Top 8 Best Dedicated Hosting Plans – Updated 2020 Review

The closest any host in this list came to this number was 64 GB.

A dedicated hosting plan is ideal for larger organizations or websites with high volumes of traffic. For example, if the physical server consists of 1TB storage and 16GB memory, and the web host splits it equally into 4 virtual servers, then each VPS would get 250GB of storage space and 4GB of memory. Technical support has entirely different approaches across the customer support system, from a specialist IT team operating across the business solutions to automating resolution process for easily dealing with common hurdles and issues. Standard DDOS Protection at no additional costs. These specs are nearly identical to SiteGround, with the exception of bandwidth (you get 10TB with SiteGround), and slight clock speed advantage with Liquid Web (3. )

  • Basic web hosting starts at $2.
  • Simply offering a service there is not enough, however.

If you are looking at dedicated hosting, you most likely know how DDoS attacks work and what makes them the nuisance they are. Opting for a dedicated server means that you get an entire server to yourself. VPS stands for Virtual Private Server. It is no secret that the major Internet hubs in the United States can be found in the business centers, which also happen to be some of the busiest metropolises. Ask whether the hosting provider offer any kind of guarantee or trial period offer. Storage is extremely configurable, too. While any remote service running on your server can introduce security issues, a reputable cloud backup service can be a lifesaver in the event of a server failure. Costlier than other dedicated hosting companies.

So be sure about this before going for purchase.

WordPress on a Dedicated Server Hosting Plan

Netrouting is committed to fulfil the mission critical IT demands by using the best hardware and infrastructure. RAID1 for high availability and faster performance, with a disk drive duplicated (mirrored) for faster read and data redundancy in the event of a disk failure. But it doesn’t hurt to ask your prospective host about where the servers live. You have access to the full range of resources on the physical server, including all the hard drive storage capacity, memory, and processing power.

On the other hand, SiteGround’s emphasis is on the speed with SSD. (99 on renewal). Many web hosts cap their dedicated monthly data transfer offerings at 16GB, which is probably fine for most users. This article will compare and contrast the top eight dedicated hosting providers, and help you choose the one that best suits your website. Anticipating growth :

We were intrigued by the good features they offer on their plans for (considerably) low prices. Our clients get treated to an easy-to-use control panel which allows easy management of their hosting account. The preceding example of a $99 base price may actually have you end up paying around $80/month with their price saving offers. Every decision was yours and yours alone to make — from how loud and late the music is played to what type of midnight snack you can chow down on. Awesome subscriber management, any good mailing list server will allow you to completely customize your emails to match your organization’s brand. CC-1000 (from $414. )The server itself is typically housed in data centers owned and operated by web hosting companies - you do not have (or need) physical access to it.

GreenGeeks - 2020 Dedicated Server Hosting with Dedicated Resources

Some dedicated server hosting providers offer a 100% up-time guarantee on their network. With the appropriate hardware system and versatile control panel options, you can ride on the CloudOYE advantage to manage security and server management, leading to improved performance in all facets of your business! It is quite easy to navigate the wide range of powerful control tools, with in built management functions operating across the cPanel and Plesk modules for better business operations across the globe. It’s not in our top 3, but under 15 minutes of downtime per month is not enough to cast a shadow over the other great features that A2 Hosting provides. 34 billion by 2020. And you have the option of adding a performance booster in the shape of their Turbo Boost feature which gives up to 20X faster page loads and more efficient connections for $26.

We will provide you the rack space, hardware, network, physical security and protection for your server. In our dedicated server hosting reviews, we’ll compare some of the best dedicated server hosting services available and also show you how to evaluate your needs to find the best dedicated hosting service for your website. What we look for in the best dedicated server hosting services. – VPS is more affordable than dedicated hosting. Let’s see if their efforts are put into good use. If all of these suggestions sound a bit difficult and time-consuming, well, they may be.

Although, the special entry plans are only hosted in Michigan.

SiteGround Web Hosting

5 IP addresses. Our servers are powered by some of the leading brands in the industry. Dedicated hosting is a perfect solution for organizations running complex websites or requiring greater performance, control, and customized functionalities. The least expensive web hosting option is shared hosting. (99) Admin Dashboard: Not only is the OS choice critical, but other features such as the ability of having control of the system through the server are important too, such as a resource usage prediction feature which ensures that needs that arise configurationally are met well in time. Overall, if you want a dedicated server that’s a step above the lower pricing tiers while still delivering exceptional uptime and quality customer support, HostGator has you covered. Finally, dedicated servers are for websites that can afford it.

