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Sweden-born Atomia AB started out developing hosting control panels for Loopia, Sweden’s biggest hosting company, way back in 1999.

So if you are low on storage and RAM in your server machine then Ajenti should be chosen to manage the hosting. It comes with firewall iPTables or fail2ban. Not every web hosting provider offers cPanel, so you’re not forced to use it. A2 Hosting isn’t the most well-known name in the web hosting world, but this provider offers the fastest speeds on the market today. Moreover, it comes pre-installed with MySQL, Sendmail, Postfix, BIND, and other essential utilities required for configuring servers. Upgrading from PHP5. The user interface allows you to add email accounts, FTP accounts, databases, subdomains etc. There is no one particularly outstanding facet of this web panel, but there is an active community around it.

With all these benefits, even though the STORM control panel is a new one, is worth a try making it to our list of the best web hosting control panels available at the moment. The features that are available will vary based on what is setup through the WHM panel. If you have the option to have a control panel added to your web server, it is almost always a good idea to pursue. ISPManager supports a wide range of third-party software and can be purchased in two different versions, both able to handle multiple domains and users. In most cases, you will access your control panel via a web browser, though this may vary on occasion.

  • It offers the one-click installation of LNMP/LAMP developing environment and software on Linux systems.
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  • Dedicated web and email management system.
  • So now you’ve decided you need a control panel for your webserver.
  • This control panel is based on Python, where other panel controls are more dominant using PHP.
  • Starting at $3.
  • The pricing differs depending on what version of the software they opt for, as well as the number of licenses needed.

It allows the management of multiple servers from one control panel. Many just expect that graphical-user-interfaces (GUIs) are provided with their hosting account. Among the popular Linux distros supported are Ubuntu, CentOS, RHEL, Debian, and CloudLinux, with upgrade support for Ubuntu and Debian. Easy web hosting : You can also manage your account security, such as setting up passwords for directories, block IPs and configure hotlink protection. It caters to high-level users with its suite of features like: Kloxo have everything a good control panel should offer.

It can be expandable with more than 100 extensions. If you are running a Windows Server, utilizing Plesk is one of the best options available. If you are hosting through a managed hosting solution like Liquid Web, this is all done behind-the-scenes before you receive your server and this information will be provided to you directly. Plus, the setup and management process can be automated to save time. Any server account that is connected to a hosting platform that runs STORM can make a mirror across a repository as well as branches, directly from a directory or an individual website on the server. It offers you all of the features you could potentially want in a web panel, including: In my experience, this is much easier than complex downloads and installations. It is specially designed for managing Apache servers.

Plesk categorizes its management solutions based on role, edition, and cloud.


Provides an intuitive interface for server computer file manager. What is the best website builder for small business? Some of its notable features include support for dual and multi-web servers, dedicated billing support through WHMCS, AWBS, and Hostbill integration, built-in database managers including phpMyAdmin, Adminer, MyWebSql and so on. Still in the mood for more open-source alternatives?

Its features include letting you create and manage user accounts and establish product pricing. Siteground, an optional Turbo Boost feature costing from a month replaces Apache with the LiteSpeed server, apparently bringing up to 20x faster page loads, and another add-on can cache the HTML contents of a page, then speedily reload it later without needing to run PHP. It ships with the mighty powerful Fail2Ban intrusion detector, which protects your server from brute-force and blocks malicious IPs. This is a strong pull factor differentiating Plesk from cPanel, which only runs on CentOS.

WHM is used for server administration while cPanel focuses on account management. Whether you’re looking for a shared hosting plan, virtual private server (VPS hosting), or dedicated server, a user-friendly hosting interface will make your life much easier. Who should buy godaddy economy web hosting plan? GoDaddy doesn’t have too much information about their WordPress site speed. If you have servers which are optimized on Windows, Linux, UNIX, Microsoft, or MacOSX, then ZPanel would be a smart choice for you.

  • Users have recently made the switch to Plesk based on both the functionality and user upgrades as well as recent cPanel pricing increases.
  • Let us know your feedback in the comments section.

It’s a Tie for Basic Features, but Plesk Offers More Advanced Integrations

BlueOnyx a fully-integrated Internet hosting platform that includes web, email, DNS and file transfer services from a simple, user-friendly web-based interface that is easily installed on commodity hardware or virtual private server. The two are the most popular control panels for web servers and also the very best solutions that the market has to offer. This makes it easy for you to set up your domains, manage resources, handle site automation, and more. Despite being more than 20 years old, cPanel has remained very much the standard by which every web hosting control panel is measured because of its user-friendly features. Commonly supported databases include MySQL and PostgreSQL. All these features characterize Froxlor as a very suitable solution for managing a hosting platform. Easiest to use, wordPress Features:. If your hosts do offer a variety of options, see if you can get a demo.

Features such as file management, database, domain, mail and many more features are present in the main dashboard.


The differences are in the details of how you can access given features and how easy to get to they are. For many, choosing a control panel comes down to which OS they're using, what their level of expertise is, and how much time they have for website administration. When you use this method to log in to your cPanel, it would look like this: When working with web servers, whether it be Windows or Linux, you may find yourself lost in the limitless possibilities of your web server applications. InterWorx has a set of tolls that provides admin user to command their own servers and the end users can over view the operation of their website. I’ve experimented with other dashboards, but cPanel is the best for beginners and experts alike. Plesk is a great solution for those who are familiar with Windows and don’t mind spending a little time figuring out how everything is setup – which, in my opinion, not too hard. Furthermore, not all hosting companies offer both panels.

