#1 Managed Moodle Hosting

The website is responsive on the desktop as well as mobile. With unlimited storage and bandwidth, the e-learning software shouldn’t run into problems with performance when traffic demands increase. But don't worry, I'm here to help - over the past months I've tested many hosting providers for this blog, including many that are Moodle compatible. For the United States and Canada, there are several Moodle Partners who are well-placed to offer support for these timezones, including eLearning Experts. There are well over 1,000 plugins available at the official repository, https: If you are building an educational website, make it more interactive so that students can participate in the discussions.

  • Recommended minimum Moodle disk space is 160 MB, with separate space provided for storage of materials and students of distance learning courses.
  • Relying on the experts can often be your best bet.
  • What’s Moodle anyway?
  • This may cause issues if your students are constantly exchanging e-mails with instructors.
  • √ Are you able to compress files larger than 20 MB?

Considering that the Moodle platform is fairly technically advanced and dependent on regular application updates, a managed Moodle host may be the best option for those without the time or savvy to conduct these administrative tasks themselves. √ What version of Moodle will you be running? Many web hosts will support the features necessary to run Moodle. It is strongly recommended that this is located outside of the public folder, rather than in it – this will avoid any problems if your system ever migrates to another server.

Teachers can message the participants or students individually and add notes. They have technical support based in North America, with English as their first language – which I often find leads to quicker and better communication. These packages can be imported directly into Moodle. We also install any requested plugin within 24 hours, including your own developed plugins, as long as we are sure it won’t compromise your installation.

Some of the significant features provided include Automated instant setup for your open source LMS, daily backups & 24×7 technical support.

Top 9 Moodle Hosting Providers of 2020

Fastcomet hosting plan is good value for the money and for the startup Fastcomet is the best solutions. Moodle stands for Modular Object-Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment. Are there any drawbacks to Moodle? MoodleCloud isn't just a unique Moodle ISP because of its Moodle focused design and features - it also stands out for its price - MoodleCloud offers completely free Moodle hosting which can support up to 50 users. Paid plans scale in price to accommodate different numbers of users and maximum file upload sizes, topping out at 1GB and 500 users respectively - perfect for even the largest college courses. Well, except you want to break the bank to pay off your hosting charges.

To get started, just add users and generate questions from your question bank.

Ssd 2 Vps

Yes, Moodle, free of cost, helps students to get an awful lot of help, easiest way possible, to understand a topic of any subject by downloading especially created subject papers by experts from all over the world! What are resources in Moodle? Many hosting companies provide helpful customer support to walk you through this. We have direct access to the core Moodle team and are the first to both contribute to and review the latest in the world of Moodle.

While you may be looking for a host to handle your Moodle powered E-learning website, you sure want to look for the most affordable option. Depends your requirements, the shared hosting for moodle should be less than $5/mo. Inmotion helps you give a platform for the website that you use for providing educational courses. Reviews published on the PickupHost site are written by real users, there is no place for marketers' comments (common among ratings found elsewhere). With the main difference between Moodle and these others is that Moodle is a free educational open source software! And here’s a little bonus recommendation for you!

Moodle hosting providers are ready to go from Day 1, meaning you’ll spend a lot less time and money getting your Moodle project off the ground! HostPapa is a great low cost, highly effective Moodle hosting option because it gives you great value for a Moodle with all its appealing features (100% compatible with Moodle, Moodle ready back‑end. )In case you're not linux friendly developer, arvixe also got windows hosting plans where you get remote IIS management with full website management. Site owners currently running Moodle who are unhappy with their site’s performance are in luck. How does their alert system work?

  • Also sometimes referred to as a course management system (CMS), Moodle is establishing a global presence, and is used by small institutions all over the world, as well as large, well-known organisations such as Shell, Microsoft, and the London School of Economics, among others.
  • The rest of the process can be completed by following instructions on Moodle’s website.
  • The remote backup provision is rarely offered on any web hosting plan, and will require a more complicated setup than a regular website.
  • More and more people are setting up their e-learning courses on Moodle.
  • And it’s affordable, too; you can get it as low as $3.
  • They also offer a free daily backup service and you can host new as well as old moodle websites on this platform.
  • Specifically, you’ll need access to an SMTP mail server, which most hosting companies provide.

Best Moodle Hosting Service

There is no shortage of hosts that claim to offer the best of these two requirements, but we’ve looked closely at those that actually offer the industry’s top speeds and have found the fastest. Bluehost is just one provider that does this. Free domain registration is for first year of qualifying plans. This might be a problem. Having trouble understanding what Keats is trying to say in his poems! It’s always best to over-estimate – used to its full potential, your Moodle system will surely only get busier! Plans start at just $2.


Fastcomet is my top choice for Moodle hosting and currently, I am hosting my website on their server. For a fully managed Moodle hosting, TMD Hosting is a highly recommended hosting solution. In my experience, live chat is often a better vehicle to use to tackle hosting troubles anyway. If you need higher hosting requirements, we highly suggest you check out the VPS Hosting & Dedicated Server plan sections. Moodle is an open source platform for the production and distribution of e-learning material. Indeed, some self-hosted Moodle users can initially be reluctant to relinquish control of their Moodle site to a hosting partner.

