicated hosting solution as a more reliable and faster Magento 2 hosting.

SiteGround Pros and Cons

99% monthly uptime guarantee. Why choosing Server Location for your Magento Hosting? Dedicated IP, DDoS protection, automated backups, and malware scans also fall into this category. 96/month with a money back guarantee. GoDaddy has served Australia since 2020 and moved a dedicated team to Sydney in mid 2020. 000webhost – Completely free and offers a lot of disk space and bandwidth. Being on shared hosting I find my site sometimes halts for a few seconds to half a minute. With powerful server infrastructure optimized for the best Magento hosting performance, your store will provide an outstanding experience for every visitor.

They offer unlimited bandwidth and storage and also give you access to their web builder. M2, M3 & M4 plans are very identical to M1 with the only difference being double the amount of sites hosted, storage, bandwidth, visitors, CPU, and RAM. And where money is involved, risks skyrocket.

Although the pricing varies from host to host, it’s almost always more expensive than if you were running WordPress or a simple shopping cart. A2 Hosting gives their customers the pleasure of fastness along with ease of use and reliability. Do you offer DDoS protection mechanism? This is a factor that is definitely be included in our list and needs further consideration. So, speed of light + excellent uptime = InMotion. It’s helpful for first-time users. Start with VPS, and you can upgrade to a dedicated server later, if you find it necessary.

As a result, you will be able to increase your sales and conversion rates.

Award-Winning Magento Support

You will enjoy superior speed performance, excellent customer support, and 30-day money back guarantee when you purchase your first plan. It’s important to choose an experienced provider with an excellent service. They offer fast, secure, and easy to manage hosting at great prices. Once you determine the size of your eCommerce store, choose a hosting plan that guarantees the maximum speed and verify with the provider that there will be no numerous cases of server overload. Snappy 8000- is the most powerful HostGator VPS plan- it is also the most expensive, and will cost you $39. At this point on the internet, most hosts provide a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) for all sites hosted. Cloud host also helps you to spread them among different computers.

You can choose the exact amount of disk space, bandwidth and memory that you need.

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Magento was built with the rigors of getting indexed on top search engine result pages (SERPs) in mind. Also, the provider makes it affordable to start and easy to scale, thanks to smart Magento plans. A2 Hosting A2 Hosting is a US-based web hosting company that primes its robust service delivery on hardware and software that boasts of more than 20X the speed of your regular web hosting company. Also, it is a wiser choice to look towards the future. It is a virtualized machine sold by internet hosting providers. The location of your Magento hosting server does have some effect on your ranking in Google.

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If you’re a more seasoned Magento administrator and you’re just looking for something cheap and cheerful, BlueHost Magento starts to look like an attractive choice. Invest in only those hosting providers from where you are getting 24*7 technical support and emergency support services. Features and functions, all of our FileMaker servers have anti-virus software which is updated daily. HostGator has invested in wind energy to help offset server emissions and it uses renewable energy. This is why SiteGround is a reliable and robust Magento friendly web hosting company you need for hosting and securing your online store.

Free Domain

In general, the same goes for having your own IP address. SiteGround’s cheapest plan is 3. Additionally, you’ll get unmetered bandwidth, as long as you stick to the terms of use agreement. The dedicated servers cost from $147/month and go for up to $261/month depending on your plan. You will have much better performance and more advanced options than shared hosting. To help you, SiteGround offers Hack Alert, an early warning system developed by GlobalSign. This feature enables you to offer limited-access products or deals, restricted to certain customers or customer groups.

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However, it is easy to pass on the blame to website configuration. Server operations teams test and tweak hardware configurations and keep replacement parts on site. Hostgator hosting for wordpress, they allow you to take up to 60% CPU and 2GB server RAM in their business hosting, which is impressive. MilesWeb offers the same uptime scores as all the other plans in its catalog. Earnings disclosure: GoDaddy might be known for being cheap, but BlueHost Magento comes in even cheaper, starting at just a couple of dollars per month. This platform stands as one of the most popular ecommerce sites with all the themes and plugins needed for a swift operation. – Hostwinds consistently scores as one of the fastest hosts around. LiteSpeed offers its own in-built DDoS protection feature.

In order to get the best out of your Magento 2 website in 2020 you need to choose a hosting provider that not only provides a fast, stable and secure platform for your site but also has your back should any issues arise or simply be there for you should you have any questions or want to get the most out of your hosting plan. Many reliable Magento hosting providers have one-click installation software like Softacolous and through which you can install Magento in a single click. SiteGround experts continuously watch out for any Magento software related vulnerabilities and will immediately fix any server level security concerns (often much prior to the release of official development updates and fixes). Plus, Magento 2 developers are sort of pricey, but they are a must if you have no experience with the platform. All hosting providers encounter a few bumps in the road.

