Arvixe WordPress Hosting Review 2020

Page speed, uptime, and customer support have always been satisfying.

If you’re wondering who Arvixe is, we can’t entirely blame you. Arvixe employs multiple SAS 70 Type II Certified data centers located in Chicago, New Jersey, and Dallas. However if you don’t have a domain already, then it’s easier to use the same provider (specially since many are offering a free domain with hosting). What’s the point of good design if your business idea suck? So now you have the full scoop on who Arvixe is, what sort of power their backing, and how that power is produced. The features included here are fine for my needs.

BlueHost additionally has an affiliate program, yet it accomplices with outsider ResellerClub for the administration. Godaddy web hosting, fortunately, HostGator excels at high-speed hardware and includes unlimited storage and bandwidth in all tiers of its Windows hosting packages, along with a free SSL certificate and support for multiple versions of ASP. Excellent support, years of experience, a stellar reputation and WordPress expert staff will help you handle any technical issues that you might have. One is the normal class and the other one is the PRO version. In the United States, it was merely 37 ms.

  • Apparently, they automatically renew your account some 15 days before the end of your term, and if you didn’t want to renew and request a refund, it can be a big hassle trying to get your money back.
  • Generous in CPU power allocation – The unlimited hosting is not truly unlimited.
  • In addition, its prebuilt environment comes with many WordPress-friendly features, including live malware protection and curated plug-ins that are designed to enhance your experience.
  • Its service plans offer worth value.
  • Well there is a forgot password button there, and even though I know my account information since I have it secured with LastPass, I figured okay, let's just reset the password and see what happens.
  • Here is my review of Arvixe based on my experience as one of their customers.

It’s not inherently bad. BlueHost VPS and dedicated server alternatives are genuinely recent augmentations. That makes me want to keep my eye on them to see if they can fill in the gaps and become a rising star once again. Software – database software, operating systems, security software, and business applications require continuous updates to improve functionality and maintain support requirements. For nar members, with this particular real estate website builder, you can achieve a terrific outcome that you will have no issue putting together yourself. It’s like your our Gotham, and we’re like Batman with a keyboard and a website. For availability, they have no phone support and a consistently long chat wait time.

NET apps like. The company has multiple locations in Europe, North America and Asia-Pacific so that you have the option to choose a data center closer to your visitors. However, Linux isn’t the only game in town. They have removed some of the extra features that were previously included with their plans, and their auto renewal process leaves a lot to be desired. This plan costs $11 per month. You can straight away select the relevant icon to manage your domain.

9% assurance, and they give a free month’s discount if a month to month average falls beneath that rate. That’s fine but I take a different approach. Many users have been reporting CPU throttling issue even when there hosting account doesn’t get lot of traffic. As with other Linux hosting plans from other vendors, these come with features which include: Cloud hosting has become very popular nowadays. Arvixe is commended as the best ASP.

25,500+ Customer compliments in 2020

If I use a Macintosh computer, do I need a special hosting? Having access to the rootkit means you can install customized applications because you’ll have admin access. Domains are how many domain names you can point to your hosting account. However, they have much better customer support and better performance. Bluehost is a more full-service hosting provider and is Endurance’s marquee brand.

Arvixe had the status of the account, and I'm not even joking here, as 'fraud'. In our detailed HostGator review, we also evaluated their customer support, features, and pricing. NET Forge CMS, DotNetNuke, BlogEngine. If you purchase the priority support add-on, you’ll also get assigned to a dedicated support team that can provide quicker responses to your queries. Final thoughts on ovh registrar, here we list the OVH cons to consider before making your decision. Moreover, you will find several articles on the official blog. We tried the search box, but with very disappointing results. After signing up, we couldn’t log in. It supports up to six websites.

  • We found that control panel loads very fast and includes a special feature with which you will be logged out automatically if you are not doing any task.
  • Let’s start from the beginning and defy what should you pay attention to while choosing the best hosting service.
  • To accurately measure performance across all WordPress hosting companies, we create a sample WordPress site on each hosting provider and install the default Twenty Seventeen theme.


These all are awesome are provide you with outstanding features. There are many popular websites, that top Google search if you search for “top web hosting”, recommending cheap hostings such as iPage, JustHost, BlueHost, GoDaddy etc. Free migrations, higher page loading speeds, free CDN and SSL, a high level of security, auto-updates and backups, and a number of cool features for developers are included in their plans. It costs $63 per month with 50GB of disk space included. Month-to-month even? Overall, DreamHost is a great host for websites in any geographical location. Sadly, however, I was greeted with this.

