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In this section, I’ll review those options.

So here's my verdict – If a dedicated IP address is important to you, you have a limited budget, and you are comfortable with website design/development, then IXWebHosting would be a fine choice. I strongly recommend against making an account with them. Depending on the platform you have used for building your website, you want to choose the right web host.

And although IX meets that criteria, their prices are basically the same as other competitive hosting providers, such as HostGator and Site5. 9% uptime guarantee backed by a service credit for downtime beyond that figure. Yes, but there’s a fee for the migration service which covers a maximum of one database. JustHost – Another fast web hosting service with unlimited resources. One long-standing company is for short – which started in 1999 with a server in a Midwest living room. It wouldn't hurt if they hired a few more knowledgeable people to improve their response times too. This is slow, and other companies such as InMotion, MDDHosting, WebHostingHub, and SiteGround have much faster response times.

When I have any problem they respond very quickly and are very helpful. On the other hand, Site5 offers tons of walkthroughs and tutorials in their knowledge base that can help you learn quickly. Support is available 24/7 by phone, email and chat. 30-Day money back guarantee & 7 Day free trial – most web hosts offer the standard 30-day money back guarantee and that’s it. I thought I would include the above screenshot to reference my review of their current pricing and the way their web hosting plans work at the time of this review (and has been my issue with this provider for years now). For the most part, you can trust that your site is going to be up pretty close to 99. I lost an entire weekend fighting them. On the one hand, they've covered the biggest bases.

That’s right — even the entry-level shared hosting plan offers up to two dedicated IPs to each customer. This application is quite similar to leading control panels such as cPanel and Plesk in terms of its ease of use. The limits they place on resources are fairly standard, and you can choose either Cpanel or Plesk:

Term of Service: In fact here are some screenshots: They are actually reasonably priced. Often this can tell you whether or not the hosting company has the necessary experience, knowledge and stability to provide the best service for your needs. In-house support is available 24/7 on the phone, via chat, or through their online helpdesk, even on holidays.

  • Meaning that if you need reseller or dedicated hosting you’re going to have to go with another company ( I recommend InMotion and SiteGround).
  • This IXWebhosting review brought to light these pros and cons for us.

IXWebHosting Overall Rating

Leaving IX Web Hosting? Not a lot of storage offered with dedicated packages. If you need more than one IP address, you can always purchase more for a small fee. This is quite impressive! However, I am going to be diving deep into everything that IX Web Hosting offers. That's because IX Web Hosting is owned by EIG, which also owns HostGator and Site5. Furthermore, their prices are reasonable, their services wide—the dual operating system support is top-notch—and their image trusted. They will bring you only headache and stress.

There is literally no one who should be using this web hosting company. Originally priced at $12. Do I have any recourse?

At the time of this IX Web Hosting review, we found “SiteLock Basic Plan” enabled by default for $1. Apparently all you have to do to request a refund is contact a customer service rep via the online Help Desk. Plus, I’ll save you money at checkout with some great discounts on the best hosting providers. They promise to respond to your request within six hours (or they’ll credit your account extra for the delay).

  • This means that you have an extra added piece of mind when hosting with them.
  • Their page load speeds are nothing to laugh at either.
  • IXWebhosting also makes use of its own, proprietary Tier 3 (n+1) network.

IX Web Hosting Summary

When considering Web Hosting Hub you just have to know that they were created for serving small and medium sized businesses. This is a great site for finding out if a website is down, but that isn’t what I use it for. Their VPS hosting comes in two different varieties as well, depending on your website needs. Their website could use an update, but the service is strong.

We've collected over 335,000 reviews about web hosting companies and publish them for consumers. Average revenue per subscriber (ARPS) for fiscal year 2020 was $14. In the realm of Linux, you’re looking at the X2, X4 and X8 pricing tiers. Done with IX Web Hosting/Site5?

Known as a leader in customer support. Overall, when talking about IX’s products and services, users had mixed feelings. I consider slow response times to be over 51 ms. IX Web Hosting is a hosting provider that offers multiple solutions for users who want to easily get their website up and running. 95 a month, the X4 Windows $69.