Virtual Slate Plugins

All the plans have unlimited bandwidth so that no limitations on the number of people who are accessing your website. Moodle has a drag-and-drop interface. Moodle is a learning management system, or LMS. If not anticipated, planned and provided for, this high user involvement in activities like the quiz module with a large number of simultaneous attempts can bring the Moodle website to its knees. It can store quiz scores and grades in a format that Moodle can interpret. I too am looking for a good discussion on Moodle hosting companies.

Like many others, I myself have used Moodle when I was getting my degree. Themes can also change the look of an entire site, letting companies add their own colors and branding. Is linux server better than windows? And the low cost of $2. SSH access privileges are included as an optional service with the smaller package, and as a zero cost benefit with the bigger setup. Many factors play into this decision. 92/month starter plan will be perfectly suitable - it provides hosting for a single Moodle site. Having us on your team means that you get a lot of Moodle heads working for you.

Not only must the right resources be available, the personnel deployed by the web hosting company must also be friendly and willing to help.

Let me know by commenting below! To determine the best domain and email host for Moodle, we looked at these factors, as well as other associated features such as email autoresponders, email forwarding, spam filters, and whether unlimited emails are offered. You don't have to worry about your moodle site users because they provide unlimited disk storage and data transfer with this price.

And that's precisely what SiteGround provides - support agents are available 24/7 by live chat, phone, email, and ticket support lines.

Award Winning Moodle Hosting Provider

But, this will also cost more than iPage’s hosting. Moodle’s Certified Premium Partners are the only Partners who will be able to provide services for Moodle Workplace, the company’s learning solution for training and professional development. Moreover, the users can get a free domain name if ordered for 6 months or more. For more information on this regulation, you may visit the European Union's site.

We are done, site is up. It comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee where they will refund the money within 60 days of the purchase date if you are not satisfied with their services. Companies or education providers with mission critical learning platforms that need to be developed quickly, effectively and for a large user base may want to engage the services of an official Moodle Partner. Of course, there are some simple security measures that can be your first steps. Depending on your investment; our recommendation is to settle for something no less than 99. Either look for a provider that understands, faced and has taken proper measurements with these risks before and suits your needs or host your LMS in-house to make sure that you know what are you dealing.

This plan costs $12/month. But linux hosting will be better to reduce your hosting costs. There are many people that initially register their domain names with one web host and end up switching to another. We also provide support in the installation of plugins, migration within the same version, patches, bug fixing, and integrations with third-party tools. To limit abuse, it’s a good idea to regularly audit administrator and teacher logins, removing any that are no longer required. And now you are like – It seems brilliant, how may I test/use it? Other than Swift (their most popular plan), A2 Hosting offers 2 more plans, tailored for varying needs of people. You know I worked for Earthlink for four years as a Supervisor in both Customer Service and then in Sales.

Best Moodle Cloud Hosting Recipe With Cloudways

If you do provide consent, you may change your mind and unsubscribe at any time. Moodle’s Premium Partner Certification has been introduced to provide greater focus on the quality of service and product offering by Partners representing Moodle. The courses uploaded are secure with the hosting provider’s SSL certification. Prices begin at $3.

To make sure emails are processed correctly, you’ll need to set up the cron jobs from your Bluehost control panel. It is licensed under the GNU General Public License. § Free setup is only applicable for shared web hosting plans with a minimum 12-month term length.

√ How many total users will you have?

Many hosting providers do not allow this. 45/month, but storage with that plan is limited to 10GB and bandwidth to 100GB. Because of the importance of all these categories, we’re not just recommending the cheapest host. How quickly do you need your Moodle installation up and running?

Pre-Sales FAQ

Moodle can also be used to submit assignments and view pre-recorded content, such as lectures, as well as live interactive lectures and discussions. UKFast has a decade of experience in building, developing and successfully deploying Moodle Optimised Stacks, so we’re the perfect choice for educational establishments. Some tutors train in Moodle and achieve certification that proves their knowledge of the tool. √ Will you have the ability to configure MySQL and PHP for the Moodle version you are running? We reviewed lots of budget hosting service from the industry, there's no one else competitor received so great recommendation and so many awards. If you only need one eLearning site (say if you run a single small academic institution) then the $3. Is there adequate Moodle security and support if things go wrong?

What Is Moodle Hosting

Moodle is not just the user PHP written web-based interface, it also sports a mobile application. God why didn’t we have it back in our days? Unlike some companies who will offer you an out of the box vanilla solution with your logo, we take the time to understand how the LMS can be tweaked to best suit you.

They should be able to solve the problem within a reasonable time frame.

