A Small Orange Review 2020: Rating by an Actual Web Hosting Customer

The data revealed that A Small Orange is very stable; it didn't go down once during the two-week testing period. Aws cloud, that’s it, really – After using HostGator Cloud for a few months, I’ve yet to come across any other major downsides. 92 per month, 1 website, 500MB disk space, 5GB bandwidth. 92 Pros Inexpensive.

Well, it turns out that ASO is owned by the same company that owns those two.

It’s seriously let down by its convoluted verification process. Why does it require public shaming? Stable uptime, quick page loading, and a fast, friendly chat with a knowledgeable support representative proved that A Small Orange knows what they’re doing. She lives with her husband and son in the United Kingdom. Does this unique host cut the mustard? If you can live with some resource limits (like the 100,000 INODEs limit), the relatively higher costs if you’re need more than 1GB of space, and the fact that they are currently owned by EIG, A Small Orange definitely deserves your attention. One interesting part, that I didn't even find until I went all the way to the end to view other services; they have a website builder, Weebly's technology to be exact.

When I asked one if he would point me to the page that shows what hardware specs ASO uses on its shared servers (because I could not find it), the technician thought I needed help seeing how much disk space my account was using. Taking a glance at, say, A2 plans, it already proves my point. Here are the results: I'm NEVER using your services again. Also, the transition was really rocky – many customers couldn’t access their sites for much too long, and many people switched away. Site builder, as a small business owner, hosting on HostPapa is just as simple as any other hosting service you may be using now. Account suspension rules – If you exceed the allocated bandwidth, your ASO account might be suspended until further payment has been made (read TOS quoted below). Does A Small Orange have unlimited bandwidth and storage?

In my professional career I have dealt with a range of hosting companies from the likes of inmotion – none of them could stand up to the service & support A Small Orange used to offer. If anyone has experience working with this or wants to propose/discuss ideas, please reach out - comment here, email me, or tweet @ReviewSignal. Domain registration, however, it’s still possible to build a nonprofit website with a professional feel. ’ we were immediately brought to the purchasing page. BBB Business Profiles may not be reproduced for sales or promotional purposes.

Here’s what we found.

A Small Orange Summary

The company offers a 90-day money-back guarantee. It could be months before they answer their tickets. Although my experience confirmed that great support service can still be had through emails, I am not sure if the rest of the webmasters share my feeling. Matt in your sales division was awesome as expected, and I’m on my way to starting our company’s newest website. CodeGuard is worth it, SiteLock is not.

  • Some people stated that the staff was very helpful and was quick to solving problems.
  • But that's a whole separate issue.
  • That doesn’t mean something is going to go wrong again, and they’ve certainly learned from the blunders and implemented better systems moving forward, and that’s not the only reason that Bluehost earned the nod.
  • Like most hosting providers out there, renewal rates are going to be higher than what you would pay initially.
  • Their shared hosting plan comes in 5 different plans.
  • ” Diya is also run and owned by family members of EIG’s CEO, something which financial research firm Gotham City Research made much of in their scathing report on EIG’s financial practices.
  • I really do like other hosts that have a status page.

Custom Configuration

For example, I asked one if he could confirm for me that the R1Soft backup feature was indeed free. I wouldn't recommend ASmallOrange to my worst enemy. A Small Orange offers several customer support options that you can use. In my opinion, A Small Orange does not offer the best hosting service in town. The ‘Medium’ package is $15 per month and includes 15GB storage, 150GB Bandwidth, free. All plans use SSD storage, which permits the site to seem highly responsive.

We don't have to look further than Arvixe for an example of this, which was acquired in November 2020. The fact is I had heard about them. You'll notice their ratings, in general, are not very good with Site5 (their most recent acquisition) being the exception. You do not get Windows hosting with any of their plans.

A Small Orange Hosting Reviews

He reached out on my behalf to EIG's PR team to see if they would participate in this story. I signed up for a shared plan to see if there really is anything special about ASO, or whether it’s just EIG wearing the costume of a provincial orange farmer. For bandwidth, you will get 600, 800, or 1,000 GB of monthly bandwidth. Things they need to work on: The original founder, Tim Dorr, is now in charge of Army of Bees web design. My VPS has been down for the 3rd time this year, and right now as I'm writing this review, it has been almost 24 hours and it is still down.

Data is the new currency and you can’t afford to lose it.

