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Lambda is one of the most trusted names in the Moodle world. 00 for 2 years. There are a few tips you should look out for in picking a web host for Moodle and this includes amongst others: The plan comes with the latest version of the e-learning tool installed and ready for use through a teacher and student friendly Admin Panel.

You can find the plan that best suits you here.

We work with each client individually to integrate with the systems they have in place. They’ve even got your email and database needs covered while providing a fantastic, 90-day money-back guarantee. Themes can also change the look of an entire site, letting companies add their own colors and branding. Pages, there have been cases where criminals have bought highly reliable websites. These packages can be installed alongside the central Moodle software to enhance its functionality.

You can customize the website according to your requirements with Moodle plugins that can be used for various applications. Save time and get it done properly and efficiently. Its name is an acronym. You need not look too far, Moodle is the answer. What i don’t like about wp engine (cons), we highly recommend that you select our Turbo Web Hosting package. It is a fast, secure and highly integrated course management system that should be able to save the day whether you are looking to use it as a Distant learning software interface or a flip class application. It can be used as a common platform for communication between students and teachers. Their unique “Price-Lock Guarantee” means that your price will never go up. Teachers worldwide use ATutor to easily create and administer e-learning and online courses.

TMDHosting has 10+ years of experience in providing a platform to host an e-Learning system like Moodle. How quickly do you need your Moodle installation up and running? How to get Moodle? Moodle, the popular and open-source learning management system, provides a platform where students can interact and study, and where educators can build online courses and track student progress. Gnomio offers access to third-party plugins. For information about how we use information you provide to us, please read our Privacy Policy. The price is very reasonable.

No matter what your deployment choices are, however, it’s going to make a huge difference to understand how to properly configure the different parts of your software stack – HTTP daemon, database, PHP, and so on.

Moodle Hosting Features

Moodle is a Learning Management System (LMS), which is similar to a content management system, but it is focused on learning. If you want to offer multiple courses, Gnomio makes a better choice. Make sure your host can accommodate multiple users on your site at once, and at peak usage times. If you don’t need an online Moodle and only want it for personal use, you can install it on your personal computer, on Windows, OS X, or Linux. Free for your own course(s) but very limited admin controls or privileges and on your courses only.

Another hosting solution Moodle users often go for is KeyToSchool. Check whether the hosting platform is compatible with the version of moodle software that you are currently using. So ultimately Moodle is an open source learning software that is contributed in by anyone using it from anywhere. That’s why I am providing my three favorite hosts to get you started. This will not result in enhanced learner achievement. Are there any drawbacks to Moodle? So who really steals the show?

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However, you get some additional perks in exchange for your donation to Gnomio, such as: 99% uptime guarantee. A bare minimum of 160MB storage space for core files – but remember that you need space for your multimedia and content uploaded by students Linux or Windows A backup location with sufficient space (preferably in a remote location) 256MB server RAM (again, a bare minimum – Moodle recommends 1GB for every 10-20 concurrent users) MySQL, PostgreSQL, MSSQL or Oracle support (MySQL or PostgreSQL recommended) PHP Remote backup provision to store copies of your students’ work A web server A modern web browser. There are certain requirements for hosting Moodle. We do not sell your data to anyone. We recommend opting for a virtual private server (VPS) or dedicated server, but have a chat with your host before committing. If you’re a part of one of these organizations, one of the hosts we’ve ranked here can surely help optimize your site so that you can give students a dynamic and fruitful online educational experience. A neat trick is also to disable unused services, which can be almost as effective as an actual firewall.

I will not share a long list of 10 or 100 moodle web hosting services, this article will only discuss about those web hosting companies which is the best and I have a full confidence on their services. Donations on Gnomio are taken via PayPal. Backup and restore at any time you need with just a couple of clicks to make sure all your data is preserver as you want it. FR FREE for 1 year. We have configured a Moodle-dedicated web hosting plan that will save you all the hassle and time related to the download, installation and management of your Moodle script. They have technical support based in North America, with English as their first language – which I often find leads to quicker and better communication.