ISP Config works on both the physical machine and virtual server. ISPConfig 3 have all the features you want in a full fledged control panel. As for Business ISPmanager version, it’s better for shared or reseller hosting as it allows to manage multiple servers (clusters) and easily create and manage user accounts. All of the above-mentioned panels have their own peculiarities, pros, and cons. Some web hosting companies may opt for versions that have fewer features or perhaps even opt not to update to the latest versions of the WHCP. Picking the best photo sharing site for you, imgBB has a 16MB size limit. It looks exactly like the image above and most of the other control panels have picked up the design and UI so it’s easy for users to transition from. CentOS Web Panel is a Free Web Hosting control panel designed for quick and easy management of servers (Dedicated & VPS) minus the all-consuming work and effort to use ssh console for every time you want to do something. This shouldn’t be a deal-breaker, but it’s a nice feature for those of you who are building a new website from scratch.

Without a control panel, managing a hosting account will be very difficult for non-technical users. Like most open-source web control panels, ZPanel is also written in PHP and has a wide variety of software and apps which you can install for enhanced hosting performance. Purely random. A Web hosting control panel is a totally web-based interface which has capability to manage your web services under a single location. You can manage DNS settings through a web-based display. Ipage reviewed for bloggers: my experience with ipage hosting. More recent versions of cPanel also include WHM, or Web Hosting Manager, interfaces. There are more features and other delicacies hidden in BlueOnyx’s Web Page.

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It would be tough to switch between the two when you are new or already got used to one of them. ISPmanager is a Linux-based option aimed at users with virtual private server (VPS) hosting or dedicated servers (though it can certainly be used to provide shared or reseller plans). With the use of EHCP you can manage MySQL databases, email accounts, domain accounts, FTP accounts and much more. Also, hPanel can be used only for shared hosting at the moment. Looking for the right cPanel host?

You can explore more types of hosting control panel software at the DMOZ directory.

Ajenti is a VPS control panel that focuses on the efficiency of program execution. This tool helps users to access their apps using the dashboard. There are three tiers comprising the cPanel package, and each tier is used by a different set of personnel: It might not stay this way. It allows you to extend the control panel’s functionality by installing the Sentora community’s own bespoke modules.

5 and up, with full Git support being pulled into the core in an upcoming Plesk release.

The great thing about a control panel is that for many, it offers more choice and opportunity. Sentora is written in PHP and uses open-source software packages like other control panel mentioned here such as Apache HTTPd, PHP, Dovecot, Postfix, ProFTPd, MariaDB and more. But, for the rest of this blog we’ll just call the package ‘cPanel’. You’ll be able to do things like, manage your site’s files, applications, email, and a lot more. He wanted his i-MSCP control panel to manage all shared web hosting with maximum simplicity and accessibility. Built-in features include rolling out iptables/fail2ban for security, Nginx and/or Apache for a web server, various email solutions, monitoring solutions, backups, and much more. With all this industry experience, Atomia thoroughly understands what web hosts and their customers want.

Plesk is not without it’s own problems, however.

Add domains and subdomains.

CPanel Migration

Users can login as administrators, resellers, domain owners or email users. An upcoming extension release will allow WordPress hosting customers to entrust their security management to Plesk with one click. How we chose our cPanel alternatives: For some introductory steps, take it slow with our SSH keys tutorial and establish a baseline by which to administer your system. Get started quickly & easily, but for those who want to test that waters with a free drag and drop builder, Wix is a great choice. WHM does not support VPS licenses with the FreeBSD operating system. They claim that more than 55 thousand active users have used it. Return to our complete collection of Group Tests, identifying the finest free and open source Linux software. Language – JS, ES6 or CoffeeScript, Framework – AngularJS.

ISPmanager enables you to install the firewall. Made for any type of hosting scenario. As a fully optimized control panel, cPanel requires much less memory, allowing for the system to focus on speedy server management tasks rather than load times. Froxlor has Debian packages available and a. It has a fully functional reseller system and is compatible with billing systems such as WHMCS (owned by Oakley Capital), ClientExec and Blesta. Not the most beautiful UI, but one of the best web hosting control panels available for customizations. Free web site builder, i can not thank you enough. Putting both in the same panel is sure to cause trouble, as in when you accidentally make a server-wide change.

Here’s a quick summary that might make your decision easier:

Direct Admin

In other words, Plesk takes care of most of your WordPress security needs. It is built to run on Linux and Windows OS. Supports several webmail clients like RoundCube, Rainloop, Squirrelmail, and so on. Self-hosting: faqs, with shared hosting, several web hosting customers share the same computer. EHCP is an excellent solution for low-cost servers due to its lightweight build and negligible resource consumption.

Froxlor is an open-source web control panel with a very clean interface. 10 best website hosting companies – 2020, you’ll no longer be affected by the popularity or issues of other people’s websites and also receive a greater level of customer support. CentOS Web Panel has so many features and we provide some of them on the list below: It’s gives you complete control over your server and allows you to create user accounts and perform basic web host and control panel maintenance.