Boasting a low price, a wealth of features, and enhanced support, it is safe to say that IX Web Hosting makes an excellent choice for a web host.

Pricing Information

The details are down below: Click here to claim it. After 60+ hours of calling, using Live Chat, and using the ticket support system, they finally worked out most problems.

IX Webhosting Position In Our Categories Position of IX Webhosting in our main categories: However, shared hosting customers are provided with Psoft H-Sphere, a more basic tool than Cpanel. Action2, this week, Smart Dubai, the authority responsible for integrating emerging technologies into governmental services in the UAE, offered an endorsement for the platform. Website transfer costs $150 per site migration. This means there’s plenty of plugins for you to add and play around with.

Then I will evaluate their customer support and finally either recommend them or point you elsewhere. You have virtually no support staff and it’s 3 DAYS MY EMAILS DONT WORK. IX Web Hosting Review: 5/ Mo , the high level plan offer more high performance server and 3 Free Domain name with 1 free IP Address cost $7. 95, the plan earns you a full four CPU cores, 786 megabytes of RAM, 1500 gigabytes of data transfer (whew!) There is a setup free associated with signing up on monthly subscription. 95 a month on your Windows hosting. All prices based on monthly pricing as I do on all web hosts for fair comparison.


IX Web Hosting offers three price points for their shared hosting options. We've seen hosts get swallowed up by EIG brands before, so this comes as not much of a surprise. This gives them control over networking, equipment, and the environment ― everything needed for maximum uptime, plus a backup for your data. Quite affordable basic packages. Submit a Ticket. If I could give NO stars I would, unfortunately I have to give 1. This matters a lot to you as a potential customer because everyone is speculating about whether or not IX will be continued as a brand or merely closed and migrated to Site5.

If you opt for the first plan, you will get unlimited hosting space, bandwidth, and domains, together with two free dedicated IPs, and one free dedicated domain. Let’s look at shared hosting first of all. IX Web Hosting was fine for a few years. More than enough! Additionally, if you want to register for less than a year in advance, you can expect to pay a $30 setup fee. Other features include - click-to-Create Site Builder, One-Click Blog Install, Dedicated IP Addresses, Redundant Network and Routing, and 24/7 Customer Support.

Conclusion: Should You Host at IXWebHosting?

Unlimited email accounts – with this web hosting company you will get as many email accounts you want, mailing lists and autoresponders. For over a decade, IX Web Hosting has been a big hit with the online business community. 95/mo Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited (3 free) X4 Linux – VPS Growing Sites $54. But for now IX is alive and kicking, so let's explore what this old dinosaur's still got to offer us! I can't stand how they goose up their renewal rates behind your back, but I also can't stand changing website hosts because of all the crap you have to do, all the hoops you have to jump through. Like, so recent that it was announced while I was in the middle of this article.

The data is then presented in an easy to digest form showing how many people had positive and negative experience with IX Webhosting. However, since they first began in someones living room back in 1999 IX has grown to serve about 110,000 customers and host approximately 470,000 websites. Given the migration to Site5, the key thing is how its products and services match up with IX’s. The last plan is the Unlimited Pro option, which clocks in at the same price as the Business Plan.


95/mo 50GB 1500GB Unlimited cPanel/Plesk X8 Linux – VPS Large Sites $89. By the moment they have expanded into a large provider hosting over 500,000 websites with more than 100,000 clients. So, you can get ahold of IX web Hosting through telephone support, email, or through live chat. I had an account with IX Web Hosting but Site5 took over, and one day they started to move it to their systems. You can also select virtual private servers (VPS) for your hosting solution from IX Web Hosting. In this review, I’ll be covering all of the hosting options they provide and I’ll dive a bit deeper with more information that other sites won’t share with you as well. Want unlimited features?

