GoDaddy Hosting Review 2020

And the renewal pricing will also come back to haunt you, too.

There are better deals elsewhere, especially if you're looking for a starter product. Note that if you choose to sign up for a longer contract, you will save money. In relation to our test of their service we were able to connect to GoDaddy through live chat as well as over the phone. GoDaddy stated the reason for shutting down the Web site had nothing to do with censorship or complaints but that the site was receiving too many simultaneous connections.

GoDaddy hosting plans are managed from the company's plain, simple but surprisingly effective web dashboard.

For the 2020 though 2020 college football seasons, GoDaddy was the sponsor of the GoDaddy Bowl, a postseason bowl game played in Mobile, Alabama, which was previously branded as the GMAC Bowl before GMAC took TARP funding in 2020. 96 % on average. As you can see, the pricing here is very attractive. The data centers are centrally placed around the globe, providing premium web hosting services while conserving the environment. And for those employees who access data from the road and remote locations, keep their data-in-transit safe by using a virtual private network (VPN) client. How do I use WordPress with GoDaddy? If your host is missing any of the following, you need to look at investing your money more wisely to give your site the hosting it deserves.

Check the fine print to find out whether IMAP is offered on your plan.

GoDaddy Pricing: What Do Their Shared Plans Include?

This review of GoDaddy is based on actual testing done on their servers. However, it lacks some features like backups, SSL certificates and staging areas. You may also have access to malware scanning and removal features. It can handle 25,000 monthly site visitors.

Bluehost has doubled-down on their bread-and-butter hosting services. Are you a current or past GoDaddy customer? It’s still slow? Of course, you can’t only rely on phone support. However, because they tend to do things a bit differently to most companies (because of their huge size), you can get caught up in red tape and miss out on seeing vital terms and conditions that may affect your business. Get more CPU, RAM, EntryProcesses and I/O with just a click. Right now, they have registered over 71 million domain names and that 5 million plus websites are currently hosted on their services. Are they the fastest web hosting provider on the market?

(9% uptime and industry-leading page load times) at a very reasonable price, with plenty of good introductory deals and a very full, flexible service. 24/7 customer hosting support via telephone or chat. With us, you’ll never have to worry about backing up your website, unhelpful staff, or hidden fees. It's relatively expensive, though, at $14. This depends on the amount of storage space you'll need, the features you want, and the level of support you need. TTFB is best measured as a trend & relative at the time of testing – which can be hard for average consumers to see. I have thoroughly reviewed of Godaddy’s other plans so If that information you don’t want to read then you can skip by clicking here. As mentioned, both Bluehost and GoDaddy use the industry standard cPanel for their server backends.

GoDaddy has a wide choice of products and decent phone and email support, but you may have to spend a lot on plans and add-ons to get the features you need.


Finally, where other providers might offer one, users can select from multiple GoDaddy SSL certificate plans to keep their customers’ information safe and secure. This is true for all the different kinds of hosting—prices are low or standard, and features and resources are usually okay. The thousands of web hosting services are provided around the world but GoDaddy $1 web hosting is best for you. GoDaddy Online Bookkeeping at just $4. Personally, I’d say GoDaddy’s shared, dedicated, and reseller options are the best. In this article, I’ll share some insight into how to find the most suitable package and a few money-saving tips. I am working in the website design industry for nearly 20 years now and even most business sites I have seen do not have anything near 1,000 visitors per day.

Because this is what GoDaddy is INFAMOUS for: I wanted to backup my claims and describe why their hosting is poor rather than just saying “GoDaddy hosting sucks,” which it does BTW. But it is faster than GoDaddy.

  • Do I think that they are the best in either of those two areas?
  • How do I create an email with GoDaddy?
  • There's an 'Add standard SSL certificate' option, too, but it costs an extra $6.
  • Some of you may not be willing to commit to that length.

Great Support Staff, But Documentation? Not So Much

RAID-10 adds a layer of performance, power, and security, and it’s become pretty common with other hosts. It offers you to make your own identity on the web. The domain manager doesn’t display automatically domain names that are registered elsewhere but are hosted with GoDaddy. This uptime rate is by no means outstanding in the industry, but for most end users, it's all that's required. There’s another major and UNDERRATED resource on GoDaddy:

If you need help, GoCentral users can get in touch with the GoDaddy support team. There’s not a direct email storage limitation. Follow the link for information on other web hosts. Another important feature is free daily backups of your website that can be restored with a single click.


Users that want to perform all of the administrative and development tasks can opt for the self-managed plans, and those that want the GoDaddy staff to take the reins might go with the fully-managed option. A quick background check reveals the satisfaction with which customers have been served for years. When I chatted with support personnel, I received helpful answers to my questions with limited wait times, from reps who were genuinely interested in understanding me. GoDaddy VPS servers come with 40 GB storage, 1 GB RAM, and unlimited bandwidth. Read all terms and conditions before signing up. This means that other people’s website share space with your website. 95 a month in year one, $11. Plans vary primarily on the number of websites you're hosting, the amount of storage you get, and the maximum number of visitors to your site on a monthly basis.