Dedicated Resources vs Unlimited Resources

But their servers, performance, and support earn them a top spot on our list. Scalability of services as business needs and website traffic changed was also important to users, as was security. How did we pick the top website builders? Resellers could function, for individual domains, under any combination of these listed types of hosting, depending on who they are affiliated with as a reseller. Generally speaking, RAM varies from 4GB to 30GB for different server hosting plans. Coming to features, SiteGround Dedicated Server comes with good features and apart from Performance booster, there are not so many add-ons.

Our all unmanaged dedicated server has root level ssh access.

Review Breakdown: Dedicated Hosts

Now, let’s take a look at three of the best dedicated hosting providers in the market. Self-managed – Best-suited to larger firms with fully-trained IT staff. It’s managed dedicated servers are offered under its DEDICATEDCLASS platform, giving you maximum control of your data and web hosting environment backed by high level performance, reliability, security, and technical support. JustHost was started in 2020 and has offices in the US, the UK and Australia with a data center based in Chicago, IL. Are your Dedicated Servers managed? Only those who’ve never dealt with the company’s customer or technical service might be surprised by the low scores. Mission critical applications also require dedicated servers to be backed by sophisticated and powerful, fully redundant, infrastructure which sets data centers apart from traditional computer servers in an office environment.

The provider works with the client to give them the CPU, RAM, and disk space that they need.

Best of all, you’ll get a speedy response from experts whenever you need help. Cloud servers can also be more difficult to monitor. Enhanced caching. Dedicated servers are usually more expensive compared to the other hosting options. When you are upgrading a dedicated server, it is best to remember that all dedicated servers are not similar, and also that not all the website hosting solutions provided by service providers are operating on the dedicated servers. Kinsta – Best Managed Dedicated WordPress Hosting Kinsta started back in 2020 and since then, it has constantly been proving its excellence in terms of security, stability and speed by its unbeatable and cutting-edge technology a lot in 2020. Each dedicated server is fully customizable and built-to-order with Linux or Windows, and also comes with SSD storage, DDoS protection, Cloudflare CDN, advanced security, and 24/7 proactive monitoring. KernelCare technology keeps your OS secure and up-to-date without affecting your online presence.

If cost is not an issue ($100+/month), you get a server all your own including its full capabilities – CPU, RAM, storage, maximum loading speed, ability to withstand huge traffic, and full control over apps and scripts you’d like to install on your server. What do I mean by that? Shield managed security. In addition to the other security solutions, a dedicated firewall adds an extra layer of protection. Even with the $20 price hike after the initial 6 months, you’re still looking at (possibly) the best offer for a dedicated server out there. All of this adds up to a great dedicated hosting experience. Unlimited features.

If you have millions of visitors to your sites, using a partially managed or shared server is not an advisable thing to do.

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One of such disadvantages happens to be the fact that it has no cheapest hosting option. Dedicated hosting plans are ideal for WordPress websites with very large number of visitors. Most importantly, it offers a perfect balance of all the important features.

If you need cPanel as well, that’ll bring your price up to a more mid-range level. Generally, VPS hosting is more affordable than dedicated hosting, with prices starting between $5 and $15 per month. RAID-5 adds parity to RAID-0 so it is possible to recalculate data lost on another drive. BlueHost also offers 24/7 support, superior security, reliable uptimes, one-click WordPress installation, and offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. The agent also asked about our plans with the website and suggested the best plan based on our needs and goals.

Compare Dedicated Server Hosting

Can I get the hosting company to manage my dedicated server? Unlike shared hosting, dedicated hosting does not restrict your website to a particular mold or setup. You may not even be aware that your site’s resource usage is surpassing the abilities of a shared server. Enterprise (from 148. )SPDY and HTTP/2 accelerate page loads even further, and support for technologies like edge side includes and websockets allow more fine-tuned optimizations of your site.


Web hosting – Host an unlimited number of domains and sites. The admin must have the domain name or IP address of dedicated server to access, as well as the login details. By securing multiple vendors for connectivity and using redundant hardware, providers are able to guarantee higher up-times; usually between 99-100% up-time if they are a higher quality provider. 1&1 ionos web hosting, it’s very easy to use and probably the best entry-level web hosting provider that is both reliable and secure. It can be of any type but most dedicated servers use Intel Xeon processors that are designed for workstations and servers.

