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This isn't quite as bad as it seems.

We use independent third-party tools like Pingdom, LoadImpact, and Bitcatcha to test the performance and reliability of each company, so we can help you choose the best WordPress hosting for your business. Cloud hosting runs on virtual servers that further use the resources of underlying physical web servers. Here is another great in-depth price comparison over a longer period of time from Quizlet, who chose to migrate to Google Cloud Platform in 2020.

  • They reported that their prices for cloud services are, on average, 60% less expensive than with other companies.
  • The server response time remained less than a second.

They offer free domain privacy with each of their domains. Trusted by thousands of businesses around the world both big and small including Gartner. It has Google’s brand and is super-convenient, but also comes with Google’s “shut down under-performing products notoriety”. SiteGround has three shared hosting tiers. According to this comparison of Google Cloud Platform and Amazon Web Services, Google’s servers are 40-50% cheaper than Amazon and Azure. When it comes to WordPress hosting, choices are endless.

  • I wouldn’t say it’s particularly cheap either, though.
  • Overall, SiteGround is pretty fast.

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The table shows the last modified date and the current status of the version. How much of a big deal this is for you will depend on the nature of your business: What matters is that Google Domains is simple and easy to use, and will make domain name registration and management as hassle-free as possible. 5 minutes PJ Fancher (HostingAdvice. )Of course you should change your generic Admin username and install a plugin like Wordfence, but SiteGround will do their part.

The level of support has stayed the same as the company has grown, a set up that is hard to achieve since support is typically the first "service" that suffers as a company grows. This includes public and private subnets to arrange your VMs. To request a free website transfer, login to your SiteGround account and open a support ticket. Officially recommended by WordPress PROS: 99 per year per domain. With this benchmark, higher numbers are better.

Amazon has a very large infrastructure and a good long-standing reputation for handling large-scale DDoS attacks.

Cons of Having a Domain with Google:

While the lowest hardware : One of the reasons why WPBeginner is the most trusted WordPress resource site is because our reviews are based on actual data and experience. Enhanced cPanel makes it easy to configure and control your sites (see a demo here).

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We do believe that the Business Plan is the ideal plan for small growing businesses because it gives you plenty of flexibility, and room for growth. This inevitably means some things get cut out. To submit your updated Action for review, go to Deploy > Release and click Create a release. Respect copyrights and intellectual property: Updating addresses are simple. This isn’t too unusual and is part of Google Domain’s gimmick anyway. SiteGround’s uptime performance has been nearly perfect over that time.

Bluehost allows for simple domain management, allowing users to track, transfer, or update domains in a centralized location. On the contrary, if you’re running a big e-commerce platform that has a huge database, then you definitely need to look for private servers or cloud hosting. F1-Micro (which is available for free) can run low-level WordPress websites with upto 500-2k hits/Day easily. What will you be doing with your website? You use Templates, and you updated your template data via uploading content to Google sheets.

When you add an image to the header, it’s automatically ‘adjusted for readability’, which alters its settings.


Google has a filterable list of domain registrar partners. I used shared hosting of Godaddy initially. Make OS-level changes , such as providing your own network or graphic drivers, to squeeze out the last drop of performance. I didn't try to formally test networking or storage performance. First of all, I should mention that Google Domains delivers other features as well as the basic domain registration. Definitely don’t use your personal info though. Whether your site gets a hundred visitors a month or a thousand visitors an hour, Kinsta can easily handle your website’s load. Was your site hacked?

Simplicity is the one thing Google Domains promises and they live up to it.

If speed is important to you,go with GrowBig or GoGeek. More expensive plans with higher specs are likely to get higher grades than cheaper ones. Currently, there are dozens of themes available to choose from, most of which look old and unattractive. Note that it is important to fix those vulnerabilities in order to prevent such issues from happening in the future. But even large traffic sites normally don't use a large amount of bandwidth unless they are serving up downloads.

Its previous site builder tool (Google Page Creator) was then moved over to the new platform and rebranded as Classic Sites.