It is imperative that your open source solution is hosted in a secure, stable environment to protect against application downtime and ensure optimum performance. Indeed, some self-hosted Moodle users can initially be reluctant to relinquish control of their Moodle site to a hosting partner. Unless you are fairly technically inclined, you may find yourself in the position of having to hire a tech to set up your system. Find out more about SCORM on the developer’s website. Please contact a REMC 3 staff member if your district is interested in utilizing this service. As a growing platform, the number of partners is anticipated to continue to expand, making it easier and easier to use Moodle. Many hosts offer unique domains and email addresses as part of their packages. Because they use AWS, your cloud-hosted website is scalable, making it able to handle everything from 500 to 10 thousand students.

Fastcomet hosting plan is good value for the money and for the startup Fastcomet is the best solutions.

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We will make sure that the LMS of your choice runs smoothly on our servers and you are able to easily create and manage your online course and track the progress of your website users. Students are assigned a username and password and can securely enroll in courses, set up their profile and review their results; teachers can be made administrators on their courses. The open source nature of Moodle makes it very flexible and extensible. To set up your collaborative classroom with the help of an e-learning portal PHP script, you need to first download the script from its official website onto your computer, and then - add it to your host.

Doing so allows us to coordinate with you or your staff in order to minimize any disruption of your Moodle web site. By doing a lots of research on review website, On Social media then I came up with the best hosting providers for your LMS script i. Moodle can also be used to submit assignments and view pre-recorded content, such as lectures, as well as live interactive lectures and discussions. After all, Moodle has established itself as a front-runner in the e-learning ecosystem. On the other hand, MoodleCloud is from the makers of Moodle. Well, except you want to break the bank to pay off your hosting charges. You can harden security by purchasing and SSL certificate for your Moodle server, and encouraging teachers and pupils to create strong passwords.

99/first month Managed VPS – provides 1 CPU core, equivalent to 25% of one physical CPU core. TMDHosting have created the best Moodle environment that is fully optimized to support all Moodle features and requirements. Moodle is a free, open-source program designed for making online courses.

LMS Hosting - What Our Customers Have To Say?

It will equally be beneficial that the company stays on their toes in the area of finding innovative ways to handle customer services. For just a few dollars per month, teachers can get their sites up and running and in front of their students in no time. Whatever combination of things you want/need is up to you.


Here is the catch though; a number of web hosting companies offer a lower first-time web hosting price. By hosting with the provider above, you’ll get this easy access to the popular CMS along with the ability to employ the thousands of WordPress plugins you can use to customize your site. Best reseller hosting, they offer great support, performance, and competitive pricing, as well as some WooCommerce-specific features. It is also backed by a strong international community, a team of full time, dedicated developers, plus a network of Moodle Partners – companies endorsed by the creators of Moodle as having demonstrated the skill and experience to manage the platform (including its hosting) for a range of clients and needs.

Given the popularity of Moodle, there are plenty of options to choose from. We cloud-host all Moodle sites on Amazon Web Services. If you are not hosting your Moodle instance in-house, choosing a fast, reliable and secure hosting provider is one the most important topics to have in mind when implementing a eLearning platform in your organization; this will not only it will save you time and resources but also it could save your company’s investment. SPACE FREE for 1 year. This is exactly why you must use a web hosting company that provides the strongest of security. It's also excellent to use for employee assessments. With the main difference between Moodle and these others is that Moodle is a free educational open source software!

When you are on the lookout for a web host for your Moodle, do ensure you pick the simplest and straightforward out of the entire options available to you.

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They are in no particular order and we’ll continue to update them as changes become known and new hosting services are introduced. NL FREE for 1 year. Moodle can also be installed on Windows or Mac as a standalone piece of software – ideal if you want to give it a test drive before handing it over to your system admin team. Other times the application pool needs to be recycled or the MS SQL logs trimmed, which I can't do on my own. That way, our clients know in advance how an upgrade might change the experience for their educators or learners.