Perhaps you still have some questions.

Not only will you miss a whole weekend of sales, you also risk losing search engine positions which is the last thing you want.


Note that this out of the box server-side caching applies primarily to shared or semi-dedicated hosting environments. What is cpanel?, first and foremost, if you want to use cPanel then you need to find a provider that offers a free cPanel license. DreamHost makes it to this list as an affordable and very reliable VPS hosting solution. Like any good businessperson, you might be thinking that means goodbye to paid hosting forever. For example, if your shared hosting plan is offering 1 GB of RAM, and a dedicated server or VPS will come with minimum of 4 GB of RAM, your options are pretty straightforward. InMotion additionally improves the pot by including advertisement credits to help get your name out to the majority. One of their ‘Geeky’ features SG-Git allows for easy Magento repo creation. It is rightfully considered the most well-balanced server.

It also makes a few bold statements. If you’re just starting out, then it is a good option as it requires less advanced maintenance and technical skills. 99% uptime and a 30-day money-back guarantee. Many people know Hostgator as a top WordPress development hosting provider, but only a few know that you can also deploy a Magento eCommerce store on their Shared-Web Hosting service using the one-click install features. The best part is that Cloudways is fully automated. We've helped millions of webmasters around the world find their perfect web hosting provider. SiteGround only uses the latest technology in all its server hardware.

  • What is “Advanced Priority Support”?
  • He’s now the CEO.
  • The infrastructure is built with constant monitoring, SSD storage, and CDN that ensures constant speed and consistent uptime.
  • Let’s see what this Magento hosting solution can do for you.
  • Plus, there should also be DDoS protection in place, along with a decent firewall and anti-malware strategy.
  • For this, you will need to upgrade to the GoGeek hosting plan.
  • You can choose between their multiple data centres.

Magento Hosting – best servers, help & extras for your site

While this is a good list of factors to consider, there is of course more information to look at. Which ones are the best? The control panel includes Softaculous, which is a one-click installer tool.

SiteGround displays an authentic commitment to helping their customers succeed in their online ventures.

Their support team believes there is no such thing as a dumb question and are available 24/7/365 with support options ranging from phone, email, and live chat. To use your existing domain name (that is registered elsewhere) with SiteGround you need to locate your DNS settings. If you prefer the security and quality hosting that Google can bring, then hosting Magento sites on their platform is a wise choice. InMotion Hosting optimizes VPS plans for high-powered Magento marketplaces with SSD-powered speed and enough RAM to power your shop, website, and email efficiently. The help section covers most of the topics and is designed to cater to beginner level as well as advanced topics. Most importantly, even though Magento is an excellent resource to build your e-commerce store, it needs specialized tools that providers like WordPress and Joomla simply don’t offer. It is impossible for you to make customizations. They built their solution with speed, scalability, and stability in mind and started their journey by not only hosting Magento stores but building them for their clients as well.

Definitely no! It has server locations on both the east and west coasts, with exceptional 24/7/365 U. For an Indian user accessing a Magento website hosted in India, the latency is typical ~50ms whereas it will be ~300ms if the Magento website is hosted in the US. It is not feasible in most cases, since managing your own host server presupposes strong expertise in IT development. It has separate products for agencies, merchants, developers, and startups. Most of the Cloudways customers have successfully become its affiliates by signing up for the cloud hosting affiliate program. While this could be a problem for some hosting companies that wish to dominate all segments of the web hosting market, for MageMojo it has proven to be a strategy for success, although they remain a very small player with somewhere around 1,000 sites being hosted as of this posting. After completing several simple steps, we will be able to launch an instance at this host.

Just as Magento users range from first-time shop owners to enterprise-class marketplaces, web hosts run the gamut between entry-level and top-tier services.

InMotion Hosting ($3.99/month)

But you are responsible for your website/application’s security. 72/mo if you use our special coupon code HOSTINGREVIEW. LiteMage is included - a premium cache for Magento to boost website speed for the returning customers. Why hostwinds? You need to login for the command to be executed. Still, Magento is probably the most demanding platform out there, and these are shared plans—restrictions are unavoidable.

Be sure to check out and read reviews about each hosting provider online before you decide to commit. Read about what they offer, try the platform out, and see if it works for you. Their average response time to help desk tickets is 15 minutes and they answer phone calls in under 30 seconds. They are also the most affordable options to choose. Fantasy football for beginners[edit], in my other league, I've enjoyed more recent success, but only because I've experienced an inordinate amount of luck in the playoffs -- and don't have my little brother dragging me down. If you’re a rapidly growing startup that needs scalability, you’re better off with Magento cloud hosting than you are with a Magento web host that only offers two or three different resource tiers and payment plans. This plan is going to charge you $79. If you have been already in search of the best Magento hosting company, then you have come across the right one for all possible reasons.

