2020's Top 10 Filipino Web Hosting Providers by user reviews

It’s now endlessly scanning Facebook and Instagram feeds at an average of 4 hours a day.

I wouldn’t plan on migrations into Dreamhost to be easy either. How web hosting companies keep their services free, there is a mobile iOS and Android app for mobile website editing. I made my first website earlier this year from scratch (check my bio for the link). Do you know that local web hosting companies in the Philippines make up almost 75 percent of the total web hosting business in the country? 92/mo which is pretty amazing value.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly for small businesses: They have got a cheesy name but don’t fool yourself into thinking that their services are the same. The name speaks for itself—here you manage everything including buying the hardware and software, setting everything up, making backup solutions, installing software, maintaining and monitoring the servers–everything. Don't hesitate to get in touch with us if you have any outstanding questions.

  • Cloud hosting is similar to VPS but instead of having space on once server, you get space across multiple servers.
  • You don't need web hosting to get online and website builders offer an interesting and compelling alternative.
  • Sometimes, you just need a simple page listing your hours and location, with maybe a little blogging functionality to keep things interesting—and sometimes that's all you can afford, too.
  • (95/mo), they definitely make up for it in their insanely helpful 24/7 customer support.
  • Godaddy is a widely popular brand in the domain registration space.

Yes | Disk Storage: Do you have any questions about how our solutions can help your business and how we can meet your Philippines Hosting needs? There are also managed web hosts.

But what exactly is a blog? You will have to wait much lesser compared to that of the international companies for your problem to be addressed. Need a platform for selling your products or services? Don’t believe it? You won't have regular backups and some will even shut down your website for one hour a day!

You won’t regret it! In addition to shared hosting, InMotion offers upgrades to managed WordPress hosting, VPS hosting, and dedicated servers. Please activate it for a better viewing experience. Woocommerce features, if you're looking to expand and host more websites (more than 6 websites which the Power plan allows) then the Pro plan would be a better option for you. We are confident you will love your website!

So for large websites that get millions upon millions of views per month, this is a great option.

Domain Name Server (DNS)

They started as a domain registrar service and expanded their offerings to web hosting and web builder services. There can be a discrepancy between reviews and quality. Hosting wordpress on cloud made simple for everyone, packed with features, A2 is a web hosting service that's more than worthy of being the foundation for your website, especially if you're looking to use WordPress. A fantastic bargain for TechRadar visitors, Bluehost has cut the price of its Shared Plan (regularly $7. )

Don't get us wrong, we love them, we've even produced a best free web hosting guide, however, using them for businesses purposes are fraught with potential issues that make it hard to recommend them. 15/month, one of the lowest rates in the industry. Filter ratings and reviews, i hope they will add more powerful webhosting tools. Before diving into all the criteria on how to evaluate web hosts, I have some simple rules for you on picking your web host: It does not include furnishings like shelves for your products, just as the web-hosting account doesn’t include a site for you to sell your products.

  • The answer to the question above is simple; website owners who receives majority of the web traffic from Philippines and want a domain name that ends with.
  • That’s a fantastic deal.
  • Even I was surprised.

Web Hosting by Category

There’s plenty of upgrades to support you along the way. How to choose the best web hosting provider? Here are some simple rules of thumb: First up on my Philippines web hosting list is non other than SiteGround. For the money, you get automated setup for WordPress, not to mention other popular apps via a Mojo Marketplace-powered system. If that’s you and you want to know more, head over to my best free web hosts review.

The Best Cloud Hosting

All these benefits do come with a higher cost. There’s a few major advantages to getting specialized WordPress hosting: HostGator is another great all-rounder on the market delivering seriously impressive value for money, and offering a very well-featured basic plan. Is there any promo or discount for. So what are you waiting for? There are inexpensive web hosting companies available for you on the internet.

Top Web Hosting Market Share by Country

It’s a good option though for anyone starting out and would like to have a cost-effective solution and gradually upgrade later as their site gets more traffic. An “upgraded” shared web hosting account. A great solution for website owners who chose WordPress as their platform. But those were time well spent because the stuff I learned was invaluable. You’ll also be in complete control and can configure that server however you want. Activities related to domains and the business were now attributed to dotPH, such as the resolution on the dispute between Yahoo!

Many of Dreamhosts do love it but it could make things much more difficult should you ever need to migrate off Dreamhost.

Cheap hosting (that’s also of sound quality) can cost as little as $2 to $10 per month.

The Best WordPress Hosting

Even a basic WordPress site can be a real hassle to migrate. What is fast.io? This way, always pick a hosting plan that can handle your traffic even at peak traffic levels. You will want tech support and basic customer service 24/7 in terms of email, web chat and phone connection so that your questions and concerns are addressed promptly. 5 out of 5 on both CNET and PCMag. More convenience for the customers to communicate without any language barrier.

If you know how to open web browser, you'll know how to create a free website like a PRO! Of course, this service does come at a premium, but it definitely is worth is if you are someone who is stuck for time! When looking at different web hosts, make sure you’re choosing a host that can serve every page lickity split. These are not products or services you skimp on — but that doesn’t mean you can’t get some of the best hosting on the market while on a budget.