I mean, would you be ready to splash more than a thousand bucks on something you’ve never tested? Choose between single processor and dual processor dedicated servers. They offer a maximum of 15 dedicated IPs. We will work with you to make it as painless as possible. 99% net uptime is made possible with BGP multi-honing and redundant switching network to ensure highest network speed. We didn't recommend it because parent company, Endurance International Group (EIG) is moving customers from other hosting brands it owns (eHost and Host Clear, for example), so we're unsure what kind of impact that may have on services and support.

Its shared and dedicated packages, however, offer both Linux and Windows servers. A dedicated server is far more reliable and secure than a shared hosting account which utilize shared resources between customers. Included features - gmod server hosting, gMOD is a popular sandboxing game based off the popular Source engine. Don’t skimp on CPUs or RAM! That means your server resources are working exclusively towards keeping your site up and running.


3 billion websites right now, active or otherwise, reside in servers housed in data centers spread out all over the globe. The friendly gator has been offering services since 2020 and grew so fast that big corporations were soon lining up with lucrative offers. The more demanding your website it, the higher the RAM or CPU you will require. Security – You don’t have to worry about other “bad websites” because you’re the only site on the server.

  • Larger websites tend to use more resources, such as bandwidth and server CPU, that shared hosting platforms aren't able to provide.
  • All plans come with free domain and SSL, unlimited bandwidth, and OS of your choice.
  • High-level security.

Who Is Dedicated Hosting For?

To borrow the words from the company itself: Let’s start with the best hosting providers first, then move down the list to see which ones you might want to avoid. If you have a choice of geographic location, you may feel better having your server closer to your home or office. They offer fully managed servers, so you’ll always have peace of mind. Technical skills – On an unmanaged plan, you’ll need skilled technicians to maintain and optimize the server. Their cheapest plan pricing is very similar to Bluehost and HostGator if you exclude the issue with cPanel. It offers full in-house services with its own fiber connections, data centers, and custom Linux kernel running on custom-built servers. When your site is down, you don’t have half an hour to wait around – you want to get a hold of a customer support representative immediately.

E3-1270 v2 (from $79.

With that kind of investment, it's important to make the right choice. It would be irresponsible and impractical for me to name just one as the best (although if I had to pick just one it would be BlueHost). What are dedicated servers for games?

Their dedicated hosting plans are some of the most cost-effective options that you’ll find.

Harness the full processing power with single-tenant bare metal servers with root/admin privileges for complete server control – down to the kernel. Dedicated hosting is a term used to describe web hosting packages that provide a dedicated server with dedicated resources to a single client. Malware protection? We aim to not only provide you with a selection of premium locations, but also with the internal environment your servers need in order to keep your business ahead of the curve. And if they aren’t properly maintained, they won’t work at all. Most often, the real determinant in the OS choice is the technology the client wants to use on the site. However, it is nice to get started up as fast as possible using some of the customized features of certain hosting providers.

SiteGround: Pros and Cons

A dedicated server is reserved with 100% of the resources allocated to the client. Accounts canceled after 30 days will be refunded a prorated amount of the unused service. Eight times less! We were very happy with their support.

Processes running at a particular time. Basic monitoring costs $5/month while more robust security options go for $20 or more monthly. A VPS is a physical piece of server hardware (a fancy way of saying a computer) that is separated into many independent “virtual” servers. It is pretty much what it sounds like. Terms of Service for dedicated servers usually specifically prohibit illegal content. If uptime is 99%, that means your website will be down for 3.

Of course, the Federal Communications Commission repealed those rules in late 2020, and while there have not yet been any widespread reports of ISPs changing the way they are treating content, many experts are concerned the internet could ultimately become "pay for play."

Uptime, Downtime

That was my inspiration for creating this guide. The results are in, these are the best dedicated servers: It is our everyday goal at QuadraNet to check all these boxes and improve on them, ensuring that we present our customers with the opportunities they deserve – the synergy between them and us is what motivates us to strive towards providing a service whose hallmarks are outstanding performance, impenetrable protection and unmatched levels of support and flexibility. Some advantages of choosing a dedicated hosting provider are:


Again, billing policies concern clients the most, but Hostwinds puts enough effort in clearly pinpointing discounted and regular fees. They can choose the platform and software they really need, allowing more control over how their dedicated server is configured. – You don’t have to worry about other “bad websites” because you’re the only site on the server. You need to be especially mindful of the law if you are running a site that allows users to upload their own content to your server.