Transparent, Honest Support

However, most Moodle hosting packages will utilize either Cloud or Dedicated servers, both of which can often be fully managed by the hosting companies for user convenience. But that is not all folks! – to make sure that the upgrade goes smoothly. What are plugins? Themes are one of the most powerful options for customizing Moogle.

Expertise is priceless and often determines the capabilities and functionality of your eLearning solution.

Why does Neolo suit me? Not every IT person is an expert in everything. Ensure that the price is industry competitive if you notice a pricing scheme that is seemingly low, conduct further research. If you’ve used a CMS, you should be comfortable with it. Yes, your hosting account is designed with multiple things in mind which is why you can install Moodle, then install WordPress. For first time users, MoodleCloud is the often trusted solution for hosting.

It starts at $0.

Moodle Hosting Faq

Organizations that self-host often house the data that Moodle produces in their own data centers. In addition, select a host that will allow you to customize the PHP and MySQL configurations to accommodate Moodle. We run daily backups with 7-day retention. Ask them for details of their SLA, and check the small print for security and down-time. Remember, Moodle is used to coordinate digital learning for groups sizes that vary from dozens of high-school students up to hundreds of business professionals. Moodle has tons of features for Teachers too. I hope this list of moodle hosting services will help you to Choosing the Best hosting for Your LMS website. It is important that your hosting provider is dedicated to providing optimal Moodle hosting experiences for your organization and will update the correct versions of LAMP to meet the requirements of future Moodle updates.

Some important factors to keep in mind are: Support staff are always courteous. Moodle has been translated into over a hundred and ten different languages in a bid to make it accessible to every country in the world. Choose a host that offers a control panel through which you can compress files of 20 megabytes or more. You must be thinking, and so let us give you a quite impressive outline about the online help in academics available today before we come to the million dollar question!

For information about how we use information you provide to us, please read our Privacy Policy.

ILIAS is very flexible and integrates well with your existing resources. Sharing is caring! When a number of concurrent users utilize the system (sometimes it is as low as 10 concurrent users), Moodle runs very slow and students become frustrated. At first glance, self-hosting may seem like the most cost effective solution, but that is not always the case. 95 per month for 3 year hosting plans and the renewal rate is same as that of the purchase price.


And while many hosts do offer those features, there are also some who are dedicated to Moodle site hosting. When it comes to Moodle, there are a few specific recommendations that will be a huge help for your security as well. Over the past few years, Moodle has emerged as the go-to choice for universities, corporates and private entities alike! Moodle allows for the extension of the core features. Moodle can be used on all kinds of devices, from anywhere in the world. You can customize the website according to your requirements with Moodle plugins that can be used for various applications. If you’re using a hosting provider, you need to make sure that all of Moodle’s requirements, including the PHP version, are met by the hosting platform. Moonami includes free zero-downtime site migrations and a dedicated project manager to help you out with everything.

Get started on InMotion now. In fact, A2 Hosting can speed up your website’s load times by as much as 20 times faster than the competition. Besides the free perks that come with each domain registered with us, there are even more incentives to transfer your existing domain to FastComet: Check all the above key points we’ve mentioned – and you are on your way to finding a Moodle hosting provider that will help you get the most out of your Moodle system. And download it! You can create websites with the help of moodle that can have online courses, training courses, etc. In fact, hosting with eThink will actually keep an organization’s data more secure than self-hosting. It is only to your advantage if the web hosting company of your choice offers a round the clock customer services.

The host guarantees 99. Are they a dedicated Moodle hosting provider? They can manage the content displayed on the pages and can enable/disable emojis for the users.

Basic Theme Package

Of course there is no truly unlimited storage anywhere. Moodle is a learning management system (LMS, also called VLE). It offers the following plans: A Moodle Partner allows your team to focus less on the management of your system and more on providing engaging eLearning to your constituents.

How do I manage my moodle site? How much should I pay for moodle hosting? If you are not hosting your Moodle instance in-house, choosing a fast, reliable and secure hosting provider is one the most important topics to have in mind when implementing an eLearning platform in your organization; this will not only it will save you time and resources but also it could save your company’s investment.

Which is the Right Moodle Hosting Choice For Me? When you are on the lookout for a web host for your Moodle, do ensure you pick the simplest and straightforward out of the entire options available to you. Functionality and accessibility: Moodle needs to have a number of php libraries activated. They can get reminder notifications and add events to the calendar. In the USA and several other countries, this type of software is often referred to as a learning management system or LMS.

Personal Web Hosting

There are ways to reduce the size of these files; however, when teaching multiple courses covering different modules, storage can become a concern even if you’ve followed all the best practices. Use this discount link to get the deal. The hosting provider boasts speeds 20 times faster than the competition with its turbocharged server farm. We already help tens of thousands of people and organizations convert their ideas and projects into websites that work 24 hours a day. 99% uptime guarantee. Focus on your Moodle courses while we take care of the technical details for you. Above 2 web hosts are simply the best based your different hosting needs and will work out the most success! Intended for blended learning, distant education and for the general creation of an electronic learning platform, Moodle is PHP written and has GitHub as its repository.