It’s also extremely scalable for your own site. More details on how our reliable servers are backed by 99. HostGator does offer Windows hosting in addition to Linux, as well as a variety of options to upgrade, including cloud hosting, VPS hosting, managed WordPress, and a dedicated server. That’s why your site will be hosted on our high performance server platform. The best cloud hosting providers: faqs, well, the cloud isn’t one place hanging up in the air above our heads like a lot of us like to imagine. The web-hosting server knows how to read these files, which explain how the webpage looks or instruct the server to do a series of computations.

Facebook is the ultimate example.

HostGator Reviews 2020, WordPress Hosting and Customer Support

And that service is vital because managed WordPress hosting is significantly more expensive than shared web hosting services. In short, uptime is that amount of time that your website is successfully running online. Your site will be down on a regular basis, you’ll never be able to get a competent support rep to help you, and every task you try to complete will have a horrendous user experience. If they get a spike, your server can simply start using other servers. We have a great collection of short free domains to choose from. Just try and you'll discover yourself as a genius web designer or smartest web developer with not a single particle of code or technical knowledge. Which of these should you get?

The hosts atop our recommended list combine the above-mentioned services into a high-value, low-cost bundle. What are their billing and cancellation policies? Select the closest server to you for lower latency, and get an impressive speed of your MT4 Forex VPS with it. And to be honest, there really is! Unlike most of well advertised free web hosting companies we're the only one that is offering you full PHP free hosting with MySQL and extremely user friendly Cpanel. WP Engine’s lowest-priced plan is $30/month, and that’s only for one 10GB site with max 25,000 visitors/month.

If you really want to get the cost down, do with Hostinger or Hostgator. The main take-away from my ode to affordable hosting above is this: This allows customers to get all the benefits of a large server at only a fraction of the price (typically $2-$8 per month. )Very small businesses will usually opt for a shared or managed service as these are sometimes called. Get a fast site. We will provide you quality, efficient and reliable web hosting services that you deserve and need. That's low-cost web hosting.


We are one of the easiest website hosting platforms to use, and remain committed to providing our customers with one of the best hosting solutions on the market. Inmotion hosting pricing, that is, for non-US customers, they probably run some additional verification (fraud protection?). Let the A2 Hosting team deal with it. Overall A2 Hosting is a great provider that providers everything a Filipino website maker needs. Our highly responsive service and support team is available to help customers, 24x7.

You get $175 in offers 24/7 support plus free domain and site builder and 30-day money-back guarantee. Hacking and cyber vandalism is a major issue for government agencies, particularly for those who have frontline online services. HostGator tends to rank highly on tech publications like PCMag, but customer reviews are pretty dreadful: If you have any experience with web hosting, you have most likely heard of HostGator at one point or another.

VPS Hosting (12 Reviews)

Government websites help improve the delivery of timely and needed information and services to citizens. If you haven’t heard of affiliate marketing, that is totally normal! For every site I’ve ever managed, we used our host for years on end without ever switching once we had a host we were happy with. But why do people prefer the local web hosting companies instead of the big international names providing web hosting services? Every user gets 10GB of disk space and cPanel site management, and there's unlimited bandwidth, email addresses, databases, and FTP accounts. Set up an e-commerce site.

If I am already boring you (sorry), you can jump straight to the chase and check out my top recommended Philippines web hosts below. Shared hosting, dedicated hosting, VPS, managed hosting, server cores, different RAM, CDNs, SSL certificates. T graduate either. You just Googled a question and the results have shown and you click on the number one position. Powerful and Cheap Web Hosting and Domains for your Website.

For most websites, a shared hosting plan is enough. So how fast should a website be? We had a hard time finding SiteGround in that list as we had so few complaints from customers hosted with them. For just about everyone, free hosting is not worth it. The best web hosts for small business are super reliable, have world-class support when the odd issue does come up, and have a reasonable price. Not all cheap web hosts are created equal. Don't get swayed by the big fonts touting the monthly fee:

Also worth highlighting is the service's customer support.

WP Blogger

Take, for example, HostGator. However, when it comes to running and maintaining a website, round-the-clock assistance and help are important. And lastly, try and buy server space that you can expand into. However you cannot migrate your content easily if you want to leave because of their proprietary nature.


For only Php 5/day , You will have your very own Domain Name , a website, and your personalized [email protected] Honest, objective reviews, 95/month, which is a vast improvement over their previous renewal rates of . Nevertheless, they are still a great option for beginners. The template is designed for ease of navigation, with important information readily accessible, regardless of browser or access device, and even for persons with disabilities (PWDs). Other powerful features include an integrated image editor with tons of Instagram-style filters, and a raft of ecommerce templates to boot (note that Wix doesn’t levy transactions fees on your sales, either, unlike some rivals). Some might prefer uber-simple interfaces while some want a deeper set of options. In short, there’s a great deal to like here and some tempting pricing, with the icing on the cake being a 90-day money-back guarantee should you fail to be satisfied with the service.