Does my WordPress hosting datacenter location matter? NET Framework easily since the hosting packages provide support for all major technologies, databases. Take care, they are really rubbers. Except, when you’re checking out, you’ll realize that almost all of these services are upsells that can easily double or triple the overall price before running your credit card. Both will move a set up site on the off chance that you have one somewhere else.

  • Each plan can then be customised to suit your individual business needs.
  • This plan increases the security and speed of websites with WordPress optimized environment.
  • The 24/7 US-based phone support is available for an additional fee.
  • The bigger hosting companies simply offer a better price for similar configuration.
  • Oh, and if you’re looking for coding support, you’ll find PHP 5, PERL, Python, and CGI all right here.

Do We Recommend Arvixe?

A web hosting company can only grow if it provides a fast server response speed. In addition, for customers who move from other web hosts, Arvixe can help with WordPress site transfer at no cost. Someone who has a lot of prior knowledge won’t be confused but it still just isn’t user friendly – they need to simplify. A team of expert tech specialists will help you build and manage your server yourself or on your behalf. After all, they promised you 99. Cloud hosting a scalable alternative to a dedicated server, and can be provisioned on Linux or Windows.

Arvixe Drupal Hosting Support

You can simply leave the heavy lifting to Arvixe! Looks like some interesting content. Overall, I would not buy Arvixe hosting for their performance. Do you need a web host? For example, they accept a multitude of different currencies, and have a variety of different datacenters, so you can choose the datacenter that’s closest to where your visitors are coming from. Looking through Arvixe’s features reveals that this web hosting is marketed at people who are not beginners. 2 Melbourne 2.

There’s no cost for multiple sites, either.

Arvixe Frequently Asked Questions

You just need to upload your script to view your site. This is really a full-featured Windows account. You need not have to contact support to request full trust activation. Its performance is highly secured so you don’t have to bother about its security. NET reseller services started in 2020 and entrepreneurs and web designers started using this plan for their benefit.

Hosting plans are recurring at the same price. Windows plans are provisioned on Server 2020 R2. We’ve also worked out a special deal with Pressable for TemplateMonster customers. Domain name and hosting are both the parts of your website, but you can get them separately. Their entry-level plan, for example, is only $25 a month.

  • That’s why we’ve created our behavior-based Customer Satisfaction Algorithm™ that gathers customer reviews, comments and Arvixe reviews across a wide range of social media sites.
  • Otherwise, WordPress.
  • Internet users are extremely impatient; they want everything right now.


What do those services look like? We reached out to support for a third time, once again waiting for five to 10 minutes while the rep pulled up our account information. Earn up to 5 per new customer! Through the affiliate program, anyone can join it, and affiliates have to bring new clients to them, and for each unique signups, you will get a commission. Arvixe’s discussion forum is just as active and helpful, with many clients responding to help others.

Arvixe Pricing, Hosting Plans & Quick Facts

Server speed higher* Traffic efficiency up to 5000 visitors a day in different plans, for high traffic websites please consider their VPS plans Can bear Multiple WordPress load Yes, up to 5-6 with low traffic Can bear resource consuming plugins **Yes (we suggest you to add Performance Plus to get more RAM and CPU) can run eCommerce website properly Yes, but with average traffic. “Unmetered” and “Unlimited” are mainstream terms utilized by web hosting enterprises while portraying features. To manage the database for WordPress, you can make use of the phpMyAdmin tool in Arvixe cPanel. No websites lost rankings at all.

To help you choose the best WordPress hosting, we have created few additional resources for you: It’s applicable for domains like. When choosing managed hosting you will pay not only for the server but also for its support team.

Arvixe Reviews on Email Hosting

They also offer nearly every type of hosting: But it’s also chocked full of some neat features you won’t find anywhere else. You’ll also get access to your actual server’s backend where you can install software and get server information for whatever you need it for. 53 seconds right now, though with the addition of a few things I expect it to be around 2 seconds. OptinMonster offers lead generation software to create and test lead capture forms without a developer. Original 9.99, the company allows for full root access and oversight of all server settings, services, and accounts through cPanel and WHM control panels. Management is available with dedicated servers, and some cloud hosting plans. Yes, you can absolutely switch if you’re unhappy with you WordPress hosting company. I’m actually not worried about this acquisition.