NGINX and Varnish caching solutions: Some of the links in our review are “affiliate links” from which we may earnif you follow them and make a purchase. For example, every business plan comes with an SSL certificate, and A Small Orange ensures that servers are PCI compliant. Now let’s see how it fares under pressure. If you are looking for a sound company who has been in the field for years, this one is worth the look. While some of this may be stating the obvious, it’s best to provide as much information for new customers with minimal knowledge about hosting. What business loses I faced with Scam A Small Orange hosting:

Server speed isn’t remarkable either. Their quick links section of their site that takes you to important things in cpanel, including the cpanel itself, are broken. You can see your disk and bandwidth usage, as well as access commonly used items in cPanel. Last 12 month average load time: 9% uptime to their customers and also offer a 1-day credit for every 45 minutes unplanned downtime beyond 0. I can only assume there isn't a hosting category. A weekly backup solution is provided by ASO, and as mentioned above it’s totally free. How stupid of me.

The Bottom Line: A Small Orange is a Solid, Low-Priced Host With Lots of Options and Great Service

If you want to create your own website, ASO can do it for you. I was their first affiliate. If there is any problem within the 90 days, no questions will be asked, and the customers can walk out of the contract and get their money back.

Does A Small Orange offer migration services? They used to be fast, helpful, and efficient. For the purpose of this review, I will put various aspects of the A Small Orange under the microscope, examining its website, plans, pricing, customer support options, etc. The internet revolution has sparked a huge rise in these services with hosting being an area of opportunity and business growth. It’s worth noting that A Small Orange has been acquired in the middle of 2020 by Endurance International Group (EIG), along with a few other big names in the hosting industry, like BlueHost. To get more accurate results, we’ll test it from three servers spread around the world. In my attempts to receive help, I have experienced a few problems, such as agents being unable to fully understand my question and/or fully comprehend the situation I was in.

They offer a range of product tiers within these groups that vary by bandwidth and space.

Category Ratings

We sought their advice for WordPress-specific features and particular use cases, and they came up trumps each time: This is where ASO’s managed hosting saves the day for you. 2 Months Free Hosting at ASmallOrange – Use this link & get 2 Months Free + a Free Domain. JustHost collapses post acquisition. There are four kinds of shared hosting plans. Alternatively, A Small Orange has a website building service for a one-off fee. Here are the key features A Small Orange has to offer to keep your sites loading quickly: 5 Leave your rating What people say.

Talking about features, you will get SSL certificates and an easy to use a website builder to create a personalized web experience for your users. Some even have a service status page and a community forum for interaction with other company customers. And A Small Orange continued to be the best rated shared hosting company through 2020. Hostavps, please email your request to desire. I tried to get the inside story. In fact, the service offers good plans for shared, dedicated, WordPress, reseller, and cloud hosting, with prices that should appeal to small businesses and individual users alike. An ex-HostGator runs the company and since my past dealing with HostGator went pretty smooth, my gut feel was that this company would do a decent job. If you’re running an e-commerce store, you must have an SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificate.

Still, Hostwinds ($3.)

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How much bandwidth and storage do you need? Reliability is also promised by the company. A Small Orange has become bigger since then to serve tens of thousands of clients around the world. I was playing around on the command line (which I like to do to see what utilities are included) and happened to notice that using the whois command consistently resulted in a segmentation fault. A Small Orange has a seamless upgrade policy that allows you to transfer your website to a different plan without a hiccup. What do you get when you combine speed and reliability? (00 per month):

A that he is a part of A Small Orange, The company has been very successful and made around 4 million dollars last year.

They’ve got an expert technical support team and great overall support via tickets and 24×7 live chat that doesn’t ever make you feel abandoned. In our opinion, that’s kind of crappy. Free website hosting for small business?, you can learn to build free WordPress sites and hone your skills at the same time. A Small Orange Frequently Asked Questions What hosting products does A Small Orange (ASO) offer?

I do like how they don’t use the words unlimited bandwidth or anything like that. With A Small Orange, their prices are low, but they stay that way. Their lowest-tier plan offers considerably less than you get from Bluehost for a lot less money. I personally received multiple messages from users of this site asking about what was happening and alerting me to this decline in service quality. Jump to rest of review. If you believe you are due a credit, you need to submit your claim within 10 days of the end of the month. Here’s an example chat with their team:

You get a free domain name for the first year if you choose a 12 month plan as a minimum.

Hosting Features:

First things first, let’s start with a brief introduction about both of these companies. It's still locked. Finally, they offer a VERY generous 90-day money-back guarantee on all Shared Hosting plans including the Tiny package.

Otherwise, you can install another Operating system and control Panel then you need to pay for the license.