It can be used in many types of environments such as in education, training and development, and business settings. Below is our top pick when it comes to providing effective services at a very fair price. RU FREE for 1 year. Also sometimes referred to as a course management system (CMS), Moodle is establishing a global presence, and is used by small institutions all over the world, as well as large, well-known organisations such as Shell, Microsoft, and the London School of Economics, among others. Pricing, choose to create a blog, for instance, and SiteBuilder doesn't just present you with the usual fixed layout; you get to choose from a visual preview of 15 appealing and quite different blog templates. Therefore we understand how to keep these applications secure and how to ensure optimum performance. Their many years experience with providing Moodle services made it easy for us to accept them among the companies we recommend to US-based Moodle users needing certified Moodle services, especially since Remote Learner recently left the Moodle program in the US. This gives you almost complete freedom to install and add whatever features to Moodle and also install other software alongside it, meaning you can do some very advanced things with Bitnami that most low-cost web hosting services don’t allow.

I have review moodle web hosting based on the usability of fastcomet such as Moodle Software, Moodle themes, Applications, Modules, Moodle Technical support, Price, Money back guarantee and Security.

In addition to the services mentioned above, hosting with a Moodle Partner like eThink gives you access to an industry-leading support team with years of Moodle experience.


Blackboard, Kannu, Grovo, Litmos, TOPYX, Edmodo, HotChalk etc. We wholly own and manage our own hosting platform in-house, meaning you can have peace of mind, that your site is being hosted in good hands. With the help of an experienced Moodle hosting provider, you’ll have the tools, expertise, and confidence to launch to your learners more quickly! GIT updates to address any security-related concerns are automatically installed. You’re always in capable hands with a Moodle hosting provider.

Moodle is free. Best to keep that in mind when selecting your web hosting package. Moodle has revolutionized the learning process, by offering an advanced and user-friendly solution for encouraging the collaborative work of students and teachers.

It has its own dedicated servers, eliminating the dependency on third-party software and license providers. Webinar jam coupon – 60 days trial in , then you can choose from a number of free themes. I hope this list of moodle hosting services will help you to Choosing the Best hosting for Your LMS website. The most recent versions of Moodle support most mobile devices, including Android, iPhone and iPad. Considering this, odds are good that there are a ton of educators out there already using or looking to employ WordPress to run their Moodle sites. Get them quickly up to speed with training already created by your Moodle hosting provider, saving time and increasing efficiencies. While there are settings adjustments that can speed it up, many times, the best remedy to light a fire under Moodle and optimize performance is a better hosting service.

Moodle Hosting Plans

But, this will also cost more than iPage’s hosting. This is a shared hosting service which runs one installation of the Moodle software but creates multiple instances of Moodle so that everyone can set up their very own Moodle and have admin access and control over the entire instance (WordPress. )Moreover, the users can get a free domain name if ordered for 6 months or more. Below is our choice of the top domain and email hosting for Moodle sites. Cloud hosting allows hosts to offer cheaper solutions that still deliver the power that e-learning websites need. To enforce your Search Engine visibility and attract more visitors, you can use the SEO and marketing tools in your account. Moodle works best when it’s used for one class, or one organization.

We have Moodle™ experts on staff who are available 24/7 to help, a one click install script to make installation a breeze, and we guarantee our service, money back. Moodle is translated in 120+ languages so that it can be localized by the majority of the people worldwide. We offer a simple and straightforward transferring process, which ensures that your domain is transferred as quickly and effortlessly as possible. Some of the significant features provided include Automated instant setup for your open source LMS, daily backups & 24×7 technical support. Also, simplify things by making sure you only load software or services that you’re actually going to use. We still host and manage Moodle on our servers, but access is via a website address that you choose. (99/month) Get started on Bluehost now. Every year, web hosting and installing web apps becomes less technically demanding, quicker, and simpler and it’s getting to the point nowadays where it’s a consumer level endeavour.

While it has been making rounds in the hosting ecosystem, their support quality is something that didn’t particularly impress users.

