FileMaker 18 & What It Means for Your FileMaker Hosting Configuration

FileMaker is a database application used throughout MIT for everything from storing data in simple single-table files to managing numerous workflows using highly customized and professionally-built relational databases.

Customized backup schedules with easy downloading of files via ftp. The account we created was activated within a minute or so, but it can apparently take longer. Our focus is on the stability, the security and performance of your applications. As an additional measure of protection, FMPHost also sends your backups to a second server facility to insure that your data survives natural disasters, fires and other unforeseeable issues. Cloud hosting, this means that multiple copies of your site are stored on a Storage Area Network (SAN). Next, click Key Pairs in the vertical menu on the left and then Create Key Pairs. We allow any compatible plugin.

ODBC/JDBC Connectivity – Since we host all FileMaker 7 through 16 files on FileMaker Server Advanced, you can connect to any of your databases with external ODBC or JDBC applications of any type. Ggservers awards & accolades, review by Damioseph Derrow 6 months ago I have mostly dealt with Kevin and he has been more than helpful! You will be able to have your server deployed in less than an hour! But this got us thinking… What’s involved in setting up FileMaker Server on Amazon Web Services (AWS), one of the biggest players out there and reported to be among the most reliable.

We take account of individual wishes and special requirements. If you require FileMaker support we can offer this on a pay-as-you-go basis or paid in advance at a lower hourly rate. In the top right of the screen in the dark navigation bar your currently selected region is displayed (may be defaulted to Oregon). Get a quote, unite integrates with Microsoft Outlook’s address books, making their contacts reachable directly through the app or by making calls directly through Outlook all with the simple click of a mouse. You’ll be asked to enter a name, for which Amazon suggest your IAM user name followed by -key-pair and then the region name, which for us is -useast1. Our job at PCI is to keep your FileMaker server up and running to ensure your data is backed up daily and secured with the highest level of encryption technologies and state-of-the-art remote connection mechanisms.

No need to be a server admin or AWS console expert. You can also upload and download your databases and start/stop services. Cloud solutions: performance and hourly billing, this ensures that your visitors are talking to the server that's as close to them as possible, speeding up their page load times. The VPC value should be either the default VPC created by AWS or the one created above if this was required. We host our own files and those of a number of our development client’s files on these servers so we really appreciate how annoying it can be to find you cannot access your data. Access and concurrency requirements for FileMaker Go and WebDirect. Under the Account Attributes section, if you have VPC listed under the Supported Platforms heading and vpc-******** under the Default VPC heading, then you’re good to go and we can move on.

Run custom web publishing. Our premium FileMaker-specific hosting offering, Soliant. Why solid web hosting matters! Lastly, it has a single dashboard that can be used to manage all your sites. All other legacy services are being migrated to MiDatabase. While version 15 will technically be supported after July 28, it will be going end-of-life on September 20, 2020. Make your site super fast, best with Green Data Center:. 90 CAD - monthly 4 Databases : We do all the setup and backend work for you.

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Your intellectual property is protected and respected at all times. Post navigation, the cheapest plan will cost , and the most expensive costs . Contact us for a quote for your exact situation. 1 concurrent connection is allotted to your account.