I have seen it over and over again: So I lost lots of visitants more. You’ll also get two dedicated IP addresses, a cPanel/Plesk panel, and all the other features we mentioned earlier. Features comparison, 1&1 IONOS outlines standard scheduled downtime, like for maintenance, as being outside the requirements for credits. Should you still consider IX for hosting services? Not that IX is doing particularly well on any web hosting rating service, but the situation is especially dire when it comes to Yelp. Just like their Cloud Linux plans they also offer 3 different Windows plans. Many other web hosts do this too.

Since IX Web Hosting uses the H-sphere control panel, people who are new to the web hosting world may find it difficult to navigate the features found here. Shared hosting accounts Upsells : They have lost a customer, we have issues every couple if weeks costing us time and money. English-speaking customer service reps located onsite – Great feature especially for US customers. This whole problem was caused by a COMPLETELY UNEDUCATED staff member from IX WEBHOSTING who told my partner that the domain was being redirected to Rock Media (? )Then IXWebHosting just might be the best choice, with sale prices starting at $3. – If you’re planning on paying monthly or quarterly, there is a $30 setup fee.

After this, the account has been deleted and all customer queries are now being directed to Site5's support.

Just Host VS. Super Green Hosting

It will just make your life easier. These features include spam filtering, malware monitoring, eCommerce Hackershield, and 24/7 admin coverage. IX Web Hosting provides the essentials of hosting with great customer support and a risk-free trial on top of the basic 30-day money-back guarantee. It can go down to 99. Their extensive experience means the company is more than capable of handling any basic blogger’s hosting needs.

It serves as an automatic transmitter to the extra power source in case of need and thus is able to provide sites with a high uptime.

Dedicated, VPS and reseller models available. It is worse than a piece of garbage. Looking for something other than cpanel hosting?, for cheap cpanel web hosting, pick the average-priced shared plans and stay in the buffer zone. IXWebHosting refunded my money the next day with no question asked. These tend to attract the wrong crowd who tend to slow down heavily shared servers. During the quarter, the company acquired the assets of Ecommerce, LLC (IX Web Hosting). Despite the great offerings, they are quite expensive compared to any other hosting service. That’s just good customer service.

Gained From

As you can see, in terms of disk space & bandwidth, IX Web Hosting and Site5 share a common trait - Unlimited access. Additionally, the facility receives the benefit of onsite security, as well as UPS systems and generators that provide backup power should an untimely outage occur. They give you one full free week of hosting and won’t charge your credit card until your 7-day trial is over.

Security & Risk

Recently added to the menu are cloud hosting solutions, which range from professional to enterprise level packages. Inmotion host, the pricing is usually based on the number of domains you can use with a specific hosting plan. Site transfer is free! When you have a problem with your website, you know you need to get it fixed quickly otherwise visitors may not be able to access your site causing you to lose money.

IX withholds basic features once they've got you locked into a contract, then demands more money to do things they said they'd do for free.


The last two days, the server has crashed in the evening requiring another call to IX to get the server restarted/reset and our site back online. For the company blog, we found it outdated with the last post over 7 months old at the time of this review. As we have seen from other EIG brands that ended up closing shop, this doesn't mean it's the end of the road for IX Web Hosting employees, or its servers or any other infrastructure, it simply is an end to the brand name. A2Hosting gets good marks for its uptime and website loading times, however, they have intentionally made their packages very difficult to understand. They've certainly come a long way as today they host nearly half a million websites and serve more than 110,000 customers. Cloud hosting available.

You always have the option to delete your Tweet location history. SiteGround’s speed is one of the best out there. Randomly on July 27th they sent me an email. You can add specific page elements with fairly impressive degrees of detail and control, although the starting templates seem standard and not particularly dynamic or modern. 78 for the same period a year ago. 95/mo 50GB 1500GB Unlimited Plesk/Custom X8 Windows – VPS Large Sites $104. Domain security scanning and 24/7 network and service monitoring are also offered. While average response times will fall between 21-50 ms.

Of course, you do have to provide a credit card number to get your account started, but it won’t be charged until the eighth day and you can cancel any time before then. Everyone wants to get discovered on the internet. Ready to get started? Users are able to compare prices for both physical and virtual infrastructure from big and small providers alike and then pick the right tool for the job. 0 of 1 people found this review helpful.