What You’ll Learn

Moodle is a Learning Management System (LMS) or a Virtual Learning Environment (VLE). So, in the event your site experiences downtime, you’ll be able to get it back online immediately. Looking for something other than reseller hosting?, 99% uptime in 2020. Because of this, they refer users to Moodle. However, your registered domain name has to meet some requirements. Using a regular web hosting service for Moodle is like using a car when you need a truck. If you create a Moodle instance with them, you get a virtual private server (VPS) which allows you sysadmin level access.

Moodle lets teachers create private online lessons for any learning environment.

We have specific experience in Moodle Hosting, Totara Hosting, ePortfolio Hosting (Mahara, Custom), Drupal Hosting and DSpace Hosting. Plugins add extra features to Moodle. Moodle is one such an application alongside many others i. Another perk of using WordPress is that the platform is set up to help boost your site’s SEO. This is where A2 Hosting will provide you with some of the best performance specs for the lowest price. Self-hosted Moodle users hold the responsibility of scheduling, planning, and testing their Moodle site updates.

In the past few months, I’ve come across a couple of new Moodle hosting service providers that I think offer good value for money. Have you added new members to your administrative team? If you don’t mind the possible sacrifice of some stability, Gnomio can give you what you want. By providing your consent below, you are expressly agreeing that we may email you under Canada's Anti-Spam Law. The mobile version of Moodle is highly responsive and has undergone a number of updates over a period of time. Putting this data “on the cloud” can seem like too much of a risk. SITE FREE for 1 year. Get started on InMotion Hosting now.

LMS Hosting Loaded With Features!

Probably, you would want to switch to a Moodle partner or other enterprise site. Some important factors to keep in mind are: With over 10 years of development guided by social pedagogy and its course-based interface, Moodle delivers powerful learner-centered tools and a collaborative learning environment to empower both teaching and learning. Emails for donors are sent every 15 minutes, as opposed to every two hours. The choice of an ideal Moodle hosting provider depends on the purpose of your Moodle site, the max number of concurrent users, amongst other such factors. If you do provide consent, you may change your mind and unsubscribe at any time.

ILIAS is very flexible and integrates well with your existing resources. It’s easy to get started and we provide all of the information you’ll need to walk you through the process. In terms of browser compatibility, Google Chrome is recommended; some features do not work in older versions of Internet Explorer. Sounds simple, isn't it? Today, In this article I will provide you the affordable and top moodle hosting service which will help you to start your online course or eLearning solutions. We reserve the right to shut down any site hosted on our servers for such activities or for the publication of any inappropriate content. The host company should also provide daily back up, in case of any eventualities.

Over 1GB is definitely recommended. Moodle is a free, open-source, and highly customizable learning platform, allowing educators to provide their learners with a branded, personalized, and optimized digital learning experience through a self-hosted Moodle environment or one hosted with a Moodle vendor or Certified Moodle Partner. You don’t want to screw up the simplicity the system offers by going for a web host that complicates the procedure of hosting your simple Moodle interface. And, with global datacenter options, you can host your site close to where your students are, providing yet another layer of acceleration for your site. MoodleCloud only offers plugins that are supported by MoodleHQ.

In addition to top speeds, you’ll get the added bonus of reliable customer support with this host.

Moodle Cons

Check how many students or visitors would be accessing your website. A cPanel is an online Linux-based GUI used for website and server management. The company has some of the cheapest hosting rates available, and they throw in a free domain name and Google marketing credits with the mix. Moodle is primarily developed within Linux, using Apache, PostgreSQL/MySQL/MariaDB and PHP, which is sometimes known as the LAMP platform.

Taking Your Moodle Site To The Next Level with eThink Academy’s Build a Better Moodle Course

Another option for specialized e-learning platform hosting is InterServer. Imagine there is a Software which helps you make a website for education. Here’s a few examples: We can off-load the backups so they are accessible when you need them and will assist with installing a backup if needed. Teachers can store up to 50 MB of data on the drive. The best thing about TMD Hosting is that it’s extremely affordable.