We in TemplateMonster have a big article about website creation and there’s a whole paragraph dedicated to getting a WordPress host for free. Arvixe has Windows and Linux shared website hosting solutions in store for the public. It also offers a 100% uptime guarantee for dedicated servers with pro-rata refund for any downtime. We have prepared an easy tutorial how to zip/unzip files on DreamHost and hopefully you can get it to work if follow the tutorial carefully. This could be helpful as you expand your web enterprise and want to start advertising over email. It may seem easier to give folders, such as your Plugins and content folders, full read-write permissions.

Moreover, it offers shared ASP. But on the other hand, there are many drawbacks existing, among which the poor uptime and bad technical support are the most significant. Arvixe now has two plans for you to choose, including VPSClass and VPSClass Pro. It is easy to use, requires minimum learning from those who are completely new to it. All of these are designed to ensure that Arvixe’s service remains uninterrupted. Domain, for example, hosting files on your web hosting account is likely to attract an additional fee due to excessive bandwidth usage. What a cool name. It includes ASP.

Max Speed Zones

Their large library of scripts can easily be be accessed and installed, which includes both but not limited to CMS and blog applications. The great thing is that the domain is completely yours. When you have a blog through WordPress. So, it's not actually unmetered services. This is exactly where good customer support comes in. It’s important to use a hosting provider that is very clear in its billing practices and has no hidden fees. Control panel and free tools – BlueHost cPanel is a customized cPanel and they have worked a lot to redesign cPanel. Like most shared hosting companies, Arvixe also provides email, a website builder, and various complementary services to web hosting with 24 hour support and a 60 day money back guarantee.

Arvixe will transfer your website for no additional cost when you sign up.

Moreover, they are an officially WordPress-approved web hosting company, by the way. Arvixe does at least have a wide range of products, including shared and application hosting, VPS, dedicated servers, reseller accounts and more. Where node.js shouldn’t be used, students can engage in their own success by using this guide to seek out new career development opportunities, or address challenges that they may have with basic skills or work/life balance. First I tried to find the unlock code to move my domain and was not available everywhere. By comparison, TMDHosting (2. )By doing this before you start will reduce the chances of error by a great level. What makes a host great + why, it’s quite easy to get overwhelmed with all the information overload. He first started his Arvixe after his junior year of high school. Now that’s a load off your back!

Arvixe will handle your request immediately – no questions asked! Their hosting environment is also optimized to boost your WordPress site’s speed and level of security. I still think they are “good enough” when it comes to hosting but if you anticipate needing a lot of support, I no longer would recommend either of them. You will be able to view menu items when you hover over each icon as shown below. If you’re looking for assistance with sales or simple answers to simple hosting questions, you can easily get an hold on the provider using the information stored here. In this way, you can track easily and effectively what’s going on with your website. Unlimited world size, although the site can run on Linux, after redeveloping and changing to PHP, the work involved may not be necessary unless the client plans to make the switch. Arvixe will even handle all of that for free!

Irrespective of Windows or Linus server, arvixe will deliver with all plans the latest version of Cpanel® Software with all their mouth-watering add-ons.


Blogs, small businesses, online portfolios or individual freelancers who want to sell their talent online can safely opt for shared WP hosting. The users can use their existing domain on the Arvixe hosting account. Moreover, you can also contact support via email.

When I initially signed up to Arvixe, it wasn’t owned by EIG, but 2 weeks later the announcement came that EIG acquired Arvixe for 17 Million bucks. With this coupon code, people could save up to 30% on Arvixe shared hosting, which makes its Linux web hosting low to $2. On the upside, Arvixe's reseller offerings bless you with a free domain and SSL certificate. There’s an overwhelming amount of information on product pages, nailing down prices for the types of hosting is confusing and much of the information on product pages isn’t relevant for many users. You move your site, domain, and everything over. I opened up a live chat with Arvixe support and asked them about this. Arvixe doesn't have the products, the prices or the performance to justify signing up, and the broken website and obvious lack of maintenance are clear indicators that you should stay away.

The location of your data center does make a difference on your website performance for specific geographic location. Yes you absolutely can. We’ll be breaking down their hosting plans for you: If these software won’t help you provide a convenient buying experience for your customers, I don’t know what will! With top experience, HostGator and Arvixe understand the performance is forever the key to online access. WordPress All Arvixe hosting solutions adheres to WordPress hosting system requirements, which can get customers’ WordPress website up and run quickly.

However, we just couldn’t get past their poor performance in the primary three responsibilities of a web host.