Not only does Liquid Web guarantee 100% uptime, but the company will respond to your chat or phone call within a minute.

It’s highly recommended to choose a provider with 24/7 support that solves any problem as fast possible. It took me less than 4 seconds to load a website on Cloudways. Since there are many recommended Magento hosting providers, it is never a wrong idea to compare pricing and choose which one suits your budget. This caters to enterprise level e-commerce building. MageMojo is ideal if you’re looking for a pay-per-use Magento Hosting provider, that is, you only pay for the number of sessions and conversions your site produces. Ideally, you should look for MySQL 5. Storage starts at 75GB while bandwidth is from 2GB. This means that you get a full refund as long as you cancel within the first 30 days.

This is an excellent uptime to maintain.

What Makes Magento Hosting Different?

Moreover, when website owners need help or troubleshooting, the web hosting provider is ready to solve their problems. So is SiteGround any good? Other perks that come with SiteGround consist of basic necessities like caching and backups of websites so that the data is available in case of any technical issues. 95/month and renew at $9.

They offer a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Best Value

Second, they make sure nothing unpredictable ever happens. So, HostGator has one of the greatest balance between price and features when it comes to Magento hosting. Some of the plans support the advance on-demand backup. In this scheme, you are going to get one website with 10GB web space in it.

InterServer was founded by Mike Lavrik and John Quaglieri in 1999. Cdns (content distribution network), therefore, even if you get in trouble (which is highly doubtful considering how simple their website builder is), you’ll get help in no time (from 7 am – 5 pm Arizona time). It makes sense to invest into that only if you have super large eCommerce site and you want to have full control. It is low-cost but slow and unreliable.

Unsurprisingly, only some actually made good on their claims.

Finally, e-commerce site owners require access to continuing, reliable data to monitor the core metrics that measure the health of the business as a whole. Make certain the chosen one has all the features mentioned above. Why even pay for server management when Cloudways can do it all for you? Learn more about Alphahosting. As a result, common issues that are easy to fix can take a long time, sometimes over a week, to get a solution. However, this much muscle is only needed if you have a gigantic website.


Cloudways offers you to get several security features, including IP whitelisting, firewall, database security, application isolation, and two-factor authentication. 99/month (used to be $49. )First, it can help your site run well 24/7. The team is quite knowledgeable, too. Beyond type, here are other top ways to compare different hosting providers: It is offered with free SSL certificate, offering you double the power and double the speed. In networking terms, the more devices your traffic has to pass through – the more likely the potential for failure. If you are going to install Magento yourself (either the Community or Enterprise Edition), make sure your host supports the correct server requirements.

No matter how well you plan and prepare, you’ll likely need customer support at some point in your e-store’s life. Then you will choose that user below and Add User To Database to finalize the process. Not only are they exceptionally responsive but since they only host Magento sites they have a vast accumulation of Magento knowledge. Despite this added commitment to offsetting your carbon footprint, GreenGeeks is still pretty cheap, especially if you can take advantage of one of their introductory offers. Many users go with a professional email service anyway, so it’s only a minor disadvantage. Added to its flagship open source commerce platform, Magento also features a modern and world class strong portfolio of cloud-based omnichannel solution that entails retail associate, in-store and order management technologies.

The best features of Cloudways include: Your OS, server setup and the control panel are managed. Pages load within miliseconds with SiteGround, so this is a great feature for a Magento hosting provider. Restoring your site to a previous version is easy: Nexcess maintains a whopping 99. Otherwise, you’re going to waste too much time and money. Thus, a good hosting company must help their client solve any issues that may arise and this requires both skill and commitment to help clients in real time and as quick as possible. 3000 HA-S hosting — $69.

The fastest Web Server - LiteSpeed

Select a username and a password then click Create User. Dedicated server- on the other side of the hosting spectrum we have dedicated servers. How can your ecommerce business benefit from web hosting? The top features of SiteGround are one-click staging, GIT version control, and automatic upgrades, etc. By contrast, SiteGround’s pride in ownership surfaces in its: Magento is one of the leading ecommerce platforms, fitted with a combination of features that make it easy to use and giving it immense power. – Launch unlimited Magento applications on a single server. Ensure your would-be hosting meets the following requirements:

You can’t go wrong in choosing any one of the above, and the best is most of them offer trial and a money-back guarantee, so nothing to lose. Try it yourself, they offer a generous 45-day money-back guarantee. Make sure to check these hosting requirements: This is so a web visitor can access your site from a datacenter location nearest to them. The downside of Cloudways as your Magento ecommerce store host is that cloud hosting is a little more expensive, especially if you find yourself scaling quickly and adding more and more resources to cope with the demand.