If you need more power, the $160 per month Clementine Plus plans have the same specs as A Small Orange's standard dedicated servers, but with managed hosting benefits. For our first test, we’re going to use a simple tool to check our site’s loading speed, which enables us to see how quickly our site loads from different parts of the world. Your provided analytics will tell you what you need to know about your website usage and how you might need to adjust your purchased plan accordingly. In the event that you exceed your plan’s limits, A Small Orange might suspend your account immediately.

Choice Of Server Locations

Instead, the agent had no idea what the issue was, tried to get rid of me, tried to upsell me on a VPS, and then closed the chat prematurely after telling me to just use a whois website service instead. Low-density servers: Our objective is always to provide a holistic review, and there are reviews out there that contradict ours. There are some important differences between these plans and regular shared hosting. As usual, I scoured the web in search of real reviews from actual customers to add more credibility in this review.

They also include a range of security measures like password-protected directories, IP-blocking, and hotlink/leech protection on their shared servers as standard. As mentioned above, customer service did not seem knowledgeable about the seriousness of the issue, or even how to fix it. However, you have to be a paying customer to view this. Limiting the amount of customers per server ensures you have the resources you need to keep your site running in tip-top shape. After all, the stakes are high — a provider can impact your website’s performance, speed, security, reliability, and more.

They call themselves ‘Homegrown Hosting’, going for kind of an organic/natural feel, like a small farm. Billing cycles with A Small Orange are very flexible. Both storage and bandwidth are set at fixed limits at each tier, as shown below. Single sign up page. – You can only host one website at $7. Bandwidth is limited at 5GB.

The Bottom Line: Web Building with ASO is Easy

Another disappointment is the lack of backups. The site is clean and shows services ranging from normal (shared) hosting to Managed Services and seem to be very charity and non-profit friendly by offering a 10% discount or free hosting from a month to money basis. So it is wise to check if there is going to be a licensing fee involved before you register.

  • Today, the company is not considered a mainstream hosting provider yet.
  • They also fail to offer phone support in any capacity and asking customers to rely on email only can be a sticking point to those interested in using their services.
  • 92, $5, $10, and $20 a month.
  • At any other hosting service, there is a select list of plans.
  • What is A Small Orange Hosting?
  • It's not awful by any means - but not any good either.
  • Instead, ASO was the best shared host for years post-acquisition.

Account Setup

DO NOT host with them, it's not a good product and they are not trustworthy. Vps cloud, if you want ultimate control over your site, you can get the unmanaged plan. Web hosting comparison (summary), go to full review » Money Back Guarantee Disk Space Domain Name Ecommerce Hosting Plans 14 days 500 MB - 20 GB Transfer www. They are the worst company I've ever dealt with. I can’t stress how unusual it is for a hosting company to offer a free backup service.

When you choose one, the chances are high that you are getting all you want but also are paired with certain features which are of no use to you and you have to purchase a costly upgrade to be able to gain more control over the entire process. A Small Orange advertises a 99. Let’s have a look at each hosting plan to know more about A Small Orange.

So, on paper A Small Orange looks good, but from the research I have done on them, it doesn’t look like their customers are ranting and raving about the uptime they are getting with them.

Best Web Hosting 2020

For the sake of this review, we chose to purchase the ‘Small’ package. We’re sick of seeing crappy fake affiliate-driven review websites that don’t truly paint both sides of the picture when it comes to web hosting and what can be both good and bad about a host. Their hosting plans come with limited bandwidth and storage, but then they are priced accordingly. A Small Orange is a joy to use. After three months of using their service, checking uptimes, and verifying the service is right for your site, then contact them and upgrade to a yearly plan to lock in their pre-pay discounts. It's with great disappointment that I have to admit, the A Small Orange that played such a huge role in the founding and success of Review Signal and provided a great service to many thousands of customers is dead.

I seriously think that hosting choices at A Small Orange may just be a wee bit overdone. And honestly, we’ve found their uptime to be about as good as any other mainstream shared host, and their techs are more willing to do customization and go the extra mile than a lot of other more well-known hosts. It turned out it was just my naivety! Free domains are included with the top two plans, but only if you pay upfront for a year or more. The servers are all fully redundant and the up time guarantee is 99.

There were also frequent issues with SSH, which would often hang or disconnect. However, with an extensive choice, you can pick a hosting plan that meets your requirements and fits your budget. They also may not have the best of managed WordPress Hosting. We will look at the features and functionalities of this VPS web hosting service.