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This makes basic setup on Google just as easy as services with a simpler reputation like DigitalOcean ($1. )If you’re running a mission-critical, enterprise WordPress site, you need mission-critical hosting that can match the importance of your site. Compare to best hosting brands offering only "Cloud" services! WordPress customers who can pay extra to get access to more features and a dedicated support team of WP experts. Their platform automatically installs minor updates to your WordPress site and allows you to decide whether or not to install a major update. We’ll be answering these questions in this Google Domains review. During that time, you can point it to a website of your choice with Google Domains’ dashboard.

More than 2 million websites across the globe are powered by Bluehost.

Instead of being constrained to 2-6 CPUs per VPS as with other WordPress hosting providers we actually let the site’s container scale to as many CPUs as needed when there’s a surge, and for load-balanced clients an infinite number of CPUs as our system dynamically spins up more machines and scales back when the traffic wave subsides.

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Here’s how SiteGround protects your website (listed on the features page): Unknown to many, Google Domain Registration services is provided by Google Domains. Considering that most VPS (unmanaged) start at roughly $29/month, and DO NOT include a CDN, we believe this price is a steal. Their above-average loading time of 673ms isn’t the fastest we’ve seen, but it does place SiteGround near the top 10 at speed. Google discounts multi-regional and regional rates for those that download files often, but 12 cents is about as much as any IaaS service charges.

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I’ve still gotten my questions answered, but it does take a few minutes longer than the best, and sometimes the representatives don’t seem to understand my questions (even when simple). It is fair to say that there's probably a data center nearby wherever you are. Whenever we see web hosts come out with a “DIY migration” option, it makes us a little anxious.

This is ideal for those of you who plan to purchase multiple domains. The last con of using Google Domains as your domain provider is Google itself. In our detailed SiteGround review, we also evaluated their customer support, features, and pricing. That’s thanks in part to their servers spread out over three continents and free Cloudflare CDN account.

Again, this isn’t really a good site builder for external sites. They provide fully managed WordPress hosting. All positive and negative reviews can be found in the business' Google My Business admin panel, search listing or on the Business location in Google Maps. Integrate with CloudFlare, and you’ll get even better performance. Just contact the support team after you sign up and an expert developer will migrate your website for free from any other web host.

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Each of these services consumes fundamental resources of cloud computing: You can make a Google Cloud Platform WooCommerce hosting plan on your own based on the number of server resources you will need to run your website. However, they do integrate well-ish with other Google products and share the collaborative aspect that can be found in all of Google’s tools.

It certainly has some great potential, but does it actually deliver? When it comes to Azure it is slightly different. If you think so, too, read our comprehensive take on A2 Hosting. Lastly, you should also consider some risks with Google Domains that Google themselves might not be that vocal about. You can get it started in FREE and pricing starts from $8 per month which is suitable for small site attracting ~18,000 visitors.

HAProxy & Consul Load Balancing

We are also not HIPAA compliant at this time. Site is suffering from performance issues? Even when one has no use of it. There are 5 types of tests:

The availability of the latest engines ensures that every drop of speed is squeezed our of the WordPress servers powering your site. There does not appear to be any SEO features in the new Google Sites. Vast array of global private networks equals speed and ease of connectivity. In other words, you get way you pay for.

  • He stated, that all Google instances have significantly faster network than the equivalent [and even bigger] AWS instances, to the point where they’re not even playing in the same league.
  • It gives you hands-on assistance with design, functionality, or general questions from real WordPress experts 24/7.
  • You might be able to compress images to lighten their weight.
  • On the note of domain name servers, keep in mind your domain is being managed on the same servers Google uses, which is a good security factor and ensures pretty reliable connections to your site.


Almost every web host we’ve reviewed to date uses the same trick. Kinsta has automated backups that allow you to do a one-click restore if something goes wrong. Some changes to an Action result in a new version of your project. If you’d rather have some professional, hands-on help, SiteGround will throw in the free service on their higher-tier plans (GrowBig and up). After our analysis, we find SiteGround to be a great option for beginners because their support is incredibly helpful. SiteGround’s cheapest plan, StartUp, features a low $3. Don't listen to users unprompted:

The absence of a higher renewal fee and the free inclusion of WHOIS brings down the cost, but you could still save if you’re looking to only hold on to domains for a shorter period of time.