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CloudFlare is what most people refer to.

Typically, losing over half of your referring domains will also result in a traffic loss of some sort; luckily, that didn’t turn out to be quite the case with this website. The rankings will prove after some time. You can instantly upgrade your package from the dashboard. Host your first 10 domains with LaunchCDN Host your next 10 domains with EBN Host your next 10 domains with Bulk Buy Hosting Repeat steps 1-3 until your working on at least 10 separate networks (this could be just 10 unique money sites or client sites, if each site has it’s own PBN network) Once you have enough networks to make Brand Name Hosting economical, start hosting new PBNs on Brand Name hosts.

Those domains are of no value to us.

Make sure Whois information isn’t the same across all sites in the PBN. All your private blogs will have their separate identities giving you a highly diverse private blog network. If you are looking for hosting on regular retail hosts using cPanel access then we recommend checking out our other service Bulk Buy Hosting. Yahoo!, and they don’t have nearly the amount of people buzzing around joining leagues. Also, you must make sure the domains are owned by different people or you can use whois guard.

But it’s not that simple… if you want to check out a video I shot all about my niche site roller coaster (thanks to PBNs), watch this on YouTube. They also provide a very beautiful and user friendly user interface, which saves you hours on time and management and money on the management. After creating an account and paying the invoice to start (a simple process – they take PayPal), you’ll get this welcome email:

  • Despite these annoyances I used them until recently.
  • 34% off first order with our link.
  • You can choose your desired locations for your accounts.
  • You’re going to leverage the links that make expired domains powerful.
  • 2/month/domain if you’re only hosting 10 domains or less with them, and as low as $0.
  • It comes down to your level of comfort with risk, and what your strategy is overall.
  • With each new PBN comes more overhead that needs to be taken into consideration.


A big perk of the Pro membership is that from the day you subscribe any domains which aren’t registered on the day they’re released, get added to your Vault, and after a while, you’ll build up thousands of domains in your Vault. Obviously, we will not be revealing the site URLs (if you’re curious why, read this). Start of authority (SOA) can be noted as a public record that can relate routing protocols to your domain name. This site has seen some growth as well –– though not to the same level as the above website. Simply having a unique IP address for every domain is not sufficient – the nameservers must also be unique. It is imperative to build the network on an expired domain as an expired domain brings higher authority than a new domain.


It is a time-consuming process to set up a PBN on most of the PBN hosting platforms. Unlike many other cloud platforms, it is a bit easy to host PBNs on the CloudBoss. For example, if the domain was about home improvements, we hope to see many links from home improvement blogs with varying anchor text. Most likely they are not valuable for the spammers, otherwise, they would have kept the domain.

Let’s imagine you did all this hard work:

Niche Specific

A PBN hosting provides the infrastructure to keep your PBNs private. Hostgator customer support, by the time you are finished reading this HostGator review, you will surely be able to tell whether this is the right web hosting service for your needs. So if you don’t have the capital, you have to make up for it with sweat equity, as Mark Cuban would say. If you’ve tried to do it on your own you know what I’m talking about. The next solution they'll try is finding a number of shared hosting plans. Perhaps though, the next links that the owner acquired led to the downfall of the site’s organic traffic.

PBN & Popular Host Hybrid

The other cool thing is the IPs are not in any pattern. 6%) for some IPs and unacceptable for others (IDL=84. Inmotion, it’s great if you’re just getting started and want to try it out. But here comes the big BUT: After all, you are doing everything “by the book,” right?

For instance, Google and Amazon servers decide the prices for bandwidth depending on the demand. 50 A-class IPs. Each of your domains on a PBN need to be on separate C Block IP Addresses. Namecheap website builder is easy to use so you can leave WordPress CMS for this site builder, to diversify your CMS platforms. They also do a great job in masking the outbound connections. Do you write handwritten or spin articles? Vultr - Another good hosting much like Digital Ocean. The title tag of the link.

That’s a lifetime in the SEO world, and whatever PBN strategy your site is built on will likely be ancient history in less than a year. An IP address is often described as: We will be mainly talking about Private Blog Networks when we say PBNs going forward. If I was starting from scratch, here’s what I would do: Can request multiple IPs without much trouble. They also remove deindexed sites regularly from the servers present to ensure the percentage is low of deindexed sites on their IP. Almost all of the current/modern day SEO hosting providers are running on the cloud, this means Google can’t simply locate one of the IPs used by an SEO host and deindex every domain on it, as the server a PBN site is hosted on likely also hosts hundreds (if not thousands) of other sites from different customers, the majority of which won’t be PBNs.

PBN hosting is a huge topic amongst SEOs these days.

What our clients say!Quotes from happy clients.

It will be very easy to identify a PBN if there are 15 valuable links to your money site from 15 domains all on the same C Block. First and foremost, he intends to teach everyone how to generate an income by using those platforms as trading places for articles and valuable information. This is what they refer to as hiding in plain sight. For ta real good expired domain you can easily pay $100+/domain. Most legitimate hosts cost $5-10/month, so you could easily rack up a $200-300/month bill while you’re still waiting for ranking results. Although I haven’t done the extensive research that Matt did, I’ve seen the same thing on my PBN. Therefore, instead of “overloading” your main U.