Well yes and no. Site going down once every week is not good. Whereas other top providers will give you access to an unlimited number of email accounts (or 25 at the very least) GoDaddy isn’t even willing to give you one. Then as people sign up for the hosting service they are assigned to one of these sections depending on the hosting plan they purchase. You can get other high quality hosting packages for similar prices with other hosts. But this is the unfortunate truth about GoDaddy:

Regardless of which operating system you prefer, there are four different plans from which you can choose. If you're completely comfortable with managing your own dedicated server, you can save some money and opt for the unmanaged option. With a virtual private server, you’ll get enhanced speed and performance due to allocated server resources specifically for your website. GoDaddy’s material is simple and geared toward beginners. Your best option might be to migrate your website to another host. Typically, cPanel comes with an unpolished, but straightforward interface. I would not suggest GoDaddy if you need an affordable hosting provider, check DreamHost and A2 Hosting instead. GoDaddy's stripped-back dashboard won't appeal to everyone, but we think it works well, making it quick and easy for every level of user to find the hosting tools they need.

  • Read on and find out!
  • However, I have seen a number of recommendations around the web for companies like iwantmyname, DigitalOcean, Cloudways, Gandi, Bluehost, Siteground, InMotion Hosting, Dreamhost, Namecheap, A Small Orange, Hostgator, Nodehost, Midphase, and Siteground.
  • However, GoDaddy is so humongous that it defines the entire hosting industry to an extent.
  • Again, many hosts will move at least one existing site over to their servers for free.
  • Get in touch via the comments and let us know.
  • What languages do customer service operators speak?

Godaddy Economy Linux Hosting with cPanel Promo Code

I mean, LOOK at this: Overall, we would recommend GoDaddy for anyone, especially beginners. GoDaddy’s account dashboard is user-friendly which after a complicated website comes as a surprise. Considering some unfavorable stories you’ve heard about their hosting services, you might want to beg off their hosting offer and find our list of the top 8 alternatives handy in picking the right hosting solution for you based on your needs and budget. A few customers might miss having a simple website builder, then, and one or two more would probably appreciate Softaculous' extra apps, but most people should find GoDaddy's hosting gives them all the website building and app support they need. For many people, the only thing that matters is price. Bluehost is the most reliable and highest performing web host, even though GoDaddy offers a wide range of products other than hosting services. But this is only available for annual plan of GoDaddy Economy hosting.

Godaddy vs. Hostinger: Speed

Don’t mistake templates with themes. Here’s what we mean: That's good stuff, especially if you sign up for a multi-month plan.

Plus, you will also be able to use Microsoft Word's newest applications on your smartphone or install it on a total of 5 PCs or Macs. With so many one-click tools available, the company does offer a significant amount of energy-saving devices. Let’s look at the cost per month below. Interested in having Mannix host your WordPress website? It would be one thing if GoDaddy’s code was silent and unobtrusive—not an ideal scenario, but not horrible. Overall, these are okay, with an exception: Here’s my comparison of Bluehost vs.

This server type is ideal for those businesses who have 1000s of visitors each day. We hope this article helped you learn about the best GoDaddy alternatives that you can use for your projects. GoDaddy has three types of website hosting plans. Their videos are updated constantly and cover topics such as photo editing, page and post creation, theme selection and much more. The issue that you bump into, however, is that they’ve not only reduced the price of their web hosting service, but also the value. But it’s important to “weight” your desire for convenience across a range of business products in addition to your desire for the best web hosting choice. However, sometimes they do not put enough efforts into choosing a reliable hosting company, which is equally important, since choosing a reliable web hosting company can have a positive impact on the overall website growth. GoDaddy general counsel Christine Jones stated that GoDaddy's terms of service "reserves the right to terminate your access to the services at any time, without notice, for any reason whatsoever. "

GoDaddy vs. Hostinger: Customer Support

You can approach the customer support through several ways (chat, tickets, call, etc.) GoDaddy will also acquire domain parking service SmartName and business name generator NameFind. Both companies offer shared hosting options at comparable prices. Even if GoDaddy offers decent performance, it’s probably not for those looking for a top performing provider. They both have the scale & resources to operate massive, well-resourced web operations. Basically, the higher the level and price of the hosting package, the greater the features you get.

Countless newbies have learned certain aspects of hosting the HARD way, and NOT just from GoDaddy. You get a free email account. Once you have your plan picked out, you'll need to figure out which tier is best for you. I would suggest GoDaddy’s shared hosting for those looking for a host that’s very generous with the storage and doesn’t measure your traffic.

  • With more needs, however, businesses have to move up the ladder and make the most of independent servers and their lightning-fast speeds.
  • Bring your old site over and freshen it up with GoDaddy’s tools.
  • This plan hosts your website on a web server that's also shared with other websites.

GoDaddy at A Glance

99 per month, renews at $10. A hosting server’s primary job isn’t just to hold your website – it’s to provide it quickly to any browser that requests those files. So it may come as a surprise to learn that GoDaddy has exceptional page loading times.

Those are the basics that you can compare directly and set aside to look at other features.

94 seconds to load under normal circumstances. So it’s very EASY to move around and navigate, but it’s REALLY annoying, too. And they’re famous for adding and dropping these promotions regularly. Also you are promised 99. Every single site I have ever cleaned of malware or a hack has been on GoDaddy. But, as a reminder, evaluate your requirements first. 99 per month, GoDaddy is very affordable. Look, I understand the impulse to hate on GoDaddy.