7 Best "Reseller" Web Hosting Companies (+ Pros & Cons)

Even though the customer service alone makes InMotion worthy of the highest recommendation, it also offers some of the highest levels of sustained performance and reliability that you can get at a price that might qualify as “affordable”.

Choose the right one, and your business gets a flying start. 99 (introductory pricing) per month. Affordable, Reliable, & High Performance Reseller Hosting InMotion Hosting is one of our favorite web hosting providers that offers excellent hosting services for businesses of all sizes. The company bills you for the reseller plan, and it's your responsibility to bill your own customers. This is essentially a turnkey automation solution that’ll set up WHMCS, Enom, and a premium SSL certificate for you.

The services are monitored by a group of administrators, which make sure that everything works in tip-top condition, including up to date server backups. You’ll be able to customize everything from the hosting dashboard, control panel, packages offered, and even support tutorials and walkthroughs. SiteGround – $42/year Rated 5 stars Spectacular – 100% SiteGround offers compelling hosting packages for webmasters.

  • The benefit of choosing this type of business is that there are little upfront costs needed and the most reputable hosting companies will provide you with resources as you get your business off the ground.
  • But, sometimes there could be issues that you may struggle to deal with.

Yet, when it comes to customer support and uptime, they leave much to be desired. There are, of course, discounts. Easy setup for your clients : InMotion Hosting Reseller Hosting RATING 10 2020 Ease of Use: In general, the resellers is actual responsible for communicating with their customers, but isn’t responsible for software, hardware and other technical issues. And it has features like a free WHMCS License to automate your billing and management.

What’s more, InMotion Hosting’s 90-day money-back guarantee on reseller accounts gives you plenty of time to make sure your reseller business will succeed for the long haul. I spent more than five years in the web designing and development industry, and I constantly noticed something. The feature list is so extensive it might actually need a separate article. RAM refers to your server’s ability to process files. What is dedicated web hosting?, for example, WP Engine doesn’t offer email hosting. Need any technical assistance? A reseller WordPress hosting can be a decent compliment to your developing and designing business.

  • The best option is to go with a cheap reseller host that has a track record of stellar service.
  • If you develop and design a website for someone, they won’t need your services forever.
  • It is especially convenient for those who try to promote their reseller hosting plans, yet are not very tech savvy.
  • Typical prices from WPEngine start at $35/month and their next tier is $115/month, which is not in the pricing bracket with which we are used to.
  • You purchase a certain amount of storage, and you allocate it to clients.
  • And the same goes for billing software and just about any other technology.

HostGator Premium Reseller Hosting with High Uptime & Reliability

By using their servers. You get the features you expect for the price you’d expect to pay—no surprises and no catches. In a nutshell: not all cheap web host are bad. Many providers team up with Cloudflare and offer CDN services to all clients for free. Whether you’re a web designer who wants to host client sites, want to start your own website hosting business, or are simply the “tech friend” who’s always down to help with web projects, reseller hosting is a great hosting option worth exploring. You can sell web hosting services to your own client base.

As your business grows, you will not have to deal with any hassle while upgrading your account. Do that multiple times for 4-6 weeks to make sure the company is consistent with their customer support. That’s just $3. Krystal's Trinity plan is probably the best value, giving you 50 cPanel accounts with 100GB storage for $35 a month. There are no discounts. If you want to try your hand at launching and managing a business, you can do so with reseller hosting without a lot of technological background and within a safe, removed environment. Clients are often eager to concentrate all of their digital services in one place, and offering hosting can help convince them that you can meet all of their digital needs. You also get all the features you get with the standard shared hosting account.

  • Whether you want to stay for a year or 10 - the pricing will remain the same.
  • It’s time to give another little guy its share of the spotlight.
  • 95/mo - 240GB disk space, 2TB bandwidth, 70 cPanel accounts.
  • If you’re reselling dozens or even hundreds of hosting packages, those odds go up exponentially.
  • Since A2 Hosting discontinued its Windows plan, this is the best Windows reseller hosting provider around.
  • Reseller 50 – $59.

Product FAQs

Choosing the right hosting platform is key to starting out as a reseller host. Local, we serve over 100 million pages each year for our clients. It may sound confusing at first, but it’s really not that complicated. At the moment, reselling is still actively being sold and mainly used by design studios, web developers, people looking to sell web hosting and others hosting their own web sites and friends websites. You get more than enough features, with top-nothc servers and security. ResellerClub Features ResellerClub offers some of the best Linux hosting features, and they also support Windows. 95/month, free!

Unless you are a great multitasker, if you are already busy, finding the time to work as a hosting provider might prove to be too complicated. HostGator uses the powerful WHM program which lets you have administrative access to the cPanel’s backend. Pricing for the SiteGround reseller program is a bit different from HostGator. Reseller hosting can be provisioned on a range of hosting plans. A2 Hosting Packages and Pricing A2 Hosting is one of those providers that gives you complete freedom. This puts this host among the best reseller hosting providers because most of them come with WHMCS.

Making the right choices is the difference between an and ok and a great setup for you. The host doesn’t dictate the prices, nor do they inflict their brand on your venture, so you can essentially start up a hosting business of your own. Popular ftb packs, if you browse through their reviews on this site you will find it difficult to see anything negative. The biggest difference you’ll find between the reseller plans are the amount of disk space and bandwidth that each plan offers. A billing system will allow you to even activate the orders of your customers automatically. If I were to make a reseller hosting comparison of all providers, HostGator would be firmly in the middle. The hosting provider will divide up the costs and the amount of space that they allow resellers to use in a way that makes the most financial sense for them.

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Here are a few things that you should look for to make sure that you are choosing the best reselling partner: We use affiliate links to earn commissions from the products reviewed and recommended on our pages. What about the support? The dedicated servers have features like free backup drive and free Gigabit uplink. We examined dozens of reseller hosting companies to give you our honest opinion on the features that matter most. WHMCS and Blesta.

Additionally, some (but not all) hosting companies give you access to ‘white-label’ software to manage your client accounts and billing procedures (this is called WHMCS). Private nameservers is the first thing to configure after your reseller account is activated and you receive the login details. They also offer a turbo boost feature that increases your server speed 20x for $6. The private VPS parent hosting offers a dedicated cloud server with custom VPS packages and control from WHMCS whereas the Cloud Sites hosting plan lets you host unlimited websites with built-in auto-scaling features. This alternative revenue stream is actually a driver for many of these hosting providers and allows them to save on costs and get the most use out of their servers. Web hosting, many busy hosting plans offer an onboarding specialist that can help you get started, too. We weren’t able to find anything as cheap and as good on the market.

It’s a rarity for hosts to support resellers with their own customer support staff. Drop box, box used to have a problem of presenting users with a bunch of app versions and letting them guess which is the main app. They pay you for this service, usually monthly or annually. Just click the button below. You’ll definitely want to research what facets will resonate and be most effective for the hosting company you envision overseeing. Some of them are great even. Each provider with such an offer also has an acceptable use policy. Providers need to offer plans with cheap and affordable prices.