Monthly Rental

Hence, you can do two things to improve your ranking through links: Rent these Links from the other PBNs or Hire an outsourcing service to build Private Network Blogs for you. An effective CDN will distribute the content to your global audience quickly and reliably. One thing this can tell us is that the keywords that were indexed before, are likely getting higher positions that are more visible to Google search traffic –– thus, older indexed keywords are becoming much more profitable for the website. The thing is this: If the video owner allows sharing the video then you can post it on your site since it links back to the youtube page. PBN hosting is one of the most important areas where you need to pay a lot of attention and time as well planned hosting helps you to avoid footprints and many people who want to rank their money sites usually make mistake in this area, and their mistake cost them loss of money and time, it is very important to host PBN on separate IP addresses moreover IP address should be of C-Class because if all of your domains are on the same IP address it may means that all of the domains are owned by a single person and can be a big footprint. You can absolutely build your entire PBN from their free list, and never pay a dime except for registering the domain names.

No matter how well you develop your network, you’re always going to be at risk of two things:

You get security in their framework, they have a fantastic development team, very low downtime rates, large amounts of namesevers, IPs, providers and all for a fairly cheap price. This options is a little different than SEO web hosting but you can usually also get this service from those companies as well. Content-driven SEO strategies will stand the test of time.

Losing the asset, this is especially problematic for people who have become reliant on PBNs as their sole form of link building.

If you can get 10 articles posted, even better. How domain name registration works, unless you’ve got a connection at ICANN, the organization responsible for managing the creation of domain names, you’ll be buying your domain name from a “Domain Name Registrar,” a company accredited by ICANN to sell domain names. A quality hosting provider will make sure every website of your network is equally important - and that’s the only way you can ensure the safety of your network. Hosting domains on the same IP addresses or IPs with fewer diversification results in penalization. This saves lots of time for you. – what’s the deal with unique C-Block IP addresses? It doesn’t get any better than that, believe it! 70/month/domain (bulkbuyhosting. )

About PBN Hosting

Do they have any of the obvious hosting footprints we’ve mentioned here? Do you guarantee result with a money-back guarantee? That’s why we offer this service as a monthly subscription to keep everything up to date – not many private blog networks offer this. Now that I’ve scared the living daylights out of you, let me explain the pros of using a private blog network. The future looks solid for this site as it continues to grow. The major issues in September of 2020 centered around networks where each domain had a LOT of outbound links to money sites. This is why every PBN hosting Explained article you read emphasizes the importance of selecting the right hosting solution.

Is there a limit to the number of servers you buy with each company? There are thousands of domains that expire every single day, which means there are thousands of opportunities for you to secure links for your business. Usually it would be a bit complicated to use CDNs effectively for your PBNs, but LaunchCDN makes it super easy. After starting a PBN Demystified Facebook Group he realised that many SEO services professionals need a reliable and affordable web hosting service to host their private blogs and websites. Do your research beforehand, understand the general rules of PBN safety, and then decide on the best option for your PBN. People are lazy, and through laziness comes inefficiencies that lead to footprints. If you have to disavow links, you know exactly which 3 domains are in question.

It’s one IP and server for every single PBN domain – that’s it.


The above mentioned host are mostly between $1 – $2 per month. Why solid web hosting matters!, if you're just starting out or you're a relatively small business and you know your way around a server, you might like to consider a Virtual Private Server (VPS), for example - they provide the flexibility of a dedicated server but at a reduced cost. We were planning to launch our own PBN hosting solution to best serve the industry but after chatting with Dejan and testing out EBN again a few months ago I was blown away by what they offer now. Don’t get caught by analysis paralysis, and not take any action. You should also fight the urge to add links from more than one domain on the same reseller account to the same money site. When this site was purchased, it was getting 64,679 visitors. Here’s where SeekaHost already differs with other PBN hosting companies, such as Bulk Buy Hosting which I’ve also used (you can read my Bulk Buy Hosting review here). You want your PBN domains to have different numbers for the “CCC” set of the IP address.

This site had 44 referring domains showing with Ahrefs during the time it was sold.

We are about to help you understand better what a Private Blog Network really is and why you should choose LaunchCDN as your PBN hosting provider. Within the niche site building world we suffer from a warped perspective because we all know a few people who have been penalized. Hosting setups the blogs in minutes. No matter how good the PBN is, they will always add risk to your acquisition –– a risk that could lead to a penalty such as above. 3 links from 3 different domains all on the same IP, will be worth less than 3 links on those 3 different domains if they were on different IPs. However, the holiday rush looks like it was very profitable for the site as traffic spiked up during the holiday season.

They paired their expertise with pioneers of SEO industry and offer you the most efficient way